this is stupid

the other night I had this dream where I decided that I wanted to get a restraining order against Jared Leto just to limit my chances of ever accidentally meeting Jared Leto. but then the courts were all like have you ever met Jared Leto and I was like no and they were like you can’t get a restraining order against someone you’ve never interacted with and I was like but he creeps me the fuck out and they were like ahhh yes he creeps her the fuck out maybe we should consider this. so it became a huge deal and the news started reporting on it and other people saw it and were like hello yes Jared Leto also creeps me out can I have a restraining order. so eventually like everyone in the world got a restraining order. but the restraining orders like stacked for some reason so eventually the distance of how far he had to be from most people was so large we had no choice but to launch him into outer space to live out the rest of his life alone. the day we launched him into space was celebrated as a international holiday and I was considered a hero for sparking the revolution. the end.