this is that idea

  • Peter: You wake up one day with the ability to freeze time at will for as long as you want with no repercussions. What’s the first thing you do with your newfound powers?
  • Wade: Take a nap
  • Peter: You just woke up
  • Wade: ..take a nap

Ambush the Dads to show affection. They clearly love it

I saw ‘Team Dads’ and ‘sons,’ and the only thing that came to mind was ‘Huge uncomfortable group Hug’

where barry allen never became the flash but still ends up foiling captain cold’s heists - the rogues think it’s hilarious that one csi figured out how to stop cold 

“find out everything about this badge”

“he’s frighteningly normal. boring even. not even a parking ticket. has a blog about the meta phenomenon - it’s tacky - i mean - he even did a piece on the hood - and that’s just an urban myth-”

“keep diggin’”

“whatever you say, boss man. but i draw the line at checking out his tindr. even i have my limits”

“shut up, piper”

“yessir, captain cold”

Connor Murphy x Reader + Strict Parents

- keep your window unlocked because he will NOT hesitate to pick/break the lock and scare the shit out of you
- he met your parents and it was awkward for everyone involved
- he’s a 6 foot tall punk looking guy with long hair who paints his nails black and constantly looks pissed
- and your parents were like “so this is your boyfriend,,,,,,,,,,,,”
- he was on his best behavior but you know he’s kind of a dick
- you gotta specify WHEN and WHERE you’re going with him and EXACTLY what you’ll be doing
- you both learn to be sneaky
- “Connor got tickets for us to see A Christmas Carol from 8 to 9:30 and reservations afterwards.”
- sike the tickets were Zoe and Alana’s
- you’re actually going to a Fall Out Boy concert
- eventually your parents meet Connor’s parents
- “(Y/N)’s been such a good influence on Connor!”
- after meeting this well adjusted family, your parents chill out a little bit and make your curfew 30 minutes later

koala-tea13  asked:

YOYOYO imagine a lunar chronicles and six of crows crossover like inej and cinder would be BESTIES and OMG CRESS AND WYLAN WOULD BE SO SO CUTE and Jesper and Thorne?? Oh and Matthias and Wolf would just get each other

Yooooo. That’s so good!! 

~Mind if I add on a bit? 

Cress and Wylan are the smol sunshine children who, when they put their heads together, can kick everyone’s butts. Winter loves to sit in on their plans, but when they put them into action, she’d prefer to be on the sidelines and just watch the two of them have a blast (pun completely intended).

Cinder would be wary of Inej at first (I mean she’s called the Wraith after all), but then they’d bond when Inej asked her about how she lost her arm and leg. Basically just some Kickass Ladies bonding over battle scars :) 

Nina and Scar would hit it off INSTANTLY because Scarlet would cook the best food Nina has ever tasted, and also they share a love for big (lovable) brutes ;) 

Wolf and Matthias would completely get each other! I mean Matthias is a druskelle after all, and Wolf is, well… a wolf. 

Jesper and Thorne would have a rivalry, over who was the better shot (Jesper, duh), who was the funniest (Thorne barely wins) and who is the biggest flirt (they call it even on that one). Eventually Jesper would compliment Thorne (with a wink or two hehe) and Thorne would get extremely flustered, and gave Jesper the title of biggest flirt.

Kai would sit with Kaz (and be extremely afraid) but then Kaz would make an aside comment about the sun glistening in Inej’s hair or something like that, and that told Kai all he really needed to know. Kai is also intrigued by how Kaz runs his own “empire” and takes a couple notes to be more aggressive (but not too aggressive).

Think about Kuwei being absolutely fascinated by Iko. Not only is she an android, which is pretty cool in and of itself, but she talks! And has a great personality! 

Everyone has bets placed on who is more brooding: Jacin or Kaz. To everyone’s surprise, Jacin wins because they caught Kaz throwing a couple pennies to a young orphan. 

Feel free to add on! 

If it’s on a pole then it is art

An interesting discussion with @white-rainbowff about French architectural art ended up with my first Star Wars Rebels post here… and it’s an inside joke no one will understand ahah !

I’m still drawing Kylux and Techienician but it’s nice to look at other pairings from time to time ~ I Hope you won’t mind ! 

clone headcanon:

a lot of clones like to keep their hands busy during their downtime. this most often takes the form of keeping all their gear in perfect condition and then some. but you can only dissemble, clean, and reassemble a blaster so many times. same with your armor

so there’s clones who do little things, like crochet or knit with bits and pieces of scrap yarn. clones who make little trinkets that aren’t worth anything (except their individuality, the knowledge that I made this). there’s clones who paint armor in the colors and designs that give them their individuality. 

clones who braid the long hair of their brothers, giving both their hands something to do, and lessening the touch starvation of themselves and their brothers (going off @poplitealqueen‘s wonderful post about touch starvation among the clones). clones who idly rub the shaved scalps of their brothers for the same reason, or who rub their own scalps without even realizing it