this is such a heartwarming movie

Princess Bride: The Shoot From Hell That Made A Beloved Film.

The Princess Bride is one of the most popular heartwarming films of all time. But the story of its production was no fairy tale. Here are just a few of the events that happened on set:

  • The lead actors didn’t get along. Robin Wright and Cary Elwes fought constantly, often refusing to kiss each other on cue. In one instance, the actors refused to be on set in the other’s presence, necessitating many scenes to be shot with doubles, or one angle at a time. 
  • Director Rob Reiner made the film while suffering from brain parasites. Picked up from bad catering on “Stand By Me,” Reiner frequently collapsed on set, losing the shooting day as a new worm was found and removed from his cerebral cortex. He was finally cured of the disease only days after filming ended.
  • The “Cliffs Of Insanity” shoot lasted well over 7 months. Weather refused to cooperate with the dangerous stunt of climbing the rope. Every time the actors were in place they had to come back down before a storm hit, and seven stuntmen were killed when they couldn’t get free in time. Due to the dangerous conditions, many of their skeletons remain on the Cliffs of Moher where the sequence was filmed.
  • Author Donatien François who wrote the book on which the movie was based was furious over the adaptation and often showed up on set despite a restraining order. He managed to burn down the castle sets twice, kidnap Billy Crystal for two days, poison the craft services table with Iocane powder, shoot Werner Herzog, steal most of the horses and viciously bite off Christopher Guest’s sixth finger for which he had been cast. He remains in jail as of 2016.
  • The budget soared from an intended $16 Million dollars to a record $98 Million, and its planned two month shoot lasted well well into 1987, the film having begun shooting in 1983. During this time numerous roles had to be recast, and many crew were replaced, including ten cinematographers, four directors (Reiner was preceded by Stanley Kubrick, Roman Polanski, and Werner Herzog), and had to reshoot many scenes when the movie took so long to make that the first footage shot had decayed by the time it made it back to the developer lab.
  • The large rats used as “ROUSs” were real rats that had been specifically bred upward in size to be in the movie. Taking 4 years to breed, the giant rodents were uncontrollable on stage. In a single day, they ate all the catering, splattered the swamp set with noxious feces that caused sickness among the handlers, tore up most of the costumes, killed an alligator which was to have appeared in the scene, and seven of the beasts were lost into the streets where they caused a massive traffic accident and plagued the Fox Studio lot for decades. One can be seen hiding in the background of a shot in Alien 3.
  • Wallace Shawn stubbed his toe on a rock while shooting the famous battle of wits scene. He tells the story in “My Dinner With Andre.”

/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades! 

Since we’re not good at taking selfies or good photographs of cool things, here’s a silly little fan art piece dedicated to the film release of Trolls! Inspired by the beautiful artwork of the film, and it’s awesome artists and filmmakers! (We want to eat the art of book too) It’s such a heartwarming, fun film, you just want to give hugs and want to eat the movie…but that might be a bad idea! Go see it! #fanart #trolls #dreamworkstrolls

why release a sequel to a stupid straight abusive movie about being strangled on valentine’s day when you could release a soft gay heartwarming romantic vintage movie with women of color and a sweeping soundtrack and soft fuzzy lighting and an exquisite wardrobe on valentine’s day

smol things that Viktor and Yuri do together that I need:
  • Them holding hands while walking together
  • At night, watch some film with Makkachin and but both sleep together before the end of the movie on the couch
  • Bathe Makkachin
  • Help Yurio with his feelings for someone he really like
  • Smol house cleaning competitions
  • Playing with Makkachin
  • Taking photos doing funny faces 
  • Cuddling
  • Flirting 
  • Going to karaoke
  • Buying things for their sonYurio and his cat
  • Choosing some music to dance together in the living room
  • Competition of who stays more days without taking the engagement ring of the finger
  • Drinking a good wine until both get drunk and start to say silly and embarrasing things to each other
  • Laughing together at some shitty pun
  • Sharing ice cream
  • Kiss each other hands
  • Food war at home
  • Use dusters and brooms as a microphone while cleaning the house and listening to music
  • Warm conversations when choosing who is going to do the dishes
  • Watching the rain falls outside the house through a window while they drink coffee or tea together
  • Pillow war before bed
Analysis on the ending of Kimi no na wa (Your name)


Makoto Shinkai did it again. Kimi no na wa is a very heartwarming, tear-jerker, cheesy, and romantic movie. Unlike the other Makoto Films, Kimi no na wa has a “happy ending.” Yes, you will not feel any regret or pain after watching this movie. But still, it is a roller-coaster ride. The movie will make you laugh hard, cry like a bitch, and scream like a kid. It is one of those movies that will leave a mark to your heart.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why does howl's moving castle have no merch I mean like spirited away and my neighbor tortoro are amazing films and all but howl's moving castle was a gorgeously animated, funny, heartwarming movie and the only merch I ever see to find is calcifer spatulas and the occasional print for $150 I mean come on where are my t-shirts why is this movie so underrated

#CreateCourage - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

A telecommunications company in the Philippines decided to take their promotion of the upcoming Star Wars movie in the most heartwarming way - through this commercial of a girl with a respiratory illness who uses her love for Star Wars to cope up.

me half an hour ago: happy laughter while watching the heartwarming and hilarious movie Hunt For The Wilderpeople

me now: opening twitter like the goddamn gates of hell to discover a DELUGE of unconfirmed russian espionage blackmail material about donald trump’s golden shower sex parties

howl’s moving castle was such a good movie i mean how poetic can you get? the boy who swallowed a shooting star falls for a girl whose hair is like starlight?

but that’s not all? it’s just such a good movie and the plot might be hard to follow but the ending is so good and heartwarming i love how sophie and calcifer and howl and everyone is just? surrounded by so much love? it’s pure… wholesome… good…


I just got back from seeing the most heartwarming movie of my LIFE!!  It was so beautiful!!  It was uplifting and amazing and it was alllll about family.  Basically your typical animated hour and a half long kids movie.  But there was something that got tossed in there that made it stick with me, and I just need to gush about it.

The movie I saw was Storks, which frankly looked like just another cute kids movie and I didn’t expect it to be nearly as funny as it was.  The whole premise of the film is that storks used to deliver babies they made in a baby-making factory to people who wrote them letters, but they had come to the decision to stop delivering babies and deliver packages from  So pretty much, whenever people wrote them letters asking for babies, they put them in this giant container and never thought about them again.  Cue Tulip, an orphan who was never delivered to her family and lived at the factory.  She ends up working in the letters department and receives a letter from a little boy named Nate who desperately wanted a little brother.  Long story short, she ends up accidentally making this baby which she and a stork named Jr. decide to deliver.  They go on this whole adventure only to be stopped short of delivering the cutest little pink haired animated baby I have ever seen to her new family, which is when things go crazy.  Basically, all the letters they’d collected over the years asking for babies end up getting inserted into the baby making machine and there are thousands of little babies everywhere.  The only thing to do at that  point was to deliver them all, and here was where things got real.

First, I want to say that there were so many cute babies, all with different colored skin and hair (seriously, some of the hair colors included blue, mint green, bright orange, pink, and yes they were all absolutely adorable).  So the diversity level was waaaay up with these babies.  But I didn’t really get emotional until they actually started delivering the babies.  They started showing the families as they receive the babies they had asked for, and you quickly realize that a lot of these families aren’t what would be considered “typical” families.  The first family they’re shown delivering a baby to is a couple where the woman is disabled.  She’s in a wheelchair, and probably wouldn’t be able to easily have children on her own, so when the stork gives her this baby, the sheer emotion in her in her husband’s eyes made the tears start flowing right then and there.  And that was just the beginning.  There was a Japanese couple, there was a biracial couple, there was a single mom, and yes, there was even a lesbian couple.  All these couples receiving babies they had asked for and basically defining that no family is the same.  It was so beautiful.  Just this one scene had tears streaming down my face for the remainder of the film.  

Throughout the movie, I was under the belief that it was just a cute, funny kids movie (it really was funny).  This little montage made it all real.  It’s going to stick with me for a long time.  It was amazing and I can’t get over it.  Go see this movie.  It’s cute, funny, and absolutely heartwarming.  11/10 would recommend.

Now that the new Star Trek movie is edging nearer, I feel like this would be cool: instead of not having Chekov be mentioned or only having a vague mention of him, I feel like it would be a good tribute if the Enterprise crew picked up a transmission from Chekov in the ship that the producers stated he’d be on, and it would reveal how happy he is and how successful he’s become. It’d obviously be short, as it would be painful, but I feel like a tribute like this should be heartwarming and should spread the joy and love that Yelchin’s character gave to fans.

Movie Recommendations

On Friday I saw A Monster Calls which is based on the book by Patrick Ness. I would highly recommend it, the acting is just spectacular but if you’ve ever seen the book it is a visual treat.

A monster…unsurprisingly… calls to a little boys house and tells him that he will tell him 3 stories and at the end the boy must tell him one. Specifically his nightmare. Now the trailers don’t show it but the stories are really beautifully animated and it’s such a treat. Movie is grim dark with heavy themes surrounding cancer, bullying and death but worth it.

Then today I saw La La Land which just feels like going back in time. I can see now why it’s so lauded by critics and received so many nominations. It’s just so heartwarming and the music and songs are lovely and there’s so much depth to the story.

And Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling always work so well, i’ve enjoyed any movie that i’ve seen them in together. Do try to see it if you get a chance.

Tomorrow I’ll be seeing Manchester by the Sea and I also expect to be a sobbing mess during that and m certain I’ll love it.

- Hunk making sure to learn and memorize everyone’s comfort foods and work on perfecting them whenever he can so that when someone is down it’s waiting for them

- Hunk rigging Keith up an alarm system in his room to help him feel a little safer when he’s sleeping

- Hunk making time to have a jam session or heartwarming movie marathon (read: cry marathon) with Lance when he seems like he’s starting to get lonesome

- Hunk spending hours with Pidge working on new projects, making sure they eat and drink every few hours, giving praise enthusiastically per every breakthrough

- Hunk sitting Shiro down and talking out options as far as his arm goes; they go over the pros and cons of keeping it vs. trying to make a new one, and discuss Hunk and Pidge taking a look at the mechanisms if Shiro would be comfortable with that, and supporting whatever decision Shiro makes about it

- Hunk sitting with Allura and listening while she recounts countless tales of her people, and crying with her as they mourn the loss of such a brilliant species and culture

- Hunk asking Coran to teach him classic Altean recipes and the history behind the meals, writing it all down and promising that even if it’s just him and his future descendents, he won’t let them be forgotton

- Hunk just being the best friend in this whole world because he’s the best