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r e m n a n t s [ 3 ]  [listen on spotify]

We Can’t Be Friends | Dream Koala

Again | Wun Two

Fine | ives.

Waiting. | Jinsang

Quiet | Jinsang

Where Are We Going? Pt. 1 | Octa Octa

Adrift | Octa Octa

Uneasy | Octa Octa

Lost You | Moiré

The First Time He Thought, He Died  | Helena Hauff

Is It Too Much To Ask For | Jordan Maxwell, Shiloh

Still Dreaming | soho

We Won’t Speak Like This Again | Vague003

With U 2 | Azzy



This took forever oh my gosh. I already have no time to draw, and then my painting turned into a 3-part piece… what was I thinking?

Anyway, some Angel Phil and (normal?) Dan just hanging out. Their friendship is so strong that neither heaven nor earth can truly separate them. (Also in this drawing it’s not like Phil’s dead I imagined that he was born an angel or something. Don’t freak out, this isn’t supposed to be sad) 

Okay I mean everyone acts like Priyanka Maheswaran is an overprotective helicopter mom for not wanting her 12 year old daughter to learn swordfighting and go up against a bunch of functionally immortal rock aliens in combat but if I found out all that stuff along with the fact that some pasty lanky ass shellfish lady was teaching my daughter that her life meant nothing and she should sacrifice everything for a 14 year old boy I’d storm down to the temple and kick Pearl’s ass myself


Welcome to a world without Light.

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so uh, about aizawa,

anonymous asked:

psst have you seen spiderman: homecoming yet?

yes!! I’ve really enjoyed both superhero movies that have come out this year tbh


you may be blind but i am blinded by your beautiful looks


                                        it’s time to say goodbye,                                                                                                  but i think goodbyes are sad and                                                                                                               i’d much rather say hello. hello to a new adventure.

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