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that anon you responded to with this isn't a dating sim was actually talking about stardew valley which is a farming sim where u can marry people so...farming sim jer and michael? would they even like that kind of game

((ahhh i kinda thought it was stardew valley but i wasn’t exactly sure,, the only question is who would be the farmer character))

You know my favourite thing about 2x05 isn’t that Jared slept in Richards room or that Jared thinks Richard is wetting the bed.

It’s the fact that Jared is the only one that knows Richard went to he doctors that morning and that he knew Richard was unwell and they are close enough that they discussed what the doctor had said. If that doesn’t say #husbands, I don’t know what does.


More shots of Will fishing with his father, though in the present. The bottom shot is of Eliza, Will’s wife. She too was relieved and thankful to see Howard return and be part of Will’s life again. 

Will and Eliza have always had a strong relationship but because Will never got over the tragedy of losing his father when he was a teen he harbored all his thoughts and emotions, and this sometimes put a strain on their marriage. 

The first time Will ever spoke about the disappearance of his father to Eliza was at the end of their second date. This gesture of honesty and openness made Eliza fall deeper in love with him but it also made her feel a strong desire to stay and look after this man who was plagued by such a terrible tragedy so early on in his life.