this is terrible i'm making myself cry

Angst November Day 11: “Letters never sent/words never said”

shit my boyfriend says - sentence starters

❝  do you get the pun? do you get it?  ❞

❝  i’m tired and sore and just ugh.  ❞

❝  cuddling is the best activity.  ❞

❝  i really hope it didn’t make you jealous.  ❞

❝  i’m gonna fucking eat my own arms i’m so excited.  ❞

❝  it would be incredible.  ❞

❝  i would do terrible things on photoshop. memes… glorious memes.  ❞

❝  gay guys say damn skippy.  ❞

❝  for once i feel nice about myself.  ❞

❝  you know when i was like eight i went through this phase where i actually thought i was a vampire.   ❞

❝  end me.  ❞

❝  damn the things i do for friends.  ❞

❝  ugh i actually have to put sheets on my bed.  ❞

❝  i love running from the cops.  ❞

❝  yes unfortunately i’m serious.  ❞

❝  i love you a lot.  ❞

❝  stab me in the eye with a fork.  ❞

❝  i’m a brat you’re an asshole and we go perfectly together somehow.  ❞

❝  i don’t know how i didn’t smell the crazy.  ❞

❝  do you ever regret letting people into your life?  ❞

❝  end my sorry ass.  ❞

❝  i’d fuck the clock.  ❞

❝  i smell the gay from here.  ❞

I don’t want to worry anyone but if u follow my blog ur probs worried about me anyway, but I just want to say that IF I do something terrible to myself or I accedently over dose on something I want u all to know it wasn’t ur fault, I love u, and ur all angels. Pls don’t blame urself for any stupid shit I do. It’s not ur fault. It’s not ur fault. It’s not ur fault.

okay I’m all here for academic!remus but how about:

  • smart remus who does terrible in exams
  • because he’s a werewolf and he won’t find work anyway so ?? ?
  • smart remus who craves knowledge and knows so much
  • but not the important, exam stuff
  • he could know it if he revised
  • but he doesn’t really ever
  • unmotiivated!remus crushed by society’s lack of acceptance