this is strangely addicting to look at omg

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Omg have u seen Upgaytion's My Strange Addiction vid I'm laughing so hard rn

Honestly that video is so wild and so funny I can’t handle it

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I originally said Hufflepuff for Momo, but I am still not sure. The hardworking is definitely a good fit, but I think her creativity and dance would lump her into Ravenclaw, I mean look at her dance with Mina on Sixteen. Though her boldness to put on such a dance is very Gryffindor and to risk it is also Gryffindor. That is my logical as to why I originally said she’d be a Hufflepuff for not fitting any or too many of each house. Felt it was a cop out and decided to maybe reason a house for her.

Momo is so hard to sort for. She’d definitely be a Hat stall I think. Either side has a really good argument, it really just boils down to personal opinion I think. I might be more partial to saying Hufflepuff though so I still don’t know

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I looked at some pics and Chaeng has the softest lips istg

Beautiful soft lips, I want to kiss her lips, WHAT, WHO SAID THAT