this is such an easy shipping tbh

wings era made me so confused tbh. like seriously i don’t know who i am anymore. what ships do i even ship? it was so easy back then but now? otp? bias? what even is a bias? suddenly i don’t understand the idea of bias anymore because damn. favorite song on the album? favorite solo? yeah, as if. honestly, who am i. who. am. i.

Title: Newlyweds
Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader
Genre: Fluff, some angst
Warnings: Some nudity
A/N: Inspire by The Coat™ tbh. That’s the only excuse I have for this nonsense. I regret nothing

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“Remind me why we couldn’t just stay in the ship?” you asked, pulling your coat tighter around your body. Dark clouds loomed above, threatening to dump a blanket of snow right on top of you at any second.

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tbh i don't see how it's not obvious to anyone that if sns were het, people would be all over it and it undoubtedly would've been canon. nobody would've disputed it. sometimes i think it would've been one of the most popular het ships ever. i see some people say that it still wouldn't have become canon if it were het, because the basis of their relationship is friendship, but it's easy for them to say that now because it's not het. sasuke and naruto are guys. but i can guarantee that if [1/?]

sasuke or naruto had been a girl, those same people would be all over sns because of how fleshed out the relationship is and how deep their bond goes. hell, even if sns had been het and written purely as friends, it still wouldn’t stop those same people from shipping it because they’d see them interacting and interpret their behavior towards each other as romantic, even if it wasn’t romantic. it’s just kind of funny to me that they try so hard to deny it would be canon and deny that it’s [2/3]

heteronormativity that s/s and n/h even happened and would mean sns being canon if it were het, because it’s just. it’s undeniable. make one a girl, and suddenly everyone can see it as romantic. there’s just no denying it. [3/3]

Yes, people mainly deny SNS because of gender. I always see people saying: “They’re not gay” or something like that. They never look at the bond, the development, the meaning behind their words. They overlook all these important elements needed in a relationship simply because they are two guys.

People who say that Sasuke and Naruto can’t have romantic feelings for each other just because they are friends really makes me laugh. What is the basis for a good and healthy relationship? I’m sure it isn’t one-sided crushes. Love is what blooms from friendship. 

There is a reason why so many N/H moments were copied from SNS. You can check out this post which talks about recycled SNS moments. The Last is a prime example of copied SNS moments but I’m sure you know about those already.

I think one of the more important scenes is Hinata “protecting” Naruto from Pain. To be honest, there is nothing romantic about that scene. From Hinata’s point of view maybe. But overall, that scene was pretty plain and a cheap rip-off of Sasuke protecting Naruto from Haku. Like, c’mon, that scene had 10x more emotions and impact.

No one will ever convince me that this isn’t meant to be romantic and that Hinata getting thrown in the air like a ragdoll for some reason is.

Oh and also

Seems familiar, right?

Needless to say, these forced canon pairings actually prove that Sasuke and Naruto could have been canon if only one was a girl :)

tbh miss me with all the tagged gafou hate

Like I’m trying to find ship stuff and there is all this tagged bullshit in the tags.  If you don’t like the ship don’t be around it it’s that easy.  tagging a ship in hate just makes you look like a moron.

I’m thinking of writing a fic entirely set on Earth.  No Voltron or Galra.  Just Humans back on Earth trying to sort all this shit out.  Cause I’m upset with the lack of worldbuilding for Earth tbh. 

It’s easy to say that the show is in the future and people have more advanced technology but how far into the future are we?  How much more advanced is Human technology? 

When the Blue Lion is passing Kerberos, Pidge is amazed at how quickly they got there.  Saying “It takes months for our ships to get out this far.”  Months, only a few months when it currently takes us that long just to get to Mars never mind the edge of the solar system!  Right enough, this isn’t impressive compared to Galra or Altean but this in Human tech and on the subject of technology…

The Galaxy Garrison now has Galra technology.  Not just the pod that Shiro crashed in but half of a sentry as well.  If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s reverse engineering.  In reality, scientists and engineers have probably already sank their teeth into this and with who knows how long its been since episode 1, Humanity might have already found ways to incorporate alien tech into our own.  Further boosting technological advancement.  If they have, is the origins opened to the public or are the Galaxy Garrison keeping it to themselves.

What even are the Galaxy Garrison?!  Are they a future branch of NASA?  Are they something to do with military?  Are they a mix of both?  What have they told everyone that happened?  Remember, there was a full campus(?) of people there, children and adults.  They might have not seen what happened but they could have still seen the pod crash nearby and have saw that it wasn’t just a rock.  Knowing how we are and how the media is, is it crazy to think that somehow it wasn’t all leaked.  Also, Commander Iverson and god knows how many more people saw the Blue Lion fly away from Earth and also saw the Galra Warship chasing after it.

This raises the question.  Did episode 1 reveal to not only the paladins but every Human being on Earth that aliens are out there.  Is it now common knowledge?  If so, what’s the panic that everyone’s in.  How is Humanity taking this?  Even better question.  How are the families taking this?

How is Hunk’s family dealing with losing their son?  Were they lied to by the Garrison only to find out about Aliens?  Only to put two and two together.

How is Lance’s family dealing with losing their son who just wanted to be a pilot?  Did the Garrison lie to them?

What about poor Colleen?  The wife who lost her husband to space.  The mother who lost her son to it as well.  Only to lose her daughter, the only family she has left a year later.  When the Garrison were exposed for lying about the Kerberos mission and that it wasn’t lost due to pilot error, did she cry or was she full of rage.  How did she feel when she watched Pidge fly away on an Alien Blue Lion in a Snapchat video that went viral.

What about Shiros family.  Who mourned the death of their son only to find out that he didn’t die and had been on Earth before he left again on Blue.  Who cried over their boy being blamed for causing the death of himself and the Holts when in fact, he was still alive.  How did they feel when not only did the Garrison wrongly blame him and lie about what happened but they also didn’t tell them that he was alive.  He was alive and they didn’t tell them.  Instead, they had to find out through leaked files and security feeds.

It’s makes me upset that we probably won’t see Earth or the Galaxy Garrison again and that we won’t get some juicy worldbuilding.  I also wish the fandom was talking more about this or writing fic.  I’m really interested in what’s going on back on our little blue planet and would really love to discuss it.  Someone please talk to me about this.

Can I just

Ok, so..

And topping.
And switching.

I have too many opinions on these topics for ships tbh. Like, yes, ok, its easy to see Felix as a top, but like???

Nono, wait-ok, when I first got into Phan right? When I first got into it and started watching them, I saw Dan as a top??

Wait-waitwaitwait, okok. Fuckin Mark. Nobody’s with me on the idea of Mark bottoming??

Why do I never find Top!jack fics??? WHERE IS MY EQUALITY (joke)


also, still being on the topic: why does everybody act like Jack and Felix AND mark arent perfect fuckin switches?? bye imso

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On YouTube in the comment sections, there are so many people who yelling how much they hate now Navy because how evil she is, that she betrayed Steven and that she took the ship and I'm sitting here like: You guys really thought that Navy becomes a Crystal Gems THAT EASY? Out of nowhere? After all the shit the Crystal Gems done to the Rubies, stolen they ship, leave her and her crew alone in space, doesn't give a fuck if they die there...She never showed interest at become a part of them so wtf?

Yeah I’ve seen so many stans hating on Navy. It’s hilarious!! I’m so glad Navy escaped rather than being “redeemed” tbh

Oh it’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do~

wow I had forgotten how easy and relaxing it is to draw hq BoKuro!!! This ship is killing me lately 

are they singing Bruno Mars to each other? Hell yeah they are. Are they actually gonna try to get married and fail since they’re in Japan and underage? Maybe. It depends on how fast and alert Akaashi and Kenma can be, tbh

*sigh* easy where the times before TFA when i was blissfully un-aware and un-bothered about anything star wars or shipping, those where simpler tbh i only (reluctantly) watched TFA cus my dad basically forced the entire family to go together cus he wanted us to bond over star wars..I *sigh*.. god damn it..i could never have forseen *dramatically waves arms around* ALL THIS AND *clutches chest* THIS TO HAPPENED… now i almost feel sick with how much i care and suffer CUS OF REYLO AND STARWARS, LIKE WHY DID END UP HERE WHYYYYYY

Every time I listen to Bated Breath by Tinashe it makes me think of Jonsa tbh.

Especially the lyrics:

But you’re still waiting on the moment breath is bated

I wish I could hold you, I can’t take it
Tell you all my secrets
I’m too faded
Praying that tomorrow I’ll be braver
Maybe I can tell you, maybe we can do this
Kisses on my forehead we can fall into it
Love you like the rain, falls much faster
Living in a piece of ever after

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NO I am still not over this moment!!! Like wtf Jon!! Kit & Sophie just wtf you don’t make it easy! Like yes after this i do ship jonsa (i want them to be bffs but if something romantic happened I wouldn’t gaf). XD

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Why reblog it then if you don't want asks about it? Honestly if you don't want people's opinions, don't voice your own because there are always going to be people who disagree with you and if you aren't prepared for that then don't provoke it in the first place.

I get where ur coming from, normally I dont do that, I try to avoid conflict at all costs tbh. But I did just this once because yeah I do reblog cute art of Yurio and Otabek and it’s probably very easy to assume I ship them based on that. However that’s not the case and it’s very important to me that people know that. And i’ve had this argument time and time again if people would take half a second to click my FAQ, I wouldn’t tag things “don’t send me asks on this”. But hey, if I reblog things in the future and tag like that i’ll be more clear and say “read my faq instead”.

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Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76?


- how often I play them :second most played ( I guess 30+ hours ), I am a horrible player so S76 is the easy choice for me. 
- which maps I like to use them on: ALL tbh 
- which skin I currently have equipped: Bone (to match with reaper/kicked)
- who I ship them with: ONLY WITH REAPER/GABRIEL REYES 

@becquerel @lesbianaldrich @widowtomytracer YEAH TRUE LIKE IM 90% sure emily is supposed to serve zero other purpose than like to make tracer canonically gay. like i appreciate that but like shes just tracers white basic looking personality-devoid girlfriend who has no character other than I LOVE SCARF so yeah. we don’t even know her last name ffs

but for like other ships it’s easy to like theorize dynamics or write fan fiction or whatever but for emilena all we know is that theyre like. at least compatible. its kind of boring and imho widowly is more interesting than emilena cause like idk. I think for the most part canon ships arent as interesting a lot bdcause you cant be as creative with like everything but like theres exceptions (rupphire imo is a really interesting canon ship for example)

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Why did they have to use WestAllen like that to prop up that toxic K*ramel ship....I feel sick after that...

they tried it but failed tbh. like it’s so easy to ignore them cause WA out shines them in every scene. 

Realest OTP: Minjoon

it’s been a while since i talked about a ship with Jimin, right?


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(ft. 200% done hobi)

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(keep it down ppl…)

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the leader and the (somewhat) filial member! (or i heard so?? correct me if im wrong)

tbh they’re just two cuties who work hard at everything they do ^^

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can i be shipped please? whenever you get the time :) no rush. um okay i love pastel colors, acoustic music, violence is a total last resort for me bc it scares me tbh, im rather intelligent, I dye my hair a lot, I love sleeping and naps, I love animals and nature, im kinda sad a lot of the time but oh well um,,, i try my best to be kind to everyone and I suck at giving advice but I always listen when people need it. Please and thanks :) P.s. I love your writing ♡♡

I ship you with Harper Row (BlueBird).

You and Harper seem to have similar personality types, making it easy for you two of bond. She is very smart, tends to be nonviolent in nature, and is kind to everyone. The two of you would get along well together, because you share the same beliefs. Besides, Harper also likes to dye her hair. 

Harper likes to nap as well. The two of you could nap together whenever your schedules line up. After all, the best nap is always had in the company of someone you love. 

Harper would help you through your sadness. She understands what you are going through since she has battled with it herself. No matter what happens, you can always call her to brighten your day. Perhaps, in Harper’s company, you will find the sadness fading away from your life all together. 

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I only knew 4 vhope OTP content creators on tumblr and you've all switched to either vmin or yoonseok or taekook. Like? Why is vhope so hard to ship *sobs*

TT yikes. okay well, to be fair, vhope isn’t one of my OTPs anymore but i still love them and want to make content for them in the future. i luv vhope, i’ll always love vhope, they’re sososo great. i really hope that the community sticks with vhope and I’ll FOREVER maintain that Vhope isn’t hard to ship at all. it’s super easy to ship vhope, just because i don’t ult ship them doesn’t mean that i dislike them any less tbh

Can I please have written ship with BTS?

I’m Jenny. I’m an Asian girl but right now I’m in the US for studying abroad. I don’t know how to describe my traits tbh. I’m childish and always act like a child. I’m 21 years old tho. But my family usually ask “Jenny, when will you be grownup?”. But that doesn’t mean I’m not mature. I care about other people and easy to make friends. I laugh a lot and like to make people laugh too. I love eating, specially fried chicken or just fried food. I would like to learn cooking but I’m just lazy because my family cooks for me. I’m kinda short, just 5ft4 and a half, and weigh 120 pounds. I want to be an actress. I usually read books or fanfics and try to act like the female character in there. But my dream job is to be a Criminal Psychologist because it’s just so cool how you can understand people without even knowing them. However, my major in college is Pharmacy tho 😂 I’m an 4D and crazy person also. I love animals. I love reading books and writing stories (romance comedy genre). I like dancing, singing, etc. I have a tons of hobbies so I can talk with a lot of different kind of people. I’m clumsy af so I always get hurt 😭 I like studying also, but I hate tests and homework 😂 My favorite color is blue, season is winter. Oh wow, this is so long 😂 Thank you for spending time reading this. Like the first time I meet my guy and I’m his fan? Thank you so much! I really love your blog!


And for very obvious reasons, too! He likes making jokes, you like making jokes, he likes eating, you like eating, he likes fried chicken, he likes fried chicken, he’s a good cook, you want to learn how to cook, he likes telling stories, you like writing stories. To add to it, you’re seemingly child-like nature is an clear and natural pairing with Jin who takes on a more father figure role. Though, as you said, you can be mature when need be, and a healthy balance of the two is an admirable trait to carry - something Jin would certainly appreciate about you. Your 4D personality would be charming to him, bringing lots of “what is wrong with her?” moments, and windshield wiper laughs into his life (as if Taehyung wasn’t doing that enough). 

- Admin Dayna

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