this is such a pretty music video

I am super delayed on posting merch I’ve bought (a mix of being very busy and also a bit lazy lol) but this music box was one of the things I was looking forward the most when I preordered it, so it’s almost a crime I haven’t posted it yet! 

I got reminded of it thanks to @sugarplum-senpai (I am still waiting to see yours, don’t be like me and procrastinate for days/weeks!!! haha) so I finally uploaded a video and some photos of it ^^.

Excuse the poor quality of the video (and the background noise from the fish tank lmao) but I think it’s enough to give you an idea! 

It really is beautiful, I was worried that would it be smaller than it is but thankfully its size is pretty normal for a music box. It’s also really well done and there’s a lot of care on the details! And of course the best part is that Eren and Levi image on the inside ♡(ŐωŐ人).

I’m really happy with my purchase, this one is definitely one of the most unique merchandise pieces I’ve bought! And as you can see my little Eren and Levi loved it too, hehe (ノ▽〃).


I am very in love with the music video for New Rules by Dua Lipa. 

The other day I sent someone (I forgot who??) an anon ask, saying something along these lines: “a concept: new rules by dua lipa music video, with everything the same, except all the girls are replaced with bnha boys”

So I made this.

I’m not rlly good at editing photos so I’m sorry this is pretty bad but I had to do it



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