this is such a nice


When you accidentally wind up in the immediate vicinity of an Ovechkin-Backstrom eyefucking session.

I need a break from like… everything. School has been super stressful and considering how next semester hinges on how i finish up this semester, i might not be very present on tumblr till christmas. Idk i might close the askbox.

Hahaha don’t you love getting into fights with your parents because you refuse to be polite to your homophobic relatives and then being thrown out and having to sleep on your friend’s floor? Haha so fun.

so uh here’s a old drawing i did of cup and bends about a month ago its not really good i’m only a little 13 year old anyways ;-;. but here take this little fanart of bendarang ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and a edgy ass cup, i’m sorry for trashing your wonderful blog with my trash.

art by askbendyandinky

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Cup, lay off the drugs

and Bendy, get real!

seriously tho, great job, love it!


I feel like I am those kids screaming. It’s fun to be the thing that makes them react that way. I remember what it was like when I was a kid, it’s just a cool thing to kinda think you might have a place in one of their chapters in their childhood.