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deneebenton: YAYYYY happy #pride !! This is one of my favorite days in NYC- the streets and subway flooded with rainbows and people shamelessly and boldly celebrating who they are with each other and all of the allies. Now more than ever we need bold demonstrations of this kind of love celebration truth 🌈 💕

“And in truth lineage accounts for a great deal, and has a great power in our destinies, even in our very deeds, either through the passionate sympathies we often borrow from our predecessors or through the memory of their prowess that we preserve, or through the good and most curious nourishment we receive from them.”

— Saint François de Sales

Solavellan Masterlist Playlist

•Say Something by Great Big World
•A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
•Love Me Like You by Ellie Goulding
•Poison by Tarja
•Heartache Every Moment by HIM
•Beautiful by HIM
•The Sacrament by HIM
•All Of Me by John Legend
•Animals by Maroon 5
•It’s In His DNA by Little Mix
•Ghost Love Score by Nightwish
•Feel For You by Nightwish
•Everdream by Nightwish
•Bad Blood by Taylor Swift
•I Found by Amber Run
•Crazy In Love (2014 Remix) by Beyoncé
•37mm by AFI
•Endlessly She Said by AFI
•Dreamers by Savoir Adore
•Truth by Seether
•Lost by Within Temptation
•Memories by Within Temptation
•Bittersweet by Within Temptation
•Hand Of Sorrow by Within Temptation
•Howl by Florence And The Machine
•My Blood by Ellie Goulding
•This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) by Ellie Goulding
•Dead In The Water by Ellie Goulding
•Hurts Like Hell by Fleurie
•Breathe by Fleurie
•Soldier by Fleurie
•The River by Keaton Henson
•You by Keaton Henson
•Wolf and I by Oh Land
•Moondust by Jaymes Young
•House Of Memories by Panic! at the Disco
•The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez
•Shatter Me by Lindsey Sterling and Lzzy Hale
•Hallelujah by KD Lang or Pentatonix
•Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars
•Dust to Dust by The Civil Wars
•Devil’s Backbone by The Civil Wars
•The One That Got Away by The Civil Wars
•I Don’t Want To Change You by Damien Rice
•She Wolf by Sia and David Guetta
•Flames by Vast
•Ancient Light by Allman Brown
•Part Of Me by Black Lab
•Writings On The Wall by Sam Smith
•Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams
•Cry Wolf by Bebe Rexha
•Little Red Riding Hood by Nightcore
•Running With The Wolves by Aurora
•The Wolf by Phidel
•Lost In Paradise by Evanescence
•My Heart Is Broken by Evanescence
•Bring Me To Life by Evanescence
•Tourniquet by Evanescence
•My Immortal by Evanescence
•My Last Breath by Evanescence
•Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey
•Hypnotized by Simon Curtis
•One Last Time by Jaymes Young
•Wolves Without Teeth by Of Monsters And Men
•Haunt by Bastille
•Demons by Imagine Dragons
•Awake by Josh Groban
•Sally’s Song by Amy Lee


This is Rosalind, she’s a woodland fairy who loves flowers. Personality wise she’s very cheery and friendly to everyone, but that’s usually because she wants something from you. She has a mischievous streak and a talent for misdirection- for every one truth she tells, there are at least 4 falsehoods. Though clever and adept at scheming, she can be a bit bumbling- sometimes her selfishness and vanity lead her into trouble, and as much as she loves to use flattery, she’s equally as weak to it. Her hobbies include growing elaborate gardens full of wild flowers, collecting random valuables, and pulling pranks on unsuspecting mortals.

…in the negative part of Professor’s Hayek’s thesis there is a great deal of truth. It cannot be said too often.. that collectivism is not inherently democratic, but, on the contrary, gives to a tyrannical minority such powers as the Spanish Inquisitors never dreamt of.
—  George Orwell  (1903-1950) English novelist

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so apparently not only Lauren is dropping the SHE pronoun but also Camila 😂😂😂😂 i love these two to death 💀 and now i'm patiently waiting for the interviews. im sure people would ask about the meaning behind her songs. lets just hope that we get the truth this time 👀🍵🐸

We’ve waited 84 years for this moment it’s gonna be fucking great. GAYMILA RISE 🙌

ॐ HAR HAR MAHADEV ॐ MEANING OF HAR HAR MAHADEV: Har har Mahadev = ‘Har koi Mahadev" Which means that every one is capable of being a Mahadev with the right actions as God resides every person.

-He is 'hara’ because, 'har’ is the root word for destruction. -He carries away or destroys the samsAra or the sins of man. -He carries away the sins of even evil-minded people. -He is prepared to crucify himself for atone ment of man’s sins.

-He is prepared to go through several years of life of penance in a forest in order to show to mankind how living up to Truth and Promise is most important. -He revels in the great knowledge of the Atman, ignoring all trifles; hence HE is 'Maha-deva’, the Great Shining Glory

🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽हर हर महादेव || Har Har Mahadev Ki 🕉🔱📿

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Hi. I was wondering if you could help me find a fic 😊 In it Alec was cursed and he couldn't talk with people that he didn't love or feel comfortable around and Magnus was blind. At first they don't get along because Alec is sent to get a potion from Magnus and he can't talk with him because of the curse and Magnus thinks that Alec is just another arrogant shadowhunter who thinks he's better than downworlders. Then, Magnus has to go and reinforce the wards and finds out the truth. Thank you 😊

Guide Me (To You) by Inrainbowz (PG | 1/1 | 4,619)

8. One of them is mute/deaf/blind AU

Magnus is blind, and Alec was cursed into not being able to talk to strangers. They’re off to a great start.

And I rebblog it anyway...


Hi, Hello, this is your daily reminder that

  • Buffy did not “use Spike for sex,” Spike preyed on Buffy’s depression and PTSD to coerce her into starting a sexual relationship with him.
  • Their relationship is not “mutually abusive.” Spike stalked, manipulated, gaslit, and assaulted Buffy throughout the entirety of their “relationship.”
  • Spike is Buffy’s abuser. Buffy is not Spike’s abuser, she is his victim.

Have a nice day :)  



In Life Serial, he tells her she’s not a school girl even though she was a great university student, sometimes with marks higher than Willow. He basically says human society isn’t her world and she’s a creature of darkness. Fans acted as though he was speaking truth. He takes an inebriated Slayer to a demon bar and then encourages her to fight while she’s so drunk so can barely get her jacket on.

In All the Way, Spike purposely uses double entendres and then acts as though she’s the one with sex on the brain for assuming he was talking about anything sexual. He calls her on barging into his crypt when he has broken into her house multiple times to sniff her clothes, steal her clothes and photos of her probably from family albums her mom organized, and tell her something while she’s naked in bed.

In OMWF, he sings that she shouldn’t come by to talk about her suicidal depression unless she’s also going to have sex with him. That’s an ultimatum and the epitome of Nice Guy thinking being a decent person without a sexual reward is being friendzoned. She has to stop him from murdering a priest. He acts offended when she reminds him he told her to stay away. He tells her he hopes she and Dawn burn to death (Buffy died 6 months earlier via her internal organs & nervous system frying/liquefying). He sings she’s probably laughing about his feelings for her even though he knows she’s depressed and can barely muster a fake smile. He sings “I hope she fries, I’m free if that bitch dies!” And then plots doing it himself, “First I’ll kill her” “Then I’ll kill her”. And yet fans saw it as romantic when they kiss in the alley he twice threatened to murder her in after she nearly incinerated from lack of resolution over her depression, pleading with another immoral demon (Sweet) to give her something anything to sing about.

In Tabula Rasa he said to Buffy, “Don’t get all prim & proper on me. I know what kind of girl you really are.”

In Smashed, he called her a tease for kissing him on two occasions despite her explaining why she did it (depression, vulnerability). He shouts that he’s the only one there for her and that she has no one else. He followed her even though she wanted him to leave her alone and then roughly grabbed her, saying, “Stop walking away.” She hits him and says “Don’t touch me!” Instead of listening he hits her back. When he realizes he can once again physically harm her, he plots raping her (stun gun, chains, rose petals on bed, vinyl record playing, sinister phone call), taunts she came back “wrong” & “a little less human” and repeatedly hits her when she’s too in shock at first to fight back. He mocks her for being a “poor little lost girl” and not having anyone.

In Wrecked, he grabbed her to the ground, forced his fingers in her while she fought him and said “No” “Ow” and “Stop”. He tried to physically prevent her from leaving. She had to order, “Let me go.” He threatened to kill her if she didn’t stop acting “like a bitch”.

In Gone, he came to her house. He thought because he had her one night he can now touch her whenever he wants. He once again put his hand down south. She told him “Stop that”. He does it again but angrily when she says “Why won’t you leave? Get out of here!” He sexualized her hair so she got a pair of scissors and chopped it off.

In DMP, he came to her work multiple times. He taunted her again about being a demon. He didn’t question Buffy having sex against a fast food joint in an alley next to a dumpster. That is the spot the phallic demon paralyzed its victims before eating them. The episode is a metaphor for how she suffers emotional paralysis and despite not actively stopping Spike, it’s not fully consensual. “I’ve tasted it” She is physically paralyzed by phallic venom and literally was being eaten alive.


Excellent examples! This ship is just so abusive. It’s an example of what to avoid at all costs; it’s never been something to be venerated.


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Anyone want to take this one on? I’m too bored with it.

@luscious2 - see. Spike hate is still the biggest hate. The very bigly bestest hate.. Enough so that the haters feel the need to lecture people who see events differently. It’s like evangelical hate - if you don’t agree you must be subhuman. It’s classic, frothing at the mouth, self righteous detailed anal hate. Spike is not a simple nice guy - he is an evil genius tormenting an innocent little girl.

No wait - that was Angelus.

Brilliant tactician trying to beat her down and destroy…

Crap - Angelus.

Haters gonna hate…

BUFFY doesn’t think Spike abused her. She NEVER said that. She had many horrifying things happening in her life, and Spike wasn’t even a blip in her trauma-scale.

That’s the story that was told. Some people should stop projecting their traumas into the character. 

Secrets In the Shadows: When Marcus really lost Didyme.

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Peyton walks through the Volturi gardens, it wasn’t sunny, it was sinisterly foggy.
Some of these stories do not start happy nor do they finish happy with very few happy moments in between. This memory’s fog doesn’t just symbolise how old it is but just how much of the truth has been covered. No one is ready for this story to be told and it brings great displeasure to tell it. However, it is my very solemn duty to tell you.

There are many stories surrounding the Volturi and whilst some are true others are rumours based on fact. I advise you believe the ones with the dark endings.

Aro has also brought a bad taste to my mouth, along with his sick duo ‘the witch twins’. He was just as dangerous when he was polite as he was cruel. How could someone be so chipper when death was near? Not even a smile is as twisted as that.

Peyton lead you through the double doors and you both headed to the throne room, sitting on one of the marble benches.
No one ever speaks about the time Marcus found out how Didyme really died. Mostly because it’s sickening to even imagine never mind remember.
The day Didyme died, shortly after the remains were cleared, Marcus wandered their room. The glass and mirror shattered shards crunched under his shoes. The curtains poured out of the broken window blowing gently against the breeze. Everything outside that room was normal and the sunset was beautiful. 
Marcus worked up enough strength that day to sit in the throne room with the others - exactly where he sits now.

Peyton took your hand and suddenly you were in a bedroom.
Aro and Sulpicia were in the room. “Aro…Aro my love, they intend to leave, what shall you do?”
Aro remained silent, his silence was never fortunate. He eventually spoke in a soft voice. “If she doesn’t change his mind, if she does not tell him otherwise, I will kill her.”
“Aro…” Even his actions stunned his own wife at times but she knew better than to move against him. A smart move that many learned to take. 

Peyton lead you out the room.
Didyme had took her brothers words but was unaware of his unspoken threat. Didyme is currently in the gardens with Marcus and I’m sorry dear reader but I cannot tell you that she ever mentioned the thought of staying to him. 

The scene changed and you saw a woman with a solemn troubled expression now alone in the gardens as Marcus walked back inside turning into dust. You had never seen her before, it was possibly Didyme?
Didyme would relentlessly relive this moment in the current limbo she resides, a continuous reminder of her mistake.
Peyton taps your shoulder as the woman turns to look at Peyton with a broken expression, a look of pleading, pleading for help. Peyton offered none and didn’t even cast Didyme a glance. 

The scene changed and the three leaders sat on their thrones.
There is often a part of the story no one would speak of. The real reason for why Aro used Chelsea.
Marcus’ head darted up, eyes wide. “What did you…just say?” He breathed. “M-Marcus…” Aro said slowly.
You? You killed her? You killed my wife? My mate!?” Marcus’ voice began to escalate in volume his eyes turning to black.
“Aro, what did you do!?” Aro looked stunned, a slip of the tongue with Caius was what gave him away. Yet they had been so careful! Aro was scared of Marcus in that moment. He was scared what he could do and he knew he should have been.
 Felix and Demetri had just caught Marcus as he lunged nearly colliding into Aro. Marcus was quick to realise killing Aro wouldn’t bring his beloved back so it didn’t take long to restrain him. He knew what he could do to really get back at Aro.
 “I’m leaving, I’m leaving and never coming back.” Marcus said before he stormed out the room. As intended Aro’s eyes went wide. Losing a leader of the Volturi was not good to maintain status. That was when they brought in Chelsea, to really tie the knot. 

The scene changed as Chelsea looked into Marcus’ black eyes.
“You’re not leaving the Volturi. You will never leave. You want to be here.” Peyton turned to you. Chelsea has never had to tie bonds so tight to anyone as she did to Marcus that day. He is so blinded by commitment that he doesn’t even remember how Didyme died. He blocked it out and they fed him the lie of an attack, an attack against the Volturi that lead to her death. Nevertheless, nothing Chelsea could do would ever take the pain away from losing Didyme. He refused any help. Despite common belief, he refused Corin but never noticed the slight hold she had. I’m sure you noticed that Marcus is content since he stays here. It was slight, not much, yet enough

Peyton leads you back outside to the entrance of the Volturi. People like to believe that when we lose a loved one that they are always with us. How I see it, is much darker and is not as pretty. After we mourn, we begin to heal, the days get that bit more bearable. That’s when we really lose the dead, when we move on and so Marcus didn’t lose Didyme the day she died.
He lost her one hundred and fifty years later when Chelsea used her gift to keep him in the Volturi.
That was when she was ripped away from him, when she was really gone.

Let go of the anger, bitterness, and resentment seeping and settling in your bones. You can’t achieve greatness carrying grudges and casting stones.
—  Be the bigger person.