this is terrible i'm making myself cry

I finished Jamie but I’m not very happy with how he turned out (in fact I’ve spent the past hour crying because of it) I just wanted them to turn out exactly how I pictured them in my head because they’re for my mum and she’s been so sick and had such a terrible time this year, I wanted to do something really nice for her. I’m having a bad day in general so I suppose it wasn’t a good idea to make him but I had to because I’m seeing her tomorrow and I won’t get another chance to give them to her.

okay I’m all here for academic!remus but how about:

  • smart remus who does terrible in exams
  • because he’s a werewolf and he won’t find work anyway so ?? ?
  • smart remus who craves knowledge and knows so much
  • but not the important, exam stuff
  • he could know it if he revised
  • but he doesn’t really ever
  • unmotiivated!remus crushed by society’s lack of acceptance

leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  asked:

I'm around but I'm making the mistake of writing zombie horror on my fucking patio at midnight. I live behind a fucking fire station so if the alarms go off I'll probably piss myself. And on that note I can hear a kid crying out here and I know it ain't mine cause he's inside asleep. It's midnight on a Thursday night/ Friday morning, that kid should be in bed not out here shuffling around and crying to scare the fuck out of me.

lmao it’s a zombie baby. go bash its skull in.