this is such a bad game

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all this stiff about art permission makes me so mad, and i used to be an artist that couldn't receive payment. my best friend irl refuses outright to believe me about hot topic's theft and i used to love that store, and they still show me reposted art and cosplay from ifunny when i asked them repeatedly not to. and they know i used to be an artist and that this stuff upsets me. i dont know what to do about them.

Again, I’ve heard rumors about Hot Topic and plagiarism, though I don’t necessarily know how much of it is true, or how much at fault they’re at if it is true. I think the most I heard was when someone mentioned that DevianART was supposedly selling other people’s art to hot topic without the artists’ consent. And another story I heard was that they supposedly ripped off a person’s design for character-inspired bows. The most I can say is that I hope none of that is true, or I hope that plagiarism wasn’t intended, but the fact remains that I have no idea what’s going on with this particular situation.

I looked up a few articles and it looks like Hot Topic did get in trouble with plagiarism in terms of their T-shirts, but really I don’t know who’s really at fault there, since that could have been one or a group of people inside the company who thought that was okay. The shirts in question don’t appear to be on the website anymore (unless they are and I can’t view them for some reason), so perhaps that got dealt with.

I dunno. I’m rambling at this point. I feel like I can maybe better comment on what’s happening when we actually start seeing the merch in the stores and the website, but it’s ultimately not my responsibility to ensure nothing is being marketed without permission to do so, since I’m not part of the developer team. Communication is very important, and if it turns out everyone involved is on the same page and okay with what’s being sold, then there’s nothing to worry about. I hope.

the more I hear about how bad fates localization was over here, the more I learn about how the localization had to do alot to make it acceptable to Western Standards lmao

The post about Dream Daddy’s announcement got more attention on tumblr in less than 24 hours (100k notes) than any other post about ANY video game announced/shown at E3 2017

In other words, a gay dad dating sim created by a bunch of YouTube comedians who play Mario and make dick jokes for a living got more attention and hype than games with 4-fuckass-K HD graphics or some shit, and giant budgets, owned/created by huge companies who overall take themselves extremely seriously

What the fuck. Someone grabbed Dan’s crotch while he was high fiving people last night at the L.A. NSP show and Dan laughed it off but woo boy that isn’t alright.

We’ve always been a mostly sane fandom of people but I’ve been to a ton of concerts and watched band members get clothes ripped and their belts taken off and stolen, and their dicks rubbed. Fuck, I even remember that a very young girl forced a kiss on a lead singer when he went to take a pic with her.

Please, please don’t let that start happening with Dan. Don’t ruin the NSP shows for other fans because you’re beinga creepy fuck. Dan shouldn’t have to laugh off or joke off being inappropriately touched.

You still can call yourself a “fan”, even if you

  • have not watched every single episode
  • disagree with the choice of a character
  • do not follow the actors/actresses on social media
  • have not read the original book/comic
  • do not spend all your money on merchandise
  • do not know every single background info