this is that idea

just throwing something out there before going to sleep:

So if we have Bad!Pearl as a trouble maker

and Garnet as a Cop…

What about Sardonyx as a Lawyer?

She would be a badass lawyer who would razzle dazzle everyone.

Sardy would be the female embodiment of Billy Flynn (from the musical Chicago) and this idea has been cooking in my head for centuries. If you have never seen Chicago, you can find the musical numbers from the movie on youtube. Check for "All I Care About" /  “We Both Reached for the Gun”  / “Razzle Dazzle” they all have Billy Flynn on them but instead of Richard Gere try to picture Sardonyx.

It’s kind of NSFW-ish because there’s a lot of skin, so watch out.

p.s.: and yes I already have the whole SU cast as Characters of Chicago in my head and basically “he had it coming” is a fusion song with Rainbow Quartz, Malachite, Sugilite, Opal, Garnet and Alexandrite in this order.

i did a bad thing

i started thinking about what i want to do after finding marley is over, and i had all these exciting ideas floating around in my head, so now i’ve got six pages of notes about a story that i’ll probably never even have the time to write, woops

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sandygraves  asked:

I uh, dunno if you take art requests, but I really'd love to see us!paps being a big dork.

i based his dorkiness off of my own brother >w>

i think i chose to draw some of the least dorky things that my brother does; but if i drew all the other dorky stuff he did i would be here all night