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I'm still not over how proud Mads was of himself when he told Ben he was The Bitch in Rihanna's music video tbh

HONESTLY!!!!! Mads is the chillest coolest guy in the entire universe

He was a professional dancer turned actor, he’s been married for like a hundred years, has two beautiful children, is just here to have a good time with whatever he’s doing

Literally said his worst fear is the bathroom line at the pub LMAO MADS but also TOTALLY RELATE

Was cast as Hannibal and actually said that the perfect actor to play Will opposite him was Hugh Dancy whom he befriended while working on King Arthur that is so sweet?

Doesn’t have much patience for people who try and make fun of him because of his accent or ask how difficult it was for him to learn his lines in Hannibal 

He just drinks anytime anywhere

He’s gorgeous??? But at the same time so chill about it like he genuinely doesn’t give a flying fuck and I love him

I absolutely love Mads Mikkelsen and I’d go to war for him

Even though the wait for episode 8 is only half over, i’m still really pumped because unlike last year we’re actually gonna get news about it. We’re gonna get the title soon, trailers, photo-ops, hints about the plot, etc and that makes it bearable. Plus in the meantime we have Rogue One to obsess over. The worst is over guys and I don’t know about you but i’m really fucking excited. 


I’m so sorry for this word vomit, I’m very sleep deprived and sick haha. I hope you guys enjoy this shitty angst regardless! 

Setting: AU

Pairing: NaLu 

Summary: “If I had to choose between you and the world, I’d choose you every time.”

She didn’t want to be here.

Not with all these people, the loud music, the smell of alcohol and sex, and especially not with him.

She watched him from the corner of her eye as he took a shot with Gray, both of them laughing just like old times.

Like he never even left.

It’s been a week since his unexpected return after disappearing for a month. He had shown up at the club they all gathered at with a wide grin and shout of “I’m back!”

She remembered the reactions, how everyone besides her rushed to him for answers, on why he left without a word. He calmly told them he would explain some other time before he scanned the room for someone until his eyes landed on her. She watched as his grin grew so wide she thought his cheeks would rip, she also didn’t miss as it faltered as she turned away from him.

She didn’t understand what he was expecting from her. He left for one month, not letting a single soul know about his departure, doing Mavis knows what and returned expecting everything to be as it was? Everyone else might pretend it didn’t happen and push it back, but she sure as hell wasn’t.

The bastard broke her heart like it was nothing.

They were best friends ever since she transferred to Fairy Tail High during their freshman year, the two had a connection that no one would even begin to understand right from the beginning. They were there for each other through everything. He was there for her when her father passed away and she was right by his side when his adoptive father died. They completed each other, in the best and worse ways.

And dammit it’s what made her fall in love with him.

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Happy new year guys!! Sorry i couldn’t come up with anything cooler cuz i’ve been quite busy lately preparing for my new semester ;w; so here’s a quick lil thing i made!

I just want to thank you guys for an amazing year! 2016 was a wonderful year for me on tumblr, nothing rlly big happens but at least i managed to talk with a few artists that i admire //w// and reaching the 1k milestone was awesome too

However, as for 2017, it might be the busiest year for me, so i may not be able to post as frequently as i could, but i hope u guys would still stick along with me until the very end <3

Channeling my inner Bitty and making brownies at 3am has led me to the following hcs;

  • Bitty actually despises making upside down cakes, because for some reason they always fall. Always. No matter what. Why the fuck won’t they stop falling?!
  • Nursey sneaks into the Haus to escape his roommates. They are the Actual Worst and if he has to spend longer than a couple minutes with them he will murder
    • That being said, his roommates are a Therapy and Education major respectively, both of them are also incredible fuckos
    • Like seriously if you’re going to school to be in a profession where you teach/mentor/help people you should WANT to do that
    • Nursey wants to constantly punch both of his roommates simultaneously
    • Dex and Chowder have offered to help murder them for him
    • He’s considered it twice
  • Dex has never actually seen one of his roommates
    • The guy is never there. Never. 
    • Dex always hears that he’s come by the dorm and that he’s just missed them but Dex is almost positive his other two roommates are fucking with him
    • Like seriously
  • Chowder has been the mastermind behind several pranks
    • He still has not told Bitty who switched his icing for mashed potatoes
    • Or who helped move Bitty down onto the Haus couch in the middle of the night
      • Ransom and Holster went pieless for a week from that one
  • Speaking of, Ransom has to actively avoid the entirety of the Bio club
    • Like seriously, “oh my god is that them quick jump into the pond and hide”
    • He cannot let them find him
    • He will not be tricked into becoming president again
    • For the third year in a row
  • Holster got locked in the library once. Don’t ask him how.
  • Alternatively, Jack got locked in his and Shitty’s bathroom once, when it was their bathroom. He has sworn Shitty to silence.
  • Lardo got an easy bake oven as a gag gift from her siblings once
    • She brought it to the Haus and somehow convinced the others (Dex) to make sure Bitty could only use it (the easy bake) for an entire day
    • Bitty was not amused
    • He made it work
  • Shitty will not speak of Pride 2014. He Will Not.
  • Tango will get dead fucking serious if you refer to him as Tony the Tiger and ask you, with the straightest fucking face, who Tony the Tiger is and make you extremely fucking uncomfortable
    • When asked by the team why he does this he simply replies, cheerily, “Well why not!”
    • Someone convinces LAX bros to do it all the fucking time
  • Whiskey pretends to dislike team bonding but secretly he enjoys it a little too much
The worst thing about every Mbti type (some of it actually isn't but i don't know just go with it)



-Why must you go impulsively do stuff?
-Really tho like what???
-Besides that you guys are pretty chill
-Just don’t do the thing


-Impulsive 1000000% 10/10 would agree
-Also extremely independent
-Which explains why you don’t like my advice


-What are you even taking about?
-How do you have so many friends and then just don’t talk to them?


-Like ENTP but a little more considerate about their friends
-But will probably just leave you still
-Just in a nice way


-Says “I’m fine” when is actually really grumpy and frustrated
-Why though
-Mr./Mrs. Grumpy lol
-Just very salty about things


-They don’t emotion very well
-And they pretend they don’t have emotions


-Advice giver 24/7 TM
-Does the ^w^ face
-Then goes to the -_- face
-Not really a smol doggo


-Can actually be analytical sometimes
-Doesn’t always wear flower crowns
-Okay maybe sometimes but not always
-Pretends to like you because they don’t have a choice because they want to be nice


-Cynical little snowflakes with more emotion and passion
-Tries to be an Fe user
-But fails very much
-Can’t always understand other people’s feelings


-Tries to be logical but ends up failing
b/c too much Ni
-Can’t even explain their thoughts without sounding like an idiot
-Pretends to be their stereotype too much
-Sometimes actually doesn’t have enough concrete evidence to give their meaning for something but is convinced they are 100% right anyways


-Even with Fe it’s just wow okay that was just quite cynical of you
-Maybe the logical feeler in 2nd place
-because lots of salt


-Literally the 🤔 emoji
-Can literally logic someone to death
-Don’t get in their face about things
-It won’t end well


-Clingy b/c they love you (which isn’t always that bad)
-A smol bag of emotions
-Clings to introverts usually


-I dunno
-Probably has dirt on a lot of people
-Thinks that people who are different are not edgy or trendy
-Secretly envies them


-Takes perfectionism to a whole new level
-Likes to be an Fe user


-Not as mean as they seem
-But still kinda scary
-Actually very passionate about things

the worst part about “you wouldn’t mind catcalling from hot guys” is that it takes the issue, which is men harassing women, and flips it to be about how women are actually awful and shallow, and men are being victimized by their decision to holler at strangers 

  1. ICE AGE 1 the only good ice age movie and only one i recommend, best written blue sky movie, has nice music and surprisingly dry humour if you’re only familiar with the sequels. actually delivers emotion.
  2. ICE AGE 3 inherently superior to ice age 2 because the possums were given considerably less screentime and the weasel guy is actually entertaining. i just recently clued in that he was voiced by simon pegg which explains how that saved the movie.
  3. ICE AGE 2 THE GODDAMN POSSUMS. it would almost be passable without them, also the sea monsters were cute.
  4. ICE AGE 4 actually the worst. no redeeming qualities. literally does the rebellious teen daughter who learns to value family story. but with pirates. diego does not need a girlfriend.



Guys just admit that you hate the game because it didn’t end the way you wanted. Your ideal ending is “ I HOPE ??? SURVIVES I LOVE THEM THEY’RE MY FAVE!!! ” ending. Just because your faves didn’t survive doesn’t mean that this game sucks. Or the personalities of the characters being fake doesn’t make this game bad. You are just judging the game by the characters. “Ouma is actually a good person? OMG IT SUCKS WORST GAME EVER! ” , “ ANGIE DIES BECAUSE OF ??? EWW WORST CASE EVER THIS GAME SUCKS! ” , “ IT’S ONLY A REALITY SHOW? KODAKA SHOULD STOP MAKING DR ” So what if it is a reality show!!?? HE JUST TRIED TO MAKE SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND TOOK A HUGE RISK AND BECAUSE HE TRIED SOMETHING DIFFERENT WON’T MAKE THIS GAME BAD! NOT EVERY GAME HAS TO MAKE EVERY SINGLE DEATH MEANINGFUL! NOT EVERY PLOT HAS TO MAKE YOUR MEANINGLESS “ OMG I HOPE HE SURVIVEEEESSS ” DREAMS COME TRUE! He tried to start a knew plot. Aren’t you already sick of “ DESPAIR YES KILLING GAME YES ” plot? The tv show plot is amazing and he wants to create a new Danganronpa as the title implies *NEW* DANGANRONPA V3! And you just can’t see it! GIVE THE GAME A CHANCE! Of course there are mistakes but it doesn’t mean it is bad! STOP FANGASMING AND LEARN TO DIFFER YOUR DREAM SURVIVORS FROM THE QUALITY OF THE PLOT!!!

lmao guys what if Graves is actually The Worst™ when it comes to his attractiveness ? like he knows he’s fine as hell …. and he constantly reminds people of it. Like he’s just gonna walk into a room, and people stand at attention and look at him because, you know, he’s Percival Fucking Graves, and he just smirks and says “Yes, yes, I know I’m irresistible, but I need you all to stop making doe eyes at me and get back to work!” or he’s training his Aurors and he goes “Come on, three more rounds of practice ! If you’re not going to do it for yourself or to defeat dark wizards, then at least do it for my SEXY ASS!” and that’s the reason why no one can crush on him for any longer than two weeks 

I wasn’t planning to do one of these, but 2016 can’t end fast enough and I think we all need some love at the moment so whatever. This year may not have been the best overall (understatement of the year, 2016 was a disaster), but I also made a bunch new friends who became very dear to me so I can’t say that everything that happened in 2016 was the Worst because I’m too happy to have found some of you.

Everyone on the following list is quite precious to me! Some are new (thank you for following me), some have been with me forever (thank you for staying with me), some allow me to get on their nerves a lot and actually talk to me (i love you, darlings! ♥), and I can’t believe that most of these guys are actually following me (seriously, you’re all way cooler than me), but no matter what, you all deserve the best!

Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2017 will be kinder.

Special Mentions: @taurielsilvan – My dear little sis. Life woulnd’t be the same without you. ❤ • @ladyalatariel – My wonderful & amazing Ylva. • @blaackpanthers – Olivia, darling. Making me jealous by showing me her dog all the time. • @lucifersmaze – Izzie aka the one that makes sure I get some sleep. • @jacontodd & @luciocorreiaa – My children Kesh & Prairie who never sleep. • @skyyequake, @karlurbans & @obiwanjedi – Always there to listen, always a pleasure to talk to. • @celebrlan & @eveenstar – Sam and Mr. Frodo and just overall precious cupcakes. • @spacvengrs & @ravenrcnan – The cutest.

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The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 3)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Nightmares

Word Count - 713

Notes – We’re finally back in the present and things are starting to move along nicely.  I have a lot planned for this series and I can’t wait to actually delve into some of the darker themes.  I hope you guys are enjoying this so far.  I always appreciate your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9

Series Masterlist


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Kerri had sat in silence while you relived the worst day of your life.  When you had finished, she simply held you while the two of you cried. Finally able to breathe again, you thanked your friend and made your way back to your desk.

Once you were seated, you took a deep breath and picked up the phone.  You didn’t even have to think about the number you were calling, you had dialed it so many times your fingers flew over the keys.  It only rang once before a familiar voice answered on the other end.

**Italics are flashbacks


Reader - 2 Years Ago


You almost lost your composure again upon hearing his voice.  You drew upon the last remaining reserves of strength as you asked if he had seen the news.  The line was silent for a moment while you waited for his answer.  After a second, he apologized for not believing you all those years ago.  Your monster had turned out to be real.

Phil had insisted that you finally join him and his team.  You had put off doing so because you wanted to make a name for yourself. You didn’t want anyone accusing you of using your connections to get ahead in this job.  Now things were different, you had been blindsided by this new development and you wanted the comfort and safety that Phil’s presence had always brought.

Phil made the necessary calls and filed all of the paperwork and within a few days, you were on a plane heading to his location.  Little did you know that the other shoe had yet to drop.  You were still dealing with the fact that your parents’ assassin was back, but now it had been revealed that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been infiltrated by Hydra.  At least fighting Hydra helped to keep your mind off of your personal struggle.

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Do you have a take on Ryan's tragic backstory? (I know you said you actually have a nicer background for him but i thought you might have a dark version too!)

 Anonymous said: What are some of your head cannons for FAHC Ryan?

Ryan didn’t set out to be what he became. Few children dream of becoming devastation. It’s a trope that is thrown around in all kinds of media – redeemable bad guy, killer with a heart of gold. How quaint. Like most things, the real life version is so much darker.

There’s something bleak and awful in a world renown mercenary who still feels for every victim. Something inescapably tragic in finding satisfaction in an act so personally distasteful. Because Ryan’s never been cruel, exactly. Would never dream of torturing an animal, of hurting a child. Doesn’t even enjoy the majority of the dirty work he’s surrounded himself in. Which isn’t to say he doesn’t enjoy any of it. Doesn’t get some level of dark gratification from his own competence, from the fear he’s sown, the reputation he’s nurtured, the safety he’s crafted from blood-soaked screams and scorched white bones. There was a time when the Vagabond was truly as dispassionate as they say, but since joining the Fake AH Crew the mercenary certainly lived up to the gang’s notorious affinity for flare; Ryan always was a bit theatrical, and the only thing worse than an apathetic killer is one who can see the morbid humour in it all.

Ryan’s criminal career actually begins years before the Vagabond crashed into being. Started like so many others; young and bored, too clever for his own good and desperate for a way to prove it. He drifts into a group who wanted bigger, wanted better, wanted a life society told them was forbidden. It would be easy to say he got caught up in the wrong crowd, pulled along in their wake, but it wouldn’t be accurate. Ryan has been many things but never meek. Never a blind follower. Ryan who could never settle for simply trusting what others tell him, never believing in absolutes he hasn’t tested for himself. Not when he could find another way around, a way under, when he could take the problem apart and find a solution no one else ever expected.

So he joined, he fit in, he rose and he flourished. Ryan wasn’t a killer back then, criminal yes but not a mercenary; they were thieves mostly, would posture and swagger and inflate their own egos but they kept away from the big gangs. At least at first. Because sooner or later things are going to go south and it wasn’t pretty when they did. The group fractures, those who can flee back to their old lives, or into the relative safety of bigger crews, and those left behind have blood on their hands and a bounty on their heads.

Taking a life isn’t quite as difficult as Ryan had anticipated. Awful, of course, and not something he would do without necessity, but the time for scruples has surely passed and if death is what it takes for the last dregs of his gang to live then Ryan will paint the streets red. It’s wrong, he knows. It’s bad, immoral, everything people aren’t meant to be; it’s wrong and Ryan does it anyway. Figures morality is all well and good but won’t help at all if they’re all dead.

For a while it works, their group is small but it’s solid, together they were magnificent. Not that anyone cares about all that, not when the story everyone knows comes after. Comes, of course, with the birth of the Vagabond.

It’s no real surprise that the prominent story surrounding the origin of the most notorious mercenary in the country is as dark and unforgivable as the man himself. A tale of betrayal, of protecting his identity by wiping out all who knew him before the mask, making a name off of the death of those he once called friends. It’s chilling, horrifically fitting and almost entirely untrue; the crew dies, yes, treachery as the hands of one of their own but Ryan is not their Judas.  

The man who traded away their lives for the right price was Ryan’s best friend in all the world, close enough to call brother, someone he trusted so blindly he’d let himself be beaten half to death before he even thought about retaliating. The only crew blood on Ryan’s hands was, it turns out, the most undeniably clean-cut case of self defence, not that it matters in the long run. Not when it plays out in the dark, out of sight, without witness. Not when he’s the only one who walks away, the one who dons a mask and buries his name, retreats from humanity and loses all semblance of mercy. Against all odds Ryan managed to survive. The man he had once been did not.

The story takes on a life of its own and the Vagabond does nothing to stop it; he is, after all, a killer. People should fear him, should run and hide and pray he doesn’t darken their doors. He killed a man who he loved dearly; what line was there left to cross? What sin could be thought too great?

Free from distraction the Vagabond throws himself into his work, takes job after job and sets to building the most terrifying image possible, a reputation full of atrocities which grow with every telling. There are no weak spots for his enemies to target, no useless emotions dragging him down; they say he’s heartless, say he’s inhuman, call him evil, call him corruption, call him nightmare. Eventually Ryan grows used to the way people shudder when they see him, confident in his talents and comfortable with his image. He finally acclimatises to the way mirrors reflect nothing but a cold black skull, and perhaps he couldn’t quite call himself happy but he isn’t exactly displeased with his life.

It becomes cathartic in it’s own way, a sense of satisfaction born from devastation, a sort of peace found in ruin. It makes him his own kind of damaged Ryan knows. Makes him unfixable, maybe. Or maybe it’s that thought in and of itself that condemns him, self awareness of his own desecration, a self fulfilling future of irredeemable wrongness. Either way he knows there’s no going back to how he was. Either way he knows, deep down, that he isn’t sure he wants to. Isn’t sure he’d take back soft, harmless Ryan even if he could, even with the nightmares, the fear and self doubt, the guilt. The glaring absence of guilt.

Ryan isn’t ashamed of what he is, of who he became. He can track his path directly, has run his choices over and over in his mind and comes to the same solutions every time; the Vagabond has always acted with intention. Ryan has always done what he needed to, what he wanted to, always evolved and advanced and overcome. So he isn’t ashamed, but he’s not always proud either. Not always confident that a life spent doing what is necessary rather than what is right is a life worth preserving.  

It’s easier now, in the island of misfit toys, the family of selfish entertainment and bloodstained choices. Easier to justify the savagery of necessity when it is more than just his own life he is protecting, more than just his personal goals he is chasing. In the FAHC Ryan has found the acceptance he never knew he wanted, rekindled emotions he’d have sworn were beaten out of him in a dark alley all those years ago. Like stitching together a ragged wound he’d borne for so long he’d forgotten how to live without it; the scars would never truly fade away, still twinge on the worst days, but all of a sudden he’s faced with a life free of constant misery.

There is no way to repay them for that, for showing him a world where death and joy do not cancel each other out, soothing his conflictions without changing who he has become, for kinship between the equally wicked. Ryan knows they believe he’d die for them, and he would. Would jump right in with eyes wide open, just as self-aware as when he let’s Geoff make a show of his obedience, let’s Jack drag him out looking for ridiculously specific vehicles or let’s Jeremy tag in on a job he could have handled alone. As when he slows down a new trick Michael’s covertly trying to replicate or resigns himself to indentured servitude when Gavin plays him like a puppet; affection clearer in action than he could ever conceptualise in speech, trusting his team to understand.

What they don’t seem to understand is the fact that, if they needed him to, he would do so much more than die for them. To die is nothing, is brief sacrifice, but Ryan would ruin. Would create and destroy and conqueror. Were he asked to he would tear down the whole world around them, set it alight and shelter them from the blaze; a level of devotion that scares even himself when he considers it late at night, beyond thankful for their ignorance. Well, Geoff probably knows, something dark and thoughtful in his eyes when he looks at Ryan, something deeply confident in Ramsey when he commands the Vagabond. Assurance that no threat is idle, no harrowing claim is merely theatrics, and that knowledge alone should be enough to send Ryan running, to remind him of what happens when he lets down his guard, but it doesn’t, not anymore. Not since he recognised the clear display of trust in all that conviction, relishing in the opportunity to prove himself worthy; eyes alight with dangerous promise he now merely looks back at Geoff and has faith.

It’s not perfect; no matter how happy he is with his crew Ryan will still lose himself inside his own head sometimes, a place no other can follow, no other can ever truly understand. For all he is the ghoul in the nightmares of so many others Ryan never could quite extinguish his own demons. After all this time he still goes back and considers all his choices, still asks himself endless questions, gives endless answers, constantly assessing his place in the world, his counts and tallies, his debt. It’s how he reassures himself of the truth.

Did he make mistakes?


Does he have regrets?


Does death haunt him?


Did he choose this?


Is he monstrous?


Would he do worse?


Does he love them?


Did they destroy him?


Does he love them?


Will he destroy them?


Does he love them?


Is it worth it?


Are they worth it?


Is he worth it?


Is he worth it?

Honestly I don’t even know where to fucking start with this one. The shoes? The fucking Mickey Mouse gloves? The weird-ass monoeye? I can’t find a single aspect of this design that doesn’t make me want to projectile vomit across the room. You wanna know the worst part? Apparently this guy is supposed to be a fucking hedgehog. Yeah, you heard that right. Now you might think “Actually now that you mention it, I can sort of see the resemblance to a hedgehog”. Maybe if you’re a fucking idiot. I saw a picture of a hedgehog in a book once and I can tell you that a hedgehog is nothing like this. First of all, they aren’t fucking blue. I may have failed my high school biology class, but I at least fucking know that a hedgehog, a MAMMAL, cannot be fucking blue. Also I’m pretty sure they don’t have fucking cat ears or quills that just look like stupid fucking hair. Even if this design wasn’t completely unrealistic, it’s still shitty garbage. What’s with the smug look? Is he mocking me because he knows how much his existence pains me? Someone needs to take this walking abortion behind a shed and end its misery. 

So my amazing friend got me a prompt book, and it’s so good guys! It doesn’t have those boring prompts (or boring in my opinion) that are like write about your favorite holiday or worst family outing. These are legitimate writing prompts that could inspire actual stories. If you like my blog, I strongly suggest checking out this book. I know for sure that Amazon has it.

A Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Scorpio Rising's Experience with the Signs

ARIES///You guys have no chill and I mean that in the worst way. You’re naturally positive and kind, but as soon as someone says or does something that you don’t like everyone within a 100 meter distance better fucking duck and cover. You’re pretty bad at group projects, too. I know you want control, but you have no idea what you’re doing so sit down and let someone who actually knows what they’re doing take charge. Though I am very jealous of the way that you can out preform everyone at athletics without even trying.

TAURUS///I’ve never met a Taurus I didn’t get along with. You’re chill as hell and down for almost anything. There is a such thing as being too chill, though. You can’t seem to clean up after yourselves and can you please pick up your socks and wash your own dishes? Tauruses aren’t that lazy, btw. If you can get them to start their work then they’ll work until it’s done. They love to eat, and when they’re the ones cooking everyone else loves to eat as well. Also, they’re super generous. If they like you they insist on paying for everything.

GEMINI///These guys are my favourites. You’re so social and smart and happy. You’re loving and protective and forgiving and kind! It’s like the perfect balance of sweet and attention loving without being to clingy. Leo’s could learn something from you. How do you do it? I don’t think Geminis are that two faced, honestly. They’re just adaptable. They act different in front of different people depending on what impression they want to make. That’s the type of social intelligence that makes people successful.

CANCER///You guys are so damn strong. Not just physically (although my Cancer friend can probably outlift you all, just saying), but emotionally. I know that you don’t believe it. Yes, you do cry a lot and you always say that you’re going to give up, but then an hour later you’re right back in the game trying harder than ever before. You just don’t stay down and that’s amazing. (By the way, it’s your turn to do the dishes, stop putting things off).

LEO///Drama royalty. You complain way too much and can’t solve your own problems. You succeed without trying, and if you even put an ounce of effort into your work then you could be at the top of the class. I hate you, but I can never stay mad. You guys are super amusing and it’s hilarious when you throw your little hissy fits.

VIRGO///As a Virgo myself, I can tell you just how picky we are, in every way, shape, and form. We also have trouble saying the ‘right thing.’ I’m sorry that you’re having a bad day, but is that really an excuse for not returning that book I lent you half a year ago? We also notice every little detail, and that usually gives us more to criticize. Honestly, though, the whole criticizing process is just as frustrating for us as it is for you. It’s the feeling you get when someone cleans your room without your permission, the nervous feeling that everything’s wrong.

LIBRA///Annoying as all hell. You guys are so fucking fake, deny it all you want. You can’t make up your minds. You’ll say it one way, but you’ll mean it in another way and that’s way nothing gets done. Generally you are very social and popular, and you do try to be fair. You aren’t always fair, though, because you don’t always understand the situation. Use your empathy, please.

SCORPIO///You guys are act metal as fuck, but inside you are actually angry little cinnamon rolls. As soon as you open up, you’ve got these beautiful sensitive souls (and don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you cried during E.T.). You’re so paranoid when it comes to getting hurt, and I’m sorry that you’ve been hurt before. It’s okay to open up. I can’t promise that you won’t get hurt again, but it’s okay to try. Also, you guys are so determined and have a work drive to rival a Capricorn. I would say that out of all the signs, Scorpios try the hardest with their relationships.

SAGITTARIUS///You guys go from being chill as fuck to being hyped as hell. One moment we’re smoking weed in the parking lot, then suddenly you have to be held back from jumping into the river in the middle of goddamn January. You’re so fun, though, and your atmosphere puts me at ease. You also have a really strong sense of justice and it’s so inspiring to talk about life with you.

CAPRICORN///I love working with you guys. You get your shit done fast and then you help everyone else get their shit done. Tenacious as hell, which can be good or bad. I love it when you take my side in arguments, because that means I’ll win. Then when it comes to projects you instantly get this 'my way or the highway’ attitude. Also, total disciplinarians. Sex with you is very emotional, but it’s fun as hell and super kinky.

AQUARIUS///You guys are so detached and quiet at first, then when I get to know you, you just don’t shut up. I don’t mind talking, but all you talk about is weird shit. It’s interesting and I will never see Stalin’s moustache the same way again, but geez, where do you get your ideas? Smart and the best at creating conspiracy theories.

PISCES///You guys are so lowkey manipulative, then when you can’t manipulate people you just get so mean and annoying. Stop it. You have amazing emotional ranges, though, and you can tap into it so well. I love the way that you draw and paint and you’re such good musicians or singers. I didn’t know it was possible to put emotion in tuba music until I heard a Pisces play it. That’s how good they are.

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Why are you all triggered by Credence/Graves?
It’s okay to ship it it’s okay not to ship it.

What? Does that mean something bad should never  be portrayed on media ever again because it’s so problematic and abusive? 
Guys those things deserve manipulation.
And if I want to ship it because of the complex characters and the way I (actually someone who knows very well what abusive relationships mean) relate to it, I can do as I please. And so do you.
Why do you all act as if it is the biggest crime in the world? 
Saying “please” a million times. “Please do not ship it” 

And to be clear.

Someone who has the worst ‘daddy issues’ and has been in two VERY abusive relationships is NOT triggered by a ship (which by the way none of us said was healthy’. So all of you should  really calm down and stop calling people who ship it problematic, abusers and what not.
We are not saying it’s a healthy relationship. but we are saying it is a relationship. That’s all. A complex and very unhealthy one. So we are all drawn to it. Seeing the problems as problems and not romanticizing it.
Some relate to it. 

Some just like it.

It’s an interesting relationship and I’d like to be on the Credence tag to see him and art of him and what not but not this massive shipping war and hate. 

Y’all chill.

Can’t Stand You Pt. 5

pt. 4

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Disclaimer: may have swear words, harsh scenes, unedited. Characters represent au world, not idol’s actual personality/actions within scenario/situation.

Word count:  1,415

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More Than Friends

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 885

Warnings: none?

Request: Requested by anonymous: Can you do a John LaurensXreader, and he first mets her, she’s shy.but as he gets to know her,she’s kind,and loves puns and other jokes, even understands their dirty jokes, she can be intelligent she’s pretty aggressive defending her friends, or standing up for what she believes in, and actually a bit sarcastic, and takes crap from no one, bluntly honest, and loves to debate, draws and sings a lot. loves all animals, and only lets him see her emotional side and her insecure side.

A/N: Fun fact I stared at my screen for about 5 minutes trying to think of a joke oop

Also I feel like this went by too rushed I’m sorry and this is literally the worst I can’t handle it jesus fucking christ

“I’m John. John Laurens.” The guy next to you introduced himself. Surprised, you stared at him blinking for a moment.

“I’m Y/N L/N.” You finally shook his outstretched hand.

The class went by as John muttered jokes under his breath, causing you to laugh quietly.

When the bell rung for lunch, you gathered your books and left up quickly.

That was how it went for a few days. You would talk to John occasionally in the hallways and listening to John tell jokes under his breath in class.

One day you grabbed your things and stood to leave.

“Hey, Y/N.” John stopped you hesitantly, his hand gently grabbing your sleeve.

“Yeah?” You turned to look at him, surprised.

“Well, do you want to get food with me and my friends?” He asked, his hand falling back to his side.

“Oh, sure.” A small smile spread on your face, looking down as you did.

“Awesome! C’mon!” John ran from the room excitedly, leaving you to follow nervously.

“Hey guys, this is Y/N!” John yelled to a group of guys hanging around the courtyard. You’d seen them around the school, but you had been too shy to talk to any of them.

“Hey, I’m Alex!” The shortest one jumped in front of the other guys, shaking your hand.

“I’m Lafayette.” Another man interjected, shaking your hand as well.

“I’m Hercules!” The third one introduced.

You waved slightly, giving a polite smile to the loud group.

They began talking to you as they all climbed into a car. You followed them inside, taking a window seat next to John.

Everyone was chatting idly as you stayed silent for most of the ride.

“You alright, Y/N?” John wondered, turning to you suddenly.

“Yeah.” You laughed.

The car filled with the guys’ mocking voices as they imitated John’s question.

“Why does he always wear magenta?” Alex questioned, waving his arms wildly. He was on another rant about Thomas Jefferson.

“Maybe he’s compensating for something.” John muttered, causing you to burst out into laughter. Everyone else stared at you for a moment, surprised.

“What?” You questioned when your laughter ceased.

“You’re so innocent you shouldn’t be able to understand these jokes!” Hercules exclaimed, making you blush in embarrassment.

You walked into John’s dorm carrying fast food, watching him run up to greet you. When you set down the food he enveloped you in a hug.

“Hey!” You greeted excitedly.

“Hey.” He responded, pulling away from you.

The two of you sat together telling jokes and laughing until the two of you fell asleep.

You sat next to John in the courtyard waiting for the rest of the group.

“Hey, nice hair!” Came the voice of a man passing by, yelling towards John.

Immediately jumping into action, you stood from your spot. John tried to grab your arm to sit you back down, but you jerked away from him.

“Would you like to repeat that?” You questioned, stepping close to the man. He backed up, raising his arms in defense.

“Chill, sorry I offended your boyfriend.” He walked off, leaving you flustered and embarrassed.

“He’s not my…” You trailed off when he walked inside.

“It’s fine, Y/N. He was just an asshole.” John comforted, standing next to you.

“Yeah, it’s just…” You began, looking down.

“The boyfriend thing? It’s fine, honestly.” When John sat back down you didn’t move. “Y/N?”

“Huh? Oh, uh, yeah- the boyfriend thing.” He gave you a pointed look as heat rose to your face.

“Are you ok? You’re really red.” John raised his hand, gently placing it over your forehead.

“I-I’m fine!” You took a deep breath as you decided to confess.

“Y/N?” His words were cut off as you began rambling.

“It’s just that I really like you and want to be more than friends but you’re really popular and I couldn’t possibly be in your league and I-”

“Y/N, you are the most amazing person in the world, you’re so passionate about what you believe in. You’re so beautiful, and funny and kind and I’m so glad I was able to meet you- wanna go out sometime?” He cut himself off, extending his arm for you to take.

A smile spread across your face as you took his hand.

“We’re still going to get food though, right?” You heard Alex pout, standing a few feet away from you and John with Lafayette and Hercules.

“Yes. We’re still going to get food.”

The really quick skinny latest

There. See. I hate to say I told ya so but…. He didn’t shit on her for being skinny, and he stood up for her over people wanting to ban her. Best summarised by “There are plenty of unhealthy people, and people that are very overweight on this site that no one is trying to ban [so why Eugenia]?” 

He stayed out of it and briefly commented that ‘yeah, maybe she’s not super healthy, but who the fuck are you to say that and get her banned if shes not actually harming anyone’, while still adding in a touch of that good ole leafy morbid humour™

Case closed.

(I swear, people literally automatically assume the worst of Calvin lately without actually hearing what he has to say, like jesus christ the guy isn’t fuckin Stalin ok)