this is such a silly movie


I’m not deluded. I know there are plenty of athletes more deserving of publicity than me. And I would like to apologize if my silly antics have cast a shadow over their achievements. […] I know I originally only intended to jump 70 meters. But as people much wiser than me say: Competing the Olympics doesn’t mean anything as you sell yourself short. I didn’t come here as a novelty act. And I will not be coming home as one.
Eddie the Eagle (2016)

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Since you're talking abt LaS I really need to ask if you remember Keoni?? I mean he was so useless and his only occupation is as "Lilo's crush". Tbh that only seems to show how silly the show would get when it came to love interests

I forgot about him but what even is there to remember.

Giving Lilo an older guy to crush on really doesn’t go with her character consitering she’s like 5-6 in the original movie…

Even if she’s older in the cartoon Keoni really doesn’t come across as the person that would be Lilo’s first crush…

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Noooooo, I love this blog!! ^^ Silly ask: Do you have any songs you associate with each character (RFA + minor trio)? ^^

God Bless



  • Genuinely he listens to mostly video game tracks?
  • And tracks from movies
  • He listens to Nickelback unironically, like he genuinely enjoys Nickelback
  • After that he listens to Alternative rock, and occasionally pop
  • Basically everything suits his fancy but oh mY GOD IF YOU TURN COUNTRY MUSIC ON AROUND HIM HE WILL DECK YOU
  • You ask Jaehee, she got wrecked


  • Yoosung’s favorite song of all time is Cyan’s theme from FFVI
  • A song he always skips on his playlist is Far Away by Nickelback
  • Songs he is currently obsessed with are Move Along by the All-American Rejects and Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses



  • As everyone would guess, Zen loves listening to various musicals
  • He also absolutely ADORES rap music
  • When he was in his gang that’s almost all they would listen to
  • So he actually raps like hell
  • Zen can’t have an all time favorite because depending on what he’d playing in it changes


  • Zen’s favorite song currently is Never Getting Rid of Me from Waitress, it’s just got a fun tune and he loves singing along with it
  • He absolutely HATES the song To Break in a Glove from Dear Evan Hansen because it brings up bad memories for him
  • Although he will never admit this to anyone, he loves Nicki Minaj



  • Although she doesn’t listen to music often, she does tend to turn the radio over to a country station
  • She’s also that person that listens to Christmas music all year long because she doesn’t give a damn
  • And of course we know she’s bought all of the CD’s for Zen’s musicals to listen to


  • Jaehee’s favorite song is White Christmas and she can listen to it on repeat
  • Because she doesn’t listen to music often she doesn’t have too many preferences but she fucking hates the song Red Solo Cup
  • That song can burn in hell in her opinion



  • Jumin really enjoys instrumental pieces, not necessarily classical, but he isn’t the biggest fan of lyrical
  • He’s had his fair share of nights where he listens to OSTs of TV shows, video games, etc
  • He does enjoy a few lyrical songs every now and then
  • But these songs have to have gentler voices, where it almost lulls you to sleep


  • Jumin all-time faovrite is Gold by Spandau Ballet-but only the version with the extended intro, which he finds absolutely beautiful
  • He’s also fond of Inferno and Le Parfum De Fleurs from the YOI OST
  • Once V tried to introduce him to music box versions of songs and Jumin liked them at first, but the high notes hurt Elizabeth’s ears so he doesn’t listen to them anymore
  • Over everything, he prefers violin and piano pieces
  • Follows BigRicePiano on YouTube religiously



  • Seven is like Yoosung in most regards
  • He loves video game tracks and all
  • But he only listens to Photograph by Nickelback ironically
  • I also head cannon Seven composed all of the music for the messenger


  • Seven’s favorite song is actually Zen’s theme aka Narcissistic Jazz
  • He loves anything hat has insane trombone parts, and even random vibraslap parts
  • Seven also hates Christmas musci for obvious reasons
  • It’s his life goal though, to make an entire Halloween music album



  • V doesn’t quite listen to music, he finds it somewhat tedious because he gets really bad headaches fairly easily
  • He can only stand Jumin’s music because it’s much softer than everyone else’s
  • He absolutely hates practically everything Yoosung and Seven listen to


  • The only songs V can listen to without getting a migraine are really light piano songs
  • Even then it’s iffy
  • He’s just not a huge fan in general



  • Saeran listens to anything and everything, whatever sounds good to him he’ll go with
  • He tends to lean towards rock and alternative rock but he does hit up slower lighter songs
  • The few pieces of music he hates include everything Seven listens to
  • Kiddo absolutely loves everything with a good beat or bass line. He’s practically in Nirvana when a song has both


  • Saeran listens to a lot of various musicians off YouTube because he doesn’t quite know where else to look
  • With instrumental pieces he prefers the cello or saxophone
  • His most listened to track on his phone is Young and Beautiful be Lana Del Ray but a close second is Here Comes Revenge by Metallica
( Thiam as Nolan’s parent’s- Part 5)

( Theo vs family movie night.)

Theo: This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. *He states while taking a large handful of popcorn.*

Liam: *Elbows Theo hard in the side and moves the popcorn bowl away from him in punishment.* Theo. *Tone laced with warning.*

Nolan: It’s not dumb!! *He adds defensively.*

Theo: It’s about an infestation of talking bugs. What the hell does this even teach? Anti-Raid?

Liam: *Rubs his eyes in ever growing annoyance.* Probably friendship and teamwork or something. Just shut up and watch the movie.

***5 mins later***

Theo: *Shifts in his spot on the couch going a bit stir-crazy.* This is just painful.

Liam: *Groans* It’s JUST a movie, dumbass.

Nolan:  *Copies his Dad’s groan.* Dumbass, it’s just a movie! *Turns his attention back to the movie.*

Theo: *Glares at Liam* Oh good job, Liam. Anything else you’d like to teach him?

Liam: *Shoots Theo an irritated look.* Nolan, you don’t call your Papa that, alright?

Nolan: *Spins his head.*…But you did.  *Squints his eyes at Liam, not buying that crap.*

Theo: You’re right, he did. *Smirks* What should we do about this, Liam?

Liam: Well, you see Nolan, what I did there is something adults call a double standard. Only grown-ups get to use it though, okay Nolan? You’ll understand when you’re older. *Shrugs and continues watching the movie.*

Theo: *Shoots Liam the “What the fuck?” glare that Liam doesn’t even notice thanks to the movie.* “And you were complaining about my parenting?” *He contemplates.*

Nolan: *Gears grinding.* Only adults can call Papa, a dumbass?

Liam: Uh…yeah *Grins* Exactly. *Nods his head lazily in approval, without looking away from the screen.*

Theo: *Blown away at the passive-aggressive, betrayal.* Liam!?

Nolan: *Watching his parents not so subtle argument in mild frustration.* Umm…I’ll just watch this on my own next time, okay guys? *He forgets why he even suggested movie night again after the Lilo and Stitch disaster.*

(Turns out watching a movie based on an alien genetic-experiment didn’t sit well with the genetically enhanced chimera (Who knew.) Liam mistakenly thought that maybe Theo would bond with the character for the same reason… He bonded with it all the way out to the garbage can. Liam lost his movie picking privileges that night.)

Here’s all you need to know about Zhora Salome. This is a post from her blog. Stupid Berlinale shit, fandom policing, immature “I’m a better fan than you are” horseshit aside- this is who she is.

She is a person who would liken a few blogs gossiping about celebrities to people who literally want to kill anyone who isn’t white. She is attempting to compare the views of white supremacists with the views of people who think a silly 3 month fling for publicity was fake. Do you see the psychosis? A group who murdered millions of people in ovens vs 6-7 Tumblr blogs who wrote sarcastic comments and posted gossip articles mocking rich celebrities.

This is why she is so problematic and vile. This is why she is so bad for the fandom and for Tom. Imagine logging into Tumblr for the first time to see what the Tom fandom is all about after seeing him for the first time in a movie and that’s what you come across?

She’s also German for Christ’s sake! Don’t they teach history there? She could never gain my respect after a post like that and that’s why she deserves all the dragging she gets.

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different person here but i find the pennywise attraction thing kind of fucked up (rather than just weird) because he's meant to be like a physical embodiment of hate or something like that and has no empathy.. especially ppl who are putting him in gay ships bc he takes a gay guy whos being harassed kills and eats him in front of his lover in the book or something? i haven't read it just excerpts but it seems weird to me to dumb down and cutesify that kind of thing ykno? it kind of ignores a lot

ok that part in the book sounds fucked up but speaking strictly from the movie (how he’s like jst a hateful entity that lives off fear or whatever) Ppl like that shit u see it with all those silly evil characters that are meant to embody everything bad some ppl just have a tendency to like them. I dont understand it and im basing it off of how ppl have reacted to similar characters in the past but really there is nothing wrong with some ppl having a fictional crush on a fictional clown it hurts no one. The gay pairing stuff though with like with the babadook and shit i agree it’s ugly as FUCK ppl shouldve never let that happen


Some people get grumpy that marvel movies are too silly all the time, YET WHAT DO THEY EXPECT WHEN MARVEL CASTS LITERAL CHILDREN IN ADULT BODIES FOR THE SUPERHERO ROLES?!!