this is the best hahaha

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Can you and Ceni adopt me like honestly you two would be the best parents ever

Hahaha omg this is so dang pure. Honestly we’re going to be getting a doggo this year so we’ll be parents anyway. But yes, we’ll adopt all of y'all. Momma Blek and Yangalang

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that 'lean in' gifset is so sharp and theyre both so pretty and dans lips are so bright thank you for your service

tysm remi!! i can’t tell if they’re sharp bc of the retina display on my new mac so i’ve just been using my usual action and hoping for the best hahaha.

dan’s lips are so pretty and i love them and how tf is he such a pretty person it makes me angry seeing how pretty he is

hey, i’m currently seeing the best guy i’ve ever seen in my life. he’s a middle school math teacher in a low income school and he’s close with his family.. we’re going to get japanese food like he suggested and he said he already checked the menu to make sure they had vegetarian food, and he remembered the two days i got out of class late and said he’d walk me to my car. he’s been watching sunny with me, was incredibly sweet to my parents because he actually introduced himself, and he’s not pushy he’s respectful. i’m just really happy right now and i want to enjoy this because tbh i deserve to be happy 

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yeah it’s really long and before i read something simple like 6k words and i didn’t paid much attention to the plot but yesterday i had some time so decided fuck it why don’t i read something longer and more serious and it was my best fucking decision in life hahaha GOOD LUCK GIRL I HOPE YOU’LL LIKE IT AS MUCH AS I DO

I just finished reading the 4th chapter and who just loves a Bratty Taehyung messing up with Officer Jungkook? Actually to be very honest, I love the characterisation of Jungkook and Taehyung respectively and also of the other members.

I was able to imagine Jimin and Yoongi being totally done with Taehyung lmao. Its a good fic and I hope the author updates the next chapter soon!!

Oh and thank you for telling me about it or I would’ve never read it lmao 💕