this is such a cute thing they do

I mean Azealia isn’t wrong that Lana’s witchy thing is cute to you guys but her doing a religious practice of her own was like a Huge Deal…what’s the truth.gif


Black history month day 24: dancer and entertainer Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson.

Bill Robinson was born Luther Robinson on May 25th, 1878. His parents died when he was eight and he was raised by his grandmother. From the age of five, Robinson begin dancing for spare change and was eventually chosen as a pickaninny for a local minstrel show (pickaninnies were cute black children who were basically extras and background characters in minstrel shows).

At age 13 Robinson ran off to Washington DC and did a series of odd jobs. Later he joined the Army as a rifleman during the Spanish American war. By 1900 Robinson became active full-time in a career of vaudeville performance, starring in dance troupes, comedy duos, and even blackface and minstrel performances.

At times Robinson came under some heavy criticism for his participation in and tacit acceptance of racial stereotypes of the era, with critics calling him an Uncle Tom figure. However, he did do many things to help improve the situation of blacks, including persuading the Dallas police department to hire its first African American policemen and lobbying President Roosevelt during World War II for more equitable treatment of African American soldiers.

Robinson was the best known and most highly paid African American entertainer in the first half of the twentieth century. He was especially well-known for his collaborations with child star Shirley Temple, and the two of them made the first interracial dance team in Hollywood film history. Robinson also starred with Lena Horne and Cab Calloway in “Stormy Weather”, a film loosely based on Robinson’s life.


But look at her now and she is so happy in her lesbian relationship and she is so in love. She just wants to do the cute couple things and be happy with Maggie and I’m so proud of her.

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Do you have a fav Jikook moment? :3

Apart from the famous Jikook Hug? Hmmm, I have a lot actually, one of them would probably be back in Osaka, Jungkook’s mission to make Jimin say “Thank you”! That was one of the most adorable things I’ve seen I think!!

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I really like this one as well because well…yeah xd

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Ahhh this one was really cute too cus they look so happy!!! (I’ll look at any Jungkook close up anytime tbh)

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Also this (Does it count as a jikook moment? i laughed at this for ages):

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I hope if Mark actually follows through with the nudes, they are done like old school pin ups...I'm a sucker for pin-ups!! (Doing this off anon because nudes can be classy :P )

nudes can be classy. the human body is a beautiful thing. i can def see him doing scar positivity shit, too, with all of those cute belly scars. 

also same. lmao.

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honestly i'm really bothered that they made J homeless in Riverdale. i think about 40% of homeless people are lgbtqiap+, it's not cute to code him as such, deny him the actual label and us the representation, but make it another queer disaster story where he's homeless and forced into situations he doesn't want. I know someone who was almost thrown out when she came out as ace, let alone aro, and has to lie and pretend to be into men to LIVE IN HER HOUSE. This is reality for a lot of people, wtf

Literally my reaction when I heard that happened. It’s like the show is doing literally the worst things it could do in relationship the framing of this. Straight people (and Archie’s Comics) were like aww he hasn’t eaten a burger yet that’s so tragic. And I’m like… maybe that’s because he’s fucking homeless. Also Jughead always scammed food from friends and it was a funny little thing in the comics. Making him homeless, and trying to score free food is fucking needlessly dark.

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Akashi fans..Like when you see the people wearing masks and celebrating his birthday like a satanic ritual... It creeps me out but it... makes me kind of HAPPY because Akashi fans are whole another level.. I mean akashi can be sort of creepy? But there are morecreepier characters than him? Yet why do you think he has such a unique fandom?

True story: My friend’s sister upon finding out we love Akashi was: “you guys are scary, just google ‘akashi fans’ to see what i mean.” So I did and–

And so i thought, well… KNB fans are intense in general–probably… THEN i googled images for kuroko or kagami or other kisedai fans… they’re all normal fanarts… Aomine’s one is even SO CUTE like

Are you an Aomine fan?
Like - Yes! \(≧▽≦)/
Ignore - No. (*^▽^*)ゞ

I mean what the heck is this Pure thing i’m… I also have no idea why Akashi attracts people like us… and many more like the ones in the pictures above. smh why do we have to be so extra =_=“

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cute, random sodapop/dally headcannons

I didn’t know if you meant like Sodapop and Dally together or just separate headcannons for each but I don’t do headcannons for the gang together so I hope you enjoy these 💛💛


-He always smells really sweet.

-He loves baking so many things, not just cake.

-He’s tried drugs before and will never do it again.

-He hated it.

-And Darry found out and nearly killed him.

-That was the only time Darry ever had to ground Sodapop.

-He actually really hates that all the girls come to see him at the DX.

-It was fun at first but it quickly got old.

-He hates girls that throw themselves all over him.

-He loves the taste of coffee but it makes him way to hyper.


-Dally’s favorite time is night.

-He likes when he’s alone and can do his own thing at night with no one needing him.

-He really loves sweet things.

-And will have ice cream any time of day.

-He has really cold hands.

-He is like a baby about needles and it’s the only reason he doesn’t have a ton of tattoos.

-He once fed a stray cat but got annoyed because it started following him.

-He’ll give it some food every once in a while but will always yell at it if it tries to come after him.

-He can sing really well but never does it unless he is so drunk he’s close to passing out.

-He can use just about anything as a weapon.

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i've been thinking a lot abt the scene where Mike puts makeup on El. and wouldn't it have been cute if the boys were all curious about makeup one day? but instead of using the makeup properly, they end up drawing stars on their faces and all write D&D on their foreheads bc they have no clue what they're doing but they think it's fun to have matching face tattoos that show that they're in the club and there's nothing weird about it at all bc makeup is just another crayon to them :D

Hello anon! This is a really sweet idea 💜  Thank you for sending it my way—you’re awesome!

Because I am a sucker for heartbreak, I want to say that Mike is missing El particularly bad one day and wanders into Nancy’s room while she’s not home. He rifles through her makeup brushes and thinks about how concerned El was when he tried to put blush on her cheeks, but how she let him do it anyways. He finds Nancy’s eyeliner as well and, after a moment’s hesitation, draws a little 011 on his wrist, right where El’s used to be.

All caught up in his thoughts, Mike doesn’t hear the doorbell ring nor the front door open and he doesn’t hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. In fact, he doesn’t hear anything until Will (who has his own key now, because Karen says he can come over whenever and let himself in) asks him if he’s alright from the doorway of Nancy’s room. Mike sort of just sputters and Will notices the mark on his arm, frowning. In an attempt to make Mike feel better, Will offers to “give him a happier tattoo” and Mike agrees, just happy that Will’s back and acting normal. The boys take Nancy’s makeup bag into Mike’s room and sit on his bottom bunk. Will starts to draw designs on Mike’s other arm, outlining them with the black eye pencil and shading with some of Nancy’s sparkly eyeshadows (the ones she never wears).  Eventually, Will runs out of room on Mike’s arm and tentatively moves his hand up to the taller boy’s face. Mike hesitates for a moment before nodding at Will to continue. No matter what, he figures, it’ll be better than when Holly does his makeup for her tea parties. Smirking, Will writes “Dungeon Master” in block letters across Mike’s forehead, drawing little stars around the words. Just as he finishes, the doorbell rings again and, this time, they both hear it.

Both boys bound down the stairs to greet Dustin and Lucas, who take one look at Mike, wide-eyed. Dustin exclaims that he wants his D&D name in fancy letters on his forehead and Lucas, after a bit of prodding, also agrees to allowing Will to ‘tattoo’ him. Afterwards, they all participate in writing and drawing on Will—Mike scrawls out Will’s D&D name, Lucas works on a camo pattern on one of his cheeks, and Dustin draws a dragon (albeit a crooked stick figure one) on Will’s other cheek. 

They play an entire six hour campaign like this, only interrupted once when Nancy comes downstairs for a sweater from the laundry basket. If she notices the drawings on their faces (she does) and if she realizes they were done with her makeup (she definitely does—that shade of pink is from her favourite lipstick), she doesn’t say anything. But she does offer to order the boys another pizza, which they gladly accept. 

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Eyyy what about a short jealousy fic? Either Yoon or Kook will do, but something cute where one of them gets jealous about the other's friendship with someone else (maybe another member)? Thank youu :DD

we’re new
sugakookie; drabble


when they told the rest of bangtan about their relationship, certain things happened;

jimin popped balloons. taehyung said to give him around twenty minutes and went out with his wallet, a jacket, and came back without his jacket (no one asked) a couple bags of confetti, and a whistle. he then proceeded to throw the confetti around them. namjoon gave them both pats on the shoulders until jungkook sniffed and hugged him (to which he then looked like he was half going to die and half fond) and seokjin just asked him why they didn’t tell them sooner, it was too obvious. hoseok frowned and went, “but jungkook is too good for - “ and got smacked by yoongi. in general, it was nice, good thing. 

their relationship was fairly new, like a budding flower. it’s characterized by small touches, fiddling with each other’s hands, breathing in each other’s space. sometimes they feel a little scared to reach out and touch - unbelievable, unbelievable, i can do this - but most of the time, the stay away in fear. 

the walls are thin, jungkook would whisper. 

yoongi would kiss him quietly and they’d muffle the sounds of their hearts beating underneath blankets and stolen moments. hours in between the night and morning where everyone is asleep or in their own worlds - no managers - no anyone - just them. 

they knew that they had to continue on as always in front of others. there are always sacrifices, but they love the other members of family. it isn’t hard, being affectionate and kind with them. love comes differently, in all forms. 

yoongi thinks so, at least, until jungkook stops reaching out for his hand one day. 

he wonders why, why, tries to catch his eye from beyond the signing tables, see him smile. yoongi thinks about all the papers he’s scribbled on trying to get put down onto paper what jungkook does to him, what jungkook makes him feel, but god it’s so hard and he just - sometimes the fame, it gets too much, and when jungkook sighs softly into his shoulder it takes a burden off - why isn’t he - 

hyung, let’s go take a picture! hoseok puts his hand on yoongi’s shoulder, but yoongi is still looking at jungkook. he catches yoongi’s eye then, his gaze slipping briefly to - 

jungkook looks away and smiles. taehyung puts an arm around him suddenly and yoongi feels something ugly unfurl in his chest. 

when the signing is over, yoongi holds jungkook’s hand - even when the other tries to pull away a little - and they sit in the empty car that yoongi promised he could drive. the managers have no idea, just blink and shrug, okay, we’re down seunghyun anyway, thanks yoongi - and the other members give them blank faces that betray nothing. yoongi doesn’t want to know what they’re thinking. 

they drive for a while, and yoongi likes the open stretch of road in front of them. it smells like jasmine and pine in the car. jungkook fiddles with the knobs. 

you know i’d hold your hand if i could, right? 

jungkook inhales. exhales. i know, he replies softly. i’m sorry, i’m just - being dumb.

no, yoongi says, still looking forward, hands gripping the steering wheel, remembering the feeling in his heart that made him feel dark. no, you’re not. don’t say that

we’re so new at this, jungkook clears his throat, rests his head against the car window. 

we’re older at being friends

before being in love, that’s how they loved each other. one tripped into the other, and now they’ve both fallen. 

yoongi stops the car at the side of the road, thinks that bangtan can survive without the both of them for a second, and meets jungkook mouth halfway across the seats. 

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hey i've just started on this story but i am kinda stuck and i would like if you could help me with maybe prompts or like dialogue prompts? whichever one you want to do and it's basically about this multi millionaire business person (who's like very rude and cold to everybody) and this person who is new in their company (who feels very intimated by the boss) and they fall in love. maybe some remarks at each other and some teasing from the boss to the worker. thank you!

//Sure thing!

“I can see you trying to hide behind the desk. What are you doing?”

“Your pining is so obvious. I’d call it cute if I cared.”

“I want to get to know them. I don’t know where or how to start.”

“Do you think they’d like these flowers?”

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Are you living in Ireland or you're from there? And if you're from there, do you talk like Kashy? Because that would be funny noah fence

Hello yes I’m from Ireland. Me and Kashy have like a south county dublin accent which is very different from other parts of the country. There are a lot of accents over here that are really hard to understand. I can understand non-Irish ppl thinkin her accent is funny/cute but honestly she has one of the nicest accents I’ve heard living here for 20+years. I’m still #shook by her voice !it’s so beautiful and it does things to me

@shaonharryandpannisim in response to this post!

(WARNING FOR EVERYONE ELSE: EXTREME DEAN AND SHOW NEGATIVITY AHEAD. This is something I’ve been frustrated about for a while, so it’s very ranty, because it would be so fucking easy for the writers to fix it but they don’t because Status Quo Is God. If you don’t want to read a very bitter critique of both Dean’s character and the show’s writing, here’s a subreddit full of cute things you can look at instead.)

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pff I remember seeing some voltron fanart on tumblr after like, 3 weeks after s1 coming out and thinking "wow, what a cute little fandom. no drama, no discourse. just a small fandom enjoying this not-so-famous show." wELL past me, you'd be pretty suRPIRISED

fjkdngf i mean it is stressful but sometimes some things do need to be addressed it’s a 50-50 experience i guess

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Two things I want for the Aristocats au bc it gives me life: Allura's full name is Princess Allura, and Coran, Alfor, Shiro, and the kittens switch between calling her Princess and Allura, and also!! In the movie their owner dances with the cats in her arms so imagine Coran and Alfor doing that with the kitties!! I love this gosh darn furry au...

@klanced im Crying that’s so cute,,

1.4 k celebration!

I reached 1.4  this morning and I’m gonna be buried in exams by the time I reach 1.5, so let’s celebrate now!


What can you have? 

I’ll be doing them over the weekend, so have a little patience, I’ll answer them all! 

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