this is the art i would make

Aslı Alkan, Childless Complete Woman, 2016 

“After learning how to stitch from my aunt who is around her 50’s now, I have decided to make her portrait. I have imagined her in her 30’s. Her life was not that easy, had depression issues since I know her. She loves reading, handcrafts (master of many types), traveling and crossword and never got married. On the wall there is ‘childless complete woman’ poster (ode to one of our politician’s statement about ‘childless women are not complete’).”

This piece took nearly two months to complete! If you would like to see more of her Aslı Alkan’s work, check out her instagram. She is based in Turkey. 

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I'm having a tough time with poses. I would use my poseable model, but I draw more cartoon style and my characters all have a slimmer build then my model does. What do I do?

Practice by drawing people.

Seriously. Sketch dancers, athletes, friends, people doing mundane things. Work from photos or from live models (ask your friends to help ya out.) People watch. Make faces and pose in front of a mirror (Ha. I do this) You’ll start picking up things about  how the human body works when you do that =D

Even if you draw cartoony, it’s good to practice the basics every once and a while =)


Wiishu hit 200k and I just wanted to say that I believe that she deserves every single subscriber. She’s the person that inspired me to start making gifs and edits for YouTube. I love her videos and her art is beautiful and seeing her branch out made me want to show my support for not only her but every other channel I watch on YouTube.. I wouldn’t be where I am on tumblr without Signe. And I want to thank her. 

So.. Thank you so much @wiishu for inspiring me to create. I would have never met the friends I have on here now without you. There are so many people that I know who support and love everything you do. I can’t properly express how much you have changed my life.  I look forward to seeing how your channel progresses in the future and wish you all the best in the world. 

I’m making a special type of commission!

Do you have a magical girl OC you’d like to see transform in mere seconds? Would you like to like to help an animation student get away from schoolwork so she can animate cute girls instead?

Then Five Second Henshin (or less) is for you!

It’s some good ol’ frame by frame mahou shoujo animation!

For black lines and white BG it’s $17.

For colored lines and a traditional gradient sparkle BG it’s $20.

For more information drop a message or email And to commission just send an email detailing your character, transformation trinket, general outfit and magical outfit.

- Anthros are welcome, but I’ll translate the design in the same style as above.

- Magical boys are too.

- I’ll only be taking two at a time maximum. You can always reserve for a later time, however.

when people criticise you by saying that your job is not a job but a hobby and that kids should first do other things so when they grow up, find other jobs to settle down and then if they still want it, to learn a ‘hobby’.

I’m almost 28 years old, and people still telling me if music and painting is a job or not.

in my mind I’m like..
“b*tch, my father was a painter..and he was making a living in that job you call ‘a hobby”
not any OTHER job :D
of course I do artistic things cause I grew up in a family that was doing arts,
and cause my parents never limited me on which path I would be choosing to follow.
as they were the ones that weren’t following ridiculous rules, as well.

let people do whatever they want.
let your children experience what they want.
raise them well and don’t limit their dreams telling them ,that’s only a hobby to ‘feed’ their soul..

as long as someone is not harming somebody else and they don’t harm themselves, then let them do what they want.

not everyone has to find and do something that the society they live in, tells them “it’s a job”.

it can be hard being an artist, surely is a hobby, but it can be as well a JOB.

p.s. I’m totally calm while typing, as
it didn’t really make me feel weird hearing again that comment, but I just wanted to share these thoughts.
maybe someone will read them and get a bit of a strength.

p.s.2 Studying music is not an easy task.
people who are thinking 'music is a hobby’, perhaps they should rethink it..

Let me tell you all about the saddest thing that just happened yesterday

// So I was goofing around on miiverse just being my usual self, making art, kinda teasing at something happening this April, so I made a picture set

I was thinking if anyone asked it would be all good, right? I could inform them of the special details like I’ve done before.

Then someone commented

so I replied,

Because ya know, its my birthday that day and well, stuff’s gonna happen like last year!

But then….

at that moment I realized the gravity of what I had just done

Just like the first one, some people thought it was a nintendo sanctioned event. I felt so bad

She then friend requested me, we miiverse doodle chatted a wee bit then played. She was cool about it all!

Joelle if you’re reading this I’M SORRY AAAHHH YOU’RE SO COOL ; _ ; I DIDN’T MEAN TO GET YOUR HOPES UP LIKE THAT.. please forgive me

I sorta run this improvement thread on /mlp/ and I get a lot of these kinds of thank-yous and they all make me feel like I found my talent (for lack of a less shitty phrase ha) and this is where my cutie mark would appear. But seriously I just really love helping people improve their art and I’ll never not love it. I love to see the steps of improvement and how proud I am of my padawans <3

(pictured OC is redliner)

Yara’s emergency commissions!

Hi all! ♡

Thanks to unexpected high costs I had to make the past few months (dentist, new laptop, extra pays to travel, bicycle repair), I now have more than €600,- less in my bank. In April I have to pay my last rent payment of this academic year, however it is taken before my student finance comes in that month. This means that from this moment onwards I would have approximately 200,- left to spend until the end of April and I am budgeting myself to eat for a maximum of £2,50 a day (I study in England right now). If there are no more unexpected costs, that is. That is why I am opening commissions right now.

What I will draw:
- Nudity (no sexual poses)
- Your OC (please provide references + colour palette)
- Bunnies
- Real people (including you!)
- Cross-dressing
- Ships (the romance kind)

What I won’t draw:
- Mecha
- Pedophilia
- Gore/vore
- Furries
- Abuse

I have three art styles that I’d like to offer to you! ♡ Chibi, regular manga and semi-realistic. Chibis will always have coloured eyes and blushed cheeks! ♡

Other than the three art styles, I offer three degrees of completion ♡
These are sketch, line-art and full colour!

Lastly, I offer three degrees of body size ♡
These are head, bust and ¾ body!

If you are interested in commissioning me, please take a look at the price chart below that I have created which is degrees-inclusive

I accept PayPal as the payment method and the prices are in euros (€).
I will accept comics, however each panel will be priced as an individual drawing.

With the cheapest commission I can already eat for a whole day! So please, if you do not have an interest, could you share this post? I would be eternally grateful! ♡ Love to all of you ♡

(For any further questions, do not hesitate to message me! ♡ )

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Would you mind someone making a fic based off of your art (if they gave you proper credit)? I know there are many reincarnation fics/AUs but I wouldn't feel right about basing some of my ideas off of your art without asking properly. Thanks for your time. I love your art. Stay groovy!

I would love that!! Please feel free to write/publish the fic and let me know when you do <33


You know, Underswap hasn’t clear logic of swapping. It would seem that this au is just swapping of bodies, but no. After all, Napstaton suddenly became a DJ instead of TV star. So I mix personalities of characters in underswap then I get absolutely new characters with old foundation. Because of this, the roles in the story and genocide can change completely. Haha, I was just explaining that really tired of retelling (when us!sans trying save human and us!papyrus makes bad time, and even nothing changes, argh so boring).
This fandom needs something except badass genoSans or genoPapyrus with Sans’s personality really hard.

Second image is illustration russian fanfic “Янтарь” by Cератна

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Ponies in Design Doll?

A question for 3D modellers/ artists who use Design Doll. Is there, or would it be feasable to make a poseable pony for the Design Doll program (or similar?)

For those who don’t know, Design Doll is an artist program that allows you to make and pose mannequins digitally for pose reference:

Perhaps someone out there knows if there’s a posable pony model that can be used in this porgram or similar. I know Steam Film Maker has compatible models, and if that’s easy enough to use I might look into it since I think I would really be able to get a lot out of posable ponies for my art.

From what info I can find on Design Doll, it seems like you can import 3d models as .obj files, but those are static objects and not poseable, so not fit for the purpose I have in mind.

Something I had to remind myself of today: Mistakes do not equal failure. Yes, I forgot to draw Alphys’s tail, and I even posted the picture for all of my friends on Tumblr to see! I was kind of embarrassed, and I immediately went to fix it. I was going to take down the other picture, but as I was fixing it, I decided, no. I’m leaving the first one up. Not because I’m proud of making mistakes, but to remind me that the point of making mistakes is to learn, and also that it’s okay to make mistakes. I’m somewhat of a shy person when it comes to art. I told myself that I was going to start posting things on Tumblr so that I could build up my confidence. Taking down the first version of this drawing where I messed up would just lower my confidence.  I need to be proud of the fact that I have made it to the point where I’m comfortable with other people seeing my art.

So, moral of the story kids is that you don’t fail because you messed up. (Wow this is my second “moral of the story” post in two days does that say something?)

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A good portion of my family is in Haiti. My dad could’ve died if he was still stuck there, he’s lucky he lived through the earthquake. This makes me super salty because it’s personal to me. That’s my family they’re taking from. They need help and they’re just blowing it off as if it’s nothing.

I’m so glad that your dad is all right. Stuff like this is exactly why it makes me so mad that people would steal images from the Haiti zine.

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I would like a poem. Its about my life rn kinda. You get introduced to a boy by your best friend and about 3 months later start dating. 2 months later find out that he is in love with your best friend. Best friend doesn't love him back and so he killed himself. No rush. Take you time and thank you for making such amazing art. ~white lips, pale face

I hope I can do justice to your story.

Your Shoes.
A whirlwind pulls me forward
Three steps to your arms
Barely a stroll, not settled in love
Jokes are building
Time is spent
Enamoured embracing
Keeping away is so hard
But the breezes that pulled me
Are chased by your heart
You clutched my hand to you
But you led me in her shoes
I was there to make do
Heart and head at war
To love or let go
You reached out, she said no
Desperation weaves its way into your clothes
Your mind is made of fibres of regret
Broke a heart broken hearted
What if you never got back out of bed?

I miss you still, even if only as a friend.