this is terrible and took so much time ugh

Even months after I’ve beaten this game this scene and just Hilda in general still destroy me.  THE FIRST TIME I WATCHED THE ENDING SCENE I CRIED SO HARD AND I EVEN KNEW WHAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN CUZ I WAS SPOILED BEFOREHAND 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。 I was not expecting to be so emotional with this game why this.

This is something I’ve been wanting to draw for months pretty much since I first beat the game but for the life of me I could not get the pose right.  I’ve tried drawing it so many times it’s so bad aierhogih Leaning over necks and slouched positions can be so terrible to draw sometimes its just uGH (」゜ロ゜)」 BUT I FOUND A GOOD REFERENCE TO STUDY AND FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT AND I’M SOOOOO HAPPY WITH HOW IT CAME OUT OIAROIGH It took me a little bit to get it going smoothly but once I did I had so much fun with it.  Especially the shading, I’m particularly proud of how it came out (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

My contribution to the Kuro-Positivity-Day ! ^-^Since I love Grelliam soooo much… >_> ;u;

I made a Speed-Drawing Video of this ! If you have time, feel free to watch it,  I’d really appreciate your visit! ^-^ <3

It took me about a week or so, but I finally finished it today and since it’s Kuro Positivity Day it turned out to be quite fitting too~ ^-^

„Ugh, terrible ! Simply terrible !“, Grell sighed heavily and threw the third black jacket and the fifth white shirt out of William’s closet and onto their bed. 

„What the-…what are you doing?“, Will asked all of a sudden when he took a step into the bedroom, looking at Grell, kind of startled, „What are you doing with my clothes, you’ll ruin them! I just put th-„ 

But he promptly was interrupted by the redhead, who was now standing right in front of the black haired man.

„William, please do tell me you have clothes to wear other than your simplistic black suit“. 

William raised one of his eyebrows and adjusted his glasses at the same time: „…Uhm…why do you need to know that? Why of course I have something different to wear, but-“ 

“Perfect, show me then, please! Otherwise you’ll have nothing to wear on this special occasion, my poor darling!”, the redhead sighed again and pressed his hand on his hip histrionically. 

Everything went a bit too fast. William wasn’t understanding at all.

“What special occasion…?” 

The next second Grell stared at him, thunderstruck, and stayed like this for a few seconds.“You do NOT know?! William, how dare you say that?” 

Immediately, guilt began to build within the black haired man and his eyes widened a little bit.  

“Oh my god…”, he remembered, “…I…I forgot our anniversary…?”, he couldn’t be more sorry, how could he forget something like that?! How could he be such a fool?! 

Now it was Grell’s turn to raise one if his eyebrows, though. 

“Wha-…No, it’s Kuro-Positivity-Day, silly!”


I hope I didn’t make too many grammar-mistakes… >_>

But I hope you liked it and … spread the love throughout the fandom, let this day be awesome ! ^-^ 

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i know you said you weren't taking anymore prompts, but any chance we can see ore of earth two tommy and felicity???

felicity/earth-2 tommy au: part one

things you said when you were drunk

“You’re hitting the sauce a little hard there, Merlyn. You okay?” Felicity circled around to take a seat beside him on the couch.

The Arrow cave was empty outside of them. Tommy was staying in the spare room they’d set up for emergency sleeping since the wider world thought Tommy Merlyn had died four years earlier. There were only so many options and, considering that Oliver was still widely followed by the press, having his dead best friend stay at his place was not an option.  

Tommy blew out a heavy breath. “My best friend is alive, my wife is dead, and I’m in an alternate universe where someone who looks like my wife once had a really intense relationship with said formerly dead bestie…” He forced a smile and then knocked back the rest of his drink. “I’m peachy.”

She winced. “Okay, poor choice of words…” She turned to face him better. “I thought you were doing okay with the whole… I look like your dead wife thing.”

“Technically, you don’t just look like her, you are her. Just a different version of her. A blonder version that wears glasses and pink lipstick and is the CEO of her own company, and oh God, my wife would hate you.”

“Hey! Ouch. I’d like to think all me’s would like this me, current me, whatever me I am… This is confusing. What earth-is this? Am I Earth-One Felicity or is it cocky to think we’re number one…?”

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First time I colored hands the way I did here. I’ve never tried to incorporate the subtle glow of skin nor have I ever tried to incorporate blood vessels. XD. I hope it doesn’t look too strange. In case anyone’s curious, I colored this traditionally with colored pencils and scanned the picture (it took forever to scan correctly lol orz).

Colored version of this.

I’m just so fucking tired seeing all those posts screaming how terrible Rumple was putting a spell on a ship to protect Belle and the baby. You’re telling us that you love Belle and Rumple equally so… Where were you people when Belle used the dagger on him for a first time? Where were you when Belle banished him? Where were you when Belle used a dagger on him again in Her Handsome Hero? Don’t you think that it took Rumple’s free will away???!!!! Belle is such a hypocrite. She talks about free will so much, so much about not deciding for someone… and then she has no problem to use a dagger on Rumple when she thinks it’s necessary. So what… Taking someone’s free will away is okay when you’re doing it to Rumple but terrible when he’s doing it to you, miss I-can-do-nothing-wrong Belle?! . Ugh…

[UPDATED ON 140129]

So in my previous post about this game, I mentioned that I met EXO’s Chen, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo. I also came to the disappointing (AND WRONG) conclusion that they were FAKE because I did not get the banner saying that I’ve won against a real EXO member. But I did! Keep reading to find out more~


(Note: I sometimes use my brother’s account so the user dp is sometimes different in the following images.)

  • I’ve met leader Suho too many times already. We both lost the first time but I won the second time. My brother also won against him. He’s almost always online playing with fans.. just not winning though keke :> Hard luck grandpa junmyeon! 

  • I was extremely unstable when I met Kai as he appeared right after I raced with Suho. And my luck continued since I won against him too! I met him a few more times after that. One time I got to team up with him in the team races! We lost though but Jongin you did well ^o^

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