this is such an inspirational story

I love you in the dusk and the dawn, in the secrecy of misty morning hours, hidden in dusty shadows and dim corners.
—  // diary stories
Dialogue Prompt

“So what are you majoring in? I’m planning on time travel.”

“Dimension studies.”

“Oh cool, wormholes and stuff. My roommate is going to major in physics.”

“Always taking the boring route, isn’t he? And not even astrophysics?”

Writing Prompt #233

This year was going to be different, I assured myself as I grabbed my keys and my backpack. I was going to be proactive, organized, and maybe get a date for once. This was my school year and I refused to let it go wrong.

We’ll stand side by side
when the hit of the night comes unexpected,
when the signs of the dusk were ignored
and no one is longer unaffected

by the hate in the hearts of some
that spread fear in the minds of many
and destroy the lives of those kids
that weren’t even twenty.

We’ll stand side by side
at midnight
when even trusting each other
is a fight.

And stand by our sides
in the early hours of the morning
when we’ll start the reconstruction
despite any warning.

We’ll also stand side by side
when the sun eventually comes up
because our generation’s convictions
are more than a storm in a teacup.

—  // Barcelona
Just Write It

Write down what you’d want to know about yourself and your life if you lost your memories, including your knowledge of who you are as a person. Do the same for your OCs.

writing update

the bad news is i haven’t done any writing in >2 weeks because of life, exhaustion, and (happy) distraction from other fandoms and reading fic in them.

the good news is that whenever i spend enough time reading fic i inevitably get frustrated/dissatisfied with the fact that these aren’t my stories for one reason or another, and feel prompted to go write again.

so anyway i’m kicking my own ass into gear and gonna keep working on These Violent Delights to see about getting you guys a chapter up soon <3

it's never too late (to go clubbing)

/// BEFORE ///
you drive, i’m too drunk to touch a wheel (but i get to pick the soundtrack for tonight, yeah?)
you know the streets and roads better than me, anyway – sure, some clogged nostrils but you’ll be fine i have a packet of kleenex in my back pocket, you’ll be fine
we’ll be fine
/// AFTER ///
just say where and we’ll get there, we’ve got a tank of gas it’s full and my legs are wide awake and my head will follow, just say where – hospital? sure, sure
turn the music off? yeah, fine, sure, whatever you say – it’ll be okay, it’ll be fine
we’ll be fine

It is quite unbelievable that there will be people that I will love unconditionally that I have not met yet.
Somewhere out there, in a supermarket or singing in the shower, there are souls that have not touched mine yet but will, eventually.
—  // The Skies We’re Under

People will hold and admire roses so much, they don’t ever realize they’re bleeding from the thorns.

They’re so in love with something that they can’t let go, even when they’re getting hurt.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #44 // @loveactivist