Why can I just imagine Crash just giving the MC anything that isn’t flowers just like that scene from that movie, No Strings Attached (?)

“Crash, what’s this?”

“You said no flowers.”

“Yes, I did say that, but I was not expecting sparklers.”

“I’m hoping you’d give me a chance to brighten your world even if it’s just for a short amount of time.”


so I’ve been thinking about the idea of Beacon doing that cliche sitcom thing about teenages in pairs ‘raising’ a bag of flour like it’s a kid

imagine Weiss worrying about her child starting to get lighter. Ruby says she must be imagining it. Then Weiss notices Ruby has a plate of homebaked cookies on her desk

Yang taking her kid out on the bike and when Blake yells at her Yang is just like “they had a helmet.” and pulls out a tiny flour bag sized helmet

Pyrrha being uncharacteristicly panicky cause she doesn’t know how to deal with tiny people but Jaune is like “don’t worry I got this” cause of having so many sisters

Nora showing up at the dorm like “hey Ren me and our child are hoooooome~” and Ren glances up before calmly saying “Nora that’s not a bag of flour that’s an Ursa cub.” and Nora tries to convince him to let her keep it.

I’ve never been with someone who was proud to be with me. No boy has ever showed me off to his friends. My first boyfriend never even updated his relationship status or posted pictures of us and I know it sounds dumb and I don’t need these things but it makes me so sad when I see couples always posting cute things about each other and I just feel like I’ll never get that.

sweet, innocent, kind, different from the rest, hardworking, caring yet indifferent, fragile yet strong, smiley

stubborn, cute, adorable, emotional yet keeps it inside, serious, bright eyes, understanding, likes to try new things, open-minded, will fight for what they believe in

either short and sweet or very tall, distinct fashion sense, good at writing, won’t take anybody’s shit, cute laugh, won’t hold back from telling somebody that they hate them

thin, long legs, nice structured or soft facial features, could be a model, needs to feel loved, often feels lonely, takes their time to look nice, think about others often

points out other’s mistakes while forgetting their own, thoughtful, intelligent, organized, kind

not afraid to tell off an asshole, sarcastic, super friendly, seems as though they don’t give a fuck, can get easily invested, usually there is an innocent kind and a kind that isn’t….innocent

usually tall and lanky, procrastinates as much as everybody else and maybe even more, super smart, unique sense of humor, likely to get in trouble in class for talking, sometimes have a serious/empty expression

always wants to know about what others think of them, likes to talk about feelings or people that they like, emotional, family-oriented

tall, fashionable, look sweet on the outside and even sweeter on the inside, quiet, doubtful, realistic

—  my thoughts about some of the signs (based on people I know) Sagittarius perspective