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A little meta on Mitsuhide’s family members

Takayuki Shou (Father)
CEO of Setsuna Pharmaceutical.

A smooth, charismatic and charming fellow. A very successful businessman, who is wealthy. He was raised with very high expectations and strict parents. He wishes to create the perfect human soldier, so he can sell them to countries - becoming extremely wealthy.

Deep down, he is a war-mongerer, who takes extreme joy in the suffering of others. It is debatable if he really loves his wife, or just married her out of responsibility and social status.

Aware of Mitsuhide’s experiments; he was the one who ordered them to begin with. Shut Mitsuhide out, once he realised he was a failure - odd colours, and a loop hole in his healing ability.

Yumiko Shou (Mother)
House wife.

Mitsuhide’s mother, who is a kind soul. She feels somewhat guilty of neglecting Mitsuhide, but believes in her husband - that it’s for the best. Due to this, she pays her attention to Kazuhiko, but is still all kind.

Raised in a high class family, she was pampered as a stay at home mother, learning how to cook, clean and the like. Married Takayuki out of social status, but ended up falling for him.

Unaware of Mitsuhide’s experiments, although was suspicious when she saw her youngest son covered in bandages. Controlled by husband to not pay attention to her youngest son.

Kazuhiko Shou (Older Brother)
Protégé of Takayuki.

Pampered, praised and spoiled for all his life, he looks down on his younger brother. With a massive god complex, and a rude mouth, he takes delight in making his little brother feel extremely inferior. He was pampered to inherit the family business, once Takayuki retired.

He has suggested locking Mitsuhide up in his room, to avoid family shame. The hair colour and eye colour of Mitsuhide is a huge shame factor to his family name. This slightly came to life, when for two days, he forcefully locked Mitsuhide in his room - making him endure 2 days of solitary confinement.

Unaware of Mitsuhide’s experiments.