this is the best gifset i've ever made


Very Serious Cinematic Parallels™  [jurassic world | the throwaways]


video games + colours:  uncharted 4: a thief’s end

yeah, well, you know, as thrilling as the next adventure might be, in the end… you’re always left with that same feeling. sometimes you gotta… choose what you’re gonna keep and… and what you’re gonna let go.


I’ll give you a tip, okay? I’m not your bud. And if you ever hassle Anne again, you’ll regret it.


“That’s kinda scary to me because, like,  in my head 21 is when you get hot. When you see child celebrities, they don’t get really hot until they turn 21, you know? So like in my head it’s like “ok, 21 is when you turn hot”, so I was always like it’s fine I’ve still got time.” 



we put these jellybeans on a scale when i was trying to think of all the things i like about you. and i was trying to decide what i needed to do. it means you riley. i choose you. and i really want you to choose me. i do. i always did. i have something for you too. you do? we have this one little life, and for a lot of it, we just blow around in the wind. but if we’re lucky and we believe that life knows what’s best of us, sometimes we land on the right person to talk to. i’m glad i fell into your lap. so am i.