this is such a hilarious scene

Lucifer 3x08

  • My heart cant handel how cute this is
  • Amendiel making fun of lucifer is amazing
  • Lucifer watched home alone i love this
  • The lil unicorn is amazing trixie is such an artist
  • amendiel caring about linda is what makes him so relatable
  • Lucifer was so into the ceo
  • Why is ella so scared of charoltte
  • Idc its hilarious
  • The fucking urns, linda is so weird
  • Bi lucifer is so strong
  • The doll scene alone makes this the funniest episode
  • Lucindaaaa
  • Lucifer is so pretentious
  • Lucifer looking for a flask, trixie slams down some apple juice
  • Ella living a real life horror film
  • Lucifer looked so heartbroken when she took of the necklace, chloe put in back on
  • Linda my poor sweet therapist
  • Amendiel lying on the beach is ultimate mood, what a dork
  • Wow… …i…shipping them?
  • Amendiels smile is literally a gift from god.
  • Is he juggling this guys head?
  • Lucifer asking about linda is warming my cold dead heart
  • Linda and lucifer discussing cute boys
  • he took the shoe im crying, why.
  • This ep was so hilarious
  • 8/10

One thing I don’t understand is people saying that Thor Ragnarok was shitting on brutasha and Age of Ultron. I really didn’t see it like that. In my opinion, what they were doing in Ragnarok made it stronger.

Thor kept repeating the lullaby (“the sun’s getting real low”) to no avail and it was hilarious. But i didn’t think it was hilarious becuz “lol take THAT brutasha!!”.. i thought it was hilarious becuz it was Thor grasping at straws but the lullaby doesn’t work for him BECAUSE HE IS NOT NAT. the lullaby wasn’t just the fucking words she was saying, it was the bond and the trust and this whole relationship that Bruce and Natasha (and Hulk and Natasha tbh) were developing.

And the scene in the quinjet when Natasha’s video causes Hulk to transform back into Bruce really solidified that for me. He has been the Hulk for two entire years, and the only thing to bring him out of that was hearing Natasha’s voice and seeing her face and knowing she was speaking to him, worried about him. She wasn’t even saying the lullaby in that video because it was never about that whole “the sun is getting real low” thing. It was about the bond they were building together. And i loved it. And i ship them harder than ever.

I don’t understand how people are not seeing it that way?

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joe and trick hanging out a party they held at their apartment with some of the Chicago punk scene, they get dared to kiss eachother and its all history from there

ok i love this one so much cause it kinda happened in real life i just…. i have to write it and it’s gonna be from Joes pov just cause… ready? here we go:

Joe knew it had been a mistake to play Truth or Dare. The inebriated giggles and drunken sneers of his friends would’ve been hilarious under any other circumstance, but now they had grown ominous, almost threatening. As soon as it was Pete’s turn to choose someone to dare, Joe could feel that he was really in for it. After all, Pete was the only one who knew how he felt. Why had he been such a fool to trust him?

Joe hated Pete in that moment— really loathed him with every fiber of his being— but he’d made his bed, and now he had to lay in it. His icy blue eyes shifted from the floor to Patrick, who sat on the floor across from him, clutching a can of beer with white knuckles. He had managed to make himself even smaller, which was quite a feat for a man of only 5’4. His entire face was bright red, eyes shifting anxiously from left to right, eyebrows raised in anticipation. He had never looked cuter. Fuck. Joe hated Pete for making him do this, and he hated himself for feeling this way, and he hated Patrick for being this damn adorable.

“Just do it already!” Pete shouted brazenly, a wicked smile creeping across his lips. The circle of viewers agreed in an uproar, causing Patrick to shrink even further, casting his gaze away from Joe.

Joe inhaled deeply. Ok. No big deal. Patrick didn’t even like him anyway, so why was this such a trip?

Joe leaned in hesitantly, lips parted to meet Patrick’s. Without warning, Patrick’s mouth shot forward to press against his, gentle and forceful, frightened and confident, warm and distant all at once. As if that wasn’t enough, his hands cupped either side of Joe’s face, sliding back to clasp around the back of his neck. Joe’s eyes shot open for a split second, then fluttered closed again as he wrapped his arms around Patrick’s waist and pressed back. It was a solid thirty seconds before they parted, both ignoring the cheers and laughter emanating from around them.

Still holding on, Joe pressed his forehead to Patrick’s, smiling blissfully. Patrick shot him a knowing glance and smiled right back.

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Sooooo I was watching the soccer part in furious 8 and I don't low I thought of a perfect one shot for you to write; reader who is Luke's wife who also works in the bau goes to their daughters soccer tournament on their day off and both of them being the typical loud parents and the teams there supporting them. Just super fluffy and kind of hilarious like Hobbs was in that scene 😂😂😂😂😂

Team Spirit

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request

Description: The BAU spends a well-deserved day off cheering on your daughter at her soccer game.

I’ve just looked up this scene to write this one-shot and it was truly the best! I can’t imagine Luke teaching them the Haka or going to a Tay Tay concert. But, I can definitely imagine him being his daughter’s number one fan and taking it super seriously. Enjoy <3

The sun shone brightly as loud cheers echoed around the field, warmly greeting the arrival of the eagerly-awaited players. Luke grinned widely at you as he draped an arm around your waist, glancing back to see the rest of the team chatting excitedly.

It wasn’t often that you all managed to snag a day off. But, thankfully, circumstances had been kind to you all this weekend…just in time for the big game.

What better way was there to celebrate time off work than attending your daughter’s soccer game?

Both you and Luke had been briefed on the importance of the event, with your daughter babbling excitedly about it for the past month. It meant a lot that the two of you could be there to support her.

Spending time with your daughter was something you always cherished as parents, but it was even better when you got to watch her do the thing she loved.

Nothing could beat being able to cheer her on as she played soccer. It made her believe that anything was possible and the two of you would do anything to ensure that she always nurtured that ambition.

Although, perhaps you could learn how to control your enthusiasm…

Following the last game Luke had nearly deafened the elderly grandparents sat in front of you, shrieking a little too loudly over a penalty claim. Fortunately, a charming smile and sincere apology had managed to get him out of trouble.

The truth was that you both just got too excited watching your daughter play and your immense pride was something that couldn’t be restrained.

Luke was especially proud, delighted that his little girl was into sports. Although, he had been disappointed that he had never been able to get her into baseball. It was a slight shame that a lifelong Yankees fan couldn’t even convince his own daughter to follow in his footsteps, but he was overjoyed that they could share her love of soccer.

For the both of you, the most important thing was that she liked doing it and that she always tried her best. However, you would be lying if you said that you didn’t enjoy watching her team win. There was a certain satisfaction about seeing your little girl score a goal that was truly incredible.

As the announcer introduced the teams to deafening cheers, you heard a low grumble behind you. A knowing smile spread across your face as you caught sight of Rossi hiding his head in his hands. Early mornings were definitely not his thing.

However, even he wouldn’t have missed out on the opportunity to cheer on your daughter in her big game. After all, he was renounced for his soccer expertise following his coaching experience with Jack’s team.

Luke nudged you gently, chuckling warmly as he gestured towards Spencer and Tara. The BAU’s resident genius was apparently trying to inform her about the scientific probabilities of potential match outcomes.

Tara looked slightly bemused by his ramblings, laughing softly as he ducked to avoid the stray pieces of popcorn that Emily and Penelope were aiming at his head.

A loud whistle signaled the kick off as you all cheered loudly, JJ ushering Henry forward to display the banner he had carefully made for the occasion. She smiled brightly as she caught your eye, gesturing to the festive face paint on Michael’s cheeks. Red for your daughter’s team.

A squeal of delight caught your attention as Lily and Chloe pointed excitedly at the pitch, Matt attempting to balance both of them securely on his hips as he hoisted them up to see the game. He had mentioned that he hoped to inspire his own little girls by bringing them to your daughter’s big day.

As you turned your attention back to your daughter, who was rushing past the crowd to retrieve the ball, a beaming smile lit up your face. It was moment like these that you truly treasured. Nothing came close to being able to be here and support her.

Luke felt the same, pressing an affectionate kiss on the top of your head as he shouted something that your daughter would be embarrassed about later. She was constantly telling the two of you off for being rowdy supporters.

“She definitely gets this from me.” He told you smugly, grinning widely as you pulled away to glance at him indignantly. He always loved winding you up.

Rossi muttered something about how your husband should be careful, undoubtedly smirking in amusement as the two of you teased each other.

You scoffed loudly, playfully hitting his arm in mock protest. “As if!”

Luke only shrugged his shoulders, murmuring an apology against your lips as he dipped his head to give you a kiss.

However, you kept one eye on the game as he inched closer, immediately pulling away as you watched your daughter shoot the ball into the goal.

Luke looked slightly offended until he realised that your daughter had scored, punching the air victoriously as he jumped up and down in excitement.

The only thing that either of you would interrupt a romantic moment for was your daughter

You clapped gleefully as cheers echoed around the stadium, your colleagues celebrating crazily behind as they shrieked in delight and brandished their banners proudly.

The BAU always had team spirit.

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Omg sometimes ryans intonation is hilarious, it might just be his sheffield accent but like the way he pronounced backside in the december backroom scene is endlessly hilarious

Same I love the way he talks sometimes bless him! My all time fave is when he’s drunk on his wedding day to the love of his life Aaron Dingle and he just get progressively more northern as the episode goes on

S2E7 Redemption?

As expected, S2E8 did not offer much reassurance over last week’s troubling episode, aside from handing us the carrot of a glorious mixed world mash up. But back to the stick that I’m stuck on. S2E7 was controversial and not exactly in the fun, playful way that made other hilariously bold scenes a success. There was something truly dark and unsettling about that episode. While some fans were able to look past this new low in Osomatsu’s character to fully enjoy the awkwardness of his failures, others were taken aback by the frivolous treatment of what should have been a more serious subject. For me, this episode was distressing enough to seriously reconsider my dedication to this anime. I felt bewildered, if not a bit betrayed, unsure of where the Osomatsu-san staff was going with this or how they could have thought this was a good idea in the first place. Sexual Harassment Oso is not ok! And today’s episode doesn’t paint him any better. Obviously, he hasn’t learned.

After much soul searching and working through the five stages of grief over the death of Osomatsu’s moral decency, I thought I had finally come to terms with S2E7, that maybe I could keep watching this show but with somewhat less joy whenever that creep Osomatsu shuffled on screen. (I’m sorry, I just can’t get over it. That stuff is really dark.) Then I came across this post by crtter, on the parallel episode theory, that helped put things in perspective and restored my faith in the Ososan staff. It’s been widely noted that S2E7 has much in common with S1E7, just as season 2’s premier obviously borrows the same gimmick as it’s first season counterpart. However, as crtter and probably others have pointed out, there are several other subtly obvious connections between like-numbered episodes of the two seasons. (I’d like to add that S1E3 does include a rare Nenchuu sighting in “Pachinko Police.” *nudge nudge*)

What does that mean for our boy, Mr. Oh-So-Suave? I’ve seen some people express doubt that the staff is going to grant Osomatsu any real character development on this front. This show is so abstract yet so simple, you just have to roll with the punches. But that kind of attitude never made sense to me. I fondly remember the first season being rich in character development, a very smart anime with fine command over every detail on a time and space level. While at first glance it feels like there is too much going on for there to possibly be any method to this madness, there frequently is a great deal of craft and intent working slyly below the surface. Which may be why I was so baffled and dismayed by some of these newer episodes. With the parallel episode theory in mind, I’m going to bet that we’ll see a new development relevant to S2E7 and that it will likely happen during season 1’s other mixer episode, episode 22. In case episode 22 seems a little too convenient, other contenders may be episode 9 and episode 13 for their complex connection with porn. It might be a hard wait as we potentially watch our protagonist sink to deeper depths, but I hope it’s worth it.

The angst lifted, I think I can enjoy Osomatsu-san again. Like back in the sweet and innocent days. Osomatsu-san staff, I’m sorry I doubted you! I’m sure your intentions are good! I hope.

To be continued with further insights and parallels on the seventh episodes.

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Hi! New follower here! This friend of mine has been recommending me CBAW for days. She read it on MRM until today, and I'll never touch that site (I understand you really well on this, bcoz I'm an artist myself and all this stuff makes me really unconfortable. In fact, I have a friend whose art was stolen by HappyMondayStore a long time ago and it was horrible, so hang in there, there's light at the end of the tunnel). Welp, she read today about the advise that ironically was also uploaded on-

on MRM and now that’s why I’m here. I’ll start reading CBAW here (and there are a lot of nice manwhas too, definitely going to check those out later).So, as I’ve said before, hang in there, you are doing an amazing job from what I’ve heard from my friend (also, she commented something about that you leave hilarious messages under some scenes, I have to see that x’D) and you totally deserve a lot of love AND humongous multiple “thank yous” because of your hard work.

Thank you for your kind encouragements ♥♥♥

- wawaa

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Do you find it heartwarming that the behind-the-scenes vid acknowledges/confirms the existence of the Jesse/Lukas-ship? Plus Lukas being charming and perfect?

I didn’t really feel like it was even a nod to the ship if I’m honest. It was more of a nod to “Lukas is the fandom’s cinnamon roll” and they just happened to use the shot of Lukas riding in to save Jesse. It was hilarious though to watch Petra rant about “charming, perfect Lukas”.

So I watched the first episode of Seven Deadly Sins cause it was recc’d to me by Netflix but I bailed at the first groping scene because Fuck That, and Fuck Netflix for recommending it to me because if the first episode has THAT tired ass sexist trope I’m not into it.

I’ll stick to the Wuxia reccs though. At the very least the CG will be hilarious and/or the action will be FUCKING WICKED

MCU Battle moves

1. Throw your loved ones at the enemies

Exhibit 1 :

Exhibit 2 :

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100% efficiency 😂 (1/?)


hp quotes // “‘Oy, you! 'Arry Potter!’ shouted a particularly grim-looking dwarf, elbowing people out of the way to get to Harry.
Hot all over at the thought of being given a Valentine in front of a queue of first years, which happened to include Ginny Weasley, Harry tried to escape. The dwarf, however, cut his way through the crowd by kicking people’s shins, and reached him before he’d gone two paces.
'I’ve got a musical message to deliver to 'Arry Potter in person,’ he said, twanging his harp in a threatening sort of way.”