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Request : I think it’d be hot to have a fic where Negan gets possessive. Like maybe him and the reader have a little argument and to piss him off the reader starts flirting with another one of the saviors in front of Negan until he gets super jealous and hauls her off to have his way with her, maybe someplace semi public where someone might see or hear them but neither of them care.

Pairing : Negan x reader

Warnings : Smut, Negan’s wives, cussing, public sex

Cowritten with the wonderful @milkwede

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‘I will never be too busy for my little girl ever. You’re my first priority always.’


It’s been about what? Two weeks? Since you’ve had any interaction with your boyfriend Negan. Work was always an excuse, or ‘My boys need me over for a game tonight, I’ve already ditched quite a few angel, I gotta go.’ You understood he was the man in charge around here but when you two met, there hadn’t been anymore threats since they were all handled that very night. What else could there be?

The afternoon came and you were still stuck in the trailer, bored with nothing to do but to wait and think. What could be happening that’s keeping him so occupied? Supplies aren’t low thankfully, no one has disappeared or died, nothing was wrong. Unless.

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*not quite 32* my birthday is next week.

I kept procrastinating when it came to my own health. “By 25 I’ll be…” “By 30 I’ll be…” Something always got in the way. I used tiny humans popping out of me as an excuse way too many times.

Reflecting back now, babies are not an excuse not to take care of yourself. You’re not a martyr. They’re going to need you for a long fucking time so you better get your ass in gear.

I’d also like to point out that my calves aren’t super weird in the 1st photo… the pants have a grey stripe that’s blending with the rocks, haha!

By 30 I decided to take legit action. I made an appointment with my OB/GYN and with my GP and asked them to test all the things. GP results came in first… borderline prediabetic with high Testosterone and tragicly low Vitamin D. My OB/GYN is amazing. He heard those results and immediately tested me for PCOS. The Insulin Resistance, Testosterone, and malabsorption of Vitamin D (despite living in Arizona) were all red flags. Ultrasound and additional blood tests confirmed his hunch. 

Started a treatment plan ASAP, and immediately went on a gluten free low GI diet with calorie restriction. Didn’t lose a damn thing after 3 months.

Then I found keto and never looked back.

I’ve lost 94lbs and gone from a size 18 to a size 4. My PCOS symptoms are gone. I have a normal cycle. My chronic depression is gone. I rarely go into full on rage mode. Migraines are few and far between. Hair is growing back. Acne is manageable. Body has energy and life. And there’s so much more.


xoxo Danielle

Taking photos of his friends and teammates has always been a thing Hanamaki does without much thought. A snapshot here, another there, blurry group pictures from tournaments taken in the spur of the moment.

He’s never paid much attention to anyone in particular, viewed each picture as a whole instead of the individual parts, until he lies in bed one evening, lazily scrolling through his camera roll, and stopping.

What catches his eye is a shot of Iwaizumi and Oikawa, sweaty and grinning, but that isn’t what makes his heart pound. In the back of the picture, casually leaning against the wall, is Matsukawa, his gaze lingering on something he can’t see. Hanamaki exhales, bringing the screen closer to his face. In profile, Matsukawa’s strong jaw and cheek bones stand out prettily, and even though the image quality isn’t the best, the thin screen of sweat is visible enough to make his skin glow.  

Matsukawa has never struck him as particularly photogenic before, but he can see it right there, that he’s got something. Something that makes his fingers itch and his skin tingle with the need to see it again.

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“Clint, close your mouth, it’s rude.” Nat said with a smirk as she closed his mouth for him. 

“But you just–that was–you beat my record.” Clint said looking like he was about to enter crisis mode. 

“Yes, I did. Sorry about that by the way, I hope your ego isn’t bruised too badly.” You said with a smirk to match Nat’s. 

“You know I have some training to get to and both of you are just distractions, so if you’ll excuse me…” Clint said trailing off as he picked himself up and made his way out of the room with his bow. 

“He’s impressed, you’re the only one who’s ever beaten him.” Nat said as she threw you a water bottle. 

“I know, how long do you think it’ll take before he acknowledges it?” You asked

“Don’t worry, as soon as he and his ego cool off he’ll come challenge you and that’s how you’ll know he respects you; if it wasn’t already apparent.” Nat informed you. “Now come on, now you have to impress me.” She continued as she pulled herself up off of the couch and got into a defensive position.

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Can you write a headcanon of the KBTBB guys having unrequited feelings for MC?

This request is way, wayyyy too overdue and I’m really sorry about it. For some reason, I just couldn’t get the emotions or words right for this particular headcanon which resulted me to leaving it in my drafts till now. I sincerely apologize for taking so long but nonetheless, I truly hope you like it! And excuse me if this wasn’t any good. ;u;

Eisuke: EIsuke would be frustrated with himself. He simply couldn’t take the bittersweet feeling that kept on swirling in his heart, he couldn’t stand the fact that every time he looked at you, he’d have an urge to hold you in his arms. 

You weren’t his and he knew that; he really did but the feelings.. They just wouldn’t go away. He’d quietly watch you head out with Soryu and boy, would his heart hurt like hell. If only that beautiful smile was directed towards him, if only you would just look at him the same way you did with Soryu. And if only.. You’d loved him the way you loved Soryu.

Weeks would pass and his feelings would simply become a dull ache and though he wouldn’t think much of it anymore, there are days where he’d wondered whether the both of you would have ever stood a chance.

Soryu: Soryu would keep his feelings to himself, never letting anyone (especially you) know about it. He honestly didn’t know when or how it started, this queer feeling he’d get every time he saw you and at first he thought he was just uncomfortable over the fact that a woman was always around them but as time went by, he came to a realization that he actually had feelings for you. 

However though, the day he finally came to accept it and wanted to ask you out.. Was the day he found out you were already going out with Eisuke. 

It was extremely hard for him since Eisuke was his close friend whereas you were his love and because of that, he resulted to simply being the guy you’d talk to whenever you needed advice or so. It hurt whenever you uttered another man’s name, it hurt when he saw how happy or sad you were because of Eisuke; If only he could be the one to make you happy, the one to hold you, love you even.. He’d be the happiest man ever. But no, fate decided to pull a cruel twist and he was and would always be nothing but a friend to you. 

Baba: It had been a while since Baba felt like this for anyone, the feeling of truly falling for a person. He honestly thought he’d live his life without experiencing such a feeling anymore but apparently, he was so wrong. He should have known a girl like you would eventually catch his heart; A girl so pure and innocent that he honestly didn’t dare touch in fear that he might just taint her.

He wanted to tell you his feelings and ask you out, he truly did but he didn’t feel it was the right thing to do. He felt that it was wrong to ask such a gem like you to go out with a man like him who was nothing but a careless thief and playboy. You were probably better off with someone else and besides, he didn’t want you getting entangled in his complicated little world anyway. It would be better off this way.

Upon finding out you were dating someone, he’d still act like his usual self around you but at the same time, there would be something a little off about him. He’d either tease you a little too much or he’d act slightly cold towards you, maybe even getting a tad bit too nervous to be alone in the same room as you. Of course, no one would really notice the little changes but Baba would. Baba would realize that this time, instead of stealing the lady’s heart, he got his stolen in the end.

Ota: At first, Ota thought he simply had some sort of fascination when it came to you. He thought that the reason why he felt the constant need be around you or tease you was because you were so naive and innocent but as time slowly went by, he started to realize that wasn’t it. 

It was when you were always with Baba that he realized it wasn’t just mere fascination or interest, it was much more than that. He was actually falling for you like a puppy and though he always tried to push those useless feelings aside, he couldn’t. He couldn’t stop feeling jealous whenever you were with Baba nor could he resist the need to embrace you and tell you were that you were his koro and no one else’s.

But how could he do that when you weren’t even his to begin with? And how could he even think about expressing his feelings to you when he very well knew that one of his closest friend had a thing for you? There was no way he could it and because of that, h kept his feelings to himself while watching you like how a lost little puppy would when it’s owner decides to leave it be.

Mamoru: The first few weeks of getting to know you, Mamoru honestly thought you were going to be nothing but a brat and a pain in the ass. He couldn’t understand how someone was able to have as much energy and zest as you did and the fact that you were quite the curious girl didn’t make things any better as well. Mamoru wasn’t used to someone asking so many questions about trivial things nor was he used to how upbeat you always tried to be but as time went by, he slowly grew accustomed to it.

It was only two months or so later did Mamoru realized he might have had actual feelings for you. It was something he didn’t expect since you and him were nothing alike but.. There was just something about you that made him feel alive, energized even. It was hard to explain but if there was one thing he knew, it was that no one had been able to make him feel this way till now.

However though, before he could tell you how he felt, someone else did and unfortunately, it seemed like you felt the same way too. 

Though heartbroken, Mamoru would then tell himself it was probably better off this way since being in a relationship would only be a pain in the ass but still. He couldn’t help but wonder what if the both of you had loved, how things would turn out and whether the both of you would have last. He’d simply wonder and dream, all the while watching the girl he fell for be with another man. 2.0

Hi everyone!

I wanted to start by saying how incredibly sorry I am for taking months to get this blog back together. I moved to LA, my whole life changed, and it’s my most crucial year of high school. Excuses excuses, I know. Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me on here, on @okitsolivia​, or on any other platform. I adore you all, and I could not be more grateful for how delightfully supportive you have been. Enough of that - let’s move on to what’s happening now and in the future. will be updated three times per week! Guaranteed.  I’ll try to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, but it might be different every once in awhile. I’m a mess, ok? Articles will be a bit broader in topic than ever before. Your faves will still be around (App of the Month, Tech Under $__), but I’m going to test out some new topics over the next few months, including more interviews, content related to digital media and gaming, and investigative style research (Upcoming stories include: Why Video Gamers Deserve Scholarships and Inside Anonymous). I am elated to cover more of the tech world. Let me know what you think of a certain subject. If you love it, I want to write more about it for you. This blog is for us, and I want you to be just as involved as I am.

The other grand change is the addition of a new writer. I KNOW. I KNOW. His name is Austen; he is one of my best friends and an all around wonderful human being. He is enthusiastic about technology, and he provides an entirely new perspective, including his passion for video games and his devotion to Android. Disclaimer: He’s not a social media person. Don’t stalk him online, please. I would appreciate it. He would appreciate it. Just go along with it. I  promise this won’t turn into an Android fan blog; I’m still editing and overseeing everything. 

That’s all I have for now. I’ll see you guys next week (three times)! I hope you are as eager as I am. Ahhhhhhhhh! 


If I was in another part of the world and told people about my faith, I would surely die just for opening my mouth.

But I’m here. And why am I still alive while others die for their beliefs? I’ll never know. But as long as God keeps me breathing in a country where I’m able to speak, I won’t take that opportunity for granted, and I won’t pass it up either.
God’s love has done way too much in my life to keep quiet about it. It’s my God-given duty to love so radically that people wonder why.

My dear brothers and sisters, if you live in a country where you’re able to speak up, you have no excuse. The Gospel has the power to change people’s lives. Surely it is Good News… share it!


Visiting government buildings was starting to become a habit of his, only when he believed that if he did not offer his guidance, there would likely be situations arising that he would curse himself for not resolving while he could.

So it was there where he was making his way down the corridor after speaking to a very nice gentleman about the treatment of mutants that were traveling across boarders. A successful encounter- he believed anyway and one that didn’t take too long. A good job done, Charles was simply planning on heading home.

Well, he had been until he found his way blocked, he stopped and looked them over with a polite smile. “Excuse me, please.”