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Is there any tips to write a deep/emotional scene? Or does it just kinda happen?

If you mean they just “kinda happen” like there’s a natural flow to the scene and what leads up to it, then yes. But any sort of deep scene is maybe 35% writing and 65% setup. (I’d give wiggle room for those numbers depending on writer skill and the plot. A poorer writer has to rely more on setup since their strength of scene wouldn’t be as good, and a deep scene early on isn’t going to be able to rely on the same setup and background.)

For writing…

- You’re really going to have the push the “show don’t tell” here. Direct comment on emotion often pushes the reader away, so you need to let the scene speak for itself.

- The character perspective that the scene is written from changes a lot about mood and tone of the scene.

- It’s probably time to break out the intense language, but this doesn’t mean melodrama. Intensity of language simply means you choose words very carefully to fit the scene you want to convey. Someone doesn’t “move”, they “stumble” or “saunter”. 

- Language structure, on top of word choice, can be used to convey feeling. Shorter sentences are blunt. Longer sentences have a sense of flow and can be calming if written with certain words, or jarring if the end on a very different tone than they began. There’s a lot to learn about how the way you structure your language can affect how a scene is read and interpreted.

- Any scene is “deeper” with a closer narrator perspective. 3rd omniscient can be fun, but will always fall a little short of 3rd limited or 1st person for emotional connection to the reader.

For setup…

- Vagueness does not work in your favor. There needs to be clear cause-effect that lead up to that deep scene, because a lot of the “depth” comes from the implications and effects.

- What is the primary emotion you’re trying to convey in the scene? You need to be specific with your thought because specificity allows you to control the details that lead up to the scene, and during the scene. It also means you can hone in on a specific emotion to work with, think quality over quantity.

- That scene needs to mean something beyond the moment. It should have a lasting impact on the plot or another character, because “depth” is not isolated within the emotional scene. True depth is seen when the scene is so integrated into the story that it has real meaning and consequences in context.

- The scene has to make sense within the story. A little obvious, but I’ve seen writers try and throwing in a “deep” scene ”just because”. That’s not how it works. While there are ways to allow for a deep scene in a more lighthearted story, the setup still needs to lead there. It needs to make sense to exist within the plot, to the characters, and in the world.

- Tension should build up, and your readers need to care. If your readers don’t care, even a well-written emotional scene will fall flat. Part of getting them to care is managing tension and conflict in a story, which ties back into good storytelling in general. Some of the most effective emotional scenes work as a catharsis, which can only happen if there’s good build-up to begin with.

Good luck with your scenes!

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Ok so what if during petplay, Roman doesn't follow Virgil's advances and eventually Pat and Lo come in. Would it be fair to say that good boy Ro gets a reward while Verge gets teased and has to watch as "punishment"? (he gets to cum but only after Roman because he's still a spoiled kitty) 💜

This is the kind of a scene that would have to be very well pre-planned. 

This is a ‘verse of intense play, and as such, it’s a verse of intense communication, verbal and nonverbal cues, safewords, safety gestures, and planning planning planning. This is a play scenario that they’ve spent hours upon hours cultivating together, all four of them, planning and discussing and rehashing details until every single part of it is perfectly clear and everyone’s needs, wants, and limits are accounted for. For every out of the ordinary scene they do within their play, they spend at least three times that long planning the thing and ensuring that everyone is on board with the changes to the status quo. 

Virgil doesn’t tease Roman because he wants him in trouble, and Roman doesn’t give in because he can’t help it. Virgil teases Roman because Roman wants to be punished and this is a fun way for them to make it happen. Roman also likes giving in to his urges, and Virgil ‘coercing’ him to do so is something he’s requested specifically of Virgil because it makes his getting ‘caught’ and the resultant shame and humiliation that much more potent. Logan doesn’t deny Roman orgasms to punish him, but because Roman loves it and they’ve arranged it beforehand to Roman’s specifications. And Patton doesn’t punish Virgil because Virgil is sensitive to negativity in any incarnation, even in play, and does not want any part of it. 

Now, could your scenario happen? Potentially.

Let’s say for the sake of a scene, one or all of the others wanted to see Virgil teased and edged, because Virgil does love to be teased and edged sometimes. Let’s say the others wanted to focus on him a little for a play scenario. 

They might set it up exactly the way you suggested.

It would start just like normal, with Virgil approaching Roman and attempting to seduce him into play. But Roman would resist, sitting ramrod straight and refusing to make eye contact, while Virgil’s ‘efforts’ continued to fail. 

A few moments later, Logan and Patton would walk in and see what was happening. They would act surprised, and Roman would be praised (something he adores) for his restraint. Patton would ever so gently tease Virgil– “oh, you silly kitty, you just want to play, don’t you?” and then hold him in his lap while Roman was approached by Logan. Then Patton would tease Virgil’s cock, stroking it with his fingertips, and murmuring that they should let Roman go first because he’d earned it by being such a good boy. While he and Virgil watched, Logan would reward Roman by settling him down on the ground on his knees and kneeling behind him. He’d draw the naked Roman back so his bare back was pressed to Logan’s chest, then Logan would reach around and stroke his belly, trailing down toward his straining cock. While Virgil and Patton watched, Logan would toy with Roman’s cock, whispering praises into his ear about what a good puppy he was, how even with this desperately hard cock (here he’d squeeze, long and slow) he was still resisting, waiting for his master like a good little puppy. Logan would tell him how proud he was, how good little puppies got rewarded, and he’d slowly jack him until Roman came in fitful spurts, whimpering and thrusting his hips into Logan’s hands. 

That part, though, is just for show. Roman and Logan would then sit back and watch as Patton continued to tease Virgil. Logan would murmur about the poor kitty who wanted to be a good boy just like Roman but who just needed to be touched too badly. He’d murmur that maybe they should help out the poor kitty, and Roman would eagerly crawl forward and kneel between Virgil’s legs, lapping his little cock eagerly while Patton murmured to Virgil that it was okay, he understood, he wasn’t mad, no harm done, and Logan observed the whole thing with his own cock in his hand, stroking it thoughtfully as his faithful pup licked the squirming kitten to a sweet little finish. 

While the pets rested, Logan and Patton would take care of each other with hands or mouths, and everyone would end up curled together, happy and satisfied. 

I haven’t looked back to see for sure, but I think this is the first time we’re seeing the Crystal Gems at this angle. We (as in the audience) are always either looking up or straight at them, and Steven is just always looking up at them- both literally and metaphorically. This is the first time Steven is looking down at them… He’s never seen them so vulnerable, so helpless, so lost. This has gotta be a heartbreaking moment for him.

Well DAMN. Boy means business. I like the intensity of this scene, whatever’s about to happen…

Oh I reallyyyy like how the music tiles matched up with the background music!

Fuck… He’s gonna rip them a new one, isn’t he? I hope he’s not too hard on them… They’re trying their best, my guy

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You know what I would've LOVED.. if during the scene where they were trying to figure out which Spencer was which, they had actually shot the wrong Spencer. Alex went along pretending to be Spencer and we actually didn't know until like the last scene. They show Alex visiting the grave that Spencer is actually buried in, and saying "How does it feel to be wrongfully buried?" In a British accent and also revealing she was Bethany Young. Then everything would've made a bit more sense

OH MY GOD that would’ve killed me 😂 love the intensity though, wow. I think they didn’t want to kill a liar because they knew about the spinoff at that time and they knew they would all make a cameo appearance at least once.

list of things i wrote for my playwrighting class

-personal narrative monologue about my experience with a girl off tinder who told me she loved me after 2 weeks of talking to her

-a monologue about how seymour gets turned on by the thought of being eaten by the plant

-an intense interview monologue that i interviewed my old professor for

-a 2-minute scene about a man in dennys

-a 10-minute play about a trans dude that made 3 people cry 

Happy Birthday Bella

A/n: You requested this a while ago so I’m going to do it now as a (one day belated) birthday gift!! Happy birthday!!

Warnings: Well this is a bit of an intense request. Mentions of verbal abuse and allusions to reader (or Bella idk) being slapped (this scene is NOT included) Please don’t read if this will upset you/trigger you

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Dear Diary, 

Since mom and dad left to work in Wakanda, I’ve hated everything. It’s been seven months since they’ve left and three since I’ve heard either of their voices. Uncle Mason is here to be our ‘guardian’ while they are gone. I know that I haven’t written anything for a long time. But right now I feel like I need to. My sister has been feeling off lately. I know why. She knows why. We just can’t really say anything about it. 

Dear Diary,

Mason broke on of grandma’s crystal glasses. He threw it at the wall and screamed at us. If I’m being honest, I don’t know what he said-I was so shaken up and scared that I really couldn’t do anything but nod and get on my knees to clean the mess. My sister says that we should spend the night somewhere. I just don’t know where I’d want to go

11: 46 PM
Dear diary,

I’ve already done an entry today but I’m filled with so much thoughts that I just can’t let them sit in my brain and stir around. Mason slapped me about an hour ago. I had made the mistake of standing up to him and he didn’t like that. I didn’t cry in front of him. My sister yelled at him to leave and he just did. I think he was drunk. So my sister cleaned my face-despite lack of anything but a bruise on my cheekbone-and we watched a movie. She’s asleep now. I wish she didn’t have to see that, because now she’ll worry more about me than herself.

Dear Diary,

Peter knows something is wrong. He noticed my bruise and tried to ask me about it. I lied. Obviously. Michelle cut him off and started talking about tomorrow’s birthday plans. I had completely forgot. Mason wouldn’t like it if he didn’t come straight home after school. My sister doesn’t want to go back; she wants to hang out and sleep at MJ’s. But I am scared about what will happen. 

Dear Diary,

Something happened this morning. I had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room and suddenly heard glass breaking. My heart had leapt into my throat because all I could think about was my twin and that Mason had done something extreme. I sprinted into the master bedroom and found Mason actually hanging from the ceiling, tied up and his hands and feet bound by some kind of rope. Someone had left a note. All it said was ‘Call 911. Sincerely, Spider-Man.’

CAN YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT?! I bet you don’t. The actual Spider-Man broke into my house and became responsible for Mason’s arrest. Drugs were found in his belongings, so he had been arrested on the charges of illegal drug use, drug trade, and physical and verbal harassment towards me and my sister.

Today is so busy with calling up another relative (of OUR choice) so we won’t have time to celebrate our birthday. But plans can be postponed. 

Dear Diary,

I think Peter had something to do with Spider-Man. I definitely know he did. Did he manage to catch Spider-Man and tell him to hunt our apartment down? A little part of me wants to be angry that Peter did that without at least talking to me first. But it did save us from living in a gross hell for who knows how much longer. 

Dear Diary,

Finally we can relax. Our aunt, from mom’s side, has come here and is baking a birthday cake. Maybe I’ll invite Peter. 

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Which placements can embody wht the pluto in Scorpio generation represents thanks ❗

Pluto in Scorpio generation represents very wide and deep range of emotions, mysteries, need to know the truth, getting to know the truth, paranoia, darkness, battles with our darkest desires that are put into the light, amazing intensity and mixed reactions get from the older generations (many times very hateful reactions). Infamous emo scene (myspace kids will understand), depressive dank memes… And it’s all on the global scale. Pluto in Scorpio generation is a global Plutonian consciousness. I guess only having personal placements in Pluto (Pluto conjunct Asc, Scorpio stellium, 8th House stellium etc.) can be close to this. Someone with strong Pluto/Scorpio in personal planets and/or generational planets aspecting Pluto.

Pro-tip for all you fresh fanfic writers out there: don’t have an emotional and creative breakdown in the middle of a very depressing chapter and leave it for a few weeks! That shit is almost impossible to pick up again! Time your breakdowns for less intense parts of your fic. Choose a scene where there’s banter, or flirting. Even better, flirty banter. Not traumatic interventions.


Dean Winchester | 13x02 The Rising Son

Mr. Amber: lying, arguing, hiding, and criticizing Chloe at the dinner table

Rachel Amber:

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You don’t have to go down there, Richie. 

Right. I didn’t have to get on a plane in LA, I didn’t have to go to the dinner, I sure as hell didn’t have to come out here. And now I don’t have to go in.

Unappreciated things in the second season of Stranger Things (!!SPOILERS!!)
  • Eleven dressed as a ghost
  • Lucas’s sister. My new favorite character.
  • Dustin’s mother. She was the stereotypical ‘’cat lady’’ and it was so funny.
  • Jonathan talking with Will telling him that is better to be a ‘’freak’’ than being a normal boring person.
  • Steve going with Nancy to Barb’s parents.
  • Drunk Nancy. 
  • Steve care for Nancy, trying to make her stop drinking and keep her safe. 
  • Steve in general. 
  • Dustin stealing books from the library. 
  • Jancy showing their hand scars.
  • ‘‘Crazy together’‘
  • Both Eleven and Will caling for Mike when their in the Upside Down
  • “Why can’t there just be two Venkmans”
  • The boys dressed as ghostbusters when none else in school is dressed up
  • Angsty Eleven.
  • Terry’s backstory.
  • Mike staying in Will’s house 
  • Mike being beside Will in the WHOLE SEASON
  • Dustin screaming HOLY SHIT 
  • Steve and Dustin
  • That crazy detective. I swear he’s the BIGGEST JANCY STAN.
  • Steve giving advices to Dustin. 
  • Steve being a mama
  • “how do you know it’s not a lizard?” “because his face opened up and he ate my cat”
  • Eleven saying ‘’mouthbreather’’ in the same tone as in season 1.
  • Kali, Kali, Kali, Kali, Kali
  • Everyone is saying that the episode 7 was ‘’boring aff’’ and Kali was a boring character but REALLY Kali is my new favorite character. I love her, i loved episode 7, i love punk Eleven, i love Kali’s gang. I hope that we can see them more in the next seasons.
  • Bitchin
  • Eleven being MILLIE and not Eleven lol
  • Eleven asking to see Will.
  • Eleven looking at Dustin and saying ‘’teeth’’
  • Max standing up for herself and defending her friends.
  • Steve looking at Mike and whispering ‘’Nancy?’’
  • It was 99% Finn’s face in this scene and 1% Mike. 
  • Joyce talking to Will while he’s possesed, this woman warms my heart. 
  • Mike’s face when he saw Eleven this MADE ME CRy T0o
  • that intense scene when Jancy, is holding hands while Will is lowkey satan and Joyce is burning him 
  • Millie’s performance in the gate, wow just wow. 
  • Will being kinda freaked out when this girl asked him to dance. 
  • Eleven wearing Hopper’s blue bracelet. 
  • Nancy dancing with Dustin. 
  • That silly dream i had that the season ended with the creepy shadow monster.  It didn’t…. right?

Look, I haven’t told Izzy yet, but you know how fast gossip spreads.  She shouldn’t hear about it secondhand. (requested by anonymous)