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I just wanna say that I’m glad that Harry’s even carrying a 2XL size, because I wasn’t able to get a 2XL shirt for my 1D show a few years back, because it wasn’t available in their official merch, which made me really sad. I had to go to the show with a random tie dye shirt on lol! So, I was super stoked when I saw that Harry made sure to cover a wide range of sizes, and that I was able to buy my 2XL Harry shirt on his website, and will be able to on his tour. Every concert I’ve ever been to have charged a little more for the larger sizes because they cost more to produce, and although it’s not ideal, it’s never made me feel ashamed? Idk, I just can’t wait to get a Harry shirt :))))))))

Judy: oh Sweet cheese and crackers
Nick: What’s wrong carrots
Judy: They won’t let me in just because I’m not in this game.
Nick: Well maybe because we Didn’t get pick in super smash bros I think that’s what’s it call.
Judy: Still I want to show them that I can be the best I mean I have the skills Police training And I want to show them That I’m not just some Bunny.
Nick: nah You don’t have to show them Because you know why?
Judy: why?
Nick: Because you are the best and my best one ever.
Judy: aww Thanks Nick I appreciated.
Nick: Anytime My Cute little Bunny.
(Judy hit him in the rib)
Judy: Don’t call me cute again
Nick: Gotcha about this.
(Nick kiss Judy on the Forehead)
Nick: How’s that better?
Judy: better.

Now that’s just my random picture and a little bit of a story too. Yeah I didn’t think that will work on super smash brothers but of course it didn’t Oh well lol.

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I know this may be super weird or random, lol but I really appreciate how you don't lighten Korra's skin tone like other people do. It really makes my heart happy! XD it really means a lot! Thx!

Even though I was secretly hoping that there would be a little Yoonseok in today’s Run BTS episode I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS MUCH. Like, the way Hobi just gently moved his hand to Yoongi’s neck and then pulled him in a little closer? UGH

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So I was reading through asks and answers and had a really weird realization. It’s not really even important I just thought of it so.
You guys know Miki’s full name (Mikayla), but I’ve never actually gone by anything but Mel on Tumblr. My full name is actually Melody.
Idk, like I said not important I just thought it was weird that you didn’t know. So now you do lol
-Mel (the Slytherin)

How to make friends


Mel is officially the most aggressive ‘mmmmmmmmm’er I’ve ever met.

(I dont own 2/3 of this art, and i asked premission to post this dont worry~ <3 Just doing this because why the fuck not).