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I can't open up tags for mobile users on mobile. I can't use crome or Internet or anything for tumblr so I cant really do anything. It used to work on mobile but now it doesnt.

Tumblr recently made a lot of changes to how links work on and off mobile. Unfortunately, one of those changes seems to be that if you use the app, links won’t work if they’re in the description like ours is. Read more’s are also broken on the mobile app now, and if you see a fic that was reblogged that had a read more, the read more link is not longer avaliable to click. There is nothing we’re able to do about this, as it’s something to do with how tumblr’s code personally works. I’m really sorry about this, but unless you can use a mobile browser, there isn’t really any way we can help you :/

- Eliza

The worst feeling is when you trusted someone and they turned out to be what you least expected. I feel truly embarrassed when I give my time to people who take advantage of my trust. I feel as if I’m mentally naked and exposed. It’s a horrible feeling.
—  Moi
E sono stata zitta.
Mentre tutto dentro di me faceva a botte,
andava in frantumi, esplodeva,
fremeva per uscire..
io, semplicemente,
sono stata zitta.
—  Susanna Casciani

I’ve been brainwashed by tumblr for far too long, and now that I’m not I’m realizing a lot of things.

- Not everything is fucking offensive

-People have different opinions from you. Fucking deal with it.

- It’s not okay to discriminate against gender, race, or sexuality. THIS INCLUDES STRAIGHT WHITE CIS MALES

- It’s NOT okay to tell people to go kill themselves, this includes telling republicans, cis people, white people, or anyone who differs from your ways to “go die”.

- 4chan is NOT the spawn of the devil and is actually really funny.

- Not everything is a trigger

- Not everything is ableist, transphobic, homophobic, or racist

- There is nothing wrong with being cis, straight or white

- Most of the world is straight and cis

- Double standards are stupid

- Dark humor can be funny

- Feminism is a good thing. But most of tumblr aren’t feminists. They’re extremists.

- It’s okay that you are not politically correct 100% of the time

-Treating people like shit and giving them hate because their opinion differs from you IS FUCKING WRONG!!!!!! 

- Tumblr is sometimes really stupid and the only reason why I’m still on here is because of memes and artsy shit


Have a good day! :33