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I've got a cute three year old tortoiseshell kitty, and pretty soon I'll be moving cross-country via car. Just me and her, alone in a car for three days. I've heard that it's pretty standard to sedate a cat while traveling, but three days seems a bit long to knock her out for, so I'd like to avoid that. I'm not delusional enough to think she's gonna like it, by any stretch of the imagination, but are there ways I could make it less stressful for her? (By the way, this blog is super awesome!!)

I’d agree that sedation isn’t a great idea. I’d suggest getting her used to hanging out in and traveling in the car for fun trips even before you start packing to move (so she doesn’t associate cars with the stress of change). When you’re actually driving you don’t have to keep her kenneled the entire time if she doesn’t prefer it, but make sure she’s in a harness and tethered so she can’t get into the front seat / in the way of the driver, and make sure the power to the window controls is turned off and the doors are always locked. 

HEEEYYYYY! I didn’t expect to make another one of these within about 2 of the last one. I honestly can’t believe I just hit 1000 followers (currently at 1004)! Thanks to all of you for making this a great 5 months and thanks once again for following my shitty ass blog.

These are all the people I follow and my mutuals! I’m pretty sure I’ve most likely forgotten someone, but I’ll remember next time.



Ps. I promise I won’t do this again at least for a while.

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I say you make a blog with a single, ridiculous post. It may be the salad picture, a single period, a fucking frog, a frog fucking, whatever. Then we all reblog it. We go crazy. Hype it up in the tags with stuff like "#so little to go!" "#can't wait" or whatever. We make that shit go viral. Get it thousands of notes. It would be great and people would be confused af.

Tumblr 2012: Everything online is great. Tumblr is at its prime. I haven’t slept in 18 days. My queue is full, my blog looks good, and I’ve met a ton of interesting people. 

Tumblr 2017: Everything on my dash is garbage. There is nothing keeping me on here for days to find good content. SJW’s, cringeworthy tv show fans, and Buzz-howarewestillrelevant-feed are taking over.

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so i've never really played bioware but... most of what i've seen of people's reaction is about how bad their games are? like the issues with da:i and now me:a (and... wow the homophobia, from what i've read on your blog) but why does everyone still play their games if they're bad?

nostalgia & previous investment in the franchises. they’ve never been perfect, but they usually contain great potential. unfortunately, half the time the writers/devs don’t capitalize on it, which leads to a lot of frustration. there’s so much there that is genuinely good and fun and creative, but lately they’ve been missing the mark more than usual in executing it to its full extent. what happens is that bioware makes a great idea/character/universe and then doesn’t know what to do with them in the long term, and they also make super shitty ideas alongside the solid ones. so you get a lot of people who are highly invested in certain good parts of their games, but also really annoyed at others. it’s a frustrating thing. there’s also the idea that yeah, bioware does allow you to have female protagonists & lgbt relationships even if they aren’t always amazing- the ‘take what scraps we can get’ kind of approach. it’s a bit of an unhealthy relationship to say the least.

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What advice can you give a fellow ssbbw on how to meet people. I'm in my almost mid 20's, still a virgin, and can't seem to meet someone that likes my body type. Is there some way to find people? What can I do? 😬

Good morning… The easiest way is online. I understand Thai is hard to find people that like and accept our body type. it happened to me before. I used to search on Craigslist and I was surprised of how many guys and girls were looking to meet girls with our body types. We are beautiful, we just have to believe it. I found a great guy who remember me every single day how special and Sexy I am. Good luck!
😚😚 submit a pic and I will share it on my blog. Here everyone likes SSBBW

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Igor is sooooooo cute!

Iggy: Why, isn’t that just lovely, Sugar Puff~?! You have so many fans! Yay! I’m so happy for you, honey!

Loup: That’s great. ‘Grats.


Igor is too happy for words…!

(adm: Thank you so much for showing Igor some love, everyone! I’m sorry I can’t reply everyone personally, but that still made me and the boys very happy! x’) <333)

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Hi! First of all I love your blog and happy (belated) birthday!! Hope you had a great day. :) Also, I was wondering, is Mac supposed to go all the places his owners are taking him? I see a bunch of pictures of him on the train, on a mountain, at the beach, etc. Like I get wanting to show off your pet but are those safe spaces for him? Thanks for your time and keep up the great & informative blog! 😊

Thanks! I did. :D

The answer to that is yes and no. There are some places where it’s safe to take tegus! Taking them to new, safe places is really good for them- it provides physical and mental stimulation. It’s always best if you can control the environment- but so long as the place is safe, the animal’s needs are met, there’s no other people who might freak out and call animal control, you can legally bring the animal there- it’s not so bad to take your tegu somewhere new. Kaiju, for instance, goes to work with me sometimes. My office and department welcome her and she doesn’t stay for long. Sometimes she even has a job to do as a demo animal! I’ll also take her outside on a harness. Tegus aren’t small prey species, so they’re not going to be as stressed out as a smaller lizard might be, and if you’ve got a well-socialized animal that works well on a leash, a carefully supervised trip outdoors is actually a good idea. 

Buuuut then there’s the train thing. Frankly, it’s a terrible idea for them to be taking pictures of him on the train. Amtrak doesn’t allow non-service animals, even if they’re contained. They know that, actually- in this video, the guy talks about how they have to sneak him on the train in a bag. Amtrak does allow pets, but only cats and dogs up to twenty pounds. They won’t let you take a lizard on the train. I know. I’ve asked. Not because of this video but because I’ve considered it as a travel option, and Amtrak is very clear: cats and small dogs only (excluding service dogs). Furthermore, the train vid is from 2014, and Amtrak didn’t even start allowing pets until 2015. 

But in this video, which got 13k views on instagram, there’s no context- it’s just the lizard on a train. This video’s an excerpt from the first one (at about 3:23 in the first vid) and it looks like they’re just taking their lizard for a fun train ride. This is super annoying because their following is mostly people who go “awwwww cute!!” and then talk about getting a tegu themselves or trying this with their lizard. The Amtrak situation? They got lucky. Some other person might try that and get caught and then get in financial trouble because Amtrak slapped them with a fine. 

As much as we love our pets, they’re not welcome everywhere. This is especially true for reptiles, which are far less accepted by the mainstream as pets than a cat or a dog. Bringing a lizard into a place where lizards are prohibited is just asking for trouble. 

if people could stop being so rude to me, sending me hate, and other bullshit because of the character i play and their fucking ships that would be great i’m just a comic book fan out here trying to play a god damn muse leave me the hell alone if you don’t like IT             I DON’T EVEN WATCH SUPERGIRL I JUST REALLY LIKE MON-EL????????????? idgaf about ur SHIPS. fuck sake people be kind to each other???? if you don’t have nice things to say to me don’t talk to me.   this is a mon-el blog.   ?????? why do u follow and talk to the mun of  character you constantly talk shit about????

50+ of you!

How TF did I reach 50 lil poops on tumblr! Like I know it’s not as many as other simblrs, but I can’t express how happy it makes me that 50+ people like my blog. Today has been maybe one of the best days EVER, not only did pass 50 lil poos, I talked to some very nice people, I talked to people in @koffeecakes stream, I talked to @sandy-sims msg her everyone who is scared, she is and angel! All im saying is I love you all and i’m so thankful for all of you and I hope you have a great week! <3

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Name: Timothy Dwayne

Nickname: as a child: tiny Tim. Now Timbo although my dad still sometimes calls me Timmy

Gender: Male

starsign: Taurus

Height: 5'11

Sexuality: bi

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Fav animal: Great horned owl

Average hrs of sleep: 6ish

Current time: 10:22 pm pacific

Blankets you sleep with: Uno

Dream trip: Greece

Dream Job: I like what I am doing now

When I made my blog: this one about three weeks ago

Followers: shoot didn’t check but not that many.

Account peak: ?

Why i made a tumblr: to reconnect to some people and follow through on fitness goals

Reason for url: Finally somebody fucking asks. Timbo is my nickname given to me by my trainer. I looked Timbo up online. One of the definitions is “a sexual position of unparalleled excellence”. What’s the position? Ha you will have to send an ask for that. My original blog was doyoueventimbo still in reference to the sex. So I figured for the new blog still play in that.

I tag @error404-fatnotfound @serenity-made-visible @fit-loki and @jonsjourneytohappiness.

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i miss you too <3 <3 love you, hope whatever's troubling you this past week gets better, hope you have a good day!!

aww thanks nonnie <3

it’s just uni, it’s really busy with assessment atm (plus i’m getting used to some new meds so i’m feeling a little ~ahsbfnhgndfs~ sometimes)

but yeah, once my assignments are handed in i’ll update some fic and get back to blogging. thanks for being so understanding, hope you’re having a great day too!!!