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Hi! I'm not sure, maybe you've already wrote something like this in other requests (I don't remember all your hc although I love your works!). Maybe you want to write hc about mc and her s/o had a very bad fight. The reason was stupid and it was s/o fault that they fought so badly, but now mc is really mad. How will rfa+Saeran+V make up with her?

Aww thank you! We do have one where the fight is MC’s fault here. So here you go~ Enjoy!


  • He was off for the evening for the first time in a long time
  • But when he asked you to go out with him, you told him you already had made plans with other friends
  • It really shouldn’t have been a big deal, but Zen blew up about it–mostly because the stress of late hours was getting to him
  • “I honestly feel like I’m more invested in this relationship than you are. You can’t even take one night off for me?”
  • All he remembers after he said those words is that you abruptly hung up on him
  • A few days go by and he cools off
  • And he starts thinking more about what he said and how stupid it was
  • You were always supporting him, and it was selfish for him to say something like that
  • You weren’t answering his texts or calls, so he goes to your apartment
  • He’s waiting at your door with a bouquet of flowers and a box of your favorite chocolates
  • You don’t even have the chance to let him in as he’s showering you with apologies
  • You listen to him, but you also say you need to talk it out
  • You assure him that you’ve been pretty busy this month, and you didn’t mean to brush him off
  • In order to compromise, you two set aside one weekend a month that is reserved only for you two


  • You had been wanting to meet your parents, since you’ve already met his
  • He keeps saying he can’t because of his work and school
  • But really he’s just scared he’ll be a disappointment, so he’s avoiding it
  • You keep asking him at intervals, because it really was important to you
  • On top of it, you keep talking about all this stuff you had to do
  • He doesn’t even know why he said, but it slipped out of his mouth, “You’re turning into such a nag, MC.You’re not the only one with stuff to do.” 
  • You recoil and just quietly mumble, “Sorry. Didn’t know I was such a bother”
  • Yoosung is too ashamed to say anything, so he watches as you quietly leave
  • Within the hour, he’s spamming your phone with apologies
  • When you don’t respond, he feels so horrible and guilty
  • He has no idea how to make it up to you
  • He starts thinking about all the other things you were “nagging” him about and realized how much work you were piled with in addition to trying to make time for him
  • He writes down as many as he can and starts getting them done for you
  • As the days go on, you started to notice a lot of those errands you had to do were already done
  • You knew it was Yoosung, so you finally go to see him
  • He hesitantly gives you a hug and mutters another apology
  • He promises to go see your parents that weekend and also asks that you tell him when you’re getting overwhelmed with stuff


  • Business at the cafe was booming
  • Jaehee just didn’t realize how on edge she was, as she was very task oriented
  • She tried to make sure everything was perfect, which meant she was cutting in the middle of your work if it wasn’t done fast enough or in a certain way
  • You calmly approach her and say you’re worried she’s taking too much on herself
  • But she takes it wrong in her stress, “Are you accusing me of being a control freak? Fine. Take all the work if you want.”
  • You get really quiet and leave the cafe to go home
  • You call in sick for the next three days, and Jaehee starts to get nervous thinking she really messed up
  • She realizes you were right about the work load and pull an all nighter trying to set up a better scheule
  • She presents it to you and tries to be professional, but in the middle she just kind of breaks down and apologizes
  • She admits that she really misses your presence, not just while working but afterwards
  • Of course, you forgive her and you two make an effort to always be honest about work and stress and your feelings


  • It had been a little while since you’ve been married
  • And he was against you working, since there really was no financial need
  • This was always a touchy subject, but since he’d been away on business trips a lot, you were getting lonely doing nothing in the penthouse
  • When he gets back from his long, no so successful trip, you bring up the working thing again
  • He takes everything you say wrongly and snaps, “I’m trying to make you as happy as possible. At least try to be grateful.”
  • You’re taken aback a little before you reply evenly, “How can I be happy when you won’t even let me have a purpose besides being trapped in this house?”
  • You storm into your room and lock the door behind you
  • Jumin collapses on the couch in exhaustion
  • After drifting in and out of sleep, he calms down and his head clears
  • And he realizes what an incredible mistake he made
  • He tries to go apologize, but you won’t open the door for him
  • So he sits down with his back against the door and starts giving his apology
  • When he’s done, he just waits patiently against the door
  • You eventually decide to leave the room, and you’re surprised to find him still leaning against the door
  • He looks up at you with these sorrowful eyes and you can’t help but forgive him 
  • But you still want to talk things out
  • He agrees and you two are just sitting on the floor in your hall working things out
  • By the end, you’re crying, he’s holding you, and you two have come to an agreement that makes you both happy


  • You’ve been trying to help him break some of his bad habits and start taking care of himself
  • Normally, he didn’t mind
  • But lately, with everything going on with Saeran, he’d had a lack of sleep and also had been going through a rough time
  • Those self-deprecating thoughts started creeping in again and he felt like dirt already
  • You had found he’d skipped a few meals and hadn’t been getting any exercise to clear his mind
  • So, you gave him some gentle scolding
  • But he took it to heart and lashed out, “If you think I’m that incapable, why do you even bother hanging around? I don’t ask you to come by this often.”
  • There’s a moment of tense silence before you just throw your hands up
  • “Fine. I’m out.”
  • He hears you slam the door behind you as you leave his apartment
  • He gets into his broody mood for a few hours before he cools off
  • He just feels so horrible, and he knows you’re just trying to help him
  • He knows you’re not going to take his calls, so he just goes to your apartment
  • You open the door because you’re not expecting him
  • He’s holding up a bag full of your favorite take out
  • He gives you a sheepish smile, “See…now you can see if I’m eating?”
  • You still give him the silent treatment while you eat, but you feel a little less angry after eating
  • He apologizes and you two talk through some things before you’re back to your normal selves cuddling on the couch


  • He was having a bad few days dealing with his emotions and things resurfacing
  • You try to help by asking him questions about how he feels and just talking soothingly
  • He gets really irritated and just cracks
  • “You’re so annoying. Just shut up!”
  • You’re really hurt by this, so you just kind of fade out and leave
  • He knows right away that it affected you, but he doesn’t bother going after you
  • He thinks it’s probably a good thing anyway for you to get some space
  • But after nearly a week of not hearing from you, he starts to get worried
  • He’s also starting to miss you
  • He tries to call you, but he goes to voicemail
  • He leaves a string of messages throughout the day
  • You legitimately weren’t by your phone, but he just thinks you finally got fed up and left him
  • His apologies are so heartfelt that you forgive him after listening to all his messages
  • You find him right away to work things out
  • He agrees to try to be more sensitive to you, and you try to be more understanding of when he gets into one of his phases


  • He had been putting off eye surgery for quite awhile
  • And you knew he was hiding a reason behind his procrastination
  • So, you kept pushing him to get it
  • He just feels like you don’t understand and he’s getting on edge about it
  • He gives you a lot of silent treatment and subtly makes cutting remarks
  • But this only makes you feel horrible about it, and finally your feelings just burst out
  • “If this is about keeping ties with your past…or with Rika…just tell me instead of keeping everything secret. I thought we were done with that.”
  • You walk out and everything clicks to place in his head
  • He knew you were right about keeping secrets, and he knew his behavior wasn’t acceptable
  • He types out a letter as best as he can with his good eye
  • In it, he apologizes and promises to become a better person for you
  • He also includes some other sweet things
  • He goes to your place and slips the letter under your door
  • When you read it, you can feel your heart melting
  • You guys meet up for coffee and talk face to face about working things out
  • He eventually does get the surgery, thinking of it as symbolic of leaving behind his past

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Wait if u have a lot of fics you want to read do u think u could rec some? I'm lost for what voltron fics to read and I want to start somewhere (I'm good for every ship but shidge honestly) thanks in advance!

*claps hands together*


A large portion of it is gonna be Klance cause i haven’t really found any other ones that I thought were interesting. Even being a multishipper, you still can’t find good ones of other ships besides the most popular ;w;

I’m also gonna give you the ones I have read cause I don’t wanna give you a fic rec and have you go in blindly not knowing what to expect from one of the fics.

Chances are this is gonna get long so imma cut it right here

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I swear you have the kindest heart. I'm trying to be kinder in small ways to the people I love. Any tips on how to show kindness and love (especially considering how bad I am at verbalizing how much I love people) in every day interactions?

I love this question.

Can I tell you a couple things about my parents?  

My dad gets very angry.  I can only guess, from a lot of his behavior and what I know of the world, that it’s because there’s something, or a lot of things, that he thought his life would be and should have been, and wasn’t.  But regardless of why, that’s one of the strongest memories from childhood: him getting very angry.  At us, sure, but at other drivers, at women he thought were too fat, at his mother on the phone, at people taking too long in the grocery store, at anyone who struck him as stupid, slow, ugly.  At Halloween.  At cats, which he’s allergic to, at my stepsister’s wiener dog, who is very dumb.  When I got older was when I would start to reason.  “Dad, he doesn’t know you’re trying to get around him.”  “Dad, what does her being fat have to do with it,” “Dad, Wilbur is a dog,” “Dad, she’s almost deaf.”

But we also inherited a lot of his anger.  My sister and I used to have TERRIFYING screaming matches in the morning before school.  Even now, I get incredibly frustrated with people who walk too slowly, who make dumb mistakes, who get in the way.  My depression also tends to manifest as fatigue which in turn manifests as irritability.  So what I find myself doing is reasoning with myself as I used to reason with him.  “Lil, you’re not even late, just walk slower for a minute,” “Lil, everyone makes mistakes,” “Lil, everyone is tired and trying, don’t make it harder.”  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  When Marie came to visit a few weeks ago, I’m very ashamed of my behavior.  On the third day I was tired and hungry and made everyone’s day less pleasant by being intractably grumpy.  When I texted her to apologize she said that though she unconditionally loves me, she gets grumpy sometimes too and she just gets over it because she has to be better to people.  Unconditional love, do you know how lucky I am?  Marie, incidentally, is one of the kindest people I know.  She’s always giving people rides places, in her parents’ blue Honda Odyssey, and in her little green pickup truck.  She’s a florist and always remembers that my favorite flowers are Forget-Me-Nots.  Her brother has CF and she’s always balanced so well the normal brotherly bickering with concern for his health.  Just a million little things.

The other thing about my parents is that when I left Portland last time I left a bunch of my old books which my mom offered to take to Powell’s and sell for me since I didn’t have time.  On the day she went, she texted me to say that she’d sold all they’d take but there were about 50 old YA books that they didn’t want.  There was a woman behind her in line who was a middle school teacher, though, and she took all the leftovers for her classroom and was so happy.  “You make the world a better place just by being yourself,” she said, which is one of the most delightfully momish things she says. 

So now, if I may try to pull it all together into an answer to your question, it starts with this: I don’t have the kindest heart!  That’s the nicest most flattering thing you could say and I’m immensely grateful, but I don’t!  It’s absolutely work.  So I think the following things about demonstrating kindness: 1) that it requires thinking and remembering.  I don’t know that I think it comes totally naturally to most people, and certainly not to me.  It involves thinking about how you’d want to be treated, thinking about where other people are coming from, thinking about how you’re affecting the people you love and the strangers you have to coexist with.  It involves remembering.  Remembering your friends’ favorite flowers, remembering to call your grandma on her birthday and other times too, remembering times when you needed kindness and who showed it.  Remembering to overcome your grumpiness because just acknowledging it isn’t enough.

And 2) that kindness requires giving what you have to give.  Books.  Rides.  Time.  Words somebody needs to hear.  Handholding, invitations, dinner.  Unconditional love. Once when we were kids we were driving home and we saw an old woman who had fallen outside the library.  My mom, van full of 4 little kids, stopped and called 911 and waited with her while an ambulance came.   I know that your question was about showing kindness to people you love, and I know you meant friends and family, but I think it’s really important to give kindness to everyone that you can.  If we all do that, after all, somebody will show it to your loved ones even when you’re not around.  But honestly, kindness is a habit of consciously thinking what you can offer and offering it, until hopefully it’s an unconscious impulse.  And, maybe there isn’t a chance every day to help a collapsed stranger–although if you keep an eye out those chances are unfortunately not infrequent–or pick your stranded friend up from a hospital, but there are eggs to be scrambled and coffee to be poured and eye contact to be made and names to be remembered.  I’m not trying to be a sap about it, I’m trying to tell you that I’m an asshole desperately struggling against that tendency every day and often failing, and saying it’s 100 percent worth the fight.

Oh and surrounding yourself with kind people, always.

i wish you bluebirds in the spring [o’solo]

to give your heart a song to sing
and then a kiss, but more than this
i wish you love

“The Carolinas are beautiful in the autumn,” Kelley says, her words soft and hushed. They hang heavy in the air in the dim moonlight of the kitchen and reach Hope’s ears like a sad song. Hope forces a small nod and pulls a chair out from the dining table and places herself next to Kelley, who still smells faintly of sweat and dirt after tonight’s Sky Blue match.

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Before I ask my question: I love this blog and all of the admins on here for your hard work :) But anyways-What if you overheard other members teasing Kai/ Sehun/ Luhan about their girlfriend (you), and them saying, 'shes just some girl that I'm "dating" because I have nothing else to do" out of panic, (but really they have a lot of feelings for you) and then you let out a dry laugh which they heard and saw you walking away crying, & once they got to you slapped/said" im done with you" to them?

Woah, okay this may be incredibly rambly, please excuse me! I’d just like to add that slapping people is not okay in most situations ladies and gents and we do not condone it in any way! And we love you too~

Kai would completely understand your reaction. I think we all know that, behind the super cool and sexy stage persona, there’s a very understanding and sensitive young man, and he’d know he’d been mean. It’s quite likely that he’d regret the words the moment he fell out of his mouth and he’d feel completely and utterly terrible - though as much as he’d want to get down on his knees and apologise until his face turned blue, he wouldn’t. Not right away. He’d know that you’d need a little bit of time to cool off, and that the sight of him would probably make you feel even worse, which is something he wouldn’t want to do to you after already making you feel bad. Kai would text you after a few hours and let you know just how sorry he was, telling you that he’d made a huge, thoughtless mistake but that he was going to give you as much time as you needed - because he loved you and would want you to come back to him in your own time, without pressuring you.

Sehun probably wouldn’t take the slapping all too well - which may just spur him into saying more things he’d regret. He’d storm off in the opposite direction and leave you to calm down like Kai, mainly because he wouldn’t want to have a huge fight again, not in the fear of making you feel worse. Embarrassment of what he said would eventually set in, and out of being incredibly sheepish you may have to be the first one to make contact - Sehun wouldn’t be able to bring himself to do it after he’d realised just how horrible he’d been. If you did get back in touch (I’d assume you would because Sehun is a cutiepie and seems like he’d be a great boyfriend), he’d apologise ‘till the cows came home in a garbled mess, incredibly quietly, in an attempt to get everything out at once. It’d be pretty cute, if not a bit baffling!

Luhan would apologise right there and then, unlike his fellow band members. He’d know that if he let the anger and hurt sit and stew over time, things would get worse, you’d start second guessing things you’d both said to one another in the past and convince yourself that he really meant that you meant nothing to him. So he’d drag you to a bench and make you sit down while he explained himself - and he wouldn’t leave out how stupid he was (he’d probably say how much of an idiot he is again and again) that he denied how much you meant to him in front of his second family. He’d offer to take you back to the dorm and introduce you to every one, and if you didn’t want to go right that second (because it may seem like a bit of an ambush), he’d set up a date for alter on and then smother you with cuddles and presents and flowers and kisses until he was sure you’d forgiven him.

I hope this was okay, and thanks for requesting!

-Admin M


Summary: Kurt hasn’t seen Blaine in four months, but there’s a question he just has to ask anyway. Written for @klaineadvent - day 17. Word count: 1728.

Inspired by this Love Actually scene but, like, not that. Not really, at least. Actually, the only thing they have in common is the badly-phrased Portuguese, which, by the way, is also the reason that this is unbeta’ed - I wanted to spare poor @a-simple-rainbow the torment of having to beta my atrocious language “skills” (and maybe surprise/enrage/amuse her and I couldn’t do that if she beta’ed it ssshhhh). Anyway, surpresa, feliz Natal (well… early Christmas, but I don’t know how to say that). :P

You’ll find the translations of what I tried to express in Portuguese at the bottom of the post. (And if it’s not 100% correct, which I’m sure it’s not, then I guess Kurt’s just doing a very authentic Colin Firth impression. :P )

Also read on: FF | AO3

Kurt’s eyes find Blaine before Blaine’s can find him as he’s still holding up two different pairs of shoes and inspecting them closely. Kurt takes the opportunity to take him in properly. He’s even more beautiful than Kurt remembers him from Fashion Week in Paris.

Kurt had been there with Isabelle to assist her in representing Vogue, his first big assignment ever since they decided to keep him on the job permanently, and Blaine was an assistant to the new up-and-coming Portuguese designer whom Isabelle was trying to get to work with her on the new fall collection.

Kurt was head over heels from the very start, given that Blaine just radiated passion and love for his job, on top of his overwhelmingly classy and adorable fashion sense, and the warmth and kindness in his gaze whenever he locked eyes with Kurt.

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Some things I learned/realized my first quarter of college (in no particular order):

  1. Making friends with other freshmen is really easy! Remember it’s not just YOUR first time but also THEIR first time as well. They’re just as nervous and just as willing to make friends as you are.
  2. make friends with everyone and anyone. college is all about networking and having made connections will help you out in the long run! 
  3. You can wear whatever you want in college and no one will really care (unless you’re in lab and there is dress code!)
  4. It’s okay to not know what you’re doing as soon as you enter college, a lot of people come in with undeclared majors. There’s no need to feel bad about that.
  5. It’s okay to change majors. You need to try out new things in order to know what fits you the best, and if that means changing majors then so be it! You should never be ashamed of it.
  6. You should never judge someone’s reason for wanting to do something. If Bob wants to become a doctor in order to have a stable income, then that’s fine! That’s his own choice. If Robin also wants to become a doctor but he wants to do it in order to travel to third world countries and heal the sick for free, that’s also fine! Everyone has their own reason for the path they’ve decided to take. We shouldn’t judge them for it. Nothing makes someone better than someone else.   
  7. Meeting people of different race and cultural, religious background, family background, interests and hobbies, etc. will become a huge blessing to you and will broaden your views on many things. I encourage you to make as many different friends as possible! 
  8. Most professors are nice people. If they have office hours USE THEM. Go to them and ask questions, tell them your name, get them to be able to recognize your face. Be polite and courteous and they will end up liking you! 
  9. You do not have to ask permission to go to the bathroom
  10. You can chew gum in class
  11. You can also text in class
  12. You don’t always have to study in the library, in fact the library can get very crowded. Try and look for any open classrooms to study in!
  13. It’s okay to fail an exam, in fact sometime during your college life you probably will. But once you’ve hit rock bottom once, the only way left to go is up!
  14. STUDY FOR YOUR GRADES. Good grades aren’t just handed to you on a silver platter. People who work hard will almost always get the best results.
  15. There will be many bad days where you don’t want to get out of bed, but do it. Get out of bed and keep going. Unfortunately life doesn’t stop for anyone, so why should you have to stop for life? The more things you put off, the more you’ll have to do and the more you’ll be stressed and depressed. So get up and move. It’ll do you wonders.
  16. There is no such thing as a stupid question. You should never be ashamed to ask a question in order to broaden your knowledge. I’ve found that the people who are too afraid / too embarrassed to ask questions are the foolish ones. And foolish they will most likely stay because they never get the answers to their questions.
  17. Sign up for the good professors as soon as possible. Classes get filled very quickly and wouldn’t you rather have a professor who’s known to be nice and easy versus one who gives a whole bunch of work?
  18. Although you’re most likely going to be “go go go” all the time due to your hectic schedule, you should always and I mean ALWAYS make some time for yourself. Whether it’s right before you go to bed, or even just on the weekend, give yourself some time to unwind… even if it’s just for 10 minutes. 
  19. Always try and do your very best. Even if your very best only gets you a C, at least you can be proud that you gave it your all.
  20. There is always room for improvement. So that C you just got can become a B and then even an A if you work hard enough.
  21. Honestly, your parents will love you no matter what grade you get. Boy did I learn this one a lot.
  22. Oh and on the topic of parents, you realize just how important they are to you. You realize that you should always do your best for them in order to go back home a person that they’ll be proud of.
  23. It’s okay if you mess up during your first quarter of college. A lot of kids do, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Just take it as a learning experience and make sure you only start going up from here on out. Learn what works best for you, learn what your strengths are and focus on improving your weaknesses. Everything in college is such a new experience from the classes to the fact you’re living on your own. Give yourself some room for mistakes. Not everyone can walk into college and get high grades AND have a wonderful social life. Some things take time and if the first time didn’t go as well as you planned, just make sure you work on improvement. There’s nothing you can’t do if you work hard! 
  24. Love yourself. Appreciate yourself for getting out of bed and dragging your feet to class even though no one but yourself is nagging you to do so. Know that everyday you are doing the best you can and that if things are bad, they will eventually get better

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CS Au: we always hated each other because we competed to be the best in class. But now we need to work together and I'm kind of jealous of the redhead lawyer that works next to us and I always see you flirting with.

a/n: hope you enjoy this! major thanks to colormyheartred for betaing it. she left the best comments, too! :P (oh, and bisexual-killian-jones and odonorude get some credit for yelling at me.)

Killian Jones and Emma Swan do not get along.

They tolerate each other and bicker like a married couple (they are not a married couple) and compete with each other in class every time they’re given the opportunity. It’s not her fault she has a competitive side of her that wants to beat his ass in all of the classes they share together, to get admitted into Harvard Law.

Of course he’s aiming for Harvard Law School, too, much to her own demise to know she’ll have to deal with him further.

And she can admit Killian Jones is smart, the most intelligent guy she knows (despite his childish behaviour, which she clearly fights back against like a child, too) in all of her school. But she still despises him because it’s like he’s made to ruin everything, well not everything…but mostly everything.

They fight to see who gets higher marks, they fight to see who’ll get chosen on by the teachers. They…fight for a lot of things and frankly, it’s just a heated rivalry between them.


She groans, turning to face him as she adjusts her backpack from falling off her shoulders. “What is it, Jones?”

“That disgusted to see me, love? I’m wounded.” He mocks her by setting a hand over his chest and she rolls her eyes at his over dramatic response. “Anyway, I thought we could…perhaps grab a bit of lunch and catch up. We’ve been so caught up battling each other since ninth grade and we’re graduating high school soon, yet we’ve never really spent our time doing other things.”

His implication is loud and clear, but there’s something else behind those words. Killian may be cocky, the all-around perfect guy any girl could want, but it seems like he does want to spend some quality time with her - which of course, is a little unnerving at first. “Right, well, where did you have in mind?” she asks, keeping her cool.


It’s surprising to know he still remembers her favourite diner not far off from from school. “So you remembered,” she says, quirking a curious brow to tease. “I’m surprised that you memorized something that’s not law based.”

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CheaterCheater - Austin Carlile


anon: your dating Austin carlile but in secret because Andy biesack is you brother and he finds out and flips but Juliet was helping you keep it a secret combine with: Can I please get a Mike Fuentes & Austin Carlile imagine one were you catch mike cheating on you then years pass and your dating austin … You run into mike at the supermarket and he begs you to take him back but you say no because your happy with austin. Sorry if this is confusing xC
“I’m going to go see Mike,” I said to my brother Andy as I pulled on my jacket.
“When will you be back?”
“Um, I’m not sure, a few hours maybe,” Andy didn’t seem to like that answer.
“Oh, ok. Just text me if you need anything,” He said looking worried.
“Will do,” I said as I left.
I walked down the street. Mike only lived about ten minutes away. I put my headphones in and turned the music on as loud as it would go. The walk seemed to be shorter, maybe it’s just the anxiety. I haven’t seen Mike in a week and I’m excited to see him again.
I knocked on the wooden door, no answer. I knocked again but louder this time. His car’s in the yard, he’s home but not answering. Panic started rising within me, I opened the door and ran into the living room.
“Mike?” I asked looking around.
I heard moaning coming from down the hall.
I slowly walked toward Mike’s bedroom. I looked in the door and saw some fake-tanned blonde and Mike under a blanket.
Tears started welling up in my eyes while my blood was boiling.
“(Y/N)!?” Mike looked at me confused.
“We’re done!” I screamed stomping out of the house.
“Wait,” He said grabbing my wrist.
When I turned he said nothing, just stared at me.
“Mike, how long was this going on?” I asked.
“About a month,” He mumbled looking down.
I scoffed and turned around, ripping my hand from his grasp and running out of the house and down the road toward my house.
Tears were pouring down my cheeks as I ran past Andy and into my room.
“(Y/N)? What happened? Are you okay?” Andy questioned knocking on my door.
“Leave me alone!” I sobbed.
I went and opened the door.
“Mike cheated on me, for a month!” Andy pulled me into a hug.
“(Y/n), you deserve so much better than him,” Andy said rubbing my back.
I was crushed.
“Two years,” I choked out, “we were dating for two years, a-and then,” I paused, “he cheats on me!” I buried my head into Andys’ chest.
“Shh, it’s okay. You can do so much better than him anyway,” Andy comforted rubbing his large hands up and down my spine.
“I loved him. I-I thought he loved me back,” My breath caught in my throat, I could hardly breathe. Sorrow filled my lungs, worthlessness floated around my mind, my heart was drained of all the love I ever felt.
“He’s a dick,” Andy said lowly.
A hard knock boomed from downstairs.
I looked up at Andy. He was looking toward the staircase.
“It’s probably Mike,” I said quietly.
“(Y/N)! Please! Let me in! I’m so sorry,” I heard Mike yell.
Tears began streaming down my face once again. I shook my head and placed my forehead back on Andys’ chest.
“I should go kick his ass,” Andy said through his teeth.
I laughed slightly.
“I should talk to him, clear things up,” I mumbled.
Andy nodded, “I’m going to be with you the entire time, just incase.”
We walked down the stairs together, I slowly opened the door and looked at Mikes’ tear stained cheeks.
“(Y/N)?! Oh thank god, I-”
“Wait. I need to talk. First of all, we’re through. There’s no getting us back. Second, why? Why did you cheat? Was I not good enough for you, Mike? Were you to good for me. You’re a rockstar I should’ve expected this to happen.”
“No, no (y/n). I was just being stupid. You’re perfect, I don’t know what I was thinking. It was a huge mistake!” Mike looked at me with pleading eyes. It was hard to stay angry but I managed.
“It obviously wasn’t just a mistake, Michael! It went on for a MONTH! How could you? I was sure that you loved me just as much as I loved you!” Tears well up in my eyes, overflowing and flowing down my cheek to add one more stain to the collection on my face.
“I did! I still do (y/n). I still love you. I always will.” He pleaded.
My breathing became rapid and uncontrollable.
“Just leave, Mike. I’m done,” I turned away slowly tears streaming down my face.
“Wait!” Mike grasped for my arm but never touched it.
“Don’t you dare touch her with those dirty, scum-bag hands of yours,” Andy growled gripping tightly onto Mike’s wrist.
“I suggest you leave,” Andy said deeply, “NOW!”
Mike looked at me one last time, an ashamed look in his eyes. I knew he was desperate to get me to forgive him, but why he was so desperate, I have no idea. He had a girl that could be mistaken for a model in his bed only half an hour ago, why would he come back to me?
“If he tries to talk to you again tell me, okay?” Andy looked straight into my eyes. I could sense his empathy.
I nodded and went up to my room. I curled into my patterned comforter. The darkness encased me, leaving no room for light. I felt so wounded, my heart ached. I screamed into my pillow, smashing my fists against the firm matress.
A shrill ring echoed out beside me; my phone.
“Ugh!” I screamed.
I slowly inched out of my cacoon, I pressed the lock button. The screen lit up; 10 missed calls and 27 texts.
“Dammit,” I mumbled.
I set my phone down and laid my head back down on the pillow. Curosity got the best of me and I decided to check my phone.
*32 TEXTS*
I read some of them.
‘I’m so sorry’
'You deserve better’
'please just answer me’
'I love you’
’(Y/N)? please’
'i know i messed up but please, just one text’
My thumbs danced over the keyboard on the screen.
'Never text me again’
I quickly erased that and though some more. I can’t seem like the bad guy in this.
'Mike, we’re through. This is the one text you wanted, so here. But don’t text me again. It’s better for both of us.’
I hit the send button and relaxed back into the cloud-like blankets.
'Alright. I love you.’
I shut my phone off and tried to get some sleep. Anything to take my mind off of the day.
“Rise and shine sweetie!” A gentle voice greeted.
I turned and saw Juliet, Andy’s girlfriend, standing at my door.
“Hey Juliet,” I croaked out trying to sound happy.
“Andy told me about everything,” She said sympathetically, “You can do so much better than him, trust me.”
I smiled weakly.
“Andy made lunch,” She quickly tried to change the subject, “you’re favourite!”
I mustered up the best laugh I could do and slid out of my warm, inviting bed.
I trudged down the stairs, Juliet following closely behind.
“Hey (Y/N)!” Andy exclaimed.
“Hey Andy,” I replied with a dead tone.
He gave me a sympathetic smile.
“(Y/N), I was thinking, how about we go out shopping today? Or we could go see a movie, your pick,” Juliet suggested trying to be up beat.
I usually would say yes in a heartbeat but this was different circumstances.
“I think I’d rather stay here,” I said quietly.
Juliets smile quickly turned into a sorry smile, “alright. Maybe some other time.”
I nodded and grabbed my full plate of food Andy prepared off the table. We all sat at the table. An eery silence surounded us. I had a few bites then resorted to pushing the food around my plate with my fork.
“You haven’t eaten much today (Y/N), you should try to have a bit more,” Andy said in a parental tone.
I didn’t say anything I just took a few more bites. The food was amazing for being Andy’s cooking but I wasn’t really in the mood for eating.
“I’m going to go up to my room. I’ll finish my food later.” I got up and put my plate in the fridge.
Andy and Juliet just nodded.
I trudged up the stairs. Everything seemed like a chore now.
I opened my door and my eyes landed on the picture on my bedside table, Mike and I in front of the eiffel tower on our 1st anniversary. The room became filled with the sound of sobs. I’m undeniably in love with him, but I don’t want to be. I know I should just get over him, but it’s so hard to just forget abount 2 years of your life.
*2 years later*
“ANDY!” I shouted running over to him.
The crowded airport looked at us like we were crazy.
“I’m so glad to have you back home,” I said hugging my brother.
“I’m glad to be back home,” Andy said smiling.
I looked up and saw none other than Of Mice & Men walking out of the same terminal Andy just came through.
“I didn’t know Of Mice was coming here?” I looked at Andy puzzled.
“Oh yeah, they said they wanted me to record a song with them on their new record. So yeah, they’re staying here for a bit.”
“Oh, okay.”
The five boys walked over to us.
“Where’s Jules?” Tino asked.
“She couldn’t make it, she had to work,” I answered.
They nodded and then began talking to each other.
“So, you must be (Y/N),” Austin said coming over to me.
“Yeah, that’s me,” I smiled polietly. “And you must be Mr. Austin Carlile,” He nodded while giggling, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”
We exchanged smiles while holding eye contact.
“So!” Alan exclaimed breaking Austin and I out of our little world. “Are we going to get some food? I’m starving!” The rest of the boys nodded in agreement.
“I actually made some homemade lasagna, if you want that,” I said fiddling with my fingers. The intense stare of six hungry men is quite intimidating.
I laughed.
“Well let’s get going then.”
*At Andy and (Y/N)’s house*
The dinner table was silent, everyone was to busy shoveling food into their mouths to talk. I must admit the lasagna did turn out well for my first time making it from scratch.
“That was amazing (Y/N)!” Phil exclaimed with a huge smile.
“Thank you, Phil.”
“You need to cook more often,” Andy said.
“If I do these guys will never go home!” I said refering to the Of Mice guys.
Everyone laughed.
“She’s right ya know,” Alan said through laughter.
They all nodded.
“Hey, is the XBox still downstairs?” Andy asked.
“Well let’s go down and play!”
The boys all stood up and rushed their plates over to the sink.
“I’m going to clean up a bit,” I said walking over to the sink.
“I’ll help,” Austin said coming towards me.
“We’ll be down in a few,” He told the boys.
“You don’t have to help you know. You can go down with the boys if you want,” I said to him once everyone was downstairs.
“I actually wanted to talk to you, one on one,” He said seriously while drying the dishes.
I’m sure the baffled look on my face was obvious.
“How would you like to go on a date sometime?”
I looked at him in shock. I’ve always had a slight crush on him, we was such a sweet and caring guy.
“I-I would love that!” I replied almost to quickly.
“Awesome,” He said grinning.
*5 months later*
“He’s going to find out sometime,” Juliet said to me sitting down on the edge of my bed.
“You know how Andy got after my break up with Mike, I don’t think he’s going to be happy that I’m dating another rockstar musician,” I sighed.
“We’ll just have to come up with a plan,”
I thought for a minute.
“I just won’t mention anything. I won’t tell him where I’m going or who I’m going out with. It’ll be fine.”
She nodded reluctantly.
Suddenly the door opened.
“Hey girls, I was looking for you,” Andy said walking into my room.
We just smiled.
“I was thinking we could have a movie night. We never get to have nights in together anymore,” He suggested.
We all walked down to the living room, I turned Netflix on and chose a movie. Juliet made popcorn and Andy got blankets and pillows for us all.
My phone vibrated on the table.
Hey sweetie
- Aussypoo <3
I smiled and instantly wrote back.
Hey cutie :)
I cuddled into the blankets and pressed play.
What are you up to? xx
I lowered the brightness and then replied.
Move night with A&J, you?
I could see Andy look over but I acted calm.
Ooh, I just finished a show. I’m missing you :(
My thumbs danced over the screen.
I’m missing you too :’(
My eyes started welling up but I quickly blinked back the tears.
“It’s not a sad movie (Y/N),” Andy said eyeing me oddly.
I laughed a little.
“Yeah, I know. I just yawned,” I lied
Only 2 days til I’m home with you wrapped in my arms again :) xx.
My heart ached.
I can’t wait!! :D
I went to grab a handful of popcorn but got nothing but air.
“I guess I’ll go make more popcorn,” I laughed.
Andy and Juliet lightly laughed turning their attention back to the fast paced film.
I went to the kitchen and put the popcorn in the microwave for three minutes. A minute later I heard Andy shout.
“(Y/N)? Why is Austin sending you texts that say 'I love you babe’ with kissy faces?”
My heart beat quickened and I stepped back into the living room.
“Oh, uh, we-we’re kind of, well we, we’re dating,” I stumbled.
Andy’s eyes widened.
“Another musician. Do you not remember what happened last time?” Andy almost sounded angry.
“Andy,” I started.
“Don’t! I was with you the whole time mending your broken heart! I don’t want to see you go through that ever again,” Andy said looking me straight in the eye.
“Andy, you know Austin, you know he’s a good guy,” Juliet chimed in.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I was scared what you’d say,” I mumbled.
The redness grew on Andy’s face.
“Andy,” Juliet said softly.
Andy looked over at Juliet and his face slowly softened.
“There are good rockstars out there, I mean, there’s one in this room.”
Andy blushed.
I head up to my room and stay there for the rest of the night.
*2 Days Later*
“I’m so glad you’re here (Y/N),” Austin said cuddling me in closer.
The movie that once held our entire attention was disregarded.
“Me too, I missed you while you were on tour,” I said closing my eyes, listening to Austin’s steady breaths.
“So, Andy knows,” He said quietly.
“Yeah, he didn’t take it to well. I think Juliet might’ve helped though.”
Hey (Y/N), how’s Austin treatin’ you?
-Best Brother Ever
I smiled.
Great! He’s a really good guy :)
We sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes before my phone rang again.
I’m glad for you sis :)
I let out a sigh.
“What’s up?” Austin asked.
“I think Andy is finally okay with us,” I smiled.
Austin smiled back, kissing me on the nose.
“I’m glad.”
We watched the movie a bit longer. The intense drama folding out and revealing all its’ secrets. The movie wrapped up and looked over at Austin.
“I’m going to go to the store and pick up some stuff for supper. You want anything?” I asked.
“No thanks sweetie,” Austin replied kissing my temple.
I got up and grabbed my purse off the kitchen counter, I tugged my shoes on and ran out the door towards my car. A short ten minutes later I arrived at the store. I slowly stepped down the isles filled with possible choices taking my time. I was so focused on finding the right sauce I hardly even noticed accidentally walking into someone.
“Oh, sorry!” The stranger and I both said immediatly.
I looked up and saw none other than my ex, Mike Fuentes.
“Oh, hey (Y/N),” Mike said looking at me softly.
“Hey Mike,” I awkwardly looked away.
“It’s been a long two years, huh?” Mike tried to make conversation.
“Yeah,” I kept my gaze on the sauces.
“How are you doing, (Y/N)?”
I finally broke stare and looked up at Mike. He looked the same as the last time I saw him, two years ago, but he has more facial hair now and it seems like he has more tattoos than I remember.
“Great,” I smiled not hiding my happiness.
“How about you?” I added.
His grin instantly turned into a frown.
“Not so great,” He quickly looked down to the floor and then back to me.
“I miss you, (Y/N),” he added, “I’m so stupid for not appreciating every single moment with you. I took you for granted.”
Tears sprung into his eyes.
“Mike,” I said softly.
He looked up at me and my heart broke, he looked broken.
“I really love you (Y/N),” He said.
I stayed strong and didn’t let my sympathy show.
“I’m with someone else now Mike, someone who makes me happy.”
“I love you so much, I can’t just let you go,” he paused for a moment, “I really think we can work things out.”
I sighed.
“Mike, it’s over. I love Austin, my boyfriend. You had your chance and you ruined it, don’t come crying to me, this is your fault. We just weren’t ment to be.”
“I’m sorry,” He mumbled walking off drained of his confidence.
I took a long breath in, picked up what I needed from the shelf and got ready to check out. I drove back home and walked in on Austin writing something in his song book.
“New song?” I asked dropping everything on the counter.
“Yeah,” He mumbled writing some more.
I read some of the lyrics, it wasn’t his usual song. This was a love song.
“I wrote it for you,” He said looking up from his book and focusing on my eyes.
“I love you Austin,” I smiled leaning in connecting our lips.
“I love you too.”
A/N: I kind of rushed the ending but here you go :)

You see him after your breakup

Niall: It’s a Saturday afternoon and the weather is absolutey lovely today. But you don’t really feel like doing anything today. When ou’re about to watch some Modern Family your cell phone rings.It’s your bestfriend Noa. ‘Hi No, what’s up?’ 'Hi hun, I was thinking maybe we should get some ice cream at the park? I really need a study break.’ 'Yeah sounds great, meet you at 3.' 

’(Y/N) I’m here!’ You hear Noa call you. You smile and walk over to her. 'So how are your exams going?’ you ask. 'Eugh I’m so done with it, if I don’t have ice cream within 5 minutes I’m going to get a mental breakdown. 'Well let’s go then.' 

As you are enjoying your treat in the sun and talking you sundenly see Noa’s eyes getting bigger. 'Are you alright, Noa?’ 'Uh yeah, but please don’t look at your right.’ 'Huh why?’ As the curious person you are you do turn your head and see him. Niall Horan. Your ex. The boy you still love, but broke u with. It was the best. You quickly turn your head back. 'Fuck did he see me?’ You whisper. 'Yes… He’s coming your way.’ 'Fuck, fuck, fuck. Can we go please? I don’t want this.’ But it’s already to late. ’(Y/N)?’ you hear his sweet voice behind you. 'Hi Niall…’ You almost whisper not being able to look at him. 'Uhm… yeah well… Uhm… How are you?’ 'Oh yeah I’m absolutely wonderful, Niall.’ You fake smile. 'I’ll leave you two alone.’ Noa says and stands up. You give her a desperate look, but she ignores it. Niall decides to sit next to you. 'I still miss you, (Y/N)… a lot.’ You are finally able to look at him. You sigh. 'I miss you too… a lot.’ You are both quiet for a while until you take his hand and hold it really tight.’

Louis: It’s been almost 6 months after you guys broke up and you haven’t seen each other since then. But you got over it pretty fast, now having an amazing boyfriend who cares a lot more about you.

'Baby, would you like to go out for dinner?’ Evan asks. 'Uh yeah sure, when would you like to go?’ 'What about now?’ 'Now? Evan I’m already in my PJ’s and our pizza will be delivered soon.’ 'I don’t care. I just want to go out with my beautiful girlfriend.’ You stand up and give him a kiss. 'I love you crazy bear, just let me get dressed alright.’

After half an hour you two arrive at the restaurant. 'Table for two please.’ Evan says to the waiter. 'Of course sir.’ 'It’s absolutely beautiful here.’ You say looking around. 'Just like you.’ You start to blush. The waiter escourts you to your table. 

'Sorry I really need to go to the toilet right now.’ You chuckle and stand up making your way to the toilets. When you are done you quickly open the door wanting to head back to your table. But you bumb into someone. Not knowing it’s you ex. 'Oh I’m so sorry sir I… Louis?’ You ask shocked. 'Hi, (Y/N)’ He gives you a small smile. 'I have to get back.’ you quickly say not wanting to have to talk to him. 'You look beautiful.’ He says. 'Thanks…’ 'Who are you with tonight?’ Why is he asking me all these questions you think to yourself. You can barely give him the answer but he knows it by your silence. 'I hope he makes you happy. And if he ever hurts you I…’ 'Louis,’ You interrupt him, 'You were the one who hurt me remember? I’m happy now. Way happier than before. I’m going back to my table right now… Have a nice evening, Louis.’ You can barely hold back your tears. But you need to let him go. 

Harry: His POV: After (Y/N) broke up, I haven’t heard anything of her. That night when I came home she was gone. Nothing was left of her anymore. But it’s all my fault. I was too selfish to even care about her. I miss her so much. Her beautiful smile, Her voice, Her body. The way she could laugh about how stupid we were after a fight. But this time she didn’t smile, she left. And all because of me. 

'Dude, are you okay?’ Niall asks. 'Huh what?’ 'I asked if you are okay?’ I sigh looking at my phone, praying for a call or maybe a text. 'Still nothing?’ 'Nothing… I think I’m going to her house. I need to tell here I’m sorry…’ 'Do you want me to drive you there?’ 'No… I’m going for a walk.’ 'Alright… Good luck mate.’ 'Thanks, Niall.’

I walk out of the studio making my way towards her house. Am I nervous? More terrified. As I arrive I take a couple of deep breaths before I knock at her door. No respond. I look through her window, but it’s dark inside. I bet she isn’t home. As I’m about to leave and turn around, I see her. She’s standing in frot of me. But she doesn’t look the same. She doesn’t look like my happy carefree (Y/N) anymore. Her hair is messy, Mascara swipes out and her clothes are ripped apart. She stares deadly at me. 'Oh my God, babe. What happened to you?’ She doesn’t respond and walks past me wanting to go inside. 'Why do you smell like alcohol and drugs, (Y/N)’ 'Why do you smell like pure shit, Harry?’ 'You don’t do drugs, do you?’ I ask worried. 'Does that matter?’ 'Yes it does matter! You’ll get fucked up by that stuff (Y/N) you have no idea how much you are damaging yourself!’ 'OH EXCUSE ME THE ONLY THING WHO GOT ME FUCKED UP IS YOU. AND I FUCKING HATE YOU FOR THAT. AND I FUCKING HATE MYSELF FOR STILL LOVING YOU. BUT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FORGET YOU HARRY! SO JUST LEAVE AND DON’T YOU DARE TO EVER LOOK FOR ME AGAIN!’ I can’t hold back my tears anymore. 'I CAME TO LOOK FOR YOU BECAUSE I STILL LOVE YOU TOO. I’VE MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE AND I BLAME MYSELF FOR THAT EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!’ 'I don’t know how to trust you anymore Harry.’ 'Let me show you.’ 'How?! I really don’t want to be the person who constantly asks you where you’re going or where you’ve been.’ 'If you want to do that you have all the right. If you want to check my phone, go ahead. But I can’t let you walk away again. I’ll never forgive myself that.’ I walk over to her and hold her for dearest life. She cries onto my chest. 'Please don’t hurt yourself this way love. You are way too special.’ 'You have a lot of making up to do Styles.’ 'I know. I know.’ I whisper kissing the top of her head,

Zayn: It just didn’t work out that way. You were busy with uni and he was busy with his career. You still miss him sometimes. The fun days you had together. When he sang to you if you felt down. But it is just better this way. 

You are standing in front of the frozen section at your local Waitrose. Some friends are coming over tonight and you have to cook something, which isn’t really your talend so you decide to keep it simple. 'Where are the mozzarella sticks?,’ You mumble to yourself, 'Fuck they are on top…’ You try to reach for them, but being 5'2 is not that fun.’ 'You need any help with that?’ You hear a voice behind you. But you know that voice way too well. It’s the same voice who woke you up almost every single morning. 'Zayn?’ you ask surprised. 'Here let me get that for you.’ He grabs the mozzarella sticks and hands it to you. 'Thank you.’ 'I see you still like your cheese sticks.’ You blush a bit. 'Yeah… What brings you here?’ 'I’m visiting my family and I quickly wanted to pick something up before heading there.’ 'Well, tell them I said hi.’ 'I will.’ You give him a small smile. 'Well I have to get some other stuff so uhm…’ 'How are you doing by the way?’ He asks. 'Great, yeah… I finished my exams and now I can just take it a bit easy… And are you still on tour or?’ 'We’re having a little break in two weeks we are going to America.’ 'Oh wow nice.’ 'I still miss you (Y/N).’ 'I miss you two Zayn. But it is better this way.’ 'Maybe it is…’ 'I really have to go now. It was really nice seeing you again. And all the luck in America.’ 'Thanks love. Uhm… Do you mind if I give you a hug?’ You smile. 'Of course not.’ You give him a hug inhaling his scent one last time. You pull back and give him a kiss on his cheek. 'Bye, Zayn.’

Liam: 'Mummy! Mummy where are you?!’ Your 3 year old daughter cries. You had the pick something up at the store and decided to bring Anna with you but when you didn’t watch her for not even a minute, she walked a way now crying for you. 'Have you lost you mummy, sweetie?’ A young man asks her. She nods at him a little frightened by his sudden approach. 'Shall I help you find her?’ 'Yes, please’ She cries. 

'Anna?!’ You call, 'Anna honey where are you?!’ 'Miss, are you alright?’ An employee asks you. 'Have you seen a little girl. She is tree years old, has a brown hair with a black bow and wears a white shirt with jeans and converse.’ At that moment you hear her call your name. 'Mummy!’ 'Oh Anna!’ You rush over to her and pick her up. 'Oh honey, never scare mummy like that ever again okay?’ 'I am sorry, mummy.’ 'It’s alright sweetheart.’ You look up wanting to thank the man who brought her back, but when you see him your heart stops for a moment. 'Liam?’ He smiles at you. 'Hi (Y/N).’ 'Thank you so much for helping her.’ 'It’s alright. She looks a lot like you. She has your eyes and smile.’ 'I hear that a lot.’ 'Do you know him, mummy?’ 'Yes I do. This is Liam. I was in love with him before daddy.’ Anna looks confused at you. 'You still love daddy, right?’ 'Of course, Anna. I love daddy very much.’ 'I’m glad to see you happy, (Y/N).’ 'Thank you. It’s been a long time, Liam. How are you?’ 'Oh yeah. I’m great.’ 'How is Sophia doing? Are you still together?’ He smiles. 'Yes we are.’ 'That’s wonderful.’ 'Mummy, are we going home?’ 'Yes in a minute.’ 'It was nice seeing you again, Liam.’ 'Yeah definitely. I got to go as well. All the best (Y/N). And nice meeting you Anna.’ 'What do you say, Anna?’ 'Thank you Mr. Liam.’ 'Good girl.’ You smile one last at him. 'Goodbye, :Liam.' 

Summary: Calum and [y/n] have been best friends since childhood. When the two come up with the plan for [y/n] and her friends to take a road trip and follow the boys around on their tour things get a bit crazy With Jealousy, Heartbreak, Confusion and Confessions. And it all started because of one drunken night. Some friends are can pick you up some can put you down and some just like to do both…. But hey… That’s What Friends Are For.


Chapter 7

“It’s Complicated.”

     You rolled over in the bed expecting to find Calum Asleep next to you but all you find is a piece of paper,

‘Had to go to a radio interview, I’ll call you later, Love Cal xx"

You let out sigh and laughed at how once again you were left here alone. You know he didn’t mean to do it on purpose but you just wished that just for once you could sleep with someone and and wake up next to them. And you thought for sure you could do that with Calum.

You slid out of bed and took a quick shower, Got dressed and headed down to get some breakfast at a cafe you noticed that was down the street last night.

You rummaged through your purse looking for your phone to call the girls to see if they wanted to join you for breakfast, The elevator stopped and you walked out but to your surprise you ran straight in to someone, Knocking you to the ground.

The person instantly helped you up and you noticed it was Mikey.

“Sorry [y/n] i wasn’t paying attention.” You says as he hands you your bag and your phone that had fallen out,

“It’s okay, You found my phone!, You laugh.

"Wait… Aren’t you and the guys supposed to be doing a radio interview right now?” You ask a bit confused.

Mikey gives you a weird look and a shake of his head,

“But Calum said….” You start to say,

Why did Calum make up a lie about a stupid radio interview?,

“Calum’s with Amber.” He says,

“Anyway sorry for running into you! I have to go find Anna i told her we would go do something together before i had to leave for the arena, I’ll see you tonight yeah?” He asks.

You give him a smile and nod, He gives you a pat on the back as he walks in to the open elevator, You just sit there thinking of why Calum would possibly be with Amber.

 "There you are!“ You hear Calum say, You turn around to see him walking it to the lobby,

"I’ve been looking for you, Do wanna get something to eat?” He asks

Was he really going to act like nothing was going on, That he was lting to you?

“Is Amber going to join us?” You ask

Calum gives you a weird look,

“what are you talking about?” he asks.

“You have been with her all morning right?” You ask.

You weren’t going to let him lie to you , You weren’t going to let him get away with it either.

Calum just looks at you like a confused puppy and it just made you even more angry.

“I was at a radio interview, Did you not see the note i left you on the bed?” He say.

“You weren’t at a radio interview.” You say as you start to walk off out of the hotel,

“[y/n] Stop! Let me explain!” He yells as he walks after you, You weren’t going to stop walking , you weren’t going to just sit there and listen to his pathetic accuses anymore.

He grabs a hold of your arm trying to stop you from walking away from him.

You turn around and push him off of you and you continue to walk away from him.

[y/n] stop!“ he says as he grabs you once again, He turns you around and hold  you there making sure you couldn’t walk away this time.

"Just give me a chance to explain.” He says.

       You and Calum sat down at a table in the small cafe by the hotel you and calum sat there for a few minutes in just silence, You could tell he didn’t know what to say , He knew you would just get angry with anything he said.

 "Amber text me this morning, She said she need to talk to me and she wanted to apologize for what she did last night , she was drunk and she didn’t mean to hit you. He stated

“Oh! So being drunk gave her an accuse to hit me?” You ask.

“To be fair you did say some rude things to her.” He says.

You just scoff and shake your head , he was really taking her side?

“How many times did you sleep with her while she’s been here?” You ask.

“Once.” He simply replies.

“Are you guys dating again?” You ask.

Of course they weren’t….He wouldn’t have slept with you if they were….He wouldn’t have told you he had feelings for you if they were dating right?

“It’s a bit complicated.” He says just above a whisper.

You just shake your head and roll your eyes, How could you be so stupid, You reach for your purse and as you stand up to walk away Calum was about to grab you but the cafe was to crowded and he didn’t want to make the mistake of making a scene.

You walked back to the hotel , You were angry, Emberrased, Ashamed of yourself

Your heart felt like it was going to burst in your chest how could someone so close to you hurt you like it’s no big deal?

You trusted Calum more than anyone. How could he let you down like this.

You didn’t want to be here anymore. You didn’t want to see anyone. You wanted to get in a car and drive straight home and never speak to Calum again, This whole vacation was a disaster if felt like you were in some lame teenage drama series and you just wanted it to end.

You didn’t even realize Calum was chasing after you until you heard him yell your name as the elevator doors were closing you in.

As the elevator let you off to your floor the second one oped letting Calum off too,

“[y/n]! Stop!’ He yells as he runs after you,

You make inside your room but as you were about to shut it calums foot stopped it just in time,

"Go away Calum!” You yell,

Calum who was way stronger than you easily pried the door open he sqeezed his way passed you and shut the door behind him.

You turn away from him and you start grabbing your things that were lying around the room and started shoving them in your bag.

“[y/n] you aren’t leaving.” He says as he grabs your bag from you.

“SCREW OFF! I’M DONE FIGHTING FOR YOU!” You yell in his face.

He just looks at you.

“I’m done fighting for you, i have done it for too long, I have a fought against Amber for for too long.” You say Your eyes began to tear up.

“Please don’t cry.” He says as he tries to reach for your cheek to wipe the fallen tear away, You  move your head to the side before he could lay a finger on you, He just looks at you, Unsure of what to do.

“I meant it when i said i loved you last night.” He adds.

You stand there staring down at your feet, The room was silent and you felt like your head and heart were going to burst,

“But i also have feelings for Amber.” He adds


Sorry this is really short i’m having a lot of trouble continuing the story it’s really hard to come up with new ideas for the next couple of chapters so sorry again if this shit. :/

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She wears a red dress to the draft. She realises afterwards that it’s the exact same shade as the jersey she pulls over her head. 

She’s the highest drafted female goaltender in NHL history. She’s not stupid enough to think that she’s made it yet, not even close, but she shoves the ball cap on over her hair and smiles wide for the photos, and when her phone buzzes with a text from Stoner, just a row of smiley faces and ‘welcome to the big time, pricey’, she feels like maybe she can make it.


Playing for the Bulldogs is great, once they’ve gotten over having to share a locker room with a woman. She only plays a couple of games, but she only gets called a bitch once on the ice, so she calls that a win in and of itself.


She gives exactly two interviews with the Bulldogs. The first one asks her her dress size, and the second asks her why she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

She doesn’t think she gets enough credit for not punching either of them out, really.


She starts the next season with the Canadiens, knows it probably won’t last, but works her ass off anyway because if she gets sent back down, it’s sure as shit not going to be because of her save percentage.

She does get sent back down, in the end, but she only plays ten games before she gets called back up.

She’s between the pipes against the Rangers when she’s suddenly, acutely aware that this is it, for her. She stops forty three shots that night, gets first star, and Lundqvist says, ‘Good job, kid,’ in the handshake line. ‘Keep it up.’

(She’s the first Canadiens rookie to post a playoff shutout since Roy, and she doesn’t play another AHL game after that season. She’s made it.)


She meets PK Subban by accident.

She’s late for morning skate, gunning the engine into the Bell Centre parking lot when some kid in a toque and a cardigan pretty much steps out in front of her. She brakes so hard she spills her coffee in her lap, and that’s his first mistake.

‘What the fuck, asshole?’ she shouts out of the window at him, and he actually grins and waves. Mistake two.

'You’re Carey Price,’ he says, bouncing up to the passenger window of her truck, still smiling like an idiot. 'I’m PK. Subban, I just got called up last night.’

'Great,’ Carey says. 'You owe me caffeine.’

'Are you asking me out for coffee?’ PK asks, actually getting in the car

'Okay, kid, strike three. Get out of my car, and for the love of god, stop being so happy.’

PK tilts his head. ‘Aren’t we going to the same place?’

'Ugh,’ Carey says. 'Fine.’


After practice, she finds a can of iced coffee in her stall.

PK is in the shower, singing loudly and out of tune.

Carey smiles without really meaning to.

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Hi, I'm planning to start something similar to RWBYQuest for another fandom, do you have any advice? I would've asked this on your personal blog but I couldn't find a link if you ever even posted one, sorry.

Hello there! I never posted any link to my personal, so don’t worry about not being able to find one. :P I’m glad to hear you’re venturing into the horrifying world of Quest games too! I have many tips to share, and, as I always say, I am very wordy, so I will put it all under a cut. Keep in mind, these are all based on my personal experience with running a quest, and may not all apply to you. So without further ado,

«Mx. GM’s Extracurricular Lesson»

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