this is such a pathetic birthday present ; ;

An incomplete list of the different answers Andrew has given reporters when they have asked why he and his ex-teammate turned rival Neil wear matching armbands:

  • “Kevin’s marking his new exclusive court team with the armbands. So far we’re the only ones picked.”
  • “It only took a few months of knowing him to know he was going to be my mortal enemy, so I marked him with the armbands so everyone would know.”
  • “Neil Josten is a copycat piece of shit with no sense of personal style.”
  • “We’ve been together since university. We secretly live together. We own cats. It’s disgusting.”
  • “The armbands are how Wymack marked the worst troublemakers on his team. Neil was so awful no one managed to rank after him.”
  • “Neil lost a bet and has to wear those armbands for ten years.”
  • “They’re to hide our matching sleeve tattoos from a drunken night his freshman year.”
  • “I forgot about his birthday and had an extra pair lying around so I used them as a shitty present. He’s been wearing them for years. Pathetic.”
  • “What armbands? I have never seen him wear armbands.”
  • “Wymack marked his best players with them. What a shame his own son didn’t earn any. Kevin cried the day Neil got his.”
  • “Which one’s Neil again? Is he that really tall dealer? No? Then who am I thinking of?”
  • “Nicky gave us the same gifts every year because apparently ‘we are impossible to shop for’.”
  • “Wymack marked the players that smoke with armbands ‘as black as our lungs are going to turn’ to try to shame us into quitting.”
  • “They used to be friendship bracelets, but now they mark my burning hatred for him.”
  • “Neil Josten changes his appearance so suddenly and extremely, we had to mark him so we would recognize him when he showed up to practice. I guess he got used to wearing them.”
  • “Neil’s so pale if his arms see direct sunlight, he gets third degree burns. No one knows why. It’s just his arms. Doctors are stumped.”
  • “He stole them from me years ago and wears them at all times to taunt me. And so that I can’t steal them back.”
  • “He hides knives in them. He’s a real danger to himself and everyone around him. I can’t believe no one’s stopped him yet.”

No one fully believes any of the answers and they’re all taken as sarcastic.


“It’s pathetic to lose against a single child.”
Todoroki Shouto for @miyukei; happy birthday to the lovely Dan ♡

What Birthday? (Requested)

“Can you do one where her forgets her birthday and she doesn’t tell him and acts normal. Then he finds out a couple days later through her friends and feels really bad? ”

Aaaah this was gonna just be fluff and then it turned smutty, hope this is all good! Enjoy!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests for future oneshots, you can ask me HERE.

2762 words.

Harry sighed, frustrated, silencing the phone that was vibrating for the third time in a row. “Sorry,” he smiled tightly, looking up to meet the eyes of the sound technician sat across from him. “No worries mate. Must be important if the girl is trying for the third time. Answer it,” he nodded, shuffling to stand up. “Got some stuff to do before we go home anyway, just come and find me once you’re done,” he confirmed, offering Harry a quick smile before loping off towards the sound desk. Harry sighed again, finger sliding across the screen of his phone to answer call.

“’Lo?” he answered, his voice gruff. “Hey love,” she replied, her voice bubbling through his speaker. “Wha’s going on?” he asked, his tone short and frustration evident. “Oh,” she paused, her voice falling slightly. “I was… I was just wondering what time you’d be home,” she asked softly. “I don’ know,” he sighed, his fingers coming up to massage his tense brow. “Still in the studio. There’s this one track I can’ fuckin’ get sorted…” he muttered. There was another short pause. “Okay,” she mumbled. “Don’ wait up,” he answered, yawning widely. “Okay,” she repeated. Another pause. “Love you,” she said, her voice hesitant. “You too,” he answered, not waiting to see if there was more before hanging up, slumping back for a second before pulling himself up reluctantly. “Tim? Mate? Ready to keep going,” he called.


Hours later, Harry finally stumbled through their front door, almost seeing stars he was so exhausted. He dropped his keys on the hall table, shrugging off his coat and toeing off his shoes before making his way clumsily to their bedroom. He smiled as his eyes dropped to her familiar figure, curled in a ball with one of his sweatshirts hugged close to her chest. His smile didn’t last long though, his tired eyes squinting at her features. Her brow was furrowed, and there were tear tracks staining her cheeks, a few small smudges of mascara decorating the pillow her head lay on. Harry pulled off his jeans and tshirt, sliding in as gently as possible next to her, a hand reaching up to stroke through her messy curls and lips finding her forehead. 

“Harry…” she mumbled, eyes flickering open. “Oh, love… Baby… Wha’ are these tears for?” he whispered, a thumb stroking across her cheek as he shuffled a little closer. Her lips curled inwards, pursing slightly. “Just… Just that time of the month,” she murmured, offering him a weak smile. Harry’s shoulders dropped, smiling back at her. “Ah. Though’… Dunno. Somethin’ bad had happened,” he whispered, arms opening up for her. “C’mere,” he encouraging, sighing happily as she shuffling into his embrace, face nuzzling in against his bare chest. He felt himself finally relaxing, as he so often did when he finally got home and in bed with the wonderful woman pressed so close to him now. “Swee’ dreams, beau’iful,” he murmured, pressing a couple of gentle kisses to the top of her head.


Harry chuckled, shaking his head as he took a sip of his drink. Dinner with Katie was a reasonably common occurrence. She had been the one to introduce him to his better half, in fact, her and Katie were best friends. Katie and Harry went back as long as he could remember, and her friendship was comfortable and easy. He trusted her judgement, and so when Katie had said she had a friend she thought Harry should meet, he didn’t hesitate. Fast track a year and a half later and Harry was eternally grateful to Katie. Without her, he wouldn’t be this happy, and a huge chunk of his life would be missing. 

“So curly… Did you treat her right?” she asked as their laughter subsided. “Wha’?” he asked, confused. “Our girl. Yesterday…?” she frowned, her expression matching his own confusion. “Yesterday?” he repeated back at her. “Her… Oh. Fuck. Haz…” she murmured, biting her lip, her eyes dropping to the table. “Wha’?” he pressed, leaning towards to her, his forehead crinkling. “Her birthday. It was… It was yesterday. She said you spent the day together,” she finished, her voice soft as her eyes met his. His eyes widened, mouth popping open. “Oh my god. Fuck! Oh fuck… Oh fuck, Kates, I forgo’! I forgo’ her- Okay, I have ter… I…” he mumbled, scrambling to grab his keys and wallet, throwing down more than enough money to cover their dinner and pecking a quick kiss to her cheek. “Have ter go, thank you, love yeh!” he called, rushing out of the restaurant. 


Harry burst through the door, arms laden with bags, his face still holding the same anxious expression it obtained upon finding out his mistake. “Harry!” she chirped, rushing at him and throwing her arms around his neck. “You did it! Jeff said you did it! The album! You finished this morning!” she exclaimed. The bags slipped from his arms and he wrapped them around her frame, his face nuzzling in against her neck, eyes filled with tears. Even after what he’d done, here she was, encouraging and supporting him selflessly. He whimpered, a small sob catching in his throat. “Harry… Baby…” she murmured, pulling back, her hands finding his cheeks. “What?” she asked gently.  

“Yer birthday. M’such a dick,” he whispered. She smiled sadly, shaking her head and pulling him towards the couch. He rubbed the tears from his eyes, looking up at her. She met his gaze, her eyes sad but her mouth pulled into her wonderful smile. “Love. M’so, so sorry,” he murmured. “Got yeh some presents an’ I booked us fer dinner t’morrow,” he said, eyes welling up again. His words sounded pathetic even before they left his mouth. He’d missed her birthday. His one true love’s birthday. She sighed, hands finding his knees, pausing before she spoke. “Look, I’m not gonna pretend that I wasn’t upset. I was. I am. But Haz, I know you would never do anything to hurt me on purpose. I don’t need presents. I don’t need a fancy dinner,” she murmured, sighing softly before continuing, “but I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss you. I mean it’s been busy for you, with the album and the movie and everything, and I know that and I love you and I’m in this for the long haul. But I need… I need more of you. Just time with you. And not at 2am when you’ve just got home. My own time, that you make just for me,” she finished, looking up at him.

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So I’m having a pretty chill birthday (because the last two days have been EXHAUSTING) and i want to say thank you again for all the sweet birthday wishes! my 27th year wouldn’t have been half of what it was without this fandom, so it seems like a good time to share something orange and gay :) 

anyway, this is again part of a 5 things orange fic i’ve been writing for over a month that has been put on hold due to finale agonies. i’ve also posted one of these five things HERE (which is actually 3 of 5). this is the first one, and it makes sense to post today, because silver also (theoretically) has a birthday and flint tries to make it nice. emphasis on tries.

The mid-morning heat is thick and relentless, and Flint’s standing on a ladder in his grove, feeling the sweat drip down his spine, thinking about how there’s really no relief from this weather, not even in September, when suddenly he remembers Silver telling him he was born in the summertime.

He freezes, arm outstretched towards an orange. He remembers Silver telling him he didn’t know when the exact day was, but he just chose a new summer day each year to mark the occasion.

The autumnal equinox is next week. Summer is over. And Flint hadn’t done anything. Silver hadn’t said anything. Perhaps it was payback for Flint failing to mention his own birthday. Perhaps he’d simply forgotten, too.

Still. Flint should have remembered.

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120+ sentences taken from the first three issues of the comic book SANDMAN. feel free to adjust as necessary.

  • “From the dark they call you.”
  • “We did it. I don’t believe it. We did it.”
  • “This isn’t Death. Damn it to Hell.”
  • “She never woke up.”
  • “We will discuss the conditions of your release.”
  • “You’ve bled me dry, but you can’t blackmail me any longer.”
  • “If you’re lucky, they’ll only hang you.”
  • “Bugger and blast him!”
  • “I was hoping you’d work it out on your own one day, and you have.”
  • “I know that the order will be safe in your hands if I ever forsake the material plane.”
  • “I beg protection, lord.”
  • “We can’t make him "do” anything. All we can do is keep him there, and hope.“
  • "His wife and children miss him.”
  • “The scandal was hushed up.”
  • “You aren’t Death, but you live forever.”
  • “You haven’t aged a day since we caught you.”
  • “I didn’t have to get so old.”
  • “Something died inside him a long time ago.”
  • “But what if the police found out? It’s kidnapping!”
  • “The order isn’t just a way to make money and get laid.”
  • “I’ve seen stuff you’d never believe. Things that still scare me. Nightmare things.”
  • “We’re safer just leaving him down there.”
  • “You don’t have to be in there, you know.”
  • “Why won’t you talk to me? You could tell us so much.”
  • “I’ve killed people before now.”
  • “I hate you. I’m glad we trapped you.”
  • “A naked man in a glass box. That’s all you are.”
  • “Don’t humor me. I can’t stand it when you humor me!”
  • “The old man’s stroppy today.”
  • “You don’t think he’s dead?”
  • “I suppose we ought to take a look at him.”
  • “It feels so good to be back.”
  • “I left a monarch, yet I return naked, alone.”
  • “That’s the first time a naked man has ever turned up to raid the buffet.”
  • “He will give me the other thing I crave: Revenge.”
  • “I dreamed I had a baby.”
  • “You aren’t talking. What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”
  • “There are offenses that are unpardonable.”
  • “Can you have any idea what it was like? Can you have any idea?”
  • “You threatened, cajoled, and pleaded for gifts that are neither mankind’s to receive nor mine to give.”
  • “Lord, what fools these mortals be.”
  • “Have you no excuse? No explanation?”
  • “We didn’t want you. It was a mistake.”
  • “We wanted to capture Death.”
  • “Have you ever had one of those dreams, you know, where you think you’ve woken up, but you haven’t? It’s just part of the nightmare and you’re still in it.”

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It’s time for a continuation of the post where Andrew keeps giving reporters different conflicting answers to their questions about why he and his ex-teammate turned rival Neil wear matching armbands.

So, get ready for Neil’s responses to reporters reading Andrew’s latest responses plus Andrew and Neil getting asked about them together after their teams play each other.

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An Unexpected Surprise

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 5.2K

Summary: Saddened at the idea of having to spend Christmas alone, you return to your apartment to find an unexpected surprise in the form of your very cute, sexy and adorable boyfriend Namjoon. 

Snowflakes floated gracefully down to the pavement as you walked through the bustling city streets. Lights were strung up all around you, twinkling beautifully in a whole spectrum of colours and the gorgeous scent of mulled wine and cinnamon lingered in the air. Everything about the place was simply magical, children wearing thick coats and knitted scarves weaved in and out of market stalls laughing gleefully as their parents chased behind them, the whole atmosphere of the place was just…good.

And yet despite the magnificence of everything, you found it hard to smile, you found it challenging to even care enough the admire the scene taking place all around you. Because for the first time in years you would be spending Christmas alone. The very thought of this made the vibrant reds and greens seem duller, the delicious scents made you feel nauseous and all the hanging lights gave you a painful headache.

You dragged your feet against the pavement until finally you reached the entrance to your apartment building. With numb fingers, you pulled out your key and turned it in the lock of the main entrance. Reluctantly, you wandered into the building, the warmth from inside instantly hitting your body and thawing your frozen skin.

The lobby area was quiet, painfully so, most of the residents had gone to see their family and loved ones over the holidays leaving the hallways deserted and silent, it was almost eerie. Your parents had gone to visit some friends of theirs in another country and despite their invitation for you to join them you hadn’t wanted to intrude on their gathering so you’d assured them you would spend the Christmas with your boyfriend Namjoon. At the time you hadn’t been lying, you really had thought the two of you would be able to spend Christmas together, but sadly he’d ended up having to work right the way through until New Year’s Eve.

You’d understood of course, work came first. Namjoon was the heir to a highly prestigious company, his father being the manager of it, you knew that if he wanted to take over one day, he couldn’t afford to take much time off. He had to show that he was determined, dependable and focused, and so, when he’d announced with a sullen face that he couldn’t be with you on Christmas, you’d simply nodded, even managing a small smile.

It was just one Christmas after all. Sure, the sheer feeling of isolation was going to be pretty miserable but…it was just one Christmas.

You traipsed through to the elevator, pressing the correct button to get to your floor, the Christmas music playing on the speakers cruelly mocking you with its sickly sweet melody, one that left a bitter taste in your mouth. You supposed you should feel grateful, to spend your Christmas in such a luxurious apartment, something that was all thanks to Namjoon and his hard work, but it was hard to see the value of expensive items  when you had no one to share them with.

You worked hard too of course, but working as a waitress didn’t exactly bring in the same paycheck as the ridiculous amounts of money your boyfriend made. Nonetheless, you would insist on buying most things for yourself as much as he wanted to spoil you, you never let him buy you clothes or technology or other kinds luxurious presents, the only exceptions being your birthday or Christmas.

When you reached the door of your apartment, you pulled out another key from the key ring and turned it in the lock in one smooth action, you pulled the handle down so the door swung open. In the darkness, you stumbled towards the light switches and flicked them on individually until the room was thoroughly illuminated, , your books were still scattered across the coffee table and a small Christmas tree stood pathetically by the couch. You had half a mind to take it down right now and pretend that Christmas wasn’t happening.

Just as you were about to collapse on the couch you heard a strange clattering noise coming from the kitchen. The first time, you decided to simply ignore it, you couldn’t muster the energy to go and check the source of the noise. However, after a few seconds the noise occurred again, over and over, becoming more and more impossible to ignore.

You weren’t scared for some reason, as you moved towards the kitchen, not even considering the possibility that someone could have broken in, perhaps you were just too blue to care. But as you swung the door open you were met with a sight you certainly had not expected.

Your boyfriend was standing amongst a heap of pots and pans, something was steaming in the corner and the plates were piled a mile high in the sink, the oven was on, the microwave was on, the kettle was on, just about everything was on and the room had a rather odd smell to it, like a mixture of hundreds of different varieties of food. 

Yet despite the disastrous surroundings, a feeling of blissful joy ran through your veins at the sight of him and without even a second thought, you found your feet moving and your body throwing itself into his unexpecting one.

“Y/N! You’re home” he exclaimed happily once he was over the initial shock of basically being tackled into a hug. His skin was so warm against your cold cheek and  you gripped him even more tightly. Your body must have still been quite cold because you felt him shiver, but he made no complaint as he wrapped his long arms around you.

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You Mean It? (Dok2 x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. Girl I went so overboard with that, since there are a lot of scandals like that, g dragon with Nana, Zico with Seolhyun, Zico breaking up with Seolhyun because of the public. Making them look like criminals because they are being normal. Anyways, Enjoy!


JoonKyung was different than any man you’ve dated. First off, his lifestyle was like on the other side of the field, you honestly don’t understand how did you catch his eye. You were an english teacher in a private primary school, you were just a normal person. You still did not understand why he chose you? You were a nobody, while he was surrounded by models and idols, I mean he personally knows CL, what more could you say?

Joonkyung fell in love with how simple you were. You appreciated an expensive candle lit dinner, just as much as a drive thru at mcdonalds, you could dress up and go to the club with him, also you could sit at home and cook for him, you could rock a very dark make up, and you could also sit on the couch bare face, with a bun on your head and sweatpants. He liked that you were just a teacher, you liked kids and worked hard for the simple things.

Things were normal. You were carefull with sneaking around and meeting him, you knew that if people learned about you, they would freak out, you didn’t want any part of it, the spotlight scared you. So when you saw your name and face on the article, pictures of you on Joonkyung’s car, or walking out of mcdonalds holding hands you were mortified

“Dok2 dating a foreigner?

The famous rapper has been spotted with this lady a lot of times. They seem to hold hands and her riding passenger at his car.

Even thought we are not sure how long they’ve been dating, people guess is a year, give or take. If you look closely to his instagram, she is in plenty of group pictures, also she is on the quiett’s instagram page.

The couple seems very happy, sources say that the lady is a primary school english teacher. Which makes people wonder how did they meet and her motives for this relationship.

You can clearly see that she is not Korean or Asian in general. Sources say she is from America, but her parents immigrated there, although we don’t know the country.

What do you think of the knew couple?”

Your instagram started to blow out. People started following you and commenting on your pictures, you didn’t know if you should look, eventually curiosity took over you and you started to scroll through

‘She is so weird looking’

‘I think dok2 needs to learn the difference between curvy and fat’

‘Korean women are too hard to get, that’s why he chose her’

’ Look at her make-up, she needs to take it off and put on some clothes’

'I bet he bought her this outfit’


You threw your phone on the bed. Why were they so mad at you? You didn’t do anything but love someone.Was that a crime? You sat on your couch and turned on the tv, maybe that would distract you

'Now what do you guys think about this?’

'Dok2 is just messing around. I mean, look at this they are walking out of mcdonalds, I’m sure she ate everything there is in that bag. She clearly cannot cook since they are getting junk food, he will come to his senses’

You turned it off and threw away the remote, the sound of it crushing to the floor was heard all over the house. Your eyes started to water, making your vision blurry.

Why did they hate you? Why would they judge you like that? You never did anything to them, you never hurted anyone

Your phone distracted you. You walked back to your room to get it, Joonkyung was calling you


“Open the door”

He said and the line went dead. You took a deep breath and looked at yourself in the mirror, you rubbed your eyes so they want look watery. You slowly walked to the door opening it, Joonkyung immidiately wrapped his arms around you

“Are you ok?”

You didn’t answer. He let you go and took your face in his hands, examinating you

“Have you been crying?”


You almost did, but he came by. He closed the door of your apartment and dragged you to your couch

“I’m so sorry about this. I didn’t know about it, I’ll make sure they will take the articles down”

“It won’t make a difference. They will post others, they will still leave comments on my instagram, they will still think like that, nothing can be changed”

He didn’t like the way you talked. It was so cold and sad, you looked depressed, he took your hands in his, attempting to calm you down

“Baby I-”

“They were right though. I am not what you deserve, I’m just a stupid chubby teacher,I even let you pay my phone bill. How stupid and pathetic can that be?”

By the time you were done, your tears escaped your eyes and runned down your face. You bit your lower lip as sobs took over your body, closing your eyes tightly and hair falling to your face. He wrapped his arms around you, letting you cry it out

“Don’t talk like that. You didn’t let me pay for your phone bill, I did it behind your back, cause you spended all of your money to my birthday present, and after you learned about it you didn’t talk to me for a week. You are not chubby, you’ve been working out every day, you look better than ever, even if you were chubby I would still think you were perfect. Baby you are teaching at primary school, I barely got throught it and then dropped out. You came to this different country and managed to survive and leave a nice life, how is that stupid? and we all know you can cook, I mean dong-gab and zino cannot stop talking about your cooking. I love you for every little thing they are mad about”

He kissed your hair, rubbing your back which made you relax in his arms. By the time he was finished, you had stopped crying and just listened to what he had to say. You raised your head and wiped away the tears, smudging your mascara

“You mean it?”

“Of course I mean it. Give me a kiss”

You pecked his lips. He wrapped his arms around you, placing you on his lap, you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck

“I love you. Don’t worry about these stupid jealous people, we got way bigger fish to fry”

You nodded and gave him another kiss on the lips. He smiled at you, feeling a bit better since he got you to stop crying


He decided to spend the whole day with you. As you layed next to him, you checked your instagram, you got a notification that he had tagged you in a picture. It was a picture of you with your head on his lap, watching tv

“All we did was love eachother, that is definetely not a crime. So stop talking about us like we are criminals and get a life”

You smiled and put your phone away. You hugged him tightly, as you heard the beating of his heart

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome”

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Painting Rumors - Mercy76 [NSFW-ish]

Don’t ask about this.  I just… I guess I just wanted to write Mercy76?  I really don’t know though.  Like… it’s just there.  It’s slice-of-lice style again. Just Angela trying to get with Jack and Jack being a nice guy. NSFW-ish. Yeah, I don’t really know how to describe it. Maybe you can, if you decide to leave a review.

“Jack,” the brush graced her cheek, leaving a deep red stain where it touched. The color paired nicely with what she was sporting. Today was going to be the day, she told herself. She was ready, confident. Positive she could do this.

“Hmmm?” he didn’t look up from his wall. Tongue out and brows furrowed, he balanced the nail while lightly tapping the hammer against it. Each tck-tck-tck caused her eyes to sag until she was straight-up glaring at him.

Jack,” her tone a bit more peeved this time. She didn’t go out of her way to partner with Jack for this solo rebuild project in the boonies to be ignored. She came here with one thing in mind-one purpose!

Hmmmm?” he hummed back, still fixated on the wall.

“Seriously?” she huffed while purposely clicking her heels against the floor. As she made her way to him, clothing started to fall from her form. If he wasn’t going to indulge her as she stripped, she’d strip down to nothing and force his eyes on her.

Nude legs came into his sight. They were one of his weaknesses. Unable to keep his eyes on his work, he peeked over at her legs.

That was his first mistake.

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Jack coughs, feeling something solid splatter against his tongue. A pathetic, pained growl fell from his lips as more blood trickled from his mouth.


They’d been talking, recently, about what would happen after the boys took over Hyperion. Jack had insisted he wasn’t licked quite yet, that he still had another decade, if not longer, of being a total badass in charge. Sure, the “vacation” that Rhys had in mind—the omega wasn’t dumb enough to wound Jack’s ego with the word retirement—had sounded incredible, but Jack hadn’t been ready to think about throwing in the towel, yet.

Though at the moment, with a hole in his chest and life steadily bleeding from his body, doing nothing on a beautiful beach with his mate at his side sounded pretty good.

@motherfuckingmoran sent me just an amazing little Timothy print (which I will post tomorrow) in exchange for a fic, and they wanted something with fancy omega Rhys saving Jack from a sticky situation! It may have ended up a little more angsty than I had anticipated but I hope that’s all right and you like it dearest!

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anonymous asked:

Jikook for ceo kook and hybrid lover jimin au pls?

(Man you folks come up with some interesting requests! Everyone meet Koala Jimin the cutest hybrid in the world. This takes place at the very start of their relationship because I really enjoy this idea and would love to come back to it!)


“Aw come on, Kookie! You don’t like your birthday present?”

Jungkook is sitting with Taehyung in his bedroom, talking to each other in hushed tones because.

“You got me a hybrid”


“For my birthday.”

“That’s right!” Taehyung is a little to happy about this for Jungkook’s liking.

Jungkook groans, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Tae. I work a lot of hours at my company, and I live alone. What made you think this was a good idea!”

Taehyung glares, legitimately glares at him. “Alright listen up. Devoting your entire life to work is pathetic. You need a life outside of the board room! Now you’re forced to have one.”

Jungkook growls and stomps out of the bedroom where the hybrid, a Koala mix with grey hair and matching grey little ears (and even Jungkook has to admit that he’s a little cute. A little.) is sitting and waiting for them to finish their conversation. When Jungkook comes power walking into the living room, he hops up and gives a friendly wave.

“Hi! I’m Jimin!” The Hybrid smiles wide, it looks a little forced and it occurs to Jungkook that this Hybrid is probably used to forcing a smile for a lot of people.

Whatever. Not his problem.

“Hi Jimin.” Jungkook says. “Look, I am sure you will be a very nice house companion, but I am just not in a place where I can be adopting any hybrids.”

Jimin’s smile falters and Jungkook doesn’t miss it. “Oh, that’s alright Mr. Jeon! I understand.”

“I can’t believe you.” Taehyung has his arms crossed, looking at Jungkook like he’s some kind of cruel dictator. “How can you look at that little cutie and say you’re going to take him back to the pound.”

“Tae, I swear to god.”

“Okay! How about this!” Taehyung walks around Jungkook to stand with Jimin, placing his large hands on Jimin’s little shoulders. “Give him one week. If he doesn’t win your heart. I’ll take him back to the pound myself.”

Jungkook sighs and closes his eyes for a moment as he thinks. “One week?”

“One week.” Taehyung confirms.

Jimin is silent, biting his lip and looking down at his hands, they’re small and cute, but Jungkook doesn’t care. He doesn’t.

“One week.” Jungkook says, a little irritated by the way both Taehyung and Jimin lighten up.

“Yes! You’re not going to regret this Kookie! Just you wait!”


Having Jimin around is a bit of an adjustment. The hybrid follows him around everywhere, asking questions, even while he’s working and Jungkook can’t wait to get his home back to peace and quiet once Sunday rolls around.

A knock on his door. “Mr. Jeon?”

Jimin has insisted on calling him that the entire time. It makes Jungkook a little uncomfortable because he hears it at work all the time as a CEO, it feels a little impersonal. But he reminds himself that it has to be impersonal, the hybrid is only here for the week. Just a few days to go.

Jungkook sighs, rubbing his eyes. “Come in.”

Jimin opens the door, timid and shy. He’s holding a coffee cup. “Just wanted to bring you this.” He sets it on Jungkook’s desk gently. Jungkook can smell it, Camomile, his favorite.

“You made this?” He asks.

“Well I just boiled some water, but…Taetae told me how you liked your tea so…”

Jungkook looks up at Jimin. The hybrid is still timid around him all the time. He gives him space, and Jungkook wonders if it’s because he’s been returned to the pound before.

“How old are you?” He asks, out of curiosity, and before he can stop himself.

“Twenty five.” Jimin answers.

“You’re older than me!” Jungkook exclaims.

Jimin grins. “Guess you have to call me hyung!”

“I am not calling you hyung.”

“Aww…it was worth a shot. Anyway, enjoy your tea and don’t stay up too late! You need to rest for your health!”

“Jimin.” Jungkook says as the hybrid turns to leave.

“Yes Mr. Jeon?”

“Goodnight. Sleep well.”

Jimin smiles, a real one, that isn’t so forced. “Thank you! I will!”

And he’s gone, the door shutting gently behind him. Jungkook finds himself staring at the closed door for a while, head tilted to the side. He takes a sip of the tea, it’s perfect, just the way he likes it.


Downsizing is always difficult, but Jeon corp had been growing for the past three years. It was only because of a recent market decline and a loss of profits that the board voted unanimously to lay off staff. It was a tough decision, but it was for the good of the company. Maybe if Jungkook kept repeating it to himself he would actually believe it.

He laid off the staff personally, inviting each one in to tell them the news and deliver a severance package, as well as offer any references they might need.  It was awful and draining and Jungkook left work on time for the first time in so many years.

He gets home feeling brittle and remembers that he’s not coming home alone, but that someone is waiting for him. He takes a breath and steels himself, then unlocks the door.

The apartment smells fantastic, like some kind of food is being cooked. There’s some music playing, symphonic and relaxing. Jungkook makes his way to the kitchen and finds Jimin there, humming along to the music.

“What’s all this?” He asks. His voice sounds raw and tired, he hopes Jimin isn’t observant enough to notice.

“Mr. Jeon!” Jimin turns to him and smiles. He’d just pulled something out of the oven. Some kind of bread. “I wasn’t expecting you for another few hours!”

“I went home on time today.” Jungkook says, by way of explanation.

Jimin ushers him over to the couch. “Sit down! I’ll call you when it’s ready!” He’s gone before Jungkook can even open his mouth to reply.

He dozes on the couch for an hour or so, until Jimin wakens him.

“It’s ready!” He says softly.

Jungkook’s stomach rumbles and Jimin giggles.

“I’m starved.” Jungkook admits. Jimin takes him by the hands and pulls him to his feet. The hybrid is a little bit shorter than him, the top of his head just reaching Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook notices, not for the first time, that Jimin is very pretty.

“Come on, don’t want it to get cold!” Jimin walks over to the dining room table where he has lasagna, salad, and fresh bread on the table.

“You did all this?” Jungkook asks.

“Got the recipe from Jin! Tae said you liked Lasagna…so…” Jimin blushes, looking down at his hands. “Wanted to do something special for our last meal together!”

“Last meal?” Jungkook asks.

“Yes… tomorrow I go back, remember?”

No, Jungkook had actually forgotten. The revelation has him stunned. “Oh. Yes…that’s right.”

Jungkook eats mostly in silence, listening to Jimin talk about his day. He spent it with Tae and Tae’s hybrid as it turns out. Jin had taught him how to make the lasagna, and Jimin is glad it comes out well. The hybrid is babbling, trying to fill the silence. Jungkook’s head is spinning.

“Are you all done?” Jimin asks, interrupting Jungkook’s swirling thoughts.

“Y-yes. Thank you, Jimin.”

Jimin smiles and cleans up the table. He fills the sink with water and dish soap and starts to wash the dishes.

“I’m pretty excited for tomorrow.” Jimin explains as he rinses a dish and puts it on the dish rack. “I’m going to go back to the pound and see all my friends there! It’ll be good, I was missing them so. It will be nice to see them, and the staff is really friendly and nice. It’s going to be great. Just great!” His voice is a little to high when he speaks, and Jungkook catches a sniffle here and there when the hybrid takes a breath.

Before he realizes what he’s doing, Jungkook has risen to his feet, walked to Jimin, and hugs him from behind.

“Oh!” Jimin says, soft and surprised. “M-Mr. Jeon?”

“Stay with me.” Jungkook buries his face in Jimin’s neck. He smells a little like the lasagna he just cooked.

Jimin is silent for a few moments and Jungkook fears that he’s going to say no, but the hybrid puts his hands on Jungkook’s forearms, stroking them gently.

“Okay.” He says.

Send me a pairing and an au and I’ll write a short fic!

hate to see your heart break

A/N: back again like an unshakable disease

i.                  Like most best friends, you and Dan have all the cliché embarrassing stories.

Dan throwing his entire plate of food over your head when you were toddlers.

You accidentally knocking Dan off his feet when you were learning to ride a bike as a six year old.

Dan sticking up for you against the neighbourhood bully at twelve.

Drinking cheap alcohol in the park together for the first time as teenagers.

You getting your first boyfriend at sixteen and Dan not knowing how to deal with it.

Dan realising as an adult that he’s actually head over heels for you but too scared to do anything about it.


Story of his damn life.

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A Hopeful Birthday

submits leos bday fic 15 mins late with starbucks

 Leo often had a thought that he loathed to think about it: Did anyone truly care about him?

 Sure, he was the smartest and most skilled dark knight in Nohr. Sure, he excelled in his studies, his magic, and especially his sharp mind. No one could beat him at his game. No one could even manage to defeat him in their own challenge. Leo was a prodigy, as Marx once stated. He was the eyes and ears to the kingdom of Nohr, a brilliant tactician that would soon help the future king in leading a bright future.

 But was that what he ever wanted?

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It's my Birthday & prize game!

Hey my lil suckers! Today it’s my birthday and I got 29! How cool is that?
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HEEEEEEEEEEEEY BITCH HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥♥♥ i hope you have the best day ever with lots of presents and everything you’ve ever wished for. i love you so much seriously who knew that casual comments on my post could lead to such a deep friendship. you make my depressed life a little brighter every time you send me a meme at 3am. your gifsets slay my pathetic ass i hope you teach me someday queen. also everyone reading this go to her page and show her some love she deserves it ♥ she’s the greatest person i’ve ever met half compass half flashlight, i love you

anonymous asked:

tadashi headcanon?

this is broad, so im narrowing it down to high school tadashi ahhhh

  • He and Hiro graduated at the same time. Tadashi was 17(Almost 18) and Hiro was 13(Almost 14). Tadashi wouldn’t let Hiro anywhere near the graduation party plans though, considering Hiro spilled ink on his graduation gown and had to order another one. Cass wasn’t happy about that.
  • Tadashi had a rough time in high school. Whether it be because it was simply high school, or because his kid brother was attending the same school as he was. Tadashi had a hard time fitting in. Admittedly, and he admitted it with pride, Hiro was really his only good friend through out high school. He had other people he hung around, but not nearly as much as Hiro. 
  • Tadashi was fully aware of how Hiro was bullied throughout high school, because of his age, and his big mouth that seemed to get him into all sorts of trouble. So, Tadashi, being the good older brother that he was, sacrificed his chances to be ‘popular’ to stick up for Hiro and to walk him through high school.
  • Braces for the first two years. He got them in the summer between the 8th and 9th grade. He didn’t like them, but he was constantly reminded by Cass what a beautiful smile he’ll have when he’s done’ so he delt with them for two years.
  • Glasses during freshman year. He wore(and still does, if he doesn’t feel like putting his contacts in) glasses. They were a permanent thing in the 9th grade, and it was during spring of his 10th grade year that Cass decided to trust him enough with contacts.
  • Awkward around girls. He fiddled, stuttered, and blushed a lot, especially in his Literature class because he sat next to a really pretty girl.
  • Tried not to get into all the drama that associates itself with high school, though that was hard considering people picked fights with his brother for no reason other than ‘what does he think? that he’s smarter than all of us?’ That would get Tadashi angry and he isn’t happy to admit that he’s been sent to the principles office for punching and yelling at people who make fun of Hiro.
  • Worked exceedingly hard, in and out of school. He maintained his grades, because he wanted to go to SFIT, and he knew how important keeping his grades and being a good student meant, made sure Hiro maintained his as well for Hiro liked to slack because he thought he was ‘too smart to do the stupid 6 pages of homework’, thought about Hiro’s future as well as his as he lectured Hiro about homework, and his grades. ‘If you slack, you won’t go to college and you’ll be stuck in life’ is what he told Hiro.
  •  He worked in the cafe with Cass after school, typically a few hours so he could still get his homework done.
  • Got his moped for his birthday during his 11th grade year. Probably the best birthday present he ever got from Cass(Aside from Mochi, but Mochi was technically a present for both Hiro and Tadashi). Treats this thing like its his baby, and wouldn’t even let Hiro tinker with it. 
  • First kiss when he was 15. Was out at a small get together with some of his buds, playing spin the bottle. She was a really pretty girl, one that hadn’t even noticed he existed until the bottle landed on him. It was a peck, nothing more, but it was still a kiss and Tadashi still finds himself laughing about it. How pathetic, he’d say, you’re first kiss taken by a girl who didn’t even bother knowing your name.
  • It wasn’t until he graduated, and applied for SFIT, that he started building trustful and meaningful relationships outside of Hiro. Hiro was grown, so Tadashi really let himself come out of his shell his first year of college, making friends with GoGo(Who went to the same school as Tadashi and Hiro, and Tadashi knew who she was but it wasn’t vice versa), Honey, Wasabi, and Fred.
Post-its Compilation - 161031 Omokgyo Fansign

** I only included the pics where they drew on, click on the pic credit link to view the other pics!

Rap Monster

Q: What do you like to hear most from fans?
A: That they love me

pic cr; @innied
trans cr; bangtanlists

Q: I always think like this, “I must not cry, crying is losing”. But lately I have been feeling really down ㅠㅠ I don’t know what to do ㅠㅠ
A: It’s okay to cry.

pic cr; 朴泰顺
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: Namjoon-ah~ When we get married, what song should we have as the wedding congratulatory song?
A: Miss right

pic cr; 鲍成一颗蛋
trans cr; bangtanlists


Q: The member that oppa thinks is the most pathetic?
1) Namjoon
2) Yoongi
3) Hoseok
4) Jimin
5) Taehyung
6) Jungkook
7) None
A: *doesn’t tick any* Seokjinnie

pic cr; @innied
trans cr; bangtanlists

Q: Seokjin-oppa! Have you thought of writing more songs in the future? If so, what kind of style do you wanna try?
A: More sophisticated (refined?) style than the one now

pic cr; @1234asdf9876
trans cr; @jeongmilk

Q: Dec 4 is your birthday. What would you like as a birthday present?
A: Love❤️

pic cr; Icekoo_Coo
trans cr; @seokjinyeobo

Q: What thoughts did you have when you were working on Awake?
A: About how nice it’d be if ARMYs can listen to it

pic cr; 鲍成一颗蛋
trans cr; @jeongmilk 


Q: Which member bothers you the most?
A: *ticked all members*

pic cr; @innied 
trans cr; bangtanlists

Q: Just why is Yoongi not my oppa…ㅠㅠ (T/N: I think the fan is older than him!) Can you write something heart-fluttering?
A: Call me oppa
(Fan: Really? But we have quite an age gap, is that alright?
Yoongi: That doesn’t matter, call me oppa.)

pic cr; 啊莫摞七
trans cr; @jeongmilk

Q: Yoongi-oppa! If you had a younger sister, what do you want to gift her? ❤️
A: Book.

pic cr; @1234asdf9876
trans cr; @jeongmilk 

Q: Do you have anything you want to say to ARMYs in China?
A: I’ll be sure to go find you.

pic cr; _SaryLee
trans cr; @jeongmilk

Q: Yoongi’s three interests recently!
A: Holly, Holly, Holly

pic cr; @Heartpostit
trans cr; @jeongmilk

Q: At the end of this year if we manage to work hard to give you a daesang, can you make a confession song for us?
A: Sure

pic cr; 鲍成一颗蛋
trans cr; bangtanlists

Q: Seems like you’ve been wearing that earring for quite a while now…. is there any special reason?
A: No, I’m just lazy to change it

pic cr; 鲍成一颗蛋
trans cr; bangtanlists


Q: Hoseok-oppa who is always full of hope! Who is the member that makes you feel hopeless sometimes? 
1) Seokjin
2) Yoongi
3) Namjoon
4) Jimin
5) Taehyung ✓
6) Jungkook
7) None!

pic cr; @innied
trans cr; bangtanlists

Q: J~~ Hope~~~ Why are you so sexy? 
A: J~~ Hope~~~ has always been sexy!

pic cr; 鲍成一颗蛋
trans cr; bangtanlists


Q: The top 3 members oppa views as the most dirty-minded!
1. Jimin
2. Jimin
3. Jimin

pic cr; @innied
trans cr; bangtanlists

Q: What did Jiminie eat to become this cool?
A: Probably because I live in BTS’ dorm.

pic cr; @Heartpostit
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: How does Jimin-oppa think of Yoongi-oppa?
➀ A talented hyung
➁ A hyung who always bullies me ✓
➂ A hyung who often bullies me but has a warm heart
➃ A hyung who’s a bigger fool than me ✓
➄ Cute ✓

pic cr; SugaMio
trans cr; ktaebwi


Q: When oppa is angry what makes you feel better?
A: If you come

pic cr; @innied
trans cr; bangtanlists

Q: Does Tae oppa wants to hear Jungkook cover a song for you? What song?
A: ❤️ I don’t know

pic cr; KangToto_
trans cr; @jeongmilk 

Q: What would you say when you propose to your beloved one?
A: I’ll care about you and like you more than anybody else!! Please date me!! 

pic cr; @SmurfBts
trans cr; @jeongmilk

Q: If one day, Jungkook turns into a female, where do you want to bring him to, other than gaming? (what do you want to do)
A: Camping

pic cr; 甜果盐泰吹_
trans cr; @jeongmilk 

Q: Has Taehyung oppa drank (alcohol) with Jungkook before? If you haven’t, when are you planning to drink together?
A: ❤️

pic cr; KangToto_
trans cr; @jeongmilk

Q: Taehyung-ah, please draw a “small pepper”!

pic cr; oBusanLimitedChimo
trans cr; ktaebwi


Q: A strange side of the hyungs that fans do not know of?
A: (it’s a) secret.. ♡

pic cr; @innied
trans cr; bangtanlists

Q: I’m entering high school soon, please write something that can give me strength.
A: Make friends in school, fighting for your studies❤️

pic cr; 疯兔子馥
trans cr; @jeongmilk

Q: The advantage of being BTS’ maknae?
A: I can do anything.

pic cr; @Heartpostit
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: Does Jungkook want to go on a vacation trip with Taehyung? Where do you want to go to?
A: To the place noona is at❤️

pic cr; KangToto_
trans cr; @jeongmilk

Q: Jungkook ah, which ramen is your favorite?
A: 맛있는 라면 (Delicious ramen)
(Fan: Do they still sell it?
JK: Yes they do!)

pic cr; @SmurfBts
trans cr; @jeongmilk 

**Pictures and translations credit to their respective owners as stated! I left links to the original posts but if you do not want your translation on this compilation please pm me :)