this is terrible no


hi have a terrible fucking doodle comic from me based on this scene from wonder woman thanks

@mysplaced-pen :’) doesnt this scene just fit jaehee so much i cry

Innocent, teenage Sammy watching Dean change, in a cramped, two star motel in some podunk town, after Dean comes in from a particularly nasty hunt. Dean peels off his shirt, blood smeared across his abdomen, making his way toward the shower. Sam tries to avert his eyes, tries to focus his attention on his book–but Dean’s too beautiful and all he can do is stare with rapt attention. Dean’s never touched Sam before, but god, Sam wants him to. Dean ruffles Sam’s hair and playfully asks, “Enjoyin’ the view, Sammy?” and Sam quickly looks away, blushes so hard he thinks his face is going to burts into flames.

A few years later, in a similarly grimy motel, in a similarly podunk town, a similarly grimy Dean bursts through the door, covered in blood and the guts of some monster, eager to strip down and rinse the grit from his mouth. Only this time, the innocence in Sam’s expression is gone; replaced with something Dean can’t quite place. He tries to tease Sam with a similar line; “Like what you see, Sammy?” in the debonaire, cocky tone that only Dean can muster. This time, Sam’s answer is anything but similar to what it was before, as he looks his older brother up and down.

“Yeah, Dean.”

No offense but the worst people in anime/game fandoms that aren’t English speaking to begin with are definitely those people who are anti-dub and have to tell you about it.

You probably don’t even speak Japanese so why do you care so much if an anime gets a dub. No one is forcing you to buy it or watch it. There are legitimate reasons people prefer dubs like they can’t read fast enough to follow it, maybe they’re blind, maybe they just prefer paying attention to the animation and action over reading subtitles.

Get off your high horse. You’re not cool for denouncing the English dubs or talking about how terrible they are or how bad English voice actors are. Please. 🙄