this is such an amazing book thank you forever tris

Justlex With Guitar!Alex and Smitten!Justin

Request: Hi!!! You’re amazing at writing, it’s so good!! I was wondering if I could make a Justlex request where Alex is playing the guitar, and Justin is just obsessed and obviously smitten? They’re so cute together! Thank you!!!


A/N: I’m so sorry this took me forever. I hope you like! :)


Warnings: None.


Justlex With Guitar!Alex and Smitten!Justin…

  • Okay so Alex puts a lot of pressure on himself to be good at guitar

  • Even after he quits jazz band he wants to be amazing at it
  • He watches tutorials on all the tricks

  • And he buys heaps of song books to try and learn the classic stuff
  • His usual practice room becomes his bedroom

  • Of course the neighbours can hear him, but he tries not to think about that
  • He’s too shy to have someone hear him without other instruments backing him up

  • It’s one afternoon after school when he’s practicing that Justin catches him
  • The boy had climbed up to his window, and he hadn’t noticed until he turned and around when Justin applauded

  • “What the hell are you doing?”
  • “I came to see you”

  • “I have a front door”
  • “You’re good you know”

  • Justin climbed in the window and pleaded for Alex to keep playing
  • Alex was blushed completely red, and he continued to refuse Justin’s pleading

  • Eventually though Alex gave in, and with shaky fingers he began to play again
  • Justin sat down on the bed beside him, and he smiled like an idiot as he listened to Alex play

  • He wouldn’t let Alex stop playing until his fingers physically couldn’t handle it anymore
  • After that Justin always made Alex play for him

  • If he couldn’t be there when Alex played they were usually on the phone to each other
  • Once Alex got more comfortable he’d usually hum or softly sing a song for him too, which Justin just loved

  • Those little songs turned into love songs, and after Justin finally figured that out he made sure to kiss Alex the next time they met up
  • Alex wasn’t sure how a simple guitar could change both of their lives so much- but he was finally happy, so he didn’t dwell on it

  • They spent so much time cuddled up in Alex’s room together, Alex lazily dancing his fingers over the guitar strings as they lay there half asleep
  • It became the most comforting thing in the world to Justin, and he liked to see Alex with his guard down like that

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