this is such a beatiful pic of him

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Who do you think the 10 hottest NHL players are?

ok this took me longer than i thought but i enjoyed it so much

1. Carey Price

because holy shit

and that brows

and smile

2. Roman Josi

aka European supermodel

3. Zach Parisé

just. look. at. that. American. Hollywood. smile. pure Captain America

also this pic right here changed my life

4. Adam Henrique

he is just. perfect mix of angel and Devil (because he’s playing for New Jersey Devils hahaha ok this joke was bad)

…..I see you pornstache

5. Gabriel Landeskog

we all know how beatiful he is but still, here are some examples

+bonus aka the cutest gif ever

—————-so now i’m gonna add just one pic to others————–

6. Leon Draisaitl

beatiful German-Czech person and Connor McDavid and me and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins are his dates. I can’t blame them–us.

….also I hate this pic has watermarks but he’s still hot here….

7. Tom Wilson

he is my husband, no words needed, we all know him too.

much hotter after he got haircut

8. Alexander Wennberg

hot young Swedish ass

9. Aaron Ekblad

or better said– my daddy ok. 

he is hot both shaved and with beard, don’t fight me on this

10. Matt Duchene

he is a cutie with great hair and uncommon face and eyes

Imagine being on a comic con, you bought the tickets without knowing what will come to you. But you do know there will be a star and your ticket includes a fotosession and a ‘interview’ with him. Very excited you finally wait in the line to talk to the star and get a few pictures, the women in front of you are all so happy, and even the people which are coming out af the stars’ room seem to be more then glad. As you step in, you see a white box and a photographer standing in front of it: “Come on in! We will take the fotos first, just go into the box and smile!”, he says. And as you go nearer you manage to get clear who the star is: a tall man, dark brown hair, pretty cheekbones… “Hey! Nice to meet you!”, Benedict Cumberbatch turns with a smile to you. He is even more beatiful then he looks like in TV! IF this could somehow be possible! Through he saw so many girls he seems to be somehow impressed by your appearance. “Wow! What a great lady Loki cosplay!”, he goes while he standds in the box with you. “Thanks!”, you smile, feeling a bit awkward, no knowing what to do to take this picture, suddenly Bendict says: “You know what? We will have a little music so we get a great pic!” And as the music starts he begins to dance, you can’t do something other then laugh and dance with him, while the photographer takes pictures. When finally the song is over Benedict says: “I would be glad to see you again, wait, I’ll give you my card so, if you want to, you could come to the set of Sherlock if you call me I’ll thell you when and where!”, he gives you his card with his number and kisses you on your cheek. “Bye!”, he smiles. You go, not knowing you will soonly meet him again!”

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top 15 favourite photos of zayn??????????????????????????????????????/

alright..u asked for it u ASKED FOR IT HERE WE FUCKING GO OMIGOD

1. zayn in the fucking night changes video like WHAT THE FUCK that was such a look

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