this is ten year old foreshadowing

Gotham Positivity

I know we are all a little angry at Gotham right now but honestly I still love this show so much. I know my blog has turned into a big ass Gotham propaganda but I hope more people watch it because this show has blessed me with so much I would like to thank it.

So thank you Gotham for :

  • A new take on the Batman mythology that keeps the fans happy and brings a lot of fresh new stuffs.
  • Being the best super hero tv show at the moment with a very distinct atmosphere and cinematography, grey characters all around and actions with consequences.
  • Oswald Freaking Cobblepot who will feed you with your own children while wearing a purple glitter suit and perfect mascara.
  • Jim “I’m not going to fight them except that I am” Gordon.
  • Edward Nygma who literally went from an awkward little puppy to a suave sexy confident motherfucker in one season.
  • Tiny human expresso Bruce Wayne who is full of bitterness and anger but wears cute little jumpers and will make you tea to make you happy.
  • Alfred being the badass motherfucker we all know he is and going from classy english butler to “OI MASTER B YO LITTLE SHIT” in 0,2 second every episode.
  • That time Jim woke up in Nygma’s flat to the sound of Ed and Ozzie singing a piano duet together and thinking that was the gayest shit he ever seen.
  • Selina Kyle being a good person but not a nice person. And being the embodiment of “look at the camera like she’s in the office”.
  • Harvey Bullock who keeps asking Jim to not do the thing but will eventually help him do the thing anyway.
  • Fish Mooney being and over forty women of color who rules a gang and is considered both attractive and powerful.
  • Bisexual Murderous Queens Barbs and Tabs.
  • Jim and Lee cuteness. And Lee generally being both sweet and badass.
  • That time Jonathan Crane’s father walked toward a man while menacingly stroking a pig.
  • Edward Nygma wearing the Green Suit Of Sex™.
  • Fish Mooney being the embodiment of “throw her to the wolfs and she will come back leading the pack”.
  • Baby BatCat
  • The biggest foreshadowing of the year, when Oswald walked into a club while “I know what boys like” was playing in the background.
  • That time Alfred try to menace Fox at a bar but Fox probably thought for ten solide minutes that he was hitting on him.
  • The Galavant family still being super bitter about a misunderstanding with the Waynes last century and creating “The Club Of Bitter Fuckboys” to kill a sixteen year old boy (and failing)
  • “My name is Fish Mooney, bitch.”
  • Ed being locked in Arkham and yet creating a sort of tiny society with the patients.
  • *Ozzie pops his head out of the limo* *Ed had the biggest grin on his face* *You know they had sex in the car*
  • Ozzie calling everyone “Old Friend”, including people he only met once.
  • “Master B, I don’t want you to do the thing, but I know you’re gonna do it anyway so I might as well help you do it properly”.
  • Oswald being in a constant state of heart eyes at Ed.
  • Jim being done with everyone shit but saving the day anyway.
  • Harvey not being able to have lunch break because he literally can’t let Jim alone in the wild for one second.
  • That time Galavant/Azrael was about to kill Bruce, Alfred and Jim but Oswald came out of nowhere with a bazooka to save the day.
  • Edward “I have no concept of personal space” Nygma.
  • Jim slowly running out of fuck to give.
  • Oswald compulsory need to be extra all the time.
  • Like that time he screamed “I AM THE KING OF GOTHAM” on the roof with dramatic music and lightnings in the background.
  • Harvey Dent only appearing when they need some random lawyer and a pretty face.
  • The irony of making Mr Freeze hot as fuck.
  • Firefly being a girl !
  • Female friendship and female character supporting each other.
  • That time Ben McKenzie had to act like Clayface acting like Jim Gordon.
  • Oswald inability to lie and control his face in front of Ed.
  • Barbara helping Ozzie redecorating his house with his dead stepmother head.
  • Ed in his burrito of sadness.
  • Ozzie commending his own Nygmobblepot fan art.
  • That time Ed got burned by his own reflection in the mirror.
  • That time Edward Nygma, mastermind criminal genius and futur Riddler stumbled on a log while running away from the cops and fell head first in the snow.
  • Ed general lack of chill, like when he framed Jim for murder in the most complex way only because he asked him once about Miss Kringle.
  • That time Ozzie got drunk alone in his new club.
  • The fact that every single character in this show seems to survive only out of spite.
  • “I wish you were a monster. But you’re just a man”.
  • Selina Kyle holding guns twice as big as her.
  • Victor Zsasz being the Murderous Fairy Godmother who doesn’t seem to work for anyone but only to magically appear when there is killing to do.

Feel free to ad stuff I’m sure there is plenty more !

You All Meet in a Tavern…

A recent post on Facebook from a fellow DM made me think back to the beginning of a number of campaigns I’ve run and how I’ve built connections between the players. Starting off on the right foot is an important way to have group cohesion right from the beginning, and it can be very tricky.

My current game started out with four sessions that took place before the PCs were actually 1st level adventurers. One session happened when they were all roughly ten years old, one when they were all roughly thirteen, two when they were sixteen, and then, finally, when they were around twenty, they were first level characters, and the adventures began.

Although this was more work for me, I was really pleased with the results. I was able to introduce key NPCs and foreshadowed important themes (something happened in the first session that will ultimately be echoed in the last session, but the players don’t necessarily realize that yet). The players also got to very organically develop the PCs’ relationships to one another, and they came out of it with experiences (good and bad) that helped shape them as friends.

I realize this approach isn’t going to work for everyone; I am blessed with a group of players who like to go heavy on the roleplay, so it was great for them. Luckily, there are lots of great ways to start a campaign.

It’s now considered a cliché in D&D to have all the characters meet in a tavern by chance and decide to be “friends for life”. There is something to be said, however, about characters not knowing each other prior to the game beginning. A less forced way to do so is to have all of the PCs responding to a call for adventurers. It may be that they are the ones who show up, and the patron makes it clear that he wants them to work together to accomplish the goal. Or maybe many adventurers showed up, but they were the ones chosen, because their skills compliment each other.

Another way to give the PCs some common footing is to have them all apprentices or family of a former group of adventurers. In my 3rd edition game, this was how the game started. Everyone was gathered at a tavern, but it was because their mentors were getting together to discuss a past foe that was rising again. When their mentors went off together to try and handle things, they were more or less tuck together. Then the town was attacked by the minions of that foe, who, unbeknownst to the players, were seeking to get rid of the PCs’ mentors. All the PCs wanted to try and find what the cause behind this strange attack was, and suddenly they had reason to stick together.

Depending on the nature of your campaign, you might have a built in reason for the PCs to be together. Sometimes video games can provide very useful inspiration here. They might be part of a regiment or a caravan that gets devastated by foes (such as in Sword Coast Legends). Perhaps they’re all framed for a crime they didn’t commit and must work together to prove their innocence (Dishonored). Or maybe they’re all drawn together by a strange series of symbols that appear on their bodies (Curse of the Azure Bonds).

Remember, this is a magical world. They could be tied together by a prophecy, escape together from slavery aboard an airship, or even have been created by a wizard to fulfill one of his arcane goals. One Ravenloft campaign a friend of mine ran had characters wake up in an asylum with no memories. Regaining their memories was part of the campaign’s goals.

Just remember, let your players have some idea of what they’re getting into. If you intend for everyone to have been born in slavery, make that clear upfront so that your friend who wants to play a noble or a baker’s apprentice doesn’t get disappointed when you sit down to create characters.

Ultimately, you don’t have to be 100% responsible for the players wanting to stick together. One good exercise if you want to start the game with everyone knowing everyone else is to play “two plusses and a minus” with the group. Each player chooses two other characters in the game and identifies some relationship the character has with the others. These are positive relationships: “I look up to the cleric”, “the Fighter once saved my life”, or “the Rogue is my childhood friend”. Each player then chooses one character and comes up with one potential source of conflict with them: “I don’t trust Clerics”, “I think the Fighter brags too much about his physical prowess”, or “I suspect the Rogue stole a family heirloom of mine.”

This rule also applies to a PC-type that is a pet peeve of mine – the Moody Loner. This is the guy who berates the other characters, goes off on their own, and often says, “I’m not sure why my character would hang out with these others.” If you want to run a separate solo game for this character, knock yourself out, but that’s too much extra work for me. My usual response to this is, “I’m not sure why this character is with the others either. Do you want to try and find a motivation to stay, or would you like to make a new character?” (or, for chronic repeat offenders, “I’m going to ask you to step out of the game. I have other folks who’d like to play.”) It’s not your job to force this PC to stay; the player should be the one to step up and find a reason to play with the group.

There are many ways to give your campaign a strong start, and having a group that feels cohesive gives your campaign a solid foundation for success. If the PCs want to stay together, you’ll have your players hooked and buying into your campaign from the beginning, and you can tell your story to the end.
The Sparrow Still Sings - Chapter 4 - predominantly_normal - Camp Camp (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: When a 24 year-old Max is fired and hits rock-bottom, he’s forced to return to Camp Campbell as a counselor. He’s not overly upset about the whole situation; he just didn’t expect to see Nikki and Neil there, too. And he certainly didn’t expect them to be hiding something from him.

Ten minutes before my self-imposed deadline, and with no more energy to spare! This chapter is about as long as the previous one, and goes over such fun activities as revisiting childhood traumas, French braids, and Strip-Poker. Lots of onesided Max/Neil, and the still ever-present Max/Preston in this chapter.

It’s such a blast to be writing this.

Road to Empire of Storms - C.o.M Reread...

He whispered her name, her true name, and she screamed as he-

Chapter 3 - Page 18 - Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas

The skull huffed. “How insensitive of you to insult me about my age.”
Celaena crossed her arms. Nonsense—-magic always led to nonsense like this. “What’s your name?”
“What’s your name?”
“Celaena Sardothien,” she ground out.
The skull barked a laugh. “Oh, that is too funny! The funniest thing I’ve heard in centuries!”

Chapter 6 - Page 49 - Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas

^^^^^^ Little clues until boom bam yes ma’am.

If she was actually going to listen to Elena this time, she needed the king—she needed his entire empire—to think she was his obedient servant.

Chapter 8 - Page 63 - Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas

^^^^^ so the empire in Empire of Storms are probably all the formerly conquered nations going crazy for war - it is going to be a crazy storm.

No matter what she felt for him, Dorian would rule. And maybe his father would someday reveal his power and force Dorian to make a choice about what sort of ruler he wanted to become. But she was in no hurry to have Dorian make that choice; not yet. When he did, she could only pray that he would be a better king than his father.

Chapter 8 - Page 65 - Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas

^^^^^ No kidding, eh?

“When you get angry,” she explained, “your eyes get this…cold look. Glazed.

Chapter 8 - Page 67 - Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas

^^^^ Cold. Mhmmmmm

She rolled her eyes. “I’m not having this conversation right now. I came to warn you about your cousin, but you clearly don’t care. So don’t expect me to care when you find yourself nothing more than a puppet…

Chapter 8 - Page 68 - Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas

^^^^ but….but….you did care after all :D I had no doubts…cause that’s pretty much what happened, just against his will….foreshadowing!

They had chosen to enter the castle through the kennels because it was the easiest way to avoid Hollin, Dorian’s ten-year-old brother, who has returned from school that morning and was already shrieking demands at anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. Hollin would never look for them here. He hated animals.

Chapter 10 - Page 75 - Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas

^^^^^ Anyone else feel this detail was slipped in here to be of importance later on? Perhaps Dorian will have to hide there again if Hollin becomes too much more of a little shi-….awful person…OR if he really does become like…evil perhaps they will have to use an animal to take him down or something, I don’t know. It is a detail to store away.

”Aelin Galathynius is dead,” she breathed.
Archer shook his head. “They don’t think so. They say she’s alive, and that she’s raising an army against the king. She’s looking to reestablish her court, to find what’s left of King Orlon’s inner circle.”

Chapter 11 - Page 85 - Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas

…No, it wasn’t true. If these people actually claimed to have met the heir to the throne, then she had to be an imposter.

Chapter 11 - Page 85 - Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas

^^^^ You trying to tell us something there “Celaena”

Dorian jerked awake at the sound of a clock chiming, and found himself sweating despite the fierce cold in his bedroom.
It was odd enough that he’d fallen asleep, but the frigid temperature was what struck him as most unusual. His windows were all sealed, his door shut.
And yet his shallow breaths clouded in front of him.
He sat up, his head aching.
Dorian shook off the last bit of the cold and walked to his dressing room to change his wrinkled tunic. As he turned, he could have sworn he caught a glimpse of a faint ring of frost around where his body had lain on the couch.
Chapter 14 - Page 108 - Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas^^^^ Ya’ll, I think there be a storm a brewin’ inside himMore ‘hints’ leading up to the reveals coming up soon….but man, is Sarah J Maas a Queen of Foreshadowing or what!I love rereads!

ideas for the new star wars movie

  • The reason Kylo Ren isn’t force sensitive is because he is a robot
  • Force Ghosts aren’t real and it’s a time traveller sending holograms back in time to when they are recorded to have appeared
  • The heroes are in a jam when out pops an old man…it’s Sebulba! They podrace away. Foreshadowed back in Episode 1.
  • In a poetic reflection of the end of the first and third and first and seventh movies Rey and Finn have to reverse-engineer their own Death Star along with Snoke (good guy) to kill the evil, grief-stricken General Leia (bad guy)
  • Kylo Ren starts to physically absorb Darth Vader’s arm, body into his own, only for Vader’s personality to take over and create Kylo Vader.
  • Luke, Kylo, Rey et al died in the ten year interval between the films, timeline wise. Snoke is the new protagonist.
  • Poe Dameron gets increasingly cyberized throughout the film to increase his piloting abilities until he is forced to change his name to Poe Manborg.