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Lawful Good (superAU)

Fandom: RWBY
Paring: Ladybug (Ruby/Blake)
Words: 3085
Description: Ruby Rose is a superhero in the City of Vale, and recent student to Beacon University. Only problem is, her sister’s roommate is also the girl that Ruby is always having to rescue. Hopefully she can keep that part a secret from the overly investigative law student. 

You can blame @relatablepicsofblakebelladonna for the AU. I’m a sucker for Superhero stuff (see here for my other ruby and blake-centric platonic super hero fic shameless self promotion yay). See their page for more info on this one though. Hopefully i did it justice. 

The world blurred as she ran, the edges of her vision fading away. She could still see though, everything in front of her seemed to be standing still as she moved around the people, even outrunning vehicles. She was unstoppable, a force of nature, the wind itself incarnate; and she was late.

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anonymous asked:

hi overweight!anon here. uh, sorry if my ask made you uncomfortable or something. ;~; but I do mean it when I said that your imagines help me feel better and be happy

Oh, sweetie, don’t worry!  You didn’t make me uncomfortable in the slightest.  <3  I’m just super slow when it comes to responding to imagines lately because I’ve got a ton of projects going at once.  

But I did see your imagine, and I’ve got it saved in my drafts.  I’ll whip you up something soon–promise. =D

Happy Little Kisses || Clark Kent x Reader ||

Prompt:  joyful kisses peppered across foreheads and cheeks between scattered giggles

Character: Clark Kent

Pairing: Clark Kent x Reader

Fandom: DC Universe { Superman }

Warnings || Rating: none….just fluff

Drabble or One-shot: Drabble.


Clark yawned into his hand, it was rather a boring day, nothing new at work, nothing happening with the Justice League. He just wanted something to happen at least. Sighing he glanced around the work room trying to find where you were, you always seemed to brighten or at least at some fun to his day.

Though not being able to find you he suddenly frowned.Shaking his head he found himself walking over to Lois desk.

“ you know why y/n isn't here?”

“Shes sick Clark, I’m surprised you didn’t here with that super hearing of yours….then again you were late.”

Flushing Clark averted his gaze though hearing that you were sick, he would have to get some things for you.

Lois watched him though standing up she shook her head.

“ not even ask me Kent.She’s sick, she did not get shot, just let the poor girl rest, don’t you dare give me those puppy eyes…Im not going too fall for that! Just let her re-..fine just get out of here and stop pulling that damn face!”

Clark grins though adjusting his glasses.

“Thanks Lois! I owe you one.”

“You owe me a lot Kent, now shouldn’t    you be checking in on them.”

Slowly backing out of the office Clark rushed off down the steps and bolted out of the building.Stepping in the ally Clark took off into the air flying to the shared apartment.

Sniffling, you tried your best not to cough. You always hated getting sick since that meant you just had more work to make up.

Groaning you felt dizzy any time you moved.You just wanted to throw up, holding your stomach you slowly push off the couch. Wanting some form of liquid in you, you slowly made your way to the kitchen.

Trying not to stumble you then went through a coughing fit.

“Y/n…"You could practically hear the pout forming on the man's face. You didn’t question how he got in without you hearing him but that didn’t matter, since he was here for you.

Clark frowned as he placed some sports drink on the counter.With two long strides the man was by your side in a instant.

"You shouldn’t be out of bed! I should have stayed home with you.”

“Clark, it's just a cold"Coughing you then gave him a tired smile leaning into his broad chest.He just rubbed your back gently and gave your forehead a kiss.

"Well you have me now."Smile the man lifted you up with ease then carried you to the bedroom.

"Always the hero."Teasing him, Clarks cheeks seemed to turn as red as his cape.

"I have to be here for my princess~” placing his glasses on the bedside table you could feel yourself melting in his blue eyes.

Pouting you cheeks while blushing yourself you quickly hid your face as he he chuckled himself.

“I think you should sleep y/n” he states but he was taken back by your question.

“I don't understand how one guy can be so attractive.”

Giving you a small smile Clark just pressed his lips against your cheeks cooling you down.

Sighing you gave him a blissful smile relaxing in his arms.

“You’re so beautiful"smiling he heard your giggles as he continues to give you small kisses.

"Clark…what if you get sick” sneezing he just shook his head as he let his fingers run threw your hair.

“I’ll be fine…you’re the woman I love , it's my job to take care of you."He states beaming.

Slowly blinking a few times you gave him a tired smile coughing against his chest.

"Hmm love you"You muttered as you drifted off to sleep.

"I love you too.”


Just something I tried to write for my boy Lance for his birthday, but I’m super late, sorry! It was supposed to be super fluffy, but angst somehow found its way in? Here we go:

Space did crazy things to people; the universe had driven them all mad. This was merely a side effect of the insanity that they’d been overdosing on lately. Simply an after effect of the Dialian dust and its swoony atmosphere.

That’s what Keith told himself, anyways. Yet it looked like today was just full of lies.

But lies shouldn’t feel so good, Keith thought as he pulled away, absolutely reveling in the look of awakening that painted Lance’s face a deliciously ruddy color. The softest of whimpers escaped him, and it pounded at Keith’s heart like a blow because somehow they had just kissed and honestly, what the fuck.

(Though as far as Lance is concerned? It’s not gay if it’s on the moon.)

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21 September 2017 - Day 30/100

So its super late and I skipped another day but hey, I’m back, just was surprisingly busy! Here’s the study set up for today! Was still super swamped with assessments and not quite where I wanted to be.

By that I mean I have almost finished reading my law journal articles and did some Japanese homework. I’m making myself feel better because I handed in two assignments (one two weeks early) and did a Japanese test today too.

The good thing is I have packed all my stuff to go interstate for a debating competition. The 4 hour train ride will hopefully be at least some time for me to get some stuff done!

i usually don’t post unedited doodles but here you go.
hrrrm.. :/

Missed the Sketch Dailies Spider-Gwen prompt the other day, so I did this between projects today. Have some super gals and their super (competitive) dads.

More trans paladin bonding!

specifically Pidge and Allura!

  • After Pidge reveals they’re afab to the team, they start seriously questioning what that actually means to them. None of the team uses any pronouns for the next couple of days.
  • It’s always “hey Pidge, can you grab that wrench?” “Oh Pidge, I saw you were working on Green, need any help?” “Pidge I’m going to the training room. You need to work on getting snuck up on”. 
  • Finally Hunk broaches the topic, “so uh, Pidge, what pronouns do you want us to use?”
  • she freezes. what pronouns? Pidge is a girl, but she’s been pretending to be a boy and if felt so good because no one doubted their skills and they bonded and that was how the team knew them, but she was a girl at home and she wore dresses, but she’d never really liked makeup… 
  • When they cut their hair, they didn’t think about what that meant. It seemed like the thing to do. Disguise yourself. Get rid of your more recognizable features, maybe look a little more like Matt. And if a binder felt better than having cleavage they could see with the wrong shirt, well that was a normal girl thing, right? Right?
  • they run out of the room, leaving hunk hanging
  • the next day, they find Allura. She’s a girl, she can help, right? They’re just being silly, of course they’re a girl, she’s just always been frustrated with gender roles. Did they have gender roles in space? Maybe things were different on Altea. Maybe Allura wasn’t the person to ask. 
  • Too late, they’re here. They take a deep breath and knock on the door, and then are talking as soon as it opens. 
  • “Allura, I know I just told the team I’m a girl, and I am, at least I think I am, like biologically I am, but I don’t really know? Like, gender is super complicated and I don’t know if that’s true on Altea, but I really liked being a boy, but I don’t want to lie to the team and oh god what if I find Matt and Dad and I’m using different pronouns and they don’t know and they think I’m not the same person, and what if I’m not the same person? I mean how important even is gender anyway? It’s not like Lance and Hunk and Keith think things about me because I’m a girl! They know I’m capable and can’t cook and can sew but prefer to crawl in the mud and I… I don’t know what to do Princess!”
  • And Allura of course only got about half of that, because Pidge rambles when they’re stressed, and they’re obviously stressed right now, but when the Green Paladin lurches forward to hug her waist, she kneels down and readjusts so they can have a proper hug. 
  • “Pidge, you are not defined by your organs or your gender. You can sew and cook and wear dresses and makeup and be a boy and you can fight and get dirty and bond with the rest of the team and be a girl. You can even do all of that and be neither, if that’s what you want. You are a Paladin of Voltron, Pidge, and more than anything that means you are courageous, unique and strong, no matter what pronouns you use or what your body looks like.”
  • And they sniff and hug her tighter and then start dissecting their rant into bitesize pieces. They start with the question of ‘am I just fed up with the expectations put on me as a girl, or is there really something different about me?’
  • Eventually, Allura gets up, ushers the mice out, and closes the door. Then she and Pidge sit on the bed. They talk for hours. 
  • Finally, Pidge has run out of questions, and both of them are getting tired. They tell Allura that they need to think about things more, but they’ll talk to the rest of the team soon- and will do something for Hunk to make up for freaking out on him.
  • Before they go though, they have one more question. 
  • “Princess,” Pidge says, standing in front of the door, “I know you’re a Princess which means you know a whole lot and are super cool and able to deal with politics and… stuff, but how are you so helpful?”
  • And Allura grins and she says, “Well, when I told you we have more in common than you think, I meant that in multiple ways. I wasn’t happy with the way I was born either. It took me quite a while to realize that, and longer to accept it, but I thought you might be in a similar place.” And then she smiled and went to bed. 
  • The next day, Pidge announces that he would like to continue using he pronouns for the forseeable future. 
  • When Keith replies with, “alright, dude” he feels so happy, like there’s a bubble of pure light expanding in his chest. He’s concerned he’s going to explode. 
  • A week later, he announces that yes, he is a boy and fuck biology. He also starts wearing crop tops and sports bras more often in place of his full binder. It’s nice to be able to breathe. 
  • Sometimes, he doubts himself. Allura assures him that that’s normal, sometimes she wonders if she has been wrong this whole time as well. They go out on the castle deck and watch the stars and they point out constellations and tell stories and talk about gender. Allura is especially helpful when Pidge admits that he still likes it when Shiro calls him Katie. She helps him realize that it’s because it reminds him of his family.
  • His Earth family, he says. He has a space family too. 
Red-Letter Day [Percival Graves x Reader]

Author’s Note: Well, here it is–the sequel to A Fresh Poison. First thing I wrote once finals were over because I know a lot of you have been waiting for this haha. I started writing this v late and didn’t want to go to bed until it was done. As such, I did start to get super tired at the end but I hope it’s okay lol.

Word Count: 5,565

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Darken - Chapter 3

SPN FanFic (4 Parts)

Reader x Dean, Sam, Castiel

Chapter Three- 2,569 Words

~You woke up in a trashed motel room covered in someone else’s blood and no memories of the past week.~

Warnings: Language and Visuals, Memory Loss, Hurt/Comfort, Anger,  Violence, Injury in later chapters, Murder, etc. A few tears along the way.

~ Chapter One ~ Chapter Two ~ Chapter Three ~ Chapter Four ~

You had fallen asleep at some point with Dean holding you in bed, rubbing your back and humming Bob Seger until you passed out. He was gone when you woke up, but that didn’t surprise you; you had attacked him after all. With that thought you remembered you had seen the woman’s face and Sam needed this new information so he could track her down. You pulled on your big gray hoodie and slipped your shoes on, heading out to find the guys.

“She hit you?” Sam and Dean were in the War Room; their voices were low but still echoed in the expansive room. You hung back once again to listen.

“Yeah, and not in a sexy ‘we have a safe word’ kinda way. Punched me, twice.” Dean’s voice was deep and sad. You kept your back to the wall, hopefully out of sight, but that meant you couldn’t see them either.

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alyyks  asked:

I want to know everything about your Rex-adopts-Tup subplot, and in light of the Gai Bal Manda I want to know even more of all the things. :D

WELL OKAY TWIST MY ARM THEN. …this rant looked shorter in Word… >n>

Basically my “ech” about OCs collided with a truckload of Umbara arc feels and a weird obsession with the siblings-as-parents-Nani-&-Lilo-style trope. It’s a way to nudge the Fett parents out of the picture without having to actually kill them off. They’re not actually that great at being parents, from an emotional perspective. They just know that because they ARE the parents, they must be right about everything. All the boys came out okay, but it was more thanks to each other than their parents. By the time Tup is in elementary school, he’s the only kid around the house. It’s suddenly so obvious how oblivious their parents are to the fact that they need to do more than set rules and check things off the “character building activity” list. They don’t like being questioned because they consider it “talking back” and being disrespectful, but Tup doesn’t have anyone else in the house on a day to day basis to ask. So he just stays quiet and becomes fearful of doing anything he’s not directly told to do, in case he guesses incorrectly and does the wrong thing. He becomes so aware of the fact that the word “miracle” in regards to his late birth is just a thinly-veiled euphemism for “unbelievable accident,” and that he’s a major crimp in his parent’s retirement plans.

MEANWHILE Rex is over there slowly realizing that he didn’t really have much of a break between being in-house babysitter to his first slew of brothers to being on-call babysitter to Tup, but that he ain’t even mad. He LIKES taking care of a kid, even the bad aspects, and takes pride in helping guide them. But he’s still hung up on the Duty thing. It’s just his DUTY to take care of his brothers, in service to his parents. They’re still the authority. Tup’s still THEIR kid, and Rex doesn’t have a claim to him. That would be weird and selfish, right…? If he wants kids, he should just settle with a partner already and have his own, right…?

But things start kinda spiraling out of control in a way, to the point that pretty much everyone gets that Tup is Rex’s kid and that they’re both a lot happier and more at ease while living together. Cody even confides that Obi-Wan claims he can often tell where Tup is living based on his behavior. He’s always a pretty quiet kid, but some weeks he’s much more likely to ask questions and voluntarily join class discussions.

At some point it all comes to a head, and the most convenient thing I can think of is the parents wanting to move a significant distance away and just assuming Tup will come with them. It’s not about what anyone wants, really, just about what’s “proper.” They are the Parents and he is their Child. They have to take him and he has to come. But all the other bros are like “no?? Noo??? NO? No. Rex, do something!” So he ends up waging that inner war of the Lawful Good. Listen to Authority, who I always assumed was the most wise and good, or do what feels personally wise and good? He has to come to terms with the fact that his own experience and authority doesn’t automatically get trumped just because the people he’s up against sired him. 

The 10,000 testimonials about how he’s a much better dad than their own dad was help, but the only convincing he really needed was Tup trying to lighten the mood with a joke along the lines of “You don’t have to worry about a squatter interrupting your life anymore.” It suddenly slaps him in the face that Tup thinks he’s unwanted, and is a burden to Rex in the way their parents act like he is to them. And then feels are had an offers are made and Tup is boggled that it would even be suggested that he has a choice, and it’s midnight-thirty and I’m running out of ability to sentence. But it turns into a kerfuffle just shy of an actual custody battle, mostly because the parents waited until the last second to get Rex to sign away whatever partial-custody he had already gradually accumulated by bits, because they assumed he would just do so unquestioningly. But he’s like “oh yeah well what if I exercise my right to read this brick of legalese thoroughly before signing?” They already have obligations set up in their new homestead, and don’t have time to actually take him to court. It might all get really nasty actually; they (or one of them) shows up at the police station hoping to get Rex to sign off quickly while half-distracted, which pisses him off and leads to a deceptively quiet and extremely heated argument in Mando'a. Most co-workers can only get the gist by watching Cody’s and Fives’ reactions. But the silver lining is that once the tug of war is over and the parent’s leave, they are very far away so it’s easier for everyone to get perspective and cool off.

In closing, here are two things I doodled last week but was too embarrassed to post. But now it’s super late o’clock and dude you asked, so.

(And then Rex immediately ends the call and Tup’s like “Did you just hang up on one of our parents?? O_O” and Rex is like “Holy shit I think I just did O_O”)

Mile Markers

Pairing: Dean x Cas

Word Count: 1650

Warnings: mentions of injuries and Cas has a panic attack sort of thing towards the end :/ but then Dean makes it better :)

Request: Cas & Dean getting in a fight and Cas is dangerous upset about Dean shouting at him and Dean starts apologizing and he accidentally calls Cas babe? I live for this (Thank you for this request! It was so fun to write and it’s super cute. I’m sorry this is so late!)

A/N: This request is so old and for that, anon, I’m sorry. But I finally did it! I really hope you like it! I think it’s the longest fic I’ve posted on here so far? Also it’s human!cas because honestly I have such a weakness for human!cas he’s my favorite to write :D

The low rumble of the engine is the only interruption from the tense silence that hangs over the Impala and its two occupants. Both are dirty and exhausted; one swipes the hair out of his green eyes as the other begins to wrap a tie around his bloody knuckles.

The driver drums his fingers against the wheel, risking a glance at the passenger out of the corner of his eye. The rumpled trench coat the latter wears hides most of his injuries, but his clenched jaw and unsteady hands give him away.

The driver, Dean, still has his gun tucked into the waistband of his pants and the passenger, Castiel, feels guilty about getting blood on the seats. Every muscle in Castiel’s body still feels rigid, like they never left the vampire’s nest, and he has to press his fingers to the cut on his leg to keep his thoughts from wandering back there.

It’s dark enough that they’re having trouble seeing each other as more than just shapes, and it’s late enough that they’re not trying all that hard to make out the details anyway. Every mile of open road they pass seems to stretch longer and longer but neither of them wants to break the stillness to turn on the radio.

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I Wanna Be More

Originally posted by cashtonkinks

request: can you write an imagine where the reader and cal are good friends and they have been hooking up for a while kinda a friends with benefits thing and he realizes wants more but the reader is hesitant because she’s got her heart broken and he like convinces her that he’ll stick around. Sorry it’s kinda long lol love you

okay so i’ve always wanted to do some tfln imagines and this one seemed like it would be perfect for one of those so i hope it’s okay that i chose this format and i hope you like it x (ilyt btw)


Are we still hanging out later 

i hope so why do you have something better to do?

Of course not, Ashton just keeps begging me to come with him to go shopping for stuff for the house and I’d rather be with you. 

awww cal how cute 

Thanks I try 

you know i feel special knowing you chose me over shopping with ash ik that’s super important to you 

Ha ha 

He knows I don’t like going to the shop unless I’m bored late at night and/or I’ve had a few beers 

That, or I’m getting beer. 

that is such a you thing to say lol 

speaking of i have some beers in my fridge so you can have some when you get here 

Is that really a good idea? We’ve never really drank before we… you know 

we did the first time and you had no problem with it lol 

plus they’re left over from the other night when my friend came over to talk about her and her boyfriend breaking up again so i kind of need to get rid of them 

Really? They broke up again? 

yeah but she swears it’s really over this time bc he cheated on her so 

That’s fucked up. I’ve never understood how anyone could do that. 

exactly like as you know that’s happened to me a few times too and bc of that i have no clue when i’ll be in an actual relationship 

it’s like all guys are the same 

Actually (y/n) I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that 

about what? my past relationships? 

Oh no it’s just that I’ve wanted to ask you something 

It’s just that I wanna be more than… you know, what we are

You there?


So do you want to or 

idk about that cal 

About what? 


i mean don’t get me wrong you’re amazing and super sweet you’re always there for me when i need you but you know what i’ve been through in the past and you read what i just said about relationships 

I understand that your past ones weren’t that great, but do you honestly think I would ever hurt you? 

well no 

it’s just a reflex i guess… 

i have to push guys away when they want something serious bc every time i let them in they show me why i shouldn’t have in the first place 

(Y/n) I would never dream of hurting you. It breaks my heart knowing that anyone could ever do that to you. 

Let me prove to you that we’re not all the same. Because I sure as hell am not like other guys who think it’s cool to screw with people’s emotions, you know that. 

i do know that 

you’re seriously the sweetest guy in the world cal, how about instead of hooking up like we usually do we go on a date instead 

I don’t know… I was looking forward to just having a beer and then hooking up with you then leaving 

shut the fuck up that’s so not funny 

But you laughed didn’t you? 


Good. I’ll pick you up at 8. 

good i’ll be waiting


awwh how cuteee lol if you liked this and want to request something feel free to do so, my requests are always open x

Sawyer grinned as she stepped back onto the Plath grounds, breathing in the Oregon air once again. She saluted to the bus driver that had dropped her off and grabbed her one duffel bag and headed into the school. She had missed this campus, in ways words probably couldn’t describe. She had left right around Christmas, ended up back in Juvie, and now was back here to live out the rest of her sentence as a high schooler. While Plath wasn’t her favorite place on Earth, any place was better than the detention center she had been in. After dropping off her things in her dorm and noticing the time, she realized she was late for her first class and sprinted off. Not that it wasn’t normal, Sawyer was always late. She reached the room and slipped in as the teacher was talking and leaned over to the person next to her. “I didn’t miss much, did i?”

Merry Christmas @breannaoftarth! I’m your Secret Santa! – I apologize for your gift being three days late, things came up that forced this to take a back seat but I hope you like it just the same! Set in either canon or modern au however you decide to perceive it, here’s some mistletoe kisses!~

Top Ten Book Of Mormon Songs

I love making lists, and I love musicals, and I’ve been SUPER into Book Of Mormon lately, so here are my top ten songs (in order) from Book Of Mormon. 

#10: Sal Tlay Ka Siti

Okay, I’ll admit, it took me a stupidly long time to realize the pun here. Sal Tlay Ka Siti….Salt Lake City?????? Get It???? Yeah, it took me a long time. Once I got it though, super funny, right? Plus it’s Nikki M James? So, of course, it’s great. 

#9: Making Things Up Again 

It’s so cute! Elder Cunningham finally gets a win! Also, the line when Elder Cunningham says “YESSSSS! YES, HE DID!” might be the single greatest line in the whole show.

#8: Hasa Diga Eebowai 

I’m not religious, that’s a common fact to those who know me, and I, too, say “Fuck You God” often. 

#7: All American Prophet 

Let’s be honest, this song is a JAM! And Andrew Rannels’ version of it on the cast album is perfect and I love. 

#6: Turn It Off

Again, a #relatable song. I too, ignore my severe emotional issues and turn them off. Plus, who doesn’t love a good tap number?

#5: Hello! 

One of the best opening numbers ever. A jam, musically interesting, introduces the two main characters excellently. 

#4: You And Me (But Mostly Me) 

Agin, this is pretty much just because Andrew Rannels sings this so perfectly. The high note at the end? Amazing. Great song, 10/10 would recommend. 

#3: Man Up

Elder Cunningham’s character development, in a really cool and funny way. And, unlike the majority of the songs from this show, it is NOT a jam. It’s a BANGER. 

#2: I Believe 

How can you not love this song? That’s really all I have to say about it. 

#1: Spooky Mormon Hell Dream 

My favorite song in the whole show. Again, pretty much because of Andrew Rannels. I could listen to it for HOURS. again, not a jam, but a hardcore BANGER. Play it at my Wedding, My children’s birth, My funeral. 

There we go. An absolutely useless post. Tomorrow is a latter day. 




I really, REALLY love your Magic music video, and oh man your art style is also great!! When I heard about how it’s your birthday I panicked and I’m kinda in a hurry but it’s already super late for your birthday and… well… i did a thing for you so here you go hurdncvmxbzlfj. *gives it to you ever so awkwardly because oh my god i love your work* <3 <:3


Tag meme!!

oh wow this is late RIP me ive been offline but! here we go!!

tagged by @legomutual​ (thankee!!!)

Name: jay!! (or if ya know like, 50 other jays i also go by key!)

Star Sign: cancer ♋

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Lucky Number: uhhhh 2,6, & 13?

Favourite Fictional Character: currently? the ninja, garmadon, any “adoptive dad” character, and captain underpants (hes a big comfort character tb h)

Last Thing I Googled: cookie recipes!!

What Are You Wearing Right Now:

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Number of Followers: 29

What Do You Post: shitposts, some oversharing/despair, and art, most all about ninjago

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Self Doubt and Memory Issues aside, im pretty sure i saw it in one of those book snippets? and its p cool i think

gonna cop out and say anyone who reads this is tagged if you want to be tagged, no specific ppl bc Anxiety™


Blanca and I went on our pretty-much-yearly jaunt to Spain this week and I managed to squeeze in some more drawings (you can see last years’ here, I think overall they’re better). I have a slightly larger sketchbook atm so I tried to take advantage of it by doing full scenes rather than the usual bits and pieces. The result is a little less fun (no little doodly self-cariactures in there) but it felt constructive. These drawings are posted in reverse chronological order - I think you can tell since the bottom one is super stiff, the middle one is fast and crazy and the top one gets a sort of balance. I did a few more but these are the only ones I liked! (actually i only like the top two here but I am posting the bottom one too to fill out space)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Working on a bunch of things at the moment but they’re all at kind of pupal stages. Probably will post a big burst of stuff in a few week’s time.