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Dating Alex Includes

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  • You’re both super sarcastic and everyone thought you hated each other at first  
  • “Hey Standall, the bleach get to your brain yet?”
  • “Hey (Y/L/N) the shit out of your personality yet?”
  • There were never any shy moments. The two of you had constant wit battles just going back and forth with dumb comments
  • You both make really stupid jokes and comments no one else finds funny
  • But the two of you will be dying of laughter
  • The guys can’t stand being with both of you because you both just roast them all
  • But you’re always hanging out with the guys and pretty much became part of their group
  • You have this ongoing competition to find the most ridiculous music to send to eachother. He won when he sent you a classical version of Barbie Girl.
  • He doesn’t admit it but he’s a major video game nerd and you two have COD matches every weekend, the loser pays for the next date.
  • But you usually lose anyways
  • Most of your dates and cheesy movie nights at one of your houses, which usually includes a pillow fort and a bunch of monster drinks.
  • Watching him play guitar and being surprised by his talent every time 
  • Singing along when he plays your favorite songs
  • Dates at Monet’s. You two have an ongoing competition to see who can make it through the menu first
  • Showing your love with sarcasm

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In my opinion shawn doesn't have a type of girl. I think that because he always said that he likes brunettes,than he said he likes blondes more and than brunettes.he always change his mind. I don't think he focuses his mind on these things and he said this in a recent interview. I'm saying this because I've noticed that lots of fans are worried about that. I don't know why the girls in the music videos look the same but maybe,it isn't his choice. *

Second part: * I don’t think he’s looking for a perfect girl in looks. Obviously she has to be pretty or cute but it’s not necessary to be a model to him and lots of things he said makes me think that. Again,I’m saying this because I’ve seen that some fans are sad about the “type” thing and I truly believe in what I said before. Love your account,you’re always nice and honest. Keep going girl!💪🏻

As far as I know about casting people for music videos the artists actually doesn’t say much when it comes to the casting part of it. There are mostly professional casting directors over that part of it and it’s not Shawn’s to pick entirely on his own. There are people in Shawn’s team who stood for putting this video together practically (making sure everything was there and went as it was supposed to) and I’m pretty sure those people casted Ellie as well. Sure, she was probably brought in to see if her and Shawn had chemistry on screen and could act well together but it’s not like Shawn looked through a book of girls, pointed one out and went like “I’m picking that one.” This is a professional music video - it has nothing to do with Shawn’s personal “type” in girls - it’s completely work related. There’s nothing personal from his side on picking the girl - she was working, it was a job. Ellie was a job for Shawn as well (not to be rude against her, she’s amazing) - it’s all about finding an actor who fits the part they’re playing, who connects with him and who has chemistry with him instantly, because that was what this video needed from their point. Great on-screen chemistry. It was what she was paid to do. Shawn didn’t pick this girl on his own (IF he was even involved in picking the girl at all, chance he might not have been at all is rather big), he didn’t pick the girl in Treat You better on his own, he didn’t pick the girl in Never Be Alone on his own. The team behind the music video did that because that’s their job. Finding an actor who can play the part they want, who can act as they’d like and who can snap into a role that fits the story in the video. And it has nothing to do with what Shawn “prefers” personally when it comes to girls, it was work. 

I get that people can be critical about any artists’ across the worlds music videos and the girls that are mostly - ALL OVER THE WORLD - picked out, because surely there’s a stereotype when it comes to that, but Shawn didn’t pick this girl from some book and said he wanted her. It’s how the music industry is when it comes to music videos and it’s not Shawn nor his team that needs to change, it’s our society when it comes to music videos. It’s everyone in the business of making and casting girls for music videos, movies and so on that needs to change something to have an impact. Because yes, it’s a lot of times the same type of girls, but it’s the industry and not the artists who made the rules. Are the “rules” dumb? Yes. Does it make a whole lot of boys and girls insecure about their looks? Yes. Does it need to be changed? Yes. But that talk is a whole fucking lot bigger than Shawn’s team casting a red haired girl for all three videos.

Also you’re very kind and sweet, thank you. :)

ID # 76562

Name: Rowen
Age: 15
Country: USA

I enjoy writing, drawing, and most kinds of music (anywhere from panic at the disco and ac/dc to lady gaga and love songs from the 50’s, I like a variety). I can be kind of introverted at first but pretty excitable once I feel more comfortable. I have a passion for video games, disney movies, and musicals. I’m also into youtube, voltron, yuri on ice, supernatural, and books. It would be nice to chat about some of these things, but I’m totally open to getting into and hearing about other things too! I’m an accepting person and am down for talking with you as long as you’re nice and open minded as well!

Preferences: I would like to stay somewhere around my age (so like 13- 17ish). It would be kinda cool to talk someone who knows French because I’m interested in learning it. Other than that anyone’s cool as long as you’re okay with memes and my weird sense of humor.

does anyone remember or vaguely recognize this cartoon

it’s a pretty obscure cartoon that aired in China, I remember watching it some years ago when I was there, and it was mildly enjoyable?

 I doubt that many people know about it, it’s really hard to find any content or info (it seems the only well-known cartoon in China is the one about the sheep and wolf)… but if someone does happen to find the episodes, or any content of this online, then maybe link me please?

the title was called “Coming Haibao” or “海宝来了“

here’s a music video based featuring the theme song:

he wears a pink shirt sometimes

this is a cartoon about the Shanghai 2010 Expo mascot, Haibao (海宝). interestingly, the cartoon spinoff isn’t mentioned in the character’s wikipedia page

yeah it looks pretty decent compared to a lot of other chinese cartoons that exist, which are often times ripoffs of other existing cartoons. 

to avoid confusion, I believe HaiBao got another cartoon series but with different chaarcters and a different story called “Shao Lin Hai Bao / 少林海宝”.

i dont remember watching that though.  if anyone even knows about this cartoon franchise, please tell me.

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YES !!! GOD I LOVR HER SO MUCH IM SO GLAD SHES GETTING MORE RECOGNITION !! I used to talk about her to Tom so much bajdkskd she’s so pretty I have a lowkey crush on her Bc she’s perfect aaaaaaa

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So I've been watching your Carisi videos on YouTube. One of the cool things is that I'm discovering songs I have never heard of. :) And ofc I rewatch the videos cuz I need to maintain a healthy dose of Sonny, so the songs grow on me. Arctic Monkeys are pretty catchy.

Aren’t they though?? @am-i-right-counselor turned me onto them not too long ago, and I couldn’t get their songs out of my head. That’s actually what initially inspired me to start making videos! 

And I’m so glad to know that I’m helping to share new music with people (while also supplying some Sonny goodness). 

Thank you for watching!

ID #65613

Name: Aaron
Age: 20
Country: United States

Howdy hey! Queer Latinx guy here!

I’m currently a junior studying Cinema and Journalism. I’ve never had a pen pal before so I think this might be fun. As you might expect, I love all things film and video. I also enjoy video games, music, and drawing.

It would be pretty cool to get in touch with some other film students but that’s not a requirement :)

Preferences: Not really, all are welcome

how to achieve the “2000s music video” look, aside from obvious things like styles and trends and sets

-low frame rate
-harsh lighting/shadows
-high contrast in post
-make the image square (that’s optional) just as long as the image fills the screen vertically

boom. now you know


Top music videos with wlw in random order

Only A Girl by Gia

Heart Won´t Forget by Matoma & Gia

Night Go Slow by Catey Shaw

Sick of Losing Soulmates

Wasted Youth by FLETCHER

gonna leave the stripped version around too..

Ghost by Halsey

Strangers by Halsey ft. Lauren Jauregui

both pretty bi

Bad At Love by Halsey

Girl Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko, a classic

SLEEPOVER by Hayley Kiyoko

Cliffs Edge by Hayley Kiyoko

personal fav

anything by Hayley Kiyoko, the girl´s pretty gay

She Likes Girls by Metro Station

I Found A Girl by The Vamps

Live And Learn by Andrés Badler

Her Lover by Ally Hills

not an original but the girl fucking deserves it

also Space by Ally Hills

Explosion by Zolita

Holy by Zolita

She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert

Know Your Name by Mary Lambert

Against The Night by Child Actor

Jenny by BETS

Horizon by Luna Blake

Hands Of Love by Miley Cyrus

Potions by SEE


Green Light Killer by SEE

A Little Death by The Neighbourhood

I Don´t Do Boys by Elektra

ur so gay by Katy Perry

I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry

Supergirl by Ana Naklab

Addicted to you by Avicii

One More Day by SISTAR

Bestie by Sizzy Rocket

What´s it gonna be by Shura

Backyard Girl by The Happy Mess

Stars Beyond by Rooms

On Your Side by The Veronicas

Fast Car dance video by Leah Maurizio

Dots and Dashes by Silversun Pickups

Boyfriend by Aziza Cree

GIRLS/GIRLS/BOYS by Panic! At the Disco

Wait Up For You by The Belle Game

Move On by Garden City Movement

Apologize by Matilda

Jenny by Studio Killers

We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow by Soko

Fórmula by Reyno

All The Things She Said by t.A.T.u

Invencible by Borgeous


memories by  KSHMR and BASSJACKERS ft SIRAH

if you know more let me know!!



also wanted to know if you guys would support me opening a youtube channel? even thought i have 0 ideas of what will my first video be about lmaooo comment pls

update: my vid url

a lil love would be appreciated, lovee uuu byeeee:)



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Well what do we have here?

Let’s take a look:

  • (K-Pop) BLACKPINK, our favorite color, jumped eight spots to No. 8 — our favorite number. 
  • (Web Stuff) Camp Camp (No. 12) is the new camp across the lake from Camp Fando.
  • (Music) Y'all had some Wild Thoughts about Rihanna’s new hit, which bumped her up eight spots to No. 5.
  • (Celebrities) Todd Howard (No. 15) from Bethesda Softworks joins the celebrity list. He’ll be re-released every year from now on.
  • (Video Games) In Super Mario Odyssey (No. 4) Mario can double jump into your soul. Circe would be impressed.
  • (Anime & Manga) We’re hot to trot on the new Dragon Ball Z (No. 18). You play Goku, which is a pretty sweet kaioken—like, times 50. 

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Ah, yes, this is serious:

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