this is such a good video i love it a lot :)


Mike Chilton - Take Me Home (Hollywood Undead)

YEAH IT’S FINALLY DONE HELL YES.  I had to make this because if I ever heard a song with lyrics that described Mike Chilton more aptly than “reckless till the day I rest my bones”, I don’t remember it (but if I ever do I will definitely have to make a video with it).

It kind of looks a little bit like he died at the end.  OH WELL.  RIP in peace Mikey.


Lee Sung Kyung & Nam Joo Hyuk ~ their instagram posts ( @heybiblee & @skwangur )


such a beautiful v i e w


make me choose anonymous asked: thomas sangster or tini stoessel

i mean i ride motor bikes. so coming up on a bike is always a bit cool. even though i’m not a ‘bad boy’, turning up with a leather jacket and a bike has a ‘bad boy’ type of feel. and i am slightly aware of it, but i try not to act like it.

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can you explain why John Wick is such a good film? it's just like any other action film...

Okaaaaaaaay I don’t mind ppl disliking it bc i get it i do. it’s not for everyone, especially ppl that don’t care for action movies. but saying it’s like any other action film is where i’m gonna stop you there. First of all, John wick doesn’t have that shit camera shaking thing every action movies love to have. I appreciate action movies that let me see what the hell is actually going on. It also got beautiful choreography n performance from my man Reeves. He nailed it and for a man in his fifties, he absolutely killed it. The film is so pretty to look at too AND this is what i love the most probably, the fact that guns actually have LIMITED BULLETS and you see him actually fking changing them out. This film doesn’t try to be anything else it was which is ya know an action film. You can’t watch it for the story that’s not what it’s made for. Literally the plot is him getting revenge on ppl who like killed his dog and stole his car, that’s it. The world building on this is amazing also, especially in the second film where it leads up to the promising third film which i hope is coming soon :D

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NEW VIDEO: “YouTube Matchmaking Game!”

This week I got to be in a love game show with 10 of my favorite YouTubers to find my ONE TRUE LOVE. Who would YOU pick?