this is such a cute movie


“Here we were giving everyone what they had longed for, what they had been teased about, what they had been cheated of in the movie, what they had been given in a kind of bogus scene in season six. We gave them the real thing here, we gave them a passionate kiss. And I think David and Gillian were up for it. I mean, I saw them. They were kind of giddy and giggling before it happened, and it was hot.”

— Chris Carter (DVD commentary)

raptorific  asked:

What really gets me is that there are ways to tell stories about teenagers coming to terms with their newfound romantic and sexual interests-- this is basically the plot of every John Hughes movie-- without literally producing pornography of those characters, and these Star Vs fanartists are extra scary because they're counting on their younger fans not being able tell the difference between "the premise of The Facts Of Life" and "literally committing a sex crime and posting it online"

(2/2) That’s why it freaks me when they’re like “awwww, it’s so cute! It’s just puberty, they’re so full of hormones!” because like they are literally pretending that what they’re doing is somehow no different than, say, every teen show on the Disney channel that somehow manages to show kids and teens navigating adolescent WITHOUT including graphic pornography produced by pedophiles and distributed to an audience of minors


like i don’t even know how it could happen and what’s gonna happen if ever and IF it could even be as good as the first one

but i’m just desperately feeling the need for a beauty and the beast sequel you know

  • first things first i need it to have a new title because he is not a beast!!!
  • i literally want to see more belle and prince adam being together damn it, it was literally too short in the film
  • lefou and stanley together
  • i wan’t backstory about cogsworth and the woman in the film (or did i miss it?)
  • basically i just want to see the human castle people + belle and prince adam, and belle’s dad living in the castle
  • I JUST REALLY WANT TO SEE BELLE AND ADAM TOGETHER OK i would pay to watch the next movie just to see them be together and fight about books and be cute and couple-y and in love pls i need good things in life
  • dan stevens was supposed to be naked in the transformation scene i want justice

Kirakira PreCure A La Mode 4 stars cards from the Dream Stage movie event!! OMG AOI & HIMARI MATCH EACH OTHER!!! THATS SOO CUTE!! x3 Wait dose that mean Ichika is in between Yukari & Akira???? owo
(I will add Ichika when I get some hearts back :3)

Story Time!!!

I know it’s not art related but I need to share this. Like, I’m in tears from hysterical laughter over here.

We’re hosting an exchange student from Japan this year for about two weeks. Her name is Kana and she is the most adorable thing ever.

We were both watching Star Trek when she fell asleep on the couch. After the episode ended I woke her up so she could go to her room and sleep on her bed. Kana’s so tired she can’t even open her eyes as she sits up…

…And proceeds to plop over on her other side, immediately falling asleep.

Cue me walking away to get the laugher out of my system (which sounded like wheezing and hyperventilating because I’m trying to be quiet).

So I go to her room to grab some blankets and a pillow and I wake her up again so she can situate herself. She sits up, eyes still not opened, and slumps over, but not quite on the pillow.

Again, I had to walk away to laugh.

Poor girl is too tired to stay awake, so I maneuver her so she’s laying down properly instead of slumped over.

Just as I start tucking her in with the blankets, she moves her head so it’s hANGING OFF THE COUCH AND PILLOW.

For the third time in a row I had to walk away and laugh to myself.

Needless to say, putting her to bed took about 30 minutes because I couldn’t keep my shit together.

This girl is so fucking precious I love her.

I’m Here

Characters: Jim Kirk x Reader

Summary: @yourtropegirl asked for smut with the blue survival jacket, and i was happy to oblige.  Set during Beyond, Jim gets back from his fight with Krall to find you, his girlfriend (also a crew member on the enterprise), safe and sound. sexy times ensue after you decide to peel the jacket off of him ;)

A/N: wow this one got a tad angsty…it was just supposed to be smut. but you get angsty smuff.  also, this perfectly lined up with Jim’s birthday in the movie, so yay! birthday angsmuff! (why do i have to make everything an emotional crisis?)

Warnings: nsfw, smut, unprotected sex, a smaaaaall captain kink. maybe.

Words: 2290

tags: @daybreak96 @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @jimtkirkisabitch @outside-the-government

(also i just realized the zipper is a little starfleet logo HOW CUTE)

You didn’t remember how long you’d been here, pacing in the lobby of the hotel that Starfleet had put you and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise in. You were still in your dirty and torn uniform, still covered in a thin layer of dirt, still incredibly sore and in need of a bath.  But you couldn’t relax until you knew if Jim was okay.  After the Franklin had crashed on Yorktown, you and the rest of the crew had been rushed out of the wreckage and put through a debriefing before being transported straight to this hotel.  You hadn’t even had a chance to see Jim before he was gone, chasing after Krall.  

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Inch’Allah making off

Can Tom Hardy do a movie with Ryan Reynolds? I feel like any interview with Ryan Reynolds ft. Tom would have Tom erupt into a massive giggling fit bc of how cute Reynolds is

captain underpants is probably the most excited ive ever been for a movie adaptation of anything like i just saw the trailer and let me tell you seeing those characters i remember so well from my elementary school years on the screen moving around and talking out loud is so fucking special and so fucking magical and i legit got so fucking emotional just seeing the trailer im so happy im so pumped it looks so cute

Becca’s House AU...

Oh god, just imagine Clarke and Lexa exploring that house in awe together.  

Mesmerized by stuff from the old world and then finding the bedroom…. 

The two having cute fun together in the shower, maybe Lexa being amazed by how shower works…..

Maybe Clarke showing how the TV works and maybe playing her favorite movies or shows…..

Lexa showing John how to properly cook a meal without a cookbook….