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Though right now is a time to celebrate with family and friends on Thanksgiving…we need to make sure the net neutrality laws are kept. Show that you care. Show the greedy bastards what would happen if they were to take all of what we strive for away for meaningless amount of printed paper. Remember, they are 1%. We have numbers on our side. Yes, this is a important post on something like Tumblr. It doesn’t make it irrelevant. I want this to spread everywhere. I have no intention for internet fame, I want to help the best I can to keep what we have and continue to strive for more what we can. Please, share this everywhere. And if you want to add more, you can. Let your voice be heard, my friends.

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topaz-rabbit  asked:

Okay so we had the mercs deal with Pyro vision, so what about them dealing with Demos Headcanoned 4th wall vision?

For those who need context here are a few links to previous posts.

Scout: Joins Tinder and matches with every hot chick. Besides that, goes and hunts down the writer who made Spy his father. To get a better understanding of why Spy left his Ma and family. I can also see him bribing the writers at Valve to hook him up with Miss. Pauling. Also Scout is proud of his voice actor Nathan Vetterlein, thanking him for giving Scout a amazing voice.

Pyro: Is more detached from reality than usual. Loves all the toys the kids have now a days. Falls in love with scented candles and all types of cool lighters. Buys so many art supplies and a drawing tablet. Looks at fan art helps upcoming artist with their work. Laughs when they find out they share the same voice actor as Spy at times putting on a french accent. Which is scary good.

Soldier: To be honest is kinda disgusted at his own country. America went to war and for what?? Solly doesn’t see the point, at least in WW2 there was a reason. But now?? Sees the people’s freedoms being taken away, healthcare, net neutrality, The Patriot Act, etc. For the first time sees something wrong in the USA, for Solly it seems the people in positions of power are out for themselves. Tries to start a revolution. Loves Rick May as his voice actor, thanks the actor for giving him a proper American voice.

Heavy: YES! Being able to carry millions of book on such a tiny device blows Heavy’s mind. Does nothing but read modern literature and watch movies/TV. Loves Harry Potter both films and book (but the books a little more). Falls in love with NetFlix, binge watches so many TV shows. But it’s the internet that just amazes Heavy, he is able to call his family using Facebook/Skype. He can hear and see them, brings Heavy to tears, being able to see his family from across the globe. Now understands Demoman when he said they had the same voice. Heavy is surprised how well Gary Schwartz can do both a Russian and Scottish accent.    

Engineer: He should be feeling happy, he should be amazed by the modern world. Instead his heart breaks. He discovers that people have to pay heaps of money to gain an higher education. How if he went to school now he would only able to do 1 Ph.D, so much debt. Engi always believed in higher education, that people should have the opportunity to learn if they want it. Feels scared, this is the world people have to live in?? Loves his voice actor Grant Goodeve, still can’t believe that his voice actor is still acting to this day.

Sniper: Out of all the mercs Sniper struggles the most. Was never a man that looked far into the future, he likes to live in the present. Is surprised that Australia is different. That people are more accepting of others, that children don’t throw stones towards those who are different. Breaks his heart to see so many coal power plants. That land and animals are being killed, when their is clean energy available. Struggles with his voice actor John Patrick Lowrie, the man is married to Ellen McLain who voices the Administrator. It puts the Sniper on edge, everytime he hears the Administrator thinks that in another world they are married.

Medic: Has a field day, being able to learn about advancements in medicine and transplant procedures. But at the same time hates being able to see through the 4th wall, he realizes that his perception of him from a fandom point of view is different from what he original expected. He is a man of medicine, who time and time again has saved his team from doom on the battlefield. Why is he seen as weak?? Low-key loves his voice actor Robin Atkin Downes, to think that his voice has been heard by billions of people.

Spy: WHAT THE FUCK! Finds out the TF2 community ships (he had to look up what shipping was). Is pissed beyond belief, they ship him with Sniper. Goes on forums and tries to convince people why he and Sniper wouldn’t work. This backfires and people love the ship even more. Besides this likes the technology of the modern day. Little computers that fit in your pocket!! Access to information at anytime, anywhere! Being able to carry music on you and listening to it!! Spy is taken back that he shares the same voice as Pyro that Dennis Bateman voices both mercs. Maybe that’s why Pyro always put Spy on edge??

(Thanks Anon! HeavyMedic, ah, so classic! Here you go!)

* Heavy is naturally protective, but Medic is hardcore protective. Medic will wait until Heavy is done beating the crap out of the enemy, before taking a literal stab out of them himself. #dontfuckwithMedic

* Sandviches are Heavy’s form of bribery to get Medic to go to bed. I mean, the Doc barely eats during his hard-core research sessions, so it’s pretty damn effective.

* Heavy is always the first to volunteer for Uber upgrades or other upgrades that can be used as an excuse to hang out with Medic.

* Heavy is low-key pushing to get Medic to go for another medical license.

* Heavy and the birds get along relatively well… When Medic is around. Then it’s an intense stare down between them, mostly because the birds keep trying to eat his pet fish. Jerks.

Aaaaye the hate anons are back. Just give it up already. Im pretty sure I know who one of you is and belive me dude, I couldnt give two craps about your opinions on the PyroMedic ship so run, be free! Go get a life! *gently ushers the young immature hate anons out into the big, wide world*

Plus it has come to my attention that someone made a tf2 oc that is a carbon copy of my pyro headcanon minus the scars. Please dont do that. (I rebloged it then deleted the reblog but it makes me sad)