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Happy Little Translation Error?

So I lent my friend my mainland Chinese copy of Good Omens, and she’s been commenting on various stuff in the book to me as she read along. One day she messaged, “Crowley’s so cute, chasing after the hedgehogs like that.”

And I said, “……………..what?????!?”

So she told me where in the book it was, and it was the part after Cr&Az realized that Warlock isn’t the kid, talked to the nun, and got out of the hospital. It did say that Crowley was “trying to hit a hedgehog and missing”, but I soon realized that the “second line” she told me that’s about the hedgehog is, “The angel stared out at the rushing hedgerows.” Apparently the Chinese translator read “hedgerows” and thought it was “hedgehogs” again. Obviously it didn’t make a huge change to the plot line, but basically, in the Chinese version of Good Omens, Crowley chased a hedgehog while convincing Aziraphale, “drove in silence for a while”, and then chatted with Aziraphale some more. Meanwhile Aziraphale saw everything but decided to let Crowley do his thing.



I’m sorry guys, but we really need to talk about translation errors. It’s important for translations, ones meant to be accurate, are accurate. Like, it’s actually really important, not just in setting tone, but in setting the actual plot.

Let’s talk about chapter 521.







These are the most outstanding of the differences in this chapter alone. Each of them could literally mean entirely different things. 

For the first one, Yonkou’s translation has Lucy state that she will see her soon, and in MS’, Lucy asks if she will see her again. This is probably not as important as the next two.

In the second, Yonkou’s translation makes it sound like Brandish says the thing about trying to kill Lucy. In MS’, Natsu is talking about Dimaria’s attempt on Lucy’s demise. This is a huge plot thing because that would mean Natsu remembers Lucy’s “death”.

In the third, Yonkou is very vague about Zeref’s apology to Natsu, and MS makes it sound like Gray’s arrival is going to cause Natsu the most pain.

I will admit that I am extremely biased, because I like MS translations much better. So I can’t just say they are more accurate because I like them more. 

None of us have a clue, and that irks me. Because those last two are extremely different.

Ignis’ Birthday

You can find the original comic here:

I hadn’t downloaded a font to use for comics on this one, so I apologize for the odd choices. I just edit and put English onto these as I go along, so there’s no proofreading or anything. Please forgive any errors. I don’t use Tumblr often, either, so please forgive me as I learn.

I’ve been practicing Japanese on the same series for many years now and I needed something new to get into. I’m going to try and find different doujinshi to translate for fun. Please take a look at the pages of the authors, and if you have any FFXV comics you’d like to see in English feel free to make suggestions.

Thank you for your time. Enjoy :)

About the Turkish contestant

 I haven’t found any errors on the translations so far,but I’ll add some facts and clear some things up. I’m also a turkish starlight,don’t try to come shit on me because of my comments.

I read on twitter somewhere that someone said ‘’They wrote it nicer in english,in the turkish one they’re calling us ‘whores’ ’’ 

THIS IS NOT TRUE. Lets get that outta the way.

I’ll sum up the management’s and Kurşun’s behaviour.

In this tweet he’s basically saying: ‘’We need more children who grow up with love for their country,government,and their own culture. It’s #WorldHuggingDay come on,let’s hug.’’ I find this so fucking disgusting but this is how Turkey has been for the past 12+ years. Close-minded,disrespectful and ignorant.

In this tweet he’s saying: ’’I give my thanks to all the Turkish-ish youth who commited themselves to korean culture who did not spare (hold back) their support (= but unfortunately,TBMM (The government basically) won’t send you soldiers for this war. ‘’ Oh so now Turkish starlights aren’t Turkish anymore because they don’t support you for STEALING from a Korean group. Also throw politics there too because why not I guess.

‘’The youth has come to an end,their minds have been infected by a plague, making them elaborate on (Try to be like) other cultures,and not protect their own culture..’’  …Do I even have to say something for this one?

As most of you know he also said stuff like

‘’This isn’t stealing,it’s creativity’’

‘’You can compose something (like a chorus or something…) from some instrumental and even a doorbell.’’  …Excuse me?

‘’but every song writer does this,every song writer can’t lead an orchestra but every composer can lead an orchestra’’ (he used some broken turkish btw oooh look at him defending his cultuuure) 

About the management: Their behaviour,the language they used and everything else they did are too unprofessional. They’re looking down on everyone who says they’re wrong + everyone who defends Vixx. There’s not a crumb of maturity. I hope we can get Jellyfish to sue their ass.


I’ll just leave this information here,do whatever you want with it~


There’s this minty medicine called vicks (pronounced same as vixx) he’s saying that ‘’if you caught a cold put some vicks under your feet and it’ll make you better by the morning’’ + the word he used for ‘’catching a cold’’ can also mean going mad/crazy. You know what,don’t be nice.

‘’The bell rang,you can get up from in front of your computers and look out of a window. Good night.’’

‘’It’s better (for people to be) jelaous of me than (them) pitying me’’  lol too late man welcome to hell

It would be absurd for those of us in the disability community to argue against genetic research or medical technology. Indeed, many people who have experienced disability are alive today because of medical technology (myself included) and are understandably grateful for any research that promises to improve the lives of the disabled.

My concern here is that genomics, as the field is currently constituted and presented to the public, reinforces the social stigma attached to disability. Indeed, as we have seen, the genetic model of disability as defective or corrupted text reduces people with disabilities to the level of spelling mistakes, typographical errors that need to be eliminated by genetic editors. Feminist philosopher of science Sandra Harding reminds us that science is not value-free and that its technologies participate in the “translation of social agendas into technological ones”.

Unfortunately, many of the new technologies associated with genomics—such as genetic tests and genetic screening—raise the specter of an old social agenda that is still very much a part of medical science’s professional and public discourse: eugenics. In fact, philosopher Philip Kitcher has referred to genetic screening as ‘laissez-faire eugenics.’

—  (Re)Writing the Genetic Body-Text: Disability, Textuality, and the Human Genome Project by James C. Wilson
Stay close to me, don’t go!

I have just realized something that has blown my mind! In Yuri on Ice episode 9, when Vicktor and Yuuri reunited at the airport, Yuuri asked Viktor to take care of him until he retires (there was a translation error in that scene; for more info read this post until the end). Yuuri didn’t ask Viktor to be his coach until retirement, he asked him to take care of him, in a personal relationship, not in a professional one. That’s why Viktor said it sounded like a marriage proposal –though both understood and reacted to the whole situation differently. These two need to seriously improve their communication skills because all their misunderstandings happened for not expressing openly what they really wanted. Everybody has thought that Viktor telling Yuuri that he wished he’d never retire was beautiful, but that was the exact moment Yuuri realized he had no choice but retire.

This is going to get really long, so read more after the cut. (Also, I had screenshots ready for this post, but Tumblr decided to be a jerk about it and didn’t let me upload ANY of them). 

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COLOURFUL BLEACH from Resurrected Souls 6


Panel 1

Byakuya: I intend to open the 118th garden in the Kuchiki Family Estate to the Seireitei to enjoy as a place of relaxation and refreshment.

Thus in regards to this, a statue will be installed and you are to be the model for its creation.

Panel 2

Ichigo staring.

Panel 3

Ichigo: Huh? No, what? So you made me come here to ask if I would be the model, but you’re already making it?

Byakuya: That’s right, it was in the report. Approximately a month from now the statue will be completed and the presentation will be done then, so if you could attend that would be good.

Panel 4

Ichigo: Wait, hold on a second!! Why is it a statue of me in the first place?! Do I seem like the kind of guy who has statues made of him?

Byakuya: ……

Ichigo: Why aren’t you answering?! Oi!!!


Panel 5

Ichigo standing awkwardly in a tuxedo.

Panel 6

Byakuya: Well then. I’ll perform the reveal.

Ichigo: Wait. Why are we the only ones here? I don’t have a good feeling about this…

Byakuya: Behold!

Panel 7

A gigantic statue of ‘Ichigo’ is revealed (designed as Seaweed Ambassador!)

Panel 8

Byakuya: By the way, I designed it.

Ichigo: (thinking) You’re telling me!!

Panel 9

Byakuya: It seems as if all of the other Captains were far too busy with work. Because there was no other person to be the model, I thought it was best to use you as the model.

Ichigo: (thinking) You’re REALLY telling me!!! I mean, I didn’t want to be the model either!!

It's The Time
  • It's The Time
  • Miyano Mamoru
  • Ultra Fly

English & Romaji lyrics

Requested by anon. ^^ ♡
Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. Lyrics originally in English are in italics.


“Be stronger”, as much as you think like that
You’re distancing yourself from your goal
Won’t adding more rules for yourself
Only hold you back?

Dance like this, like this, just like this
Any style is fine (it’s your identity)
More, dance like this, show it to me just like this
If you’ll change into your ideal you
Free your mind and just let yourself go

If you start by seizing this moment
Then it won’t just end like this
At that moment, your life will change
If you’ll just start, it’s the time
Now’s your timing to change
Don’t be afraid, you’re with me
Now’s your timing to realize
If you don’t want to lose it, change it

Whether you regress or progress
It’s up to you, your free option
Wouldn’t it be fine to try reconstructing everything
Without fear?

Dance like this, like this, just like this
Any form is fine (it’s the one only you can have)
More, dance like this, show it to me just like this
Don’t just wait until you can meet the ideal you

If you start by seizing this moment
You’ll bring forth a new world
At that moment, your life will change
If you’ve lost your way, it’s the time
Now’s your timing to change
Don’t be afraid, you’re with me
Now’s your timing to realize
If you don’t want to lose it, change it

If you start by seizing this moment
Then it won’t just end like this
At that moment, your life will change
If you’ll just start, it’s the time
Now’s your timing to change
Don’t be afraid, you’re with me
Now’s your timing to realize
If you don’t want to lose it, change it


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The Parisian Dossier (Eggsy Unwin x Reader)

Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Word Count: 4,353
Summary: You and Eggsy are sent on a mission in Paris to stop the assassination of a museum director. The two of you have worked together before, but this time Merlin requires that the two of you pose as newlyweds. Along the way there are several death threats, several art museums, and maybe even something along the lines of actual love.
A/N: I don’t own anything and this wasn’t edited, so any errors are mine. All French phrases are translated at the bottom of the story!

It suddenly occurs to you that, were Merlin not physically barring you from it, you could actually kill Eggsy.

Scanning the room quickly, you can think of at least 3 painless methods of execution and 17 incredibly painful ones. 

You wonder if the stylus in Merlin’s grasp could be sharpened fast enough to stab Eggsy in the throat.

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The Ju and L Rule Explanation - Korean vs. English Comparison

Hi there♡

Thanks so much for the kind words~ you are just too sweet! And no worries! You aren’t dumb at all! I will gladly explain to you what this means! ^^

But omg. This. I totally forgot the amount of cringe I went through from this one!! Probably because the English language does not use this kind of word play. I hope I am able to make it easy to understand!

Please join me under the cut to go through an explanation of what MM translation meant by “Ju and L Rule.”

Please note that although this is an analysis, there may be opinions that may differ or be consistent with mine! While I can give some sort of Korean background, for debatable topics, I do not represent all of the Korean minds for respective topics. Also, please excuse any errors or let me know if clarifications are needed, for English is not my first language! Thank you and enjoy!

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BSD Light Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Prologue, 1/3)

A few things to start off: I’m translating this from the Chinese novels to English. Chinese is my mother tongue while English is my first language. I’ve had formal education, but understandably some things are lost in translation from Japanese > Chinese > English. I’ll do my best to explain them, but please enjoy this with a teaspoon of salt. I try to keep to the original intent as much as English grammar will allow, but the gist is more or less there. For this part, I haven’t had much trouble other than one part, which I’ve added a postscript note for.

Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask if anything sounds wrong or looks weird! If anyone wants to proofread these for me I’d be eternally grateful. I’m doing these at my own pace, so if anyone wishes to help out just let me know, I’d be more than happy to join forces.

Without further ado.

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anonymous asked:

hi! quick question. We always celebrate Minako's birthday the 22th of october, but in the materials collection says her birthday is the 22th of november (at least in the miss dreamy translation)?? i'm so confuse right now

My original thought was that this was a simple translation error, as other materials on Miss Dream’s site show her birthday as October 22nd, such as this one from an official book.

But I checked Alex Glover’s translation of the Materials Collection, and it looks like both he and Miss Dream have November 22nd as Minako’s birthday.

Alex Glover:

Miss Dream:

My guess? Naoko Takeuchi realized that November 22nd would make both Minako and Makoto a Sagittarius. Naoko carefully gave every senshi a birthday that would make her astrological sign correspond with her ruling planet. Moving Minako’s birthday back to October 22nd makes Minako a Libra and her ruling planet more appropriately Venus.

So it’s interesting to see that this information might not have been finalized yet in her notes, especially for Minako, who was already starring in her own manga at the time.

This should probably serve as a reminder that everything in the Materials Collection should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s a lot of initial concept sketches, many of which were changed before designs were finalized, so we shouldn’t take everything contained in it as gospel.

@musicfreedom787 replied to your postAbout Yoi ep 1 (while knowing what happened at ep…

Dude this is awesome. The only thing i have to say is u forgot that after yuri got last place (R.I.P. Yuri) he said he went and finished College, so it took him one year after he failed at the GPF to get home. This means that Victor didn’t get to see him after the GPF for over a year.

AHHH I WAS THINKING ABOUT THAT and that was the main reason why I made the chart. 

First, all of what happened in the show happens in the same skating season. Why? because Viktor skated the same program he did at the GPF and the Worlds.And that is because he wears the same outfit.

and when Minako watched the Worlds at Yuutopia.

Being Viktor and his goal to to surpr-ice the audience I don’t think he would have used the same clothes for 2 skating seasons in a row.

Also, there has been an error translation:

That doesn’t says One Year Later,  翌年 means ‘the following year’


1-Being held back a year when in college can happen especially for someone like Yuuri who is also an athlete and can’t go to classes due to competitions. Maybe his graduation was around January-February. 

2-If a whole year would have happened, then another grand prix would have been held. Viktor would have smashed it and win his sixth grand prix medal. But this didn’t happened (it didn’t fit in the whole story) that is why everything has been held in the same skating season.


A 17-year old missing in Helsinki
HELSINKI – The Police is requesting help from the public in finding a 17-year-old girl; she went missing on September 11th in Helsinki. She was on her way from the Helsinki airport to Meilahti but never arrived at the destination. The name of the missing girl is Justyna Buzek…


Following that Intersex Awareness Post I feel like this is a good time to remind people about the existence of “IS ~ Otoko demo Onna demo nai sei” (translates to “IS ~ A sex that is neither male or female”), a manga featuring stories about intersex people.

17 Volumes long, the manga follows intersex people living in different circumstances and the issues they face. Some of the stories are much better than others, it gets pretty repetitive in later volumes, and the art’s not the best, but overall it’s a sincere effort to bring attention to a taboo subject in Japanese society.

Note: One of the criticisms I’ve seen often from international manga readers who read the online scanlations is that the manga doesn’t seem to understand the difference between sex and gender identity. Part of this could be due to translation errors but I also think it’s due to the fact that most people in Japan do not distinguish between gender and sex. The word “sei” (性) is used for both gender and sex. Just keep in mind that this manga ran from 2003-2009 and though the ideas it presents about some things may seem outdated, it was pretty impressive for its time.

The manga has also been adapted into a drama, which you can watch online. I’ve heard that the drama is structured better and is easier to get through than the manga, so that might be preferable to some people. Either way, I recommend people to try this out.