this is such a pathetic birthday present ; ;

She invited fans to her home FOR FREE.
She meets fans before and after her concerts FOR FREE.
She donates to MULTIPLE charities.
She helped out a fan with their student loan.
She gave a fan money for her birthday.
She goes to children’s hospitals when she has time FOR FREE.
She sent multiple packages filled with presents to fans on Christmas AND Valentines Day.
She meets sick fans to make their wish come true.
Yet you still feel the need to call her thirsty for money because she wants to get paid for her music, for doing HER JOB.
That’s pathetic.

Five Things Friday
  • It is my BIRTHDAY EVE! Tomorrow I turn 29 and start my year-long descent into freaking out about turning 30. I’ve managed to avoid it because everyone gets older, right? And I know a lot of 30, 40, 50, etc year-olds still living their best life so there’s nothing to worry about. But I’ve been told that the freak-out will still happen. Brace yourselves.
  • As a birthday present to myself, I signed up for a climbing membership yesterday! Only to have my climbing partner tell me she has a personal emergency (totally legit) so she can’t climb this weekend. Womp womp. Still going to go to the gym after work and see if I can look pathetic enough that someone wants to belay me.

  • My first race of the year was last Sunday and it was a 10k. I won my age group, fourth lady and tenth overall! I got a fancy pint glass and TWO tickets to Kings Dominion! The course was also short, a small field, and I almost died. Thank God the course was short because I didn’t have enough umph for the race. Garmin tells me my overall pace was 7:48 which for me in a 10k is slow. Official stats: 44:17 minutes, 5.68 miles Lot’s of work to do. 

  • Since there’s definitely room for improvement, running-wise, a plan is taking shape in my head. Fall marathon is definitely happening but I need some smaller goals between now and then. Oh and fun. Definitely need some fun running.

  • You know, 28 has been sort of hell in a lot of ways but right now, on my birthday eve, I’m happy with the path my life is taking. My body is in its happy place (shout-out to @clevcrew!) right now. Sure, my running isn’t great but I feel strong because of my regular swimming, barre, yoga, and now climbing workouts. So overall, I’ll take it. 
DAY 2574(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai              May 3,  2015             Sun  9:16 am

Elena Iankova , May 3,  2015  the birthday girl … Happy Birthday and love from all of us at this Ef platform  .. have a lovely DAY ..

I shall fill in and make up for yesterday or yesternight soon .. that Blog was pathetic and so un called for .. sorry .. should never be in such condition when conveying feelings to Ef ..

Just going to watch the Boxing Match of the moment .. the most expensive ever … Mayweather v Pach ..

Will be with you presently ..

My love and more ..

Amitabh Bachchan