this is terrible but it seemed funny at 2am this morning

can i call you lils?

James has a little too much to drink, but someone lets him near his phone anyway. But maybe it was for the best. 

In which i am projecting my emotions and behaviours onto both James and Lily. I have done like 87% of this with various crushes over my lifetime. I am Embarrassing.

For the lovely @dearestdarling-dead and the wonderful @prongsno who already know about this fic :))))))) 

James / Lily

*bloop* Lily’s phone went off. *bloop* *bloop* *bloop* She glanced at the clock, it was 2 in the morning what was that boy playing at. This is what she got for leaving her phone on loud. This was Mary’s fault. Talking about how she had a special text tone for Sirius. It was cute when she did it. But Lily wasn’t dating James. Why did she have a special text tone for him. It was creepy. He was just a dumb crush.

Lily rolled over and closed her eyes, willing herself to sleep. But it was too late. Curiosity pulled at her hands. What was James Potter texting her at two in the morning.

She unlocked her phone. Four messages showed at the top of the screen.

James Potter 👨‍🎓✨:

“Lils… I love you”




Lilly practically dropped her phone and rolled over burying her face in her pillow. Her cheeks burned. WHAT !!!!!! This is a dream right. She didn’t actually just read that.

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Fluffy Residue

So remeber that kitty!killian I used to write? The Fluffy Problem or something? xD So I kinda thought of that today and how it seemed to amuse people and I thought that with all the angst we could use some? So, yeah, I don’t know what this is, I don’t know if I’ll write any more, I just hope it makes you a little lighter.

First time it happens they are in a rather unfortunate position. Or rather Emma thinks she is in the most fortunate position imaginable until her fingers are no longer grasping her pirate’s dark hair and urging him to go faster and ‘just there’. She thinks she’s in the most fortunate position imaginable until her fingers are grasping at thin air and she hears an absolutely furious hiss. Of the feline variety.

“You gotta be-“ raising herself on her elbows and pushing sweaty locks off her flushed cheeks Emma looks down at the black and white kitten between her legs. “Killian, what the hell?!”

The once-again-quite-fluffy pirate gives her an exasperated look and for all her shock and indignation (she had been so close) Emma has to admit that she has kind of missed the way his whiskers twitch when he is particularly annoyed with her.

Does this look like something I would willingly bring on myself again, Swan?

“Ugh, come here,” Emma rolls her eyes, reaching over to grab the little furball that is her boyfriend and settle him on her naked stomach.

Killian ‘screw the big picture, my Swan is naked’ Jones licks at her bellybutton without missing a beat, making her shriek and wiggle beneath the little pink tongue and tickling whiskers.

“Killian!” she pushes at his face but all that earns her is a nibble on the thumb. “Cut it out, you fluffy bastard!”

Admit it, luv, you were always fond of my whiskers.

“Do you want to keep those whiskers? ‘Cause I can refrain from kissing you for awhile, if it means I’ll get to watch the aftermath of David breaking out the catnip on you,” threatens the blonde with a raised eyebrow.

If cats can pout then Killian Jones has certainly mastered the art of it.

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