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“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters


  • cancington42 A rendition of star trails from the winter.. vortexing..

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I kinda like the subtitle Ravnica: The city of Guilds. The word Zendikar doesn't really convey a lands matters adventure world, but if you made it something like Zendikar a world of adventure or something, then people might know what they are getting themselves into right out of the gate. Do you think you'd use subtitles on a set again if you felt it needed it?

We already have Magic: The Gathering - SETNAME. I think subtitles just make a name too long.

How about unofficial subtitles that don’t actually go on the box or boosters?

Zendikar: It’s About Land, Get It?

Amonkhet: Cats & Mummies, Baby!

Kaladesh: Energy, Finally!


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BOOM!!!!!! Look at this sequence of a jaguar swimming, diving and hunting after a caiman on the banks of the pantanal river, Brazil! This was shot as part of my worldwide @natgeo jaguar story (it comes out December 2017!). Jaguars are the most incredible swimmers and are very comfortable in water! We need to realize deep in our hearts that animals like this jaguar have emotions too. If we can treat them better - maybe we could find some empathy inside of us to treat each other better also.

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"Is your friend coming over today?"

Marinette froze in place with her plate of croissants and macarons. 

“What-” Marinette cleared her throat, “What friend?”

Sabine just gave Marinette an exasperated look and looked pointedly at the plate of desserts. 

And here she thought she was doing such a great job of hiding how much she was taking away from the bakery. 

‘Damn cat is always hungry,’ she mentally grumbled, “I’m just really hungry. These are all for me.”

“Of course they are sweetheart,” Her mother chuckled and moved back to removing the cookies from the oven, “Don’t forget to grab yourself something to drink. I think we have fresh milk. Cats love milk right?”

Marinette stuttered and tripped over herself trying to run up the stairs as far away from her mother as possible.

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natgeo Barrier Canyon Style paintings, San Rafael Swell, Utah video by @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez) “What do these images mean?” That is the question people most ask. What do they mean? The only honest answer is “we don’t know.” These images are likely 2,000 years old or older and their meaning may well be lost to time. But the delicate paintings on the roof of an alcove in the San Rafael Swell are clearly a story. Their ambiguousness meaning adds to the mystery. It increases our curiosity and maybe gives the images even more power.
What does it mean? I don’t know, but I do know that images, stories as beautiful as these are worth preserving and sharing. This video is extracted from a  3D model that I made for my @ancientartarchive project. The aim of the project is to help explore and preserve our common visual heritage. Our ancestors wrote their story -our story- on rock and cave walls across the world. 


A day to be remembered.

Usual workout today. My son was there to watch as per usual and as per usual I could see through the outline in his pants that he was semi-erect.

I laid down for our post workout massage session. He always does all my calves and thighs first, then my back and shoulders. I then roll over and he rubs my feet, goes up my legs, skips over my waist (I guess he gets nervous about being so close to my crotch) and the does my arms and then finishes by lightly running is hands over my tummy as more of a relax thing.

I had my eyes closed as he was doing my arms and stomach today when I could feel his hands going higher. His hands brushed the bottom of my breasts. Trying to contain my excitement, I moaned. Then he did it again, but more and for longer. I moaned again. Then it happened. He moved his hands over my breasts and cupped them!!!! I moaned one more time and said “that feels great”. He continued for about 2 minutes and then moved off them again. He then let me up, I hugged him, whispered to him that’s was the best massage he has ever given.

He went to his room. I went to my shower so that I could cum.

Oh my god!!!! He actually touched my breasts!!!!