this is such a cute pic :')

Noticed that there wasn’t an official pairing name for these two… So I made one up, the name is WonderLuck, and I choose it for three reasons; one, it rolls off the tongue nicely, two, it is a fusion of their subtitles (Felix the Wonderful Cat, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit), and three, Felix existed before Oswald, which is why his subtitle “Wonderful” goes before Oswald’s subtitle “Lucky”.








What do you all think of the name? I hope you approve of it.

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit © Disney
Felix The Cat © Dreamworks


annabeth  +  social  media  ,  snapchat edition ( ft. some friends )

shoutout  to  @darlingstarlets  for  the  template  !!


happy munday???? i’ve been postin for munday a lot but that’s only bc so much stuff has been happening ooc!!! like c.omic c.on. it was so fantastic. these are only a small handful of my pics but that’s me in the x-wing pilot suit!!! (pics w st.arlord, st.eampunk r.onan, a mary poppins/yondu hybrid, and a bunch of sw pals bc everyone was so FREAKIN AWESOME)