this is terrible yolo

After the new Baywatch trailer being released I keep being told that I do look legit hot in drag and I don’t know how to politely say “of course I fucking do” so I’m just trying not to say anything. Any suggestions for how to say shit politely to people is appreciated. Never been one of my strengths.

are you coming home//i’m coming home

It’s almost midnight when Kelley meanders into the living room in her pajamas and peers out the window. Her sock feet squish into carpet as she passes the fireplace and mantle where only two stockings hang among a row of framed photos. She rests her elbows onto the windowsill and presses her nose to the cold glass, breath fogging the pane. 

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The New  aid || Tori & Alex || AU

Victoria sighed as she walked through the halls. Her first day had been long and overwhelming. To her, the house was a maze, and her list of chores was endless. However, this only made her more determined to succeed in her new job as a maid. She had to support herself somehow. At 24, she was the oldest girl that she knew of who hadn’t married - but this was mostly because she found every man to be insufferable. And since she had ran away from her family, it was absolutely imperative that she found means of independently earned, financial security.

So she was somehow content with the new job, even though taking breakfast to her new master - who was a complete stranger - was not something she exactly enjoyed doing. She held the tray with one hand, as she stopped outside of the door and adjusted her hair slightly - as she was eager to make a good impression on her employer, before knocking on the door lightly and waiting for a response. 

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A few years ago I worked at a really popular gourmet burger restaurant in my town and less then 3 months into working there my boss left the store to me to manage without telling me and I only had a 15 year old to run the front and a trainee to help me in the back. So 15 goes on break and I have to run the front for the first time, a family of 4 comes in, make their order, sit down, I go in the back help the trainee and another 3 customers come in. When I come out of the back a realize it’s my ex with his friend and friends sister, who I quickly realized is his current gf. Yolo, we left on terrible terms (he said I was going to hell for being queer) but I’m professional, i smile, suggest menu items and describe specials, take their order, had a problem finding a key on the POS and called over 15, she happily helps and takes over after since her break was done, I go in the back and the trainee has burnt all the family of 4s burgers smh. So I tell him to restart the order and run up front and tell the family it’s just going to be another 5 minutes. I run back, we make all the food no problem, feed the people, close real good and everyone is out on time.
Cut to the next day, I walk into work and my boss is holding an email he printed out from my ex’s girlfriend saying that me and 15 “seemed to have a lot of animosity between them”, we burnt other people food, and that I didn’t know how to work POS. When 15 and the trainee came in they backed me up and said I did a great job considering i was put on the spot all night and no one got in trouble but still… She was so threatened by her bfs sweaty, tired, makeupless, meat covered ex she tried to get me and another girl fired over her own insecurity.