this is such a crap

A Summary Of Tonight's Episode
  • Clarke: be careful, OK?
  • Bellamy: no worries, babe. I got this. I'll be back home in a few hours so that we can continue our slow burn/will-they-won't they... I mean completely PLATONIC relationship.
  • *A little while later*
  • Bellamy: *gets kidnapped* *is facing unspeakable danger* *is probably going to be manhandled/slapped/punched/hurt in some way*
  • Clarke: *sighs* *activates angry kitten mode*
  • Me: *knows aos will break my heart and that they're only bringing Brett back for ratings*

I made a thing


The sun’s yet to set past Memorial Hill, keeping it suspended in a dim evening glow. Among the wildly growing grasses and untrimmed shrubs, one girl stands in an intricate circle of pebbles, a Litwick precariously placed upon her head like a hat.

The Litwick squeaks with impatience. Yoshiko’s jaw tightens, but her concentration shan’t be broken.

“I call upon thee, lord of distortion and darkness… your humble servant Yohane is here to grant you a portal to our lowly, mortal realm! Harbinger of death, draconic beast of Hell, Giratinaaaaa!!”

A lone wind blows through the cemetery, but no portals appear. Absolutely nothing happens. Still, Yoshiko maintains her pose, arms held up to the sky and the Litwick dozing off.

Hanamaru watches on, completely unimpressed. “You’re getting the lore completely wrong, zura.”

“A-ah?! Zuramaru— what’re you doing here?! Hey, you interrupted the ceremony! Now I’m gonna have to start all over again!” Yoshiko’s arms fall and she stumbles back, breaking the carefully arranged pebble circle. “Argh, my summoning circle—”

“Giratina isn’t from Hell. It lives in the Distortion World. And what’s the Litwick for?”

“I-it’s my conduct. I’m doing my best, alright? I just wanna summon Giratina, nothing wrong with that!” She stomps her foot like a child, sending more pebbles flying out of position. Her Litwick cheerfully flickers its flame at Hanamaru, apparently enjoying this interruption.

“Seems kinda dangerous… and what’re you gonna do if Giratina even shows up? It’s said to be incredibly violent, y’know.”

Damn, she didn’t even think that far. A bead of sweat rolls down her temple but Yoshiko merely smirks, placing her fingers over her forehead and half-turning away. To look cool, and stuff.

Heh. Yohane would capture it, of course.”

“But you called yourself its humble servant…”

“—Quit worrying about the details, okay?! Jeez, Zuramaru!”

She can’t help but laugh there; Yoshiko just looks so silly with that pout and her Litwick still sitting on her head. Maybe Hanamaru does feel a little bad that nothing would ever come from her varying summoning attempts (Darkrai neglected to show up during the previous New Moon, for instance), but she does have to admire her perseverance. She walks over, careful not to step on any of the pebbles, and reaches up to pluck the Litwick off Yoshiko’s head.

“I was on my way to the Ruins of Life to pay tribute to Tapu Lele. Why don’tcha come along with me? Maybe if ya offer something good, it’ll bring Giratina out for you.”

“Yeah, yeah… fine, I guess the planets just haven’t been properly aligned, yet.”

Hanamaru beams at her. They leave the cemetery just as the sun begins to dip below the horizon.