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Just to clarify I’m disappointed with the MARKETING for this episode promising a big showdown, not necessarily the CONTENT in regards to my oh-so-precious ship.

Not every ep has to be chock full of nygmobblepot… Tho much much less Jim overall would be so welcome, god the police stuff is boring.

Anyway tho the finale better be amazing for real because compared to most episodes not a lot actually really happened? I am looking forward to what seems like Ed Oz and Fish working together so I’m kind if suspicious about this ep? Like, so little Ed, so little Os, and suddenly working together next episode? And Ed having so many perfect opportunities to murderate boo and just…not doing it? Something will be revealed next week that we don’t yet know, I think. I guess we will see.

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bruh just wanted to say but bless u for compiling this list,, I've been following YoI and the ao3 feed since the first ep of yoi came out and I've been running out fics to find via the kudos search function (talking looking thru the first 16 pages i read 2 much)... so just yes.. you are amazing n thank u <33

Omg!! Thank you! I’m glad you could find some new fics to read!

Wanted: a review

Okay so the Good:
-a slight look at Homeworld. It wasnt much but it still took my breath away
-Blue and Yellow Diamond returning and doing shit for once. Also we see some of their abilities (Blue can make everyone feel her emotion or just makes everyone cry idk and Yellow can use electric attacks which im pretty sure everyone predicted)
-the Zircons were amazing and i love them and they deserved better
-the Off Colours were wonderful, i honestly cant pick a favourite
-Lion backstory??? A weird place to reveal it but idk
-also the animation really improved in this arc which is weird like?? Did they sacrifice quality in the other eps for these three (four if you count Stuck Together) episodes specifically???

The Bad:
-where tf is Aqua and Topaz?? They just disappeared????
-we’re never gonna see another Zircon/these Zircons and that sucks i really liked them
-Steven just abandoned the Off Colours and Lars???? And the special end there?????
-Greg helped the gems try to get to Steven but we never see his reaction to hearing the news i kinda wish we saw that

tl;dr: the arc has some major problems but i still really enjoyed them. The Off Colours were all amazing and unique and im personally adopting all of them. Im also keeping both Zircons and wishing that Lars got better than what he got. Hopefully the next episode will continue on this arc and not be some mindless filler


a few things:

1. OUR comrade and lover? 👀👀👀 

2. present day with ray of sunshine Seol and drama queen Se Ju is fun and all but the real, meaty plot is in the occupation era timeline. Soo Hyeon the nightclub singer and resistance fighter is glorious. and the amount of shit she gives Hwi Yeong?? amazing. also Hwi Yeong nervously waiting on her opinion on his manuscript? amazing!!! these two are going to break my heart, and i’m so here for it.

3. Yoo Ah In looks much, much better when he isn’t missing the bottom half of his hair. just saying.

It is (was) way too hot for my liking today and yesterday. So I took a break from my studies and watched 10 episodes of Yoo Na’s Street in the last 24h.

Not only am I able to binge-watch this show but it’s great just watching in chunks like 1-2 episodes per week or even watch a few episodes, leave the drama for 2 months and then continue watching. That’s how amazing this drama is to me, everything is possible. You are all missing out on something if you haven’t even giving this show a try!

I can’t wait to finish Yoo Na’s Street now. It’s not going to be as hot the next couple of days, so I’ll be back at the library the whole day. But I’ll totally try to squeeze 1-2 episodes into my daily schedule, so that I can finish Yoo Na’s Street until next week (I’m at ep 35 now).

And as I can’t seem to get enough 50 episode dramas, I’m excited to start a new one as soon as I’m done with Yoo Na’s Street: Ojakgyo Brothers! It’s been sitting on my HDD for 1 ½ years now, so it’s finally time!

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Can we get some Ojiro being a daredevil fanboy?


  • Started out thinking it was just gonna be an alright series, he wasn’t expecting a lot really. 
  • He’d always been a fan of the comics, though not every single version, and thought it was time someone redeemed poor Matt Murdock from what Hollywood did to him.
  • Sits through the first ep like yeah this is pretty good.
  • Then
  • That scene
  • You know which one
  • One continuous take. 
  • He sat there losing his mind over how amazing the cinematography and the impact of the sound effects. He re-watches it at least 3 times over just to appreciate it all. 
  • So he fell in love with the show and watched it all in one go.
  • The Nobu fight scene is one of his kinks tbh
  • *chanting* Wilson Fisk
  • He just really loves that first season in all it’s glory; from artistic pov to narrative it was all really well put together. 
  • Season 2 happens.
  • He wants to hate The Punisher and everything he stands for but he’s just so cool and so amazingly played out. He considers him to be the highlight of season 2. 
  • *chanting* Wilson Fisk 
  • Loves most of the villains for this series. Enjoys it as a whole. Is more excited for The Defenders than season 3. 
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Obi-Wan and Anakin on Christmas

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