this is technically my first cosplay

recently facebook has been bombarding me with memories from hobbitcon and I came across this pic of @bittersuites and I as thranduil and his wife <3

I loved cosplaying an elf tho personality wise I am more of a hobbit and this dress was one of the first things I made that I actually felt was technically not a piece of shit.

hobbitcon and the hobbit have been a massive influence on my journey as a sewer and cosplayer so it not excisting anymore and the films being over is still a very weird feeling to cope with.

So if you excuse me for a minute I’m gonna go unwind with an old fashioned bathroom cry 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。


OOTD from yesterday! We went to the city to see an awesome play called Battlefield, a four-actor adaptation of part of the Mahabharata, and then wandered around in Britex. I didn’t buy anything because I made a vow not to buy fabric I don’t already have a project set up for, but it was a close call.

The dress is from Hot Topic (would you believe? It’s technically merch for the Burton Alice movie, but the pattern isn’t too specifically his versions of the characters so I love it anyway) and everything else is second-hand or a gift.

I need help

I’m trying to make a Chopin cosplay, classicaloid fandom give me strength. I can’t find the clothing sh*t I need since this is technically the first cosplay I’m actually TRYING to do (I cry for my FE13 Robin idea, Rest in Peace). Honestly it can be either musik or standard, just give me ideas plz.

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@qrow what was your first cosplay?

Qrow: -Technically- it was about 6 years before I met Oobleck (he’s the one that got be back into it after 4 year haitus).

Anyway, it was Dee Laytner from “FAKE.” Charming cocky bisexual that took what/who he wanted when he wanted and didn’t give two shits what anyone thought of him. Pushing boundaries and adult activities being favorite past times.

Sound familiar? I have a type. (Oz says cause I am that type.)

Dee still held my favorite answer for when someone asked why he was bisexual. Something along the lines of ‘I believe in equal opportunity… everyone should have a chance at me ^_~’

I have used that line ever since.

FANIME 2017 !

Find me at’s booth in the back of the dealer hall. If you want to get technical, the booth # are 1010, 1011, 1110, 1111 . We’re to the left of Kinokuniya.

I’ll be there the FIRST FOUR HOURS of each day with copies of my book Cosplay in America V2. I’ll personally signed copies of the book and have free stickers to give away.


Here is all of my Pistols in a group photo. Technically the Fallout 4 pipe rifle is well, a rifle but, it feels like a pistol to me. The first is the AEP7 laser pistol , Fallout 4 laser pistol, Fallout 4 pipe rifle, Fallout New Vegas silenced .22 , Fallout New Vegas GRA “That Gun”, Fallout Tactics M9FS 9mm, Fallout 4 Nuka Zapper and Fallout New Vegas Honest Hearts A Light Shining in Darkness.


Here’s a more serious selection of deathclaw photos ft: Benny getting disemboweled
The whole suit weighs only 5kg/11lbs but the sheer amount of heat that collects inside + the hunched pose I have to maintain, more than makes up for it.
Won a technical award in the cosplay contest with her though! A good effort for a first contest, though I won’t be entering again any time soon.

Details of gloves here!
Details of head here!


So, I’m doing a little thing for March (MARCH IS LADY TIMES DONTCHAKNOW?) showing off 10 Favorite/Best covers for some of my favorite superheroines.




STORM here!




BUFFY here


It’s kinda amazing that we can do a 10 Favorite Covers with Spider-Gwen considering she’s on ISSUE TWO of her ongoing series, but when your first issue has a whopping 23 variants…you get a quite a bit to choose from. So, for the costume that launched a thousand fan drawings and cosplay sewing machines everywhere, it seemed only fair to give her her due! 

Technically today (3/31) is supposed to be our last day, but I’ve still got more in the queue so I’ll keep going until I run out, or get tired!

Here’s the “criteria” I used for these very unofficial lists.

1. Cover must feature the lady in question, but it doesn’t have to be HER book.

2. The lady must be a “co-star” on the cover or better. So a Team shot is okay if she’s CLEARLY at the head of it/leading it/front and center.

3. Also worth noting that I take into account the ENTIRE cover including how it handles title block and things like that. Sometimes covers with crappy title block (or no title block) will still make it through, but it’s maybe worth knowing that I consider all that stuff. *shrug*

I think that’s it. Not super scientific. I also make no argument that these are objectively the “best covers ever!” they’re just my favorites, MY bests. Lists are, as always, incredibly subjective.

10. Spider-Gwen #1. Artist: Adam Hughes (not enough Spider-Gwen for my tastes but it’s a gorgeous Gwen).

09. Spider-Gwen #1. Artist: Skottie Young

08. Spider-Gwen #1. Artist: Jason Latour

07. Spider-Gwen #4. Artist: Robbie Rodriguez

06. Spider-Gwen #1. Artist: Robbie Rodriguez

05. Spider-Gwen #1. Artist: Jerome Opena

04. Spider-Gwen #3. Artist: Robbie Rodriguez

03. Spider-Gwen #1. Artist: Kris Anka (I love that Anka flipped the city upside down on this…totally genius). 

02. Spider-Gwen #1. Artist: Jenny Frison (the camouflage aspect of this is SO smart, really clever)

01. Spider-Gwen #2. Artist: Sara Pichelli (one of my favorite Pichelli covers of all time


I fixed up my Anders costume for the first ever Finnish ECG selections in January 2016.

The biggest changes are (… apart from slightly different camera angles and different lighting)
- new feather pauldrons
- both the jacket and the coat are now fully lined
- jacket is remade, with new collar that actually sticks up properly and is, in general, much neater than the previous disaster

Apart from all this, I’ve touched up the existing details, fixed the paint job on some of my props, and remade my bootcovers (which I’ll be posting about separately, later), which pretty much meant re-casting 28 D-rings and hand-stitching far more leather than my fingers would have liked. 

I’m still not 100 % happy with how everything works, but this is definite improvement from the first version that I rushed to finish in May/June 2015. Technically, I’d still like to re-make the coat completely, but that would mean sewing 100+ pieces of leather together, again, and I’m not sure I’m mentally ready for that just yet. 


I’m generally a private person (especially when it comes to Tumblr and selfies), but in honor of my first anime con experience at SacAnime, I’ve decided to post these.
Janet was and is SUCH an inspiration! Was also delighted to discover that David is very amicable and Seychelle is super sweet. I loved their Q&A sessions and the way they handled everything professionally and considerately.
Overall, very emotional and amazing experience–so fortunate to have met the spectacular cast of Legend of Korra! (Wished we could’ve met PJ, as well.) 
(Ft. me as Korra and my brother as Wan with his eyes closed.)

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I am making a Valka cosplay based off of the tutorial you made, (thank you so much for posting that, its really helpful) but im new to making foam armour. Do you have a template for the shoulder pieces and the back pieces I could possibly follow?

First of all, glad my sorta kinda tutorials are of some help! If you’ve looked at my Valka armour tutorial you’ve pretty much seen all the progress photos I was able to take during that process - not as many as I would have liked. BUT I checked and I do still have the paper pattern for my spaulders (shoulder armour) which is the same pattern used for the back piece! So I can at least try to explain with those.

The spaulder pattern pretty much just looked like this:

It was about 8.5 inches across and 15.5 inches in length.

I was in a bit of a rush for this costume so I didn’t make as many patterns for the armour as I did for Heimdall (also there are a lot of weird shapes for Valka). But yeah that was the basic shape of the layered spaulders as well as the back piece. I folded down the top about every 1.5 inches so I could reuse the pattern for each layer - since the layers of armour get smaller and smaller.

There are 5 layers on the spaulders and back piece. The spaulders use layers 1-5, the back piece uses layers 0-4 (since it’s bigger). NOTE: in this next picture the dotted lines look like they’re different distances apart but that’s mostly cause the paper started shifting as I was taking the picture. :P

I transferred each layer onto foam, then to make it do the curvy bendy shoulder thing (ah yes very technical terms here) I cut into the foam in a V shape from the top corners. NOTE: I did this bit by bit making the V angle bigger each time (for each layer too since smaller layers may need smaller cuts) until I got the right fit - this was so I didn’t accidentally cut too much away on the first try.

Once it fit my shoulder properly I glued that opening together. The next steps/progress photos are in that Valka armour tutorial post I did. The helmet and staff have their own separate tutorials. Hope I helped clear some things up!

Submit Anon: You look just like my OC girlfriend!
I have been into anime since I was 10 (I’m 18 now) and while I did have a weeaboo phase, it was very mild and ended when I was 13.

July through September is convention season in this part of Europe, and aside from one or two winter conventions, all of the year’s anime events are held in this 4-month period of time. With so many cons packed so closely together, anybody planning on attending all 9 of them has a very stressful time trying to prepare (read: me).

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So even though Fusion kinda blew chunks as a con, and they messed up everyones masquerade audio, something good did happen. I won Best Novice Craftsmanship! It’s my first award in anything ever and i was so happy I cried for like a half an hour.

It means so much to me because even though I’m a beginner, technically, I want to do fashion and costuming for a living. My mom always told me that arts and crafts won’t pay the bills and she even assumed I didn’t win when I got in the car tonight, but who’s laughin’ now?


Vaporeon’s Halloween Outing!

Vaporeon Gijinka(Lemonbrat Hoodie Version)
Halloween 2014 by Azure Angel Cosplay

So, in both celebration of the one year creation of this cosplay idea and it being Halloween, I decided to parade around the mall as Vaporeon along with my girlfriend. The main piece of this is the hoodie that I purchased from a vendor at Katsucon 2013 called Lemonbrat, along with the paws and leg warmers. Everything else came, like the tights, skirt, and blouse, from Amazon. The wig is from Arda, and the plushie was the literal finishing piece I bought from Katsucon 2014. This is by far my favorite cosplay, as it’s sort of the first one I technically put together, but I can’t really lay claim to that since it’s main component is a hoodie made by someone else. Still, I’m very proud of this gijinka, and it seems to be well recieved everytime I wear it. Yay!

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How did you first get into sewing ? What was your first little project (before you actually decided to get really involved in it by buying supplies etc.) ?

I have a pretty weird “sewing story” it’s kind of always been a part of my life though it isn’t something I felt passionate about until recent years. 

The same way you can grow up coloring in pictures everyday but not be an “artist” I was kind of like that with sewing.  I tend to say I started sewing in the beginning of 2012 since that’s when became interested enough to pursue proper techniques and complete projects. 

My mom had a sewing machine and one time when I was little my grandma taught me how to thread it. And then when I was seven my mom gave me $20 to buy fabric at walmart. A week later I made myself a set of pajamas - I laid down on the fabric and traced around myself, then sewed two pieces of fabric together and declared it done. I think technically, that was my first project.

A couple years before I got interested in sewing for cosplay purposes I got a sewing machine, some basic supplies, and a bit of fabric as a Christmas gift. I didn’t care much at the time, but it was handy when I became interested since I could just jump right into sewing. 

I didn’t really start with a little project. I’m sort of a “go big or go home” type of person and when I get into a hobby it takes over my life.  So  my first project was some romper made from knit fabric…and then I started on maybe six costumes over a two month period but didn’t have the drive to finish any until I made Mio

And all my projects after that are documented on here or on wordpress

Sushi Yuraku, Narita Airport, Japan

If you’re leaving Tokyo from Terminal 1 at Narita Airport, your dining options just got a whole lot better!

Before going through security, on the far left of the terminal, right behind the Delta check-in counter, you’ll find the newly renovated and expanded airport mall, now with many more restaurants serving traditional Japanese foods. From ramen to udon to donburi, the new dining pavilion offers an extensive array of options for hungry flyers. There’s even a Lawson for all your last minute convenience stores needs, like inflight onigiri and snacks.

However, my main recommendation would be Sushi Yuraku on the first floor of the mall (technically the fourth floor of the terminal), just behind the Hello Kitty and Cosplay shops…

Don’t let the plastic platters of pre-priced sushi sets in the window fool you; Sushi Yuraku is a traditional sushiya, where you can sit at the counter and order piece by piece of whatever you like…

With most of the nigiri costing about two bucks a piece, Yuraku is a tad pricey, but the quality and service are both excellent and it’s worth filling your belly with their fresh fish before boarding. Here’s a look at what I had before jetting home last week…



(There as a piece a akagai, or red clam, next to it there that was excellent.)








And another piece of shimaji…

They also offer an English menu as well that can translate all the names of the fish for you better than I can above. Sorry!

Is this the best sushi you’ll fill in Tokyo? No, of course not. But if you’re looking for an authentic last meal in Japan, airport eats don’t get much better than Sushi Yuraku!


Narita Airport

Terminal 1 - Departures

Fourth Floor