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iron: *walks in wearing a Big Hat™ and some sunglasses, wearing a shirt with a pic of his old mixtape “ixtape” on it*

the judge: :) iron u’ve returned to smtm??? glad to see u trying again!!

iron: oh shit i,uh, my name isn’t iron,,, my name is *looks at his hand* platinum :)

the judge: uh okay?

iron: yea actually i’ve never heard of this “iron” guy but he sounds pretty cool haha maybe ill buy his mixtape thats titled “Ixtape” on iTunes for 99¢, a quality mixtape really it was produced by several talented artists and-

the judge: just rap for me please

iron: alright… *starts up a diss to SMTM3 judges, idol rappers, bobby, and the korean government for putting him in jail*

the judge: what was ur name again? are u sure ur not iron?

iron: :) my name is platinum :) i’ve never heard of this rapper u talk about. what was his name again? Iron, Jung Hunchul, born January 8, 1992 on a sunny day in the morning at exactly 7:23am-

u n f o r g e t t a b l e

  PBG was not one who forgot things.

  Often, this was an endearing quality that his friends teased him about. That one soccer game- his second one at the academy, Jeff never let him live down his embarrassing freak out at the unfair score, which was, aptly so, 11-12. There was also the one time where he was chastised for fainting during health class. In his defense, those things ‘should not have been showed in a first-year class,’ or so he said.

  His friends joked around with him, he flushed, and then moved on, simple as that.

  There was one thing, however. Something he never told his friends about, as he was afraid of being mocked by his fellow club members, That girl, from all those years prior. It wasn’t his fault that he still retained feelings for the pink-haired little girl from his childhood. She had the aura. So kind and gentle, always there for him.

  He wondered where she was now.

  Or, at least he used to.

  “My name’s Hana Mizuno.”

  Silence engulfed the classroom. PBG’s heart thudded in his chest, his thoughts amok, and he willed his mind to still, stop racing for just a moment. A moment to comprehend what was happening. Same pink hair, same black, thin-framed glasses, same sea-like green eyes. He saw her eyes linger over him, her pupils tiny in fear. He realized that his face was locked in a frown.

  “I transferred from Amaririsu Public School.” Despite his countless tries to calm his racing heart, the name echoed in his thoughts. Amaririsu… he seemed to recall that name from the deepest depths of his memories. “I’m really excited, and I hope you’ll all take care of me.”

  She bowed her head respectfully before rushing back to her desk, head down. PBG let his face slacken into less of a glower and more of a neutral expression, even a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He spotted her gaze flicker over to him once again, before taking her seat next to a red-haired girl who whispered to her excitedly.

  Biting his tongue, he turned his head towards Hana, analyzing her. A rounded nose, smoothed down, messy pink hair, large eyes fringed by her glasses. The girl looked at him, and almost instantly, his attention quickly snapped back to Miss. Shizuka’s lecture.

  It was her. It had to be.

  So naturally, he was excited when he avoided Jon’s gaze, hoping he’d get the message to ask Shane to do his project with him instead. Hana looked lost, her red-haired friend taken by another familiar looking student. He took the bait and scooted his desk over to hers.

  An electric jolt rippled through his stomach as he began the conversation. She seemed a little tentative, unlike his childhood best friend.

  “Do you like apple cider?”



  If this Hana was the same Hana as before, she clearly did not recognize him. Though feeling dejected, he didn’t want to give up on her. Upon asking her to come to his soccer game, he waited in anticipation, tension building up between them, fully aware that Jeff was looking from her to him with a faint smirk.

  “That sounds fun!” A weight lifted from his shoulders. It was like a personal victory. Her agreeing to this was like one step to him learning more about her, right?

  “Great! Well, see you tomorrow then. I’ll make sure to bring my thinking cap,” he joked, his ears starting to burn. He grinned at her, waving goofily, his smile wide. Hana returned the gesture and turned to walk her own way.

  Jeff jabbed PBG in the ribs with his elbow. He clutched his abdomen, giving him a confused look. But Jeff was just looking at him knowingly, his mouth pulled up at one side, his eyebrows knit.

  “Someone has a cr-u-ush~” he cooed, seeming fully satisfied as the other boy’s face darkened to a red colour.

  “Shut up!” his face dawned worry on it. “Don’t tell anyone, okay?” he pleaded.

  “Your secret is safe with me!” Jeff made exaggerated hand motions, ‘crossing his heart’ and ‘sticking a needle in his eye.’

  It was her. It had to be!

  She was unforgettable.

  And he was in love.