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Arranged Marriage

Jax Teller x Reader

Word Count: 1,142

Warnings: Arranged marriage, yelling, angst if you squint, hints at sexy times lol 

Requested by anonymous - Can you write a SOA about Jax and Reader where it’s like an arranged marriage between another charter. And they slowly fall in love but kinda don’t like each other at first? Thanks!!!

A/N: Thanks to the lovely @mamapeterson for the beta!! (tbh it was an absolute pile of shit before she helped, it wouldn’t be what it is without her and she deserves all the praise)….I tried my absolute hardest on this guys (actually cried over how shitty it was) so feedback is appreciated…please…maybe?

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Okay so this is inspired by my own experiences with migraines and what a friend told me aura migraines are like. The idea popped into my head an wouldn’t leave me alone. Let me know what you think?


As a Paladin of Voltron, Lance was familiar with pain. He’d been blown up, tossed around through space, and beaten up by the Galra, who weren’t known for holding back. Pain was a regular part of his job now. It had been since the beginning. And yeah, it hurt (duh!), but he’d learned to cope. Lance was pretty sure he could handle just about anything.

Except migraines.

To Lance, migraines were like a tsunami in his brain; a sudden, unstoppable wave of confusion and hurt that swept him away. He’d had them ever since he was a kid. If he was lucky, he would sense one coming on and take some advil before lying down in a dark room and trying to sleep through it. If he didn’t catch it in time, the pain could incapacitate for hours at best, days at worst. And once one hit, all he could do was wait it out and hope it ended quickly.


Lance was dozing on the couch with his arm over his eyes. It had been a long day of training, and he could feel a small ache forming behind his eyes. The lights were dimmed and the other paladins were at dinner, so he had some peace and quiet to himself. At least, he did, until the alarms sounded throughout the castle. Lance shot up, but immediately slouched forward as the pain behind his eyes sharpened and moved to his left temple.

“Fuck,” he muttered. “Not now!”

Lance slowly straightened up, pulled himself to his feet, and made his way to the hangar as quickly as he could. With each step, he felt the pain at his temple pulse and radiate out through his sinuses and down into his teeth. He felt the tendons in his neck grow tight as a burning sensation made its way from the base of his skull to his shoulders. By the time he made it to the hangar and into his Lion, he was fighting back waves of nausea.

“Lance where are you?” Shiro called over the intercom. “We need you out here!”

Lance swallowed hard and muttered through clenched teeth, “On my way!” Of all the times to get a migraine, he thought, it had to be now.

He felt Blue reach out in his mind, concerned, but he cringed and quickly limited his mental connection. With the pulsing in his head, the Blue Lion’s feelings were too much to handle and only made the pain worse.

“Sorry, Blue,” he whispered, “I can’t.”

Though he couldn’t hear her in his mind, he thought Blue must have understood because as soon as he wrapped his hands around the controls, she shot out of the hangar and into the fray. Three large war ships were converging on the Castle, firing shot after shot from their ion cannons. The particle barrier around the castle was shredded and the Lions couldn’t defend it separately. As soon as Lance was close to the rest of the Paladins, he heard Shiro shout.

“Form Voltron!”

Immediately Lance joined in the formation to form the giant robot. As each Lion joined together, Lance could feel an increase of pressure in his mind. His mental link to the rest of the Paladins and Voltron was closed off, but he needed it to open complete the formation. Lance closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and lowered the mental block.

The pain was overwhelming. He could feel Hunk, Pidge, Keith, Shiro, Blue, and even the other Lions in his head. It felt as if they were all pressing against his migraine, squashing it and condensing into a point of unbearable agony. There was nothing but the pain. He wasn’t aware that Voltron was formed. He wasn’t aware as they rest of Paladins piloted Voltron and destroyed the warships. He wasn’t aware that he was screaming in pain through it all. He couldn’t hear the shouts of concern and panic from the others as they listened, but could do nothing.

After what seemed like hours, Voltron separated. The pressure lessened in Lance’s head and he exhaled a great sigh of relief. The migraine lessened to something he could manage as his senses came back to him. He could feel the controls tight in his grip, the tears streaming down his face, the raw ache in his throat. He could hear his own heavy breathing and his teammates, desperately calling out to him. He could taste blood in his mouth, and it vaguely occurred to him that he had a nosebleed. Slowly he blinked his eyes open and looked around.


Lance blinked again, shook his head, and opened his eyes once more.

Still nothing.

He couldn’t see.

He couldn’t see!

Lance pulled his helmet off and scrabbled at his face, feeling for blood or cuts, something to explain his blindness. But all he felt were his own features. No damage. His breathing escalated as he kept feeling around and waving his hands in front of his eyes.

“I can’t see,” Lance whispered. “Guys I can’t see! I can’t see, I can’t see anything! I can’t–”  his voice raised to a panicked shout and he continued to hypervenitlate. He could hear shouting, but he couldn’t figure out what the others were saying.

“Lance!” Hunk’s voice finally caught his attention. “You need to try to slow your breathing. Just stay exactly where you are. We’re coming to you! You’ll be okay.”

Lance tried to take a breath, but he couldn’t focus beyond his blindness. He couldn’t see, he couldn’t breathe. He clutched at his head as he felt a painful pulse behind his eyes. With a choked off scream, he felt himself fade into unconsciousness.


Lance woke up slowly. He felt fuzzy, like his whole body was made of cotton fluff. As he became more aware of himself, he tried to remember what happened. He remembered a battle, trying to form Voltron, then–

Lance sat up quickly, his eyes wide open, trying to see. Everything was a gray fuzz, but he thought he could make out the faintest blobs of color. As he blinked and looked around, he felt a hand on his shoulder that gently pushed him back down onto the bed.

“Lance it’s okay,” it was Shiro. “You’re okay. You’re in the med bay.”

“Shiro…why can’t I see?!” Lance’s voice was strained and raspy. He tried to keep his breathing even as he angled his face to where he thought SHiro was.

“We’re not sure. Do you remember anything?”

“I…I remember fighting….and trying to form Voltron. It hurt.” As soon as he said this, he felt the dull ache of a migraine. “Still hurts,” he mumbled.

“What hurts?” Shiro’s voice was gentle, but Lance could hear his worry.

“My head.” Lance felt his energy draining. “Shiro can I sleep now?”

“Yeah buddy. Go back to sleep. We’ll be here when you wake up.”

Lance smiled in thanks before immediately succumbing to sleep.


The second time Lance woke up was slower and easier. He felt groggy as he carefully blinked his eyes open. The sight of the med bay was still slightly blurry, but Lance didn’t care. He could see again! He carefully levered himself up onto his elbows and looked around. Shiro, Hunk, Pidge, and Keith were all sitting in chairs around his bed. Hunk, Pidge, and Keith were slumped over fast asleep, but Shiro was leaning over Lance, concern etched into every line of his face.

“Shiro,” Lance smiled. “It’s good to see you.”

Shiro breathed a sigh of relief and sat back in his chair.

“Your vision is coming back,” he stated. “I’m glad it was only temporary. I think I know what caused it, now.”

Lance pulled himself up into a sitting position, giving Shiro a questioning glance.

“You said your head hurt, right?” Shiro asked.

“Yeah,” Lance said. “I had a migraine before the fight. I get them pretty often. It’s mostly gone now though. What does that have to do with my vision?”

“Some migraines can cause a variety of physical symptoms like hallucinations, weakness, and temporary loss of vision. They’re called aura migraines.” Shiro looked at Lance thoughtfully. “I think when we formed Voltron, it caused an aura migraine.”

Lance considered this new information. What if it happens again? What if he can’t fight?

“Does–Does this mean I can’t be a Paladin anymore?” He asked, his eyes downcast.

Shiro looked surprised.

“What? No of course it doesn’t mean that!”

“But if it happens again–” Shiro cut him off.

“If it happens again, we’ll deal with it. But you’re part of this team Lance. We’re not kicking you out just because you get sick sometimes.” Shiro grabbed Lance’s shoulders and looked him in the eyes. Despite the blurriness, Lance could see Shiro had a stern look on his face. “We. Need. You.”

Lance gave a watery smile and leaned in to wrap his arms around Shiro.

“Thank you,” he whispered. Shiro patted him on the back before pulling away.

“You should get some more rest, Lance. You still look pretty worn out.”

Lance nodded slowly. He was still tired. And just having a conversation left him completely exhausted. He slowly laid back and rested his head on the pillow behind him. As he drifted off, he smiled, safe and surrounded by his team.

Fallin’ for You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader
Word Count: 3414
Warnings: Fluff!

Summary: The Avengers spend their day off at a farm near the compound.

A/N: This is my submission for @nataliarxmanxva Sofi’s Season’s Change Writing Challenge. My prompt was “Don’t look at me like that, this was not my idea” pic not mine, source (x)

It was a beautiful day as the crisp wind blew, rustling the golden leaves of the surrounding trees. You were excited, walking with a little extra zest in your step as you crunched on the leaves that trailed up the entrance of to Pine Valley Farm.

This past weekend had been their annual fair, kicking off your favorite season, fall. It’s the perfect weather, cool enough to snuggle up in a hoodie in the early mornings and evenings, and just the right amount of sun during the day, whose rays warmed you like your favorite hot drink. This season had your favorite festivities like apple picking and finding the perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween. You missed going to the farm near you, it had been a yearly tradition with your best friend Joe but life has changed for both of you and it’s not something you’ve been able to keep up on.

Tony knew how much you missed it so he arranged this outing as a treat for the team, a break from the nonstop missions you’re all exhausted from. He booked the farm for the day, offering a generous donation to the small family owned business to help them convert their power system into something clean and more sustainable. Not everyone wanted to come though. Clint left to see his family which is understandable but Wanda and Vision stayed in. You thought they would enjoy the farm, especially Vision who loved experiencing new things.

As the newest member of the team it took you a while to learn all about their different personalities. Tony felt most comfortable in the lab tinkering with something, Sam always found a way to liven up the room and Steve tried to include everyone, making sure each member knew how valuable they were to the team and to him. Bucky kept to himself mostly, often reading in his room. You were surprised he even agreed to come along today. Everyone made you feel welcome, well, except for Bucky. To him you were invisible and it’s not just because that happened to be the strange gift you were born with.

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Winter 2017 Anime watchlist

Lmao this was supposed to go up last week but it takes me forever to write these things up orz.

Anyway, we’re 1/3 of the way into this barren Winter season, and thus my watchlist has shrunk significantly. I think I’m currently watching what, 10 shows? vs 23-ish last season? Anyway we’ve had a couple neat surprises this season, but it’s mostly the sequels that are keeping everything interesting. Also there’s quality hatewatch material which I hadn’t had in a while.

Because I fucked up, this time I’m going from best to worst rather than the usual opposite

Top Priority

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: Futatabi Sukeroku-hen

To no one’s surprise, Rakugo maintains it’s tightly written character drama in top form. The direction is still unusually creative and masterful, especially considering this is a DEEN anime, production team deserves every kudo. If season one was a tragedy, season 2 is gearing up for a story of salvation. Every week I go in completely prepared to suffer and am repeatedly surprised by how happy I feel at the end of each episode.  Scenes like Yakumo consoling a sleeping Konatsu with her father’s rakugo or his performing an old play in Sukeroku’s style for Yotaro are as heart-wrenching as they’re heartwarming. S1 was a strong contender for anime of the year 2016 (and for me it was a toss up between that and YOI) and season 2 seems ready to pick on that and go for a second run.

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Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto saga

Honestly this one had my full devotion guaranteed when they decided to commit to those thick af Kansai accents. I am also very pleased with the budget this is getting, it looks reeeaaally nice. Kato’s designs have translated to animation greatly (not that this was a surprise since they did that pretty well on the first series too). The plot seems to be moving rather fast so I wonder if they won’t suffer to fill in the full cour (although this arc is quite long) but for the time being I’m excited to get the Kyoto otaku in me continually catered to.

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Yowamushi Pedal: Next Generation

I was a Little dubious about how well they’d manage the transition of Makishima’s departure, and while killing him off was rather abrupt to the point I’d even say the guy was fridged for the sake of Onoda’s development, they did a rather good job in setting Teshima as the new role model for the 1st years (who is also very dreamy). I also laughed my ass off with how gigantic they made Ashikiba who is a rather delightful addition to the cast. Kudos to you show, you’ve got me excited in a new season even without my favorite character.

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Little Witch Academia

It’s hard to find something to say about this show other than it’s energetic, lively and fun to a fault and that Sucy is still Best Girl. It’s very easy to tell how passionate the folks at TRIGGER are about this project and I’m glad they didn’t give up and continued to work on it even if it was poorly received by Japanese audiences. The show reminds me a bit of The Worst Witch, which I used to love in my early teens so there’s also that.

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Kuzu no Honkai

This is such a fascinatingly disturbing show to watch. Like watching a trainwreck I guess, except that it’s not a trainwreck in the sense of Hand Shakers, but in you’re just watching all these horrible people destroy each other and self-destruct emotionally and it’s really interesting. I’m particularly invested in Hanabi’s internal struggle and self-deprecation. Could complete dispose of Moca (whose choice of nickname makes my skin crawl) but otherwise I’m constantly at the edge of my seat waiting for the next developments. I also continue to be rather fond of the vagina imagery in the ending, and I appreciate that there’s actually a show that treats female sexuality in a layered, human way, for purposes beyond otaku titillation.

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All Out!! 

This show continues to grow on me with its unique approach to team dynamics. The fact that rugby teams are so big gives us an interesting opportunity of seeing many characters take the spotlight at different times, and this show’s cast continues to be funny and extremely likable to the point that even if Gion has had to sit out most of the games, and even if there isn’t as much focus on Sekizan as I’d like, they’re still engaging and fun. There have also been genuinely emotional peaks, notoriously when that one guy quite the team and it crushed Sekizan’s heart. Also kudos for how even in-show Sekizan’s amazing hair is considered cray-cray

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Honestly this second cour just keeps getting better? I don’t know how they did it but they managed to make me not care about whether we’ll ever get some semblance of plot or explanations, I could watch the Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin and Liszt doing nonsense stuff show all year round. Whoever wrote the Fish!Schubert episode should get an Oscar and a Nobel Prize

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Here we make a drastic leap between things I’m loving and things I’m just eh-watching

ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

Aaaahhh what should I do about you, show. Ep 1 was okay, ep 2 was great, ep 3 was kind of nothing. There’s obviously way more than meets the eye in this allegedly peaceful country and once that starts to unfold the show will start gaining momentum, hopefully, but as it is I think it suffers greatly from how inscrutable the main character is. I have no idea of Jean’s motivations beyond his love of cigarettes (and I feel they’re overdoing it, unless they plan to make the tabacco thing a  crucial part of the plot later on, they’re hammering the whole ‘tobacco is rare and this guy is weird for smoking’ thing way too hard) so we’re at this weird position of not really knowing where we’re going. I’m intrigued enough to keep watching, but I certainly hope we get some form of interesting developments sooner rather than later.

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Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

The writing continues to be notoriously better while the story gets more and more tragic and I still don’t know how to feel about it. Seeing bad guys cheating their way to victory always upsets me a lot, and seeing people die meaninglessly only adds insult to injury. I’m in too deep to drop it at this point, but I honestly can’t forgive how they didn’t even give us that final revenge moment against the Kujan kid. Also every time Atra brings up her dream life of being part of a polyamorous marriage with Mikazuki creeps me the fuck out because obviously Mikazuki doesn’t have the emotional maturity to engage in any such relationship

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I’m very uncertain about what to do with this show. First episode was promising, with murky direction, but interesting setting. Episode two was mostly unimpressive, the final twist was rather predictable and the moral outcome wasn’t particularly satisfying. And then episode three put me to sleep. My first impression was that the dyamics between Heizo and his thief-turned-snitch subordinate would be the core of the show, but the latter seems to have been mostly sidelined in favor of focusing on the coolness of Heizo. Which isn’t a problem per say, but the execution just isn’t working and they’re completely wasting the Edo setting, with the cases turning out quite generic. I don’t know, ep 4 is already out so I guess I’ll check that out and decide from there (watched episode 4 already, fell asleep again which I guess is as good a sign as any that this isn’t working for me,but I’m too lazy to move it to the bottom. Dropped)

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Hand Shakers

Why is this pile of steaming garbage over the mediocre (and gross) show? Well, this one’s gross too, but exceedingly terrible is always better for ironic entertainment than plain boring stuff. At least Hand Shakers keeps me engrossed with its terribleness. Honest to good, even if I hardly remember what the previous episode was about, I’m always looking forward to the next one, I enjoy the terribleness too much.

Also, this is a little insignificant, but this is the first time I see any reference to the Japanese immigrants in Brazil (th, which was kind of a big thing back in the 1930s, in any anime I’ve ever watched, and since I had to look up into that for my thesis, it felt kinda nice to see it and understand why Brazil of all countries.

Super Lovers 2

This is so boring. Even when they try to address the issues I had with the previous season (mainly questioning the nature of Haru and Ren’s relationship), they always do it half-assedly. No drama, no tension, no resolution and certainly no semblance of any plot progression and it’s becoming increasingly tedious. The introduction of the new host guy could add at least some drama to the plot, but I’m not holding my breath. The dog continues to be cute

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I dropped Marginal #4 since episode 2 and I can’t quite remember what it was about other than there was a long sequence of one of the guys desperately looking for his “lucky undies” and I’m too old for this level of juvenile “lol undies” humor. Turns out “not putting me to sleep” wasn’t that strong an asset after all.

Anyway really dead season but the scarce good stuff is really quite good, and the truly terrible stuff is so terrible it’s hilarious so overall the season doesn’t feel as terrible as it could. 

Deucalion Farms (I)

Farmer!Bellamy, and yes, there’s a part II on its way.  Snaps to @reblogginhood for the name, and dedicated to the ladies who inspired this little series.

Bellamy can’t help it— he’s a farmer’s market purist.  Farmer’s markets should be for fruits, vegetables, flowers, and maybe a stand or two of honey and beeswax products.  It’s right there in the name, after all: farmer’s market.  It’s a market for farmers, and bringing in things like jewelry booths and artisan weavers just clutters everything up and brings in hipsters who claim to want farm-to-table produce but then expect him to have tomatoes six weeks after the season is over.  Octavia (if she bothered to listen to his rants anymore) would probably point out that it brings in more customers and more customers are probably a good thing, but he didn’t care.

So when the Arkadia Collective set up next to his stall, he got annoyed.  And as Miller was fond of pointing out, Annoyed Bellamy was a jackass.  Even the fact that the Collective appeared to be entirely staffed by attractive people his age did not dissuade him from being irritated at their very presence, so naturally on the first day of the season he snapped at the blonde woman who asked if he could help her manage a tent pole.  “I’m a little busy here,” he grumped, and Miller rolled his eyes and went over.

“Don’t mind him; he just hates people.  And places, and things.  He’s like the worst parts of April Ludgate and Ron Swanson combined,” Miller said and Bellamy narrowed his eyes at the lettuce in the back of his truck.  She laughed, and he he was even more annoyed to find he liked the sound, and thus began the worst summer of his life.

Her name was Clarke and she was an artist.  Which was bad enough, except she was a good artist and Octavia bought a bracelet from her and then Lincoln spent a whole morning lurking in her booth, talking to her about her process.  And look, Bellamy liked art.  It had a place in the world and he understood that meant that some people would dedicate their lives to it, but he had a knee-jerk resentment towards anything that felt like privilege.  And I want to make beautiful things felt like the sort of thing you would only choose if you hadn’t ever worried about where your next meal was coming from.

So he did his best not to be a dick to her, but mostly he failed.  “Deucalion Farms?  What does that mean?” she asked their fourth saturday, a smile that might have been teasing on her lips.

“It means what it means,” he grumbled, because Octavia already made fun of his history-nerd tendencies enough— he didn’t need her doing it too.  Clarke looked taken aback (which he did feel bad about; he was just so bad at deciding when people were genuinely interested and when they were mocking him that he usually just assumed the latter and went on offense) and after that, she never bothered to make polite conversation with him again.  Which sucked, because when she did talk to Miller or her customers, she seemed smart and funny and like the sort of person he’d like to get to know.  But he’d screwed up twice and people like him didn’t get second chances, much less third ones, so he chalked it up to a lost cause and sank deeper into his Pretty-Artist-induced funk.

It was a bright Saturday in late June when Kane stopped by his stall.  Clarke wasn’t around that day— Luna was selling her scarves from their booth instead— so he was in a marginally less grumpy mood.  The County Commissioner shook his hand with a genial smile that Bellamy returned.  “Haven’t seen you at a meeting in a while,” Kane said.  “Abby, this is Bellamy— he owns a farm down Highway 13.

Bellamy nodded to the woman next to him who bent over a basket of blackberries, her brown braid swinging forward over her shoulder.  She looked vaguely familiar, especially when she wrinkled her forehead in contemplation.  “As long as you’re not planning on widening the road anymore, I’ve got better things to do with my time,” Bellamy chuckled.  He and Kane hadn’t gotten off to the best start— Bellamy might have called him a fascist during a particularly heated meeting about the road— but he had come to admire him.  

“Maybe we’ll put it back on the agenda, if only to get you involved again,” Kane teased.  “I heard you were in asking about permits last week?”

Abby picked up a basket of berries and motioned to it with a still-uncomfortably-familiar smile.  “I was thinking of doing some renovations, yeah,” Bellamy said, accepting her cash and counting out change.  He stuffed the bills into his cash box and flipped it shut with a snap.  “Heating that house costs a fortune in the winter— I want to see if I there’s anything I can do to bring that down, but I don’t know what I can afford yet.”

Abby piped up for the first time.  “My daughter does green design— I’m sure she’d be willing to do a consultation for you, if you’d like; give you an idea of what’s possible and what it would cost.”

“That’d be great, yeah,” he said, and Abby fished around in her purse to find a business card.  Griffin Design, it said, with a logo of a tree and an email address and a phone number in tiny script at the bottom.  He curled his hand around it and slipped it into his half apron.

He’d call her tomorrow, whoever she was.

anonymous asked:

Okay so I freely admit my knowledge of history absolutely sucks so this will sound stupid but - is communism a good thing or a bad thing??? I'm asking because I see SOOOOOO many conflicting ideas coming from people and everyone ends up contradicting each other, it seems like tumblr is very pro-communism but at the same time there are people on here who are absolutely disgusted with tumblr's "pro-communism" ideas and at the same time people praise Karl Marx and I'm just confused sorry.

okay, thing is, you have to make two distinctions. there’s theoretical communism and applied-in-the-real-world communism, and when it comes to theoretical communism, one thing is marx (which is why marxism is a thing and stalinism is another) and another are other communists who interpreted his thought often for political reasons. now I once had replied to a post on the topic which I never posted to avoid extra wank but I have it in my drafts let me see if I can c/p it… yeah okay no but maybe I can reuse parts of it.

anyway: communism is originally marx’s theory/system. marx conceived it in a society that was ALREADY CAPITALIST and its entire idea was destroying the aforementioned capitalist society which was founded on inequality and exploiting workers (like if you read the capital, it has chapters dedicated to child labor and how horrible it is just to mention one). communism is a philosophical and economical THEORY which does indeed look good on paper, its problem is that at most you could make it viable in small communities because it implies that everyone must be on board with it to make it work, that corruption doesn’t exist, that people do automatically their best for the others and the community/collectivity and a lot of other things that literally can’t coexist when your problem is basic human nature. never mind that marx’s system was based entirely on the situation in industrialized nations during the second industrial revolution and it’s entirely tied in that historical timeframe and it doesn’t take reading the capital for that, and now we’ve gone past that. never mind that not all nations go through what the UK did during the second industrial revolution. we’re past the second industrial revolution. marx’s system is not viable in reality because not many places are in those same conditions. never mind that marx himself knew that perfectly - ie, there’s a part in the communist manifesto which goes:

We have seen above, that the first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of ruling class to win the battle of democracy. The proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest, by degree, all capital from the bourgeoisie, to centralise all instruments of production in the hands of the State, i.e., of the proletariat organised as the ruling class; and to increase the total productive forces as rapidly as possible. Of course, in the beginning, this cannot be effected except by means of despotic inroads on the rights of property, and on the conditions of bourgeois production; by means of measures, therefore, which appear economically insufficient and untenable, but which, in the course of the movement, outstrip themselves, necessitate further inroads upon the old social order, and are unavoidable as a means of entirely revolutionising the mode of production.

These measures will, of course, be different in different countries. Nevertheless, in most advanced countries, the following will be pretty generally applicable. (….) When, in the course of development, class distinctions have disappeared, and all production has been concentrated in the hands of a vast association of the whole nation, the public power will lose its political character.

Political power, properly so called, is merely the organised power of one class for oppressing another. If the proletariat during its contest with the bourgeoisie is compelled, by the force of circumstances, to organise itself as a class, if, by means of a revolution, it makes itself the ruling class, and, as such, sweeps away by force the old conditions of production, then it will, along with these conditions, have swept away the conditions for the existence of class antagonisms and of classes generally, and will thereby have abolished its own supremacy as a class. In place of the old bourgeois society, with its classes and class antagonisms, we shall have an association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.

now, why did I bold exactly those parts? because the last one states that communism’s eventual target is everyone living in an equalitarian union, and the second is to show that according to marx communism could be a thing IN ADVANCED COUNTRIES. industrially.

and here we arrive to practiced communism which is our problem. because thing is, communism on paper is great - equality! no one is exploited! everyone contributes as they can how much they can! no classism! - but in practice, it has never been introduced in nations that were already capitalist. it’s mostly been countries that either had a strong agricultural/rural economy or came from centuries of dictatorships/monarchy, which means that regardless of how much communism is viable as a way of life or not, it wouldn’t and couldn’t have been applied there the way it was supposed to because those weren’t capitalist countries. you can’t have a communist society without capitalism first. period. and when you try to merge the two you have today’s china which is basically the worst of the two systems put together, never mind that if you look at mao’s CV, the cultural revolution and the likes it doesn’t sound to me that it’s the best way of life for everyone as marx put it. (and to add to that by the way, just the exploitation of workers in china that allows us to buy for ridiculous cheap from there is the most anti-communist thing anyone could ever conceive. and I’m just mentioning one thing.)

when **communism** has been implemented in both russia and china and everywhere else it was a thing, it was never a capitalist country. add that as I stated above in order for it to work it means EVERYONE IS ON BOARD and the people in charge don’t exploit it and you have a recipe for disaster, because if you look at it everywhere it was implemented, regardless of how much they might have started decently, it turned into a dictatorship not long later.

so this whole ‘shit happened in communist countries and people died but communism is still AMAZING’ topic is ridiculous because thing is, if one grasps the spirit, the entire point of communism as an utopian society (because that’s basically the outcome of that at the end of it) is having a society of equals where everyone contributes for what they can, there are no injustices like in capitalist society and your worth as a person isn’t put after your capacity to produce money for someone else. any so-called communist system calling itself communist and allowing people to die/oppressing its citizens/exploiting workers’ labor without allowing them to have unions/creating gulags/silencing disagreeing opinions is inherently a system that marx would have loathed because it goes against everything he wanted out of his vision. like, especially exploiting workers’ labor. that’s the reason why historically why most unions were communist/socialist when unions started being a thing. never mind that marx called for criticizing the status quo/people in power who exploited it, which should automatically suggest that most people who praise communist regimes aren’t really marxist.

(now we could also discuss over how both communism and capitalism taken in their purist form don’t benefit anyone except the people in power and so the best way is midway, because capitalism does have good aspects same as communism does, and actually the reason communism was groundbreaking in its historical moment was because it put attention on the need for equality and better working conditions when most poor people were exploited by the upper class. theoretical communism advocated a world where everyone contributes according to their own capacities and doesn’t end up sacrificing themselves on the altar of factory work, and that’s not what has happened until now in real life. taking the best from either system is what actually does work all things considered - counteracting 100% bonafide capitalism with 100% bonafide communism, which by the way can’t exist today, is fried air, as we say in italy.)

so, at this point the thing is: if you’re anti-communism meaning COMMUNISM THE WAY IT HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED IN THE REAL WORLD then you have a point or ten because most times it has betrayed its own roots (really, marx would have been horrified at basically everything **communist** regimes have implemented) and it has been a tool of oppression/communist dictators have killed thousands of people same as their fascist counterparts and so on. at the same time, if you like marx then you like COMMUNISM AS A CONCEPT THE WAY IT WAS ORIGINALLY INTENDED, as in, you like the idea of a society where everyone is equal and not exploited as above. it’s two completely different things - personally I love the idea of communism as marx presented it but I know it’s not viable and I wouldn’t say that stalin or mao were amazing people TM just because they were **communist** (tbh today’s china is like the most un-marxist thing ever soooo). and at the same time I’ll feel free to praise marx to the heavens because he was a genius, came up with an amazing philosophical system which then started irl a lot of good things ie workers’ unions as above and gave the left an ideology to aspire to and because he didn’t advocate for genocide, while I absolutely loathe most applications of communism irl (and in most cases when communist ideals work out it’s in *socialist* countries, not communist ones).

we can also add that kids on tumblr being pro communism most of the time just read ‘communism = equality’ and think OMG AWESOME when they haven’t read marx or a history book so they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about so let’s not even count them into the discussion. but never mind.

tldr: communism as a theory/political ideology the way it was conceived was a good thing and is still a good thing if you take the good parts from it (tbh the US could totally do with some more marxism especially when it comes to reviving workers’ unions, striking when you want things and the likes), never mind that in western countries that were under the US influence post WWII and in european countries pre-WWI communist parties were generally the ones protecting workers/their rights to strike and pushing for leftist policies along with the socialist ones. communism as an actually applied system in the real world is almost always a bad thing because it’s not what marx conceived, it betrays its own roots and I can only understand people who grew up under the ussr when it was a thing (or eastern europe) who loathe communism since a communist regime was what fucked their countries over. (that’s also valid for places like cambodia and NORTH KOREA I mean in theory north korea is *communist* but there’s literally nothing communist about NK.) we can argue about cuba for the next century or so since when it comes to it there’s pros and cons (ie: castro was a dictator? yes, not good, not communist. everyone getting free healthcare and instruction including curing people from other countries? yes, good, marx would have approved. and so on.), but even if you consider cuba the only place where it sort of worked (sort of, because if you ask people who flew cuba they certainly don’t agree and really it’s so complicated only people who studied the situation for years or live there could give an opinion), cuba has eleven million inhabitants and it’s not CHINA or the former USSR, which makes it fairly more manageable to govern. same as I said above: it maybe sort of POSSIBLY worked out not somewhat in a small country. in large countries it’s just not a thing you can reasonably conceive.

so: some people praise marx because marx said a lot of good things, but being uncritically pro-communist means ignoring that communism when implemented (successfully-ish or not) has caused a lot of harm and isn’t that much different from other regimes, and that what marx preached was good for his historical moment and time, not for us, because the second industrial revolution is that and gone. never mind that people who come from communist regimes that hurt their nations or were political dissenters have all rights to be anti-communist, since as stated when applied irl it’s not what marxism preaches. and that said if you praise marx then you should criticize all of the irl applications of communism because marx would balk at pretty much 99% of what *communist* countries ended up being. but like there’s a lot of good in what marx says and that’s why some people say they’re communists - because they like it as a concept and want to make reality what they can of it, not because they approve of stalinism.

hopefully it was clear. xD

How the Mercs React to Fear

So I’ve wanted to do this one for a while, and I feel bad about spamming the followers of my main blog with stuff about bagels, so I thought I might as well just do this and make everyone happy! Also, a quick thank you to all of you guys, you’re all supporting me and saying such nice things about my writing and it’s really amazing, so thank you guys so much!

Scout tries to pretend he’s not scared of anything, but let’s be honest, he’s the scaredy-cat of the team. When anything on the long list of things that scare Scout happens, you’ll know. He’ll scream like a ten-year-old, cry, or run out of the room screaming bloody murder. It’s an extremely amusing reaction and most of the others find ways to scare him just to watch him run around like a chicken that’s had its head cut off. He’s scared of all the usual stuff like ghosts, and monsters, and natural disasters. 

Soldier isn’t scared of silly things like monsters, or horror movies. The only movie that’s ever scared him was the original Red Dawn. The idea of someone trying to take over his precious country terrifies him, and it’s the main reason he’s so insecure about other countries and so obsessive with everyone being a communist, nazi, or terrorist. The only other thing that scares him that much is the idea of losing a battle. Fighting is his life, so the thought of not being able to succeed at it terrifies him. When Soldier’s scared, he gets even more aggressive than usual, and he gets eerily quiet compared to how loud he is normally. 

Pyro is basically fearless, almost everything they see is happy-rainbow-magic-land, but the one thing they can’t turn into something happy is water. Wearing that huge, rubber suit of theirs, they’re much more susceptible to drowning than say Scout for example. And when they’re under water, they’re unable to start fires, which is terrifying to them. Fire is their friend and water destroys it. When Pyro’s scared, they utter a few muffled shouts and try to move away from whatever is scaring them, but they don’t show it as much as some of the others. *cough*Scout*cough*

Heavy has only one fear, and that is something bad happening to his family. (He includes Medic as part of his family.) Heavy does his best to protect them whenever he can, but he’s had his fair share of nightmares where he’s in a situation where he can't help them. When Heavy’s scared something will happen to Medic or his sisters and mother, he’ll do anything, no matter how dangerous or reckless, to make sure they’re okay. If he’s scared, Heavy isn’t afraid to admit it. He knows that fear is sometimes the best way to tell the danger of a situation and he trusts his instincts. 

Demoman doesn’t get scared a lot. The few times when the others try to startle him, or Spy (either team) sneaks up on him, he just starts shooting bombs everywhere. People usually regret scaring him. The only the Demo is legitimately scared about is losing his other eye and becoming blind. The thought of seeing nothing is the most unsettling thing Demo can think of. Death? Been there, done that. Monsters? No biggie. Blindness? Hell no. 

Engineer will admit when he’s scared, like Heavy. People can usually figure it out on their own, though, since Engie gets all flustered and starts trying to build machines that don’t make sense. He also usually forgets to dumb down his science talk for everyone except Medic, and confuses everyone. Engie has a few, very normal fears, like certain stories he heard when he was a boy, or diseases, but his main fear is storms. While a lot of people love a good thunderstorm, you’ll find Engie hiding in his workshop, trying to build a machine to protect him from lightning. He’s seen what lightning and wind can do to people and places, and it terrifies him. 

Medic displays a lot of signs of psychopathy, one of them being the inability to feel fear most of the time. He’ll jump into the most terrifying and dangerous situations, laughing. The only time Medic can remember being genuinely scared was the first time he was caught for malpractice back in Germany. When they’d found the body of one of his patients. He should have just admitted something had gone wrong in the surgery, but he was scared they’d take away his medical license. Medicine was the only thing he loved, he couldn’t have it taken away. So, he dumped the man in an alley a few miles away from his clinic and hoped they’d think it was a murder. When they started the investigation, he’d gotten stressed to the point of being unable to function, he’d thrown things, ripped the papers on his desk, and he’d gotten so agitated that he’d screamed at his neighbor for letting her cat out too late at night. 

Sniper gets even more awkward than normal when he’s embarrassed. He starts getting sweaty, and breathing funny, and having trouble keeping conversations up that don’t make people avoid him for a while. When’s he’s scared. his hand always starts to reach for the handle of his kukri or his rifle and ends up gripping them so tightly that he hurts his hand, or almost breaks his weapons. If he’s with someone he knows well, he might grab onto them. The rest of his team teases him about this, except for Spy, who just lets him squeeze the blood out of his arm before a particularly nasty MvM battle or the likes. Big crowds, being the center of attention, and having his privacy invaded are all main fears of Sniper. 

Spy never gets scared by normal things like people jumping out at him, scary movies, or the thought of being caught by the enemy. Before coming to Tuefort, Spy had already faced almost every known fear a man could have, but there was still two things that he could never seem to shake. Fire, is the first one, Spy had burns running up and down his whole body to prove that the enemy Pyro has it out for him. The sensation of fire is the worst thing in the world to Spy, worse than any sort of torture he’s ever had to sit through. The second, are his nightmares about past missions. He’s done, seen, and been subjected to some horrible, horrible, things and when memories of those come back on the nights of lost battles or respawn-caused headaches, Spy will wake up in a cold sweat,or even in tears. When he’s scared, Spy turns into a wounded animal. You want to comfort it somehow, but if you even get near it, it’ll send you to the hospital. 

fly-till-neverland  asked:

Oh my god! The jealous fic you wrote is amazing!! I absolutely love it! Are you going to write part 3? Please do!!!

okay, you all wore me down. so my plan was to always leave the jealous!Peter fic at part 2. nothing super clear, just a glimmer of hope but nothing concrete. like we aren’t sure if they ever work it out or not. 

BUT YOU LOT COULD NOT LET IT GO. like, I tried to pry this fic from all of your cold, dead hands but you were all relentless. and I appreciate that. so you win. 

here’s part 3. 

[ part 1 ] [ part 2 ]

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Unreceived - Chapter 1

Rating: K+

Words: 1244

Summary: Chat Noir finally musters up the courage to confess his feelings to Ladybug… but decides to do it as Adrien. If she rejected Adrien, at least he wouldn’t have to sacrifice his relationship with her as Chat Noir. His plan was full proof! Wasn’t it?

AO3 FF hogeky

Author’s Note: This is a fic based off of a comic written and drawn by @hogeky​. Please go there to view images and support her comic!

Permission was received to write this fic.

This wasn’t the first time Adrien had written a letter to her, and it wasn’t likely going to be the last. Even still, he mentally scolded himself for his momentary lapse of will power. He’d lost track of the amount of times he told himself to stop.

“I can’t believe I wrote this again,” he groaned. Plagg looked up from his meal at the comment.

“Are you talking to me?” he asked hesitantly, only mildly concerned for Adrien’s mental well-being. Adrien shook his head and brought his elbows to sit on his desk, resting his chin in his right hand and picking up the letter with his left.

He looked tired. He felt tired. But it was the kind of tired he put himself through every time he sat down to think about confessing to the love of his life. Without responding to Plagg, he continued as if nobody had spoken.

“What if she doesn’t feel the same way? I want to tell her but, what if it ends our friendship? It’ll ruin everything.” Ladybug had been turning Chat Noir down for as long as he could remember. He couldn’t imagine any reason why this would suddenly change just because he wanted to give her a love letter.

Realization struck him. Ladybug would continue to reject Chat Noir as she always had and he had everything to lose if she began to distance herself as a result of his feelings.

But Adrien had nothing to lose.

She would at least be gentle in letting him down, if nothing else.

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anonymous asked:

This week's big debate seems to be about Cas and humanity. I've read posts that are both excited and upset about how it seems like Cas is eventually going to choose to become human. I was wondering if you had any insight into whether that's a good thing or a bad thing for him, or if he should choose to stay an angel.

Heya! :) I am going to answer this to the best of my ability which is a liiittle bit loopy and over-tired today :P 

But yeah I have been scrolling my dash and I am not dead yet so I have seen this discussion going on :D I sort of feel like I haven’t got much to say about it in a way that I haven’t said/agreed with before (so it’s been redundant to weigh in), but like… riiiight back when I was a Fandom Newbie and getting to know the lay of the land and I just got absorbed right into the general fandom consensus at that time among the groups of meta writers I glommed onto… 

I mean, because I showed up after 9x18, and then though of course I was around for the following episodes I really started the whole circus of new episode reactions along with everyone, with season 10… between tearing apart the Cas stuff in 9x18 and then the Cas and Hannah stuff in 10x01-3 it just seemed really really obvious where Carver was going with it, and what it meant to Cas? And I mean okay this was 3 (4?) years ago but I also feel like with Cas’s development getting stalled over and over and over except in tangential ways, this was all put on ice like 3 times over before he even got possessed by Lucifer, so the MAJOR work on this was between the last minutes of 8x23 and 10x18 and even then that’s the STORYTELLING of it, and of course Cas himself puts the whole thing on ice as something he has the luxury to think about in 9x09. (Except for the one peanut butter and jelly conversation.)

So in 9x18 the MAJOR thing is that the lyrics “loneliness is a coat you wear” are laid over Cas taking off the coat to mend it (although that’s left out so it’s more like… he takes it off to gather his thoughts on what he’s going to do next, which is even more symbolic and useless in a practical way of why he does it). He then puts the coat back on to greet his army… And in a few episodes Metatron does the “draped yourself in the flag of Heaven” thing, which when 9x18 is all about the subtext and telling us to pay attention, I find a very very straight line to what that meant about him doing similar to 12x19 - using Heaven but not wanting Heaven, and never mind his motivation with Dean (and that being what changes his mind and makes him play Metatron’s game), the way it portrays Heaven as an obligation and a duty to help, but with a loneliness that comes from wearing that coat. He’s walking out into a parking lot full of angels but the lyrics are screaming that he’s without love, and lonely, and the end of the season confirms these choices were the reason. 

And in season 10 it gets more personal, and we have Hannah as a counter example. With Daniel in 10x01 who wants to stay on earth and gets what that’s all about we see Cas empathising, but at the end of the episode he goes way deeper than that, talking about human things that upset and startle Hannah. She literally drapes the flag of Heaven over him in 10x02 and smooths it down and accidentally reveals that the plaid of Winchesters is underneath the collar all along, and Cas is sleeping and acting more and more human while sick. She wants to give him his grace back to stop this and he resists… Out of penance and lack of self-worth and knowing he did a heinous thing to steal grace in the first place (again, for Dean, not just to be an angel again but because he needed to survive to warn him about Ezekiel). But symbolically she is trying to make him take the grace and be an angel. Be a leader, the angel the others will rally behind and follow. She represents how all of Heaven feels about him (and 12x19 and 12x15 cover similar ground in what Kelvin says about Cas). 

But also in 10x07 it goes deeper with how she feels about humanity - that the human things are forbidden, that love and enjoying sensual pleasures like showers are just *wrong* for angels to experience. She rejects human things entirely as stuff that’s not for her, and nopes out hard. And she is symbolic of angels in general, of Heaven’s desires and feelings in general when she asks him to be a leader. 

This is the sort of pressure - innocent of malice but FULL of lack of understanding - that is at odds with what Cas FEELS which is full empathy to wanting to be on earth… an actual understanding and feeling for these human things. He’s in his own body without a shared vessel as 10x09 goes on to confirm, which means he has none of the conflict Hannah does there, and 10x09 paints quite a picture of Cas as wildly unlike all the angels in this way, because it confirms for once and for all he’s alone in there and the Jimmy issue is resolved. 

To quickly skip ahead on this side of things, 12x10 shows the same thing but dialled up to a zillion. Instead of Hannah standing in for a clueless family that doesn’t understand and can’t empathise with the different feelings and sense of belonging Cas has, but is still mostly harmless if accidentally intolerant and stifling with their expectations and demands, we have Ishim, who stands in for the worst sort of family experience with intolerance. He’s also in love with a human and that’s the metaphor for violent, self-loathing homophobia I guess, as he kills Lily’s daughter to emotionally sever himself from her, to no avail, and tries to kill Cas for having the same “weakness”. Lashing out with hatred because of the internalised feelings of crossing a taboo line that their society has turned into a harsh rule. Supposedly good reasons are offered with the nephilim thing, but obviously Cas and Dean aren’t gonna have a baby any time soon, so the metaphor unfolds itself as queer through and through once Ishim turns on Dean.

And to walk aaaall the way back DOWN canon, I’m stalled in my rewatch in 4x10 at Anna pacing around talking about how she did the worst thing imaginable and cut out her grace and fell. 4x10 is the first episode to actually explore the nature of angels and lays down some ground rules, like that sex and disobedience are forbidden. 

Orders are orders. I’m sure I have a death sentence on my head.


I disobeyed… which, for us, is about the worst thing you can do. I fell.


She fell to earth, became human.

(I have the transcript open and scrolled down to that part in a tab and have for months… CBA to go find her talking about sex later but I think we all know the stuff she says)

That “worst thing you can do” line feels to me like with retcons from 12x10, that the “sacred oath” may be any sort of angel to human dalliance or connection or desire to BE and to be FREE. The same thing Hannah nopes out of in 10x07 is what Anna had to tear out her grace to experience. Anna having to take her grace back to survive is tragic, especially as it puts her right in the vulnerable firing line of Naomi’s reprogramming. This metaphor is SO much worse with Anna than even Cas, as it’s so simple about her returning to her family as an angel again after making a break to be free and live as a human like she wants, then to be tortured back to the family line and pure obedience, to her eventual death as an unrecognisable killer, a la Cas in 8x17. But without the sympathetic inside view and long arc to explain it or the narrative having any interest in saving her >.> (Hi, I like Anna and am bitter about that whole thing 5eva :P) 

Cas in 9x09 also takes back a grace to survive (and this whole arc brings in the clear concept that has been on the backburner since Anna of grace and consciousness as 2 separate things, and grace to an angel being more of its power than its mind, though functionally they seem one and the same when nothing hinky is going on - something else important for human endgame as well as showing ways of removing grace without falling and turning into a human baby)… Again like Anna Cas has little choice when he takes the grace back. He was happy to die human until he learned Sam and Dean were in trouble, and made a horrific choice to help them by stealing grace. After that getting his real grace seemed like the only way to fix him dying of his actions, though he seemed happy to again, the story had other ideas :P (And Mittens wrote something on how Cas has “let himself die” in the way he didn’t in 10x18, where he has to pass through death for change and reaping the character benefits of transitions. (Flyingfish1′s heroine journey meta also comes to mind). Of course by not letting himself die, he’s trapped in the 10x18 > 12x19 holding pattern on his entire life and personal arcs except the ever-worsening depression and self-worth arcs that spring up in the meantime, and the belonging one.)

Anyway it’s all connected, these angels with their connections to humanity, either what they really really want and are denied by fate, or by fate end up experiencing, and really really don’t want. Or in Ishim’s case he really wanted and then because of being an example of a total tool representing institutional prejudices, decided murder was the best way out of his brush with feeling human things. And they all tell us things about Cas from different angles, with different angels (sorry. wordplay was right there.) The long and short of it is that Cas is supposed to be one of those marble statues with no doubts (in 4x10 - *buzzer noise* WRONG *points at 4x07 and “I have doubts”) or that human things are not for them (*points at Cas even bringing up the subject and confusing Hannah about why you’d want to learn them and horrified that Cas seemed to have picked up human cooties by admiring these qualities in the first place*) or indeed that angels in general are massively intolerant to humans and from start to finish it’s a death penalty offence to get tangled up with them or want to be/be one of them. (I know 12x10 is more applicable to the Destiel side of things but the general message about Heaven’s intolerance with “humanity” instead of queerness with all the other examples makes a lot of sense to me.)

Actually I’ve seen the argument a lot that this debate is metaphorical to the trans experience for Cas changing species, even more than the interspecies romance parallel to sexuality metaphors, and I think it is fairly simple to me that this is part of the general queer metaphor applied to Cas as something the angels are intolerant of. 12x10 threw in the Benjamin stuff too and made it a little angel gender studies thing (which Hannah also helped with in 10x17 by reprising her “totally in love with Cas” look in a male vessel and not giving a crap about the change). With Benjamin they said that the angel Cas was closest to there was the one who had a ….. friendship ….. with his vessel. So there’s a lot going on there between that and the “his vessel is a woman, benjamin is an angel” thing) :P 

I think, anyway, Anna wanting to be human and getting disowned on pain of death and having to become an angel again, and even then being hunted for daring to not be an angel once, is the closest parallel to what Cas faces. Especially for internalised ideas he had at the time and hadn’t got to unlearn until he was a human. 

And I think, additionally to that, he may not have even realised that being human even answered his feeling of not belonging or being different until AFTER it happened. Like, Metatron forced it on him too soon and then everything was non-stop awful and then suddenly he’s had to get grace again (and heading for that flag of heaven metaphor), and only then he gets to reflect on what it felt like, by way of being an angel again looking back on it. It was so brutal and short that he never got a chance to appreciate being human at the time in a way where it would explain to him what he lacks. 

By 10x18 he has the family dinner and he takes his coat off for it. Heaven has rejected him, he’s seemingly chosen the Winchesters again, and got his grace back, but he has to go back to the grind, and he doesn’t change his wardrobe, he keeps the coat which is basically performative angel-ness with Winchester plaid underneath. 

(Actually about the only time I can think of that angel-ness is used as the queer metaphor and not the other way around is in 9x06 when Cas is playing cis straight human to Nora and Dean shows up yelling about him being an angel at his workplace… I think that’s a very circumstantial metaphor which is more about delightfully queercoding the entire thing than a wider statement… After all, contained within a season where the main arc for Cas is leading a heaven army thing, and ending in “i just want to be an angel” in utter, tragic defeat on the emotional battlefield. Absolutely NOT a statement on what would make Cas feel HAPPY, just useful and numb, per 10x03 and what he says about human pain and how revealing those lines are side by side about what Cas is feeling and how angel is he REALLY, like, deep down in his too-big heart where it matters)

But yeah he just keeps on going after 10x18 and this all kinda drops away, so I think until season 12 basically nothing was really done to mess around with this concept again in a substantial, meaningful way aside from attack dog and similar arcs tangential to this and more about Cas’s state of mind in general (as the same conflict can be applied to Dean when human). It has become more about Cas belonging in the Winchesters as the main thing - 12x19 has Cas being way more upfront about using Kelvin to his face, that he’s only going along with it because his old connections to Heaven are useful, as well as shining a massive spotlight on Cas considering himself a guardian angel as a bad bad thing, which is actively damaging his beloved family relationships and especially upsetting Dean. He would rather protect them from afar, and I think long-term Cas ending up with the Winchesters but as an angel would always be somewhat prone to that sort of thought in an emergency that as a more powerful being he would have to protect them, and a sense of not belonging entirely as another species that can’t quiiite relate no matter how different he is and how much more kinship he feels with humanity even as an angel. I can’t see that as a happy ending, and since 12x19 it feels rather more like it would be not finishing a plotline that is not JUST about this relationship but using it to move the piece on the board about Cas’s human arc forward another step, as his endgame would be not just as human, but also with them, so tying the concepts together isn’t a bad idea, as long as it’s clear this is something in season 9 and 10 Cas came to as a desire without very much contact with them at all, and therefore very much for himself as an understanding of what he is and what he desires. 

And, again, I don’t think Cas has great resources for self-reflection on the subject - not just that Metatron had to turn him human briefly to even make him realise he could ever do it, but something like using the belonging with family arc to help speed it along gives him a clear reason and goal for why it works and would feel right for him and to give him the place to self-analyse with motivation. I really don’t like the idea of equating this entirely with Cas’s belonging with the Winchesters arc all on its own, though. It CAN’T just be about that he should be human to be with his human friends/family etc. But I do think that a lot of the work to explain why he identifies with humanity has ALREADY been done and is a solid, existing part of his character already. 

In a happy ending even if it all gets told tied up with the Winchesters, I would point to season 9 & 10 to argue that it was not JUST FOR them, but that they were the soft landing for him to make a decision. If he became human he wouldn’t be forcing himself to fit in with them, he would be doing it for himself. I mean, since season 4 he is equated with Anna, protesting loudly he’s nothing like her when even before we meet her he admits to one of the cardinal sins of doubt. He has ALWAYS had a slight leaning towards humanity and clearly described as UNANGELIC traits and feelings. So in this way he’s always FELT different and therefore as it gets expanded and expanded and ends up being a deeply complex metaphor and fascinating way to relate to Cas, it’s clear this is an inherent part of him from the start. The human feelings that Hannah violently nopes out of have been things Cas has tolerated, defined himself by, and felt all along. She’s used to show that Cas hasn’t ever been bothered in the same way, and just uses her leaving as an excuse to delve even deeper into human connections by worrying about Claire, and in the narrative, walking us right into proving he has his own body and no Jimmy, and another way Cas is both unique, and uniquely suited to a human endgame.

I think though that a lot of this is personal and subjective on the arguments going around, and I see this sooo deeply through the old meta I read back in season 9 & 10 which has shaped all my ongoing thoughts I do know I have developed probably my own biases on this. I think Cas would never be happy as an angel in a happy families endgame because the Guardian Angel Cas issue (which was his downfall in season 6, so not a new thing, just re-focused recently) would always play on his mind as it’s shown that he self-sabotages his relationships in order to protect them. I see it like season 4 Sam using his powers to exorcise because it’s an ethical way to get rid of demons quick in a fight without stabbing the innocent meatsuit. In season 5 even knowing aaall the trouble it caused him and that Ruby played off his desire to save people as a GOOD thing to do great evil, he was tempted by the demon blood and regrets/resents not being able to use powers to exorcise the kids. (Obviously before he learns they were all just human all along because that episode is so disturbing >.>)

Even if it went some pretty hinky places (as in the end of season 6 for Cas and the guardian angel mentality, with Crowley as his Ruby, as he uses “i still considered myself the Winchesters’ guardian” as a justification) Sam’s motives were for good originally and he missed the idea of sacrificing his own morality to save people for an objective better good. Cas seeing his powers as making him more powerful, therefore more expendable, less included, and with a personal sense of duty to watch over and protect them, HAVING the powers would only ever be living in temptation to do a 12x19 again. Sam only recovers properly without the powers to tempt him and I feel he’s in a very different place as a person by now… Cas with a human endgame might not get room to grow out of it on screen but by his grace being removed (hopefully and tbh by necessity willingly), he’d have the potential and promise that he would be able to recover in the same way from this toxic mentality. And I consider 12x19 very much doing for Cas and the guardian angel thing what Carver era and 8x01 especially did for the codependency. Just put it all on the table and told us, this is hurting them more than it’s doing good in the world. Let’s look at how it hurts them and why. Let’s aim to fix it and let them move past it.

And even if Cas can start to recover from some broad strokes, like feeling more included, feeling like less of a tool/personal attack dog, he will only have a long term chance at happiness if the temptation is removed at the source, and he will need to UNDERSTAND that too and to vocalise some things about his reasons for watching over them like this LONG before he chooses humanity. And these are very much my personal subjective feelings on why it feels BAD to me that Cas would stay an angel, as it’s right off on another end of the spectrum of why people are arguing they feel bad if he would become human. To me the personal identity stuff right down to complex sexuality and gender metaphors are MAIN TEXT in Cas’s arc due to him being an inherently queer character. The “it feel bad” reaction to me right now is that I feel sad for Cas being an angel around the Winchesters forever because he will always be their guardian angel and that’s BAD for what he WANTS which is just to be a part of the family with no complicated strings attached like his obligation to protect them. So to me I see humanity as the obvious answer to that. But that’s a personal reading of what I hope would happen and why. So my explanation of what I see in the text is one thing and this part is another, if that makes sense?

… I hope any of this makes sense. I apologise for typing so long… I know I said I’ve said it all before but I mean I assume you’re not tag-diving on my blog if you’re just asking me and tbh I wouldn’t know what tag to dive either and they’re *my* tags so I’m not judging ;)

bloomingcnidarians  asked:

2 and/or 19 for Gemma/Jaal, please!

19. kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing 

In which Gemma Ryder and Jaal have their first fight, and Cora does not want to deal with it. 


Ryder’s ongoing quest to climb every mountain on every planet vertically had finally broken the Nomad in ways even the combined efforts of Gil, Jaal, and Vetra couldn’t repair.

“Are you still on fire?” Cora asked, both horrified and impressed. “My God. You’re still on fire.”

Ryder, halfway out of her armor, and looking as close to murderous as Cora had ever seen her, crouched down to peer at the Nomad’s undercarriage. “Shit, we are. Liam — we’re in crisis, respond!”

“On it, boss!” A fire extinguisher arced through the air, barely missing Gil’s head, and landed in Ryder’s hand with a solid thwack. Five seconds later, the fire was out, but the cargo bay was covered in foam, and the Nomad wheezed and groaned as its axles cooled.

“Shit,” Ryder said again, scrubbing at her hair. “Good eye, Cora, thanks.”

“I take it your field trip with Reyes went well?” Cora asked.

Ryder bared her teeth — Cora thought of a mongoose, and took a step back — but before she could change the subject or Ryder could start swearing, Jaal spoke up from the other side of the Nomad.

“Kadara is a cesspool on the best of days,” he said, his mouth curled in a sneer as he wiped a few droplets of foam off his eyepiece. He muttered something under his breath, and Ryder’s shoulder went iron-hard. “And today,” he added, once all the foam was gone, “was not its best day.”

Ryder glared at Jaal — the planetkiller stare, her father had called it; Cora heard his voice, felt the accompanying pang of loss and nostalgia — and the cargo bay went silent. The lovebirds hadn’t so much as exchanged tense words since they paired off months ago, but watching Ryder, whose teeth were still very much bared, and whose Sidewinder was still very much in reach, Cora readied a barrier.

No harm in being prepared, lots of harm in letting the Pathfinder spatter her angaran boyfriend across the Tempest’s cargo bay.

Five seconds of absolute silence passed, then Ryder gave herself a shake and exhaled hard through her mouth. “It sure as hell wasn’t,” she said, tight and furious, then turned on her heel and stalked away, without a backwards look.

Cora chanced a look in Jaal’s direction — hell, just like everyone else in the cargo bay — and found him watching Ryder’s departure with a mix of dismay and annoyance. Dismay ended up winning by the time the door hissed closed behind Ryder.

Sure glad I wasn’t tapped for this run, Cora thought, then felt a surge of guilt as Jaal made his way — deliberately calm — toward the makeshift showers in the back of the bay.

Another ten seconds of silence went by before Drack’s head popped out of the Nomad.

“Next time,” he said to the room at large, “someone else can go to Kadara. I’m done.”


Between Jaal’s first and second emotional openness seminars, someone — Cora’s money was on Liam — had taken the guy aside and explained that sometimes it was totally okay, even preferred, to let humans stew for a while before trying to work things out. And Jaal, being pretty quick on the uptake, had taken that advice very much to heart — not that Jaal had any other setting, Cora mused — and let Ryder stew, and stew, and stew, all the way back to the Nexus, where the Nomad could get some TLC and the crew could stock up on rations that were older than everyone except Drack.

Ryder spent most of the trip in her quarters, and for the first time, Cora realized just how much of the crew’s strange cohesion came from the Pathfinder’s relentless, dogged optimism. Everyone stayed as efficient as ever, but without Ryder breezing through the ship, no one seemed inclined to talk, or joke, or even give each other shit.

“I hate this,” Peebee said, two hours out from the Nexus. “They need to get over it. Jaal had the right idea. Kadara sucks, even that time Drack drank the water.”

Lexi’s eyes flew wide, and Cora leapt in before the good doctor could turn herself inside-out over that one. “I’m pretty sure it’s more than Jaal’s feelings about Kadara getting on Ryder’s last nerve,” she said, as diplomatically as she could. Privately, she mostly agreed with Peebee, but a part of her kept whispering that Ryder had held herself together through her father’s death, two of her own deaths, and facing the kett time and again. This wasn’t just being pissed off with Jaal; this was everything on Ryder’s back coming out at once.

She wanted to say so, but Peebee had already checked out of the conversation and was talking to Lexi about the new upgrades to Poc, and Cora didn’t want to ruin the moment. She finished her breakfast in silence, and headed back to her plants. As de facto XO, maybe she should have stepped in, and nudged them toward a reconciliation, but that advice about stewing went for her, too.

If Ryder and Jaal weren’t back to their usual adoring selves by the time the Nomad was repaired, she’d say something. But not before.


Halfway through their first day docked at the Nexus, a swell of whoops and laughter interrupted Cora’s reading. She shoved her datapad away and followed the sound down to the cargo bay.

Gil and Peebee turned around as she walked in, each offering her a quick nod before going back to cheering on Liam and Ryder, who were both balancing on gymnastics rings, five feet above the floor.

Oh, good, Cora thought. We’re back to Tempest Olympics. She’d been roped into enough of Ryder’s challenges for a lifetime, but Liam could always be relied on to take one of Ryder’s dares, whether it was do you think I can throw you over that ravine with my biotics or how many cartwheels can we do in full armor?

At least this particular challenge wouldn’t leave Lexi crying in her sleep. The good doctor was cheering next to Drack, though Cora wasn’t exactly sure for whom.

“How long have they been at it?” she asked, taking up a spot on Peebee’s other side.

“About fifteen minutes,” Gil replied, Peebee being too busy throwing half a cookie at Liam’s head. “Nowhere near the record, but we’re allowed to distract them this time.”

“Bullseye!” Peebee yelled, nearly deafening them both, as the cookie bounced off Liam’s forehead. He wobbled, cursing under his breath, but regained his balance a second later.

Cora grinned, relief rising through her chest. If Ryder was cheerful enough to start demanding athletic competitions, the worst was behind them, without her having to lift a finger. A reconciliation with Jaal couldn’t be far behind — except for the fact that Jaal was nowhere to be seen.

A little of her relief faded away, but then Vetra flicked a bottle cap at Ryder, and she nearly lost her grip as she tried to shift away.

“Oh, you’re going down!” Liam said, grinning as a fine sheen of sweat broke out on his forehead.

“No way, Kosta.” Ryder pulled herself upright, and gave him a wicked grin. “I’m in the zone. Can’t knock me out, can’t bring me down, can’t —”

“Hey, Jaal!” Liam yelled toward the far corner of the cargo bay. “Give a friend a hand, yeah? Distract your girl!”

Ryder’s head twitched toward Jaal as he walked into view, but she clearly didn’t make eye contact. “Pretty low, Liam,” she said. “Must be getting desperate. No wonder I’m winning.”

Desperate your word for creative, huh?” Liam jerked his chin at Jaal, who hovered at the edge of the bay, just in Cora’s line of sight. “C'mon, I know you’ve got moves.”

Cora watched Jaal’s emotions cross his face: reluctance, amusement, and the strange blend of wistfulness and intensity that had marked how he looked at Ryder, almost from the beginning.

I don’t know if I should roll my eyes or applaud, she thought, as Jaal made his way toward Ryder. It’s like something out of Ryder’s vids.

Why she’d expected anything less, she’d never know.

“Hoo boy,” whispered Vetra, and leaned back with her arms folded. Drack groaned, despite Lexi nudging him. And Ryder watched Jaal, her grip on the rings not faltering, her legs pointed straight and true at the ground.

Jaal wrapped his hand around her bare ankle. He didn’t squeeze, or stroke, just held on as he looked up at Ryder’s face.

“Come on,” Liam hissed, smirking. “You’ve got this.”

Ryder tossed her hair out of her eyes, the first trace of a smile curving her lips.

Jaal’s hand tightened on Ryder’s ankle. He lifted her leg — slowly, and Ryder’s smile widened — and kissed the inside of her calf.

Good lord, Cora thought, shaking her head.

“Ah!” Ryder dropped, laughing, into Jaal’s waiting arms. Cora saw his answering smile as he turned, not letting Ryder go.

Liam whooped and let go of the rings, darting forward to slap Jaal and Ryder on the shoulder. “And the champion is…the Kosta!”

Oh, Liam might have been the champion, but Ryder certainly didn’t look like a woman who had lost anything as Jaal lowered her gently to the floor. She kept smiling as she said something to Jaal, too quietly for anyone to hear over Liam’s crowing, and then they both laughed.

“Quite a show,” Gil said, pushing away from the railing. “Guess the kids are back to normal now.”

Cora hummed in agreement as she watched Ryder and Jaal slip toward the exit, hand in hand. “Guess so.”

Here, I just spent an hour kicking this around with @sourbluefreezy so you guys get to have the Overwatch R76 redneck AU I’ll never write.  I hate this so much, it won’t get out of my head.  I can’t bring myself to go there, except I think about hot summer nights in the country with the insects buzzing and Jack sitting around on the porch with his shirt off and a cold beer and I can’t stop.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! So obviously everyone loved the episode last night - there was just so much destiel feels in there it's enough to fill up an entire football stadium. BUT I keep thinking that the writers might be trying to set Cas and Kelly up, because you know, it's supernatural, and I just feel like the possibility of destiel going canon is too good to be true. I mean, Kelly is great, but it would be the worst romance ever - weird and force and kinda cringey. Maybe I'm paranoid, idk. What do you think?

(via @anon) Idk if i like where this story is going… i dont want to see cas kelly baby stories and him raising the child :/ i want cas with the brothers :(

Hi - I’m squishing these two asks together, hope you guys see it. :)

The Nephilim: what’s next?

Look, the thing is - maybe the Nephilim will die in the finale, or maybe he’ll be the Big Thing in S13 - we still don’t know. What we do know, on the other hand, is that it would be very hard to work him into the story in a way that’ll keep Cas away from Sam and Dean. Like, you know - from a narrative point of view, what do you do with this thing?

  • Option 1 It’s born and it grows at a normal human rate. If this happens, the Nephilim will have no place whatsoever in the show, because babies are both hard to work with and boring boring boring, and as much as we, the demented viewers, want to see Dean and Cas making nonsense noises and cooing at this second Antichrist, it’s not going to happen. If this is where they’re going, we’ll have a Jesse situation: the Nephilim will be carted off to live with some other hunter (not Cas, because Cas is one of the main characters and is needed elsewhere), and we’ll never hear from him again. 
  • Option 2 It’s born and grows Amara-style, turning from adorable creepy baby who moves stuff with his mind to overly attractive teenager who winks at Dean and makes him uncomfortable. I hope they’ll avoid this narrative, because we’ve seen the exact same thing last year, but if they do something like that -
  • Option 2a If the Nephilim is a bad guy, he’ll probably become S13′s Big Baddie, and Cas will have no reason to stick with him, so we’ll have the usual ‘only you can break me free from this mind control spell but nobody knows why’ trope and TFW will spend the rest of the season staring gloomily into space and wondering how to kill a semi-god, again.
  • Option 2b If the Nephilim is a good guy, he’s gone. There is simply no way they can keep around an allpowerful and benign deity without having massive problems. This is why they keep hurting Cas, remember?, because if Cas had his wings and his courage and his cold logic and his angelic self-confidence, Sam and Dean could spend their days playing beer pong in the Bunker. Cas would simply teleport himself wherever a monster has been spotted, look around with his x-ray vision, and then lift a finger and make a whole abandoned neighbourhood explode. And that’s it. So, well - like they did with Jesse, and even with Amara and Chuck - if this new kid is a Good Person, he’ll probably wander off on his own.
  • Option 2c If the Nephilim is a Gabriel-like morally grey trickster, it’s likely the Winchesters will still vote to hunt him down and kill him. They did it to Gabriel, after all, and if he hadn’t died (*wails forever*) in the war against Lucifer, I’m sure Sam, at the very least, would have gone after him. Tricksters work fine, or more than fine, as characters, but you don’t want one living in the same reality as you. Look at the messes Loki manages to whip up every couple of weeks - nope, if something is too powerful and you can’t understand how they think and feel, unfortunately the best option is to take them out. Better to be safe than sorry.

It’s still possible, at this point, that something happens and the Nephilim dies, likely with Kelly. This would make sense for a number of reasons, including that everyone except Cas, Lucifer and Kelly really wants this thing gone. The Host is gunning for him, Crowley would surely prefer he died, the BMoL (if they knew about him) would probably launch a nuclear grenade wherever Kelly is and to hell with ‘collateral damage’, and even Sam and Dean - they want to be normal and kind, but they might have no other choice, and if it comes to that, they know they must at least try to kill this child, because, yeah, NOT A CHILD, PEOPLE, and look at what happened with Amara. So maybe it’s not the Nephilim’s life that’s the big plot of next season, but his death and how it happens. We know we’re headed for some massive family conflict, and, in this sense, what’s going on with Cas is part of that. It’s those old what’s right and wrong, who’s your family, who do you trust questions Supernatural likes to throw at us, but, as we’ve seen in the past, whatever happens the endgame is what Dean just told us to our faces - him, Sam, and Cas working together, Team Free Will, because they’re better together and they’re family and that’s not gonna change, demonic baby or no demonic baby. So don’t worry too much - Cas won’t stay away for long.

Cas and Kelly: a romance in the works?

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The Donor: Part One (an Olicity fic)

So I’ve been in a really bad writing slump. The worst part is that I AM writing but I can’t seem to get anything finished enough to post, so I’m going to post this fic that I’ve had written for awhile just to put something out there. This is part one of a three part fic that was originally intended as a one shot but it’s gotten kind of long. The second part is not finished yet and I’m not sure when it will be finished (hopefully sometime soon) but I hope you guys enjoy this anyway!

Read on AO3


“Felicity Smoak?”

Felicity glanced up from where she was nervously wringing her hands together. The waiting room was empty except for the receptionist and the nurse standing in the doorway.

“Yes!” she chirped, jumping to her feet. “That’s me.”

The woman smiled warmly, gesturing for Felicity to follow her. “The doctor is all ready to go.”

A shiver went up Felicity’s spine. Why did they always keep doctor’s offices so cold? Were they purposefully trying to make the patients uncomfortable? Shouldn’t doctors be all about making their patients comfortable? A doctor’s office seemed like the type of place you’d want to be comfortable in.

The nurse led her into a room and handed her a blue paper dressing gown. “Get undressed and the doctor will be in when you’re ready.”

“Yup.” Felicity smiled. It was stiff and forced, but it was the best she could do, what with the butterflies currently racing around in her stomach.

The nurse’s sympathetic smile had her feeling caught.

“Everyone’s nervous during this part,” she said, laying a hand on her shoulder. “You’ll be fine.”

With that, the woman left and Felicity stared after her a moment before quickly stripping off her orange dress and tugging on the thin paper one. She was folding her outfit neatly and tucking it beside her purse when the door opened again.

“Felicity?” a kind voice asked, and Felicity glanced up to see an older woman in a white coat enter the room. Short gray hair framed her thin face, and her gentle smile instantly calmed the nerves Felicity had been feeling all morning.

“Dr. Madigan.” Felicity smiled in greeting. “Hi.”

“It’s nice to see you again. How are you?” Dr. Madigan asked, placing a clipboard down on the counter and pulling a stool closer so she could flip through the paperwork.

“Nervous,” Felicity admitted with a laugh and the doctor grinned.

“That’s understandable. Artificial insemination is always a little scary, but for someone in your position it’s a little more nerve inducing.” The woman stood from her stool and gestured for Felicity to take a seat on the exam table. “Being a single mom takes courage. But you have the means, you have the financial stability. You’ve decided that this is what you want. Are you really going to let a few nerves stop you now?”

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Live Forever

Part 2 of Guided By Love! You guys want to know how Rafael reacts when he learns where his fiancee put her inheritance money to? Well wait no more!

Warnings: NFSW, but loving and sweet!


Comments and advice are welcome!

The next 24 hours were pure torture! I had to keep a straight face around Rafael, which was no small feat. Other than the fact that Rafael is a well-renowned A.D.A., he is also a human-lie detector. Thankfully though, when he asked me why I was acting nervous or antsy, I could blame Aunt Judith’s death and that it shook me up a bit more than I realized. That turned out to be more truth than lie as I would wake up at night, breaking out in sobs, realizing the woman who really raised me is gone and that I’ll never see her again…Rafael tries to calm me down but all of this, including the impending new case and the death threats directed at Rafa sure hasn’t helped.


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Cured - Red Dwarf blog

(SPOILER WARNING: The following is an in-depth critical analysis. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you may want to before reading this review)

I tried as hard as I could to avoid spoilers for Series 12 so that each episode would be a genuine surprise to me, but I suppose that’s kind of futile on Tumblr. Just over a week ago I came across a very bizarre photo of Lister playing his guitar with Hitler. I was… a bit surprised, to say the least.

The Dwarfers encounter a research facility where the scientists had discovered a cure for evil. Upon arriving they discover some of Earth’s most evil historical figures like Stalin, Messalina, Vlad the Impaler and of course Hitler. But it’s okay guys. They’ve been cured, so it’s okay to like them now!… Really.

Yeah, in the light of recent tragedies like Charlottesville, this could have backfired spectacularly. Of course that wouldn’t necessarily be Doug Naylor’s fault. Series 12 was written and filmed a year before all this shit with the alt-right took off. If this were to go wrong, it would be more down to bad timing rather than any fault on Naylor’s part. Thankfully the show doesn’t put a foot wrong. Yes Hitler is nice now, but somehow I don’t think the alt-right will be in a hurry to claim him for their own. Ryan Gage gives a hilariously camp performance and the show is clearly more focused on mocking Hitler rather than getting us to sympathise with him, which was a considerable relief. In fact at no point did I think ‘wow I really like Hitler.’ I was more concerned with whether or not any of this was genuine. I suspected one or more of them were faking their niceness, which was clearly what the show intended. Soon enough the Dwarfers are put into convoluted deathtraps, which leads to quite possibly the weirdest whodunnit mystery that’s ever been televised. Who’s guilty? Hitler or Vlad the Impaler?

Cured is an extremely funny episode with lots of great gags. Lister trying to teach the Cat how to do a poker face, Starbug only being able to turn left and, of course, Lister performing a soft rock rendition of The Happy Wanderer with Hitler (there’s something I never thought I’d type). But what I especially love about Cured is its central idea. What would happen if you could cure evil? How would that change things? is it even a moral thing to do? Red Dwarf has never shied away from exploring complex sci-fi ideas, and this is no exception. Doug Naylor really did his homework here and it’s impressive how much satirical, social and philosophical commentary he’s able to cram into a 30 minute episode.

Throughout Red Dwarf’s history, we’ve had hints and references as to how dystopic the future is, but Cured gives us our first concrete example of it. United America and ‘the war to end war’ is not only a nice little jab at American foreign policy, but it also sets the tone for what’s to come. In the future, we not only try to stop war, we go that extra step and try to cure evil as well, to the point where United America turns on their own scientist, Professor Telford. This leads to some ethical questions about free will. Telford may be evil, but does he have the right to choose for himself? Would curing his psychopathy strip away a part of his identity? Which is more important? The safety and comfort of others at the cost of an individual’s free will or an individual’s freedom to make good or bad choices, even if that freedom of choice could potentially lead to acts of depravity?

And another thing, if you could cure someone like Hitler and make them good, could you necessarily forgive them? The show makes it very clear that actually no, you can’t. Yes Hitler may be a nice person now and seems genuinely remorseful for what he’s done, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was still responsible for the horrific slaughter of 6 million Jews. You can’t sweep something like that under the carpet and pretend it never happened. This to me highlights why a cure for evil wouldn’t work. While the person may be cured of evil, we would still perceive them to be evil regardless because of our foreknowledge. United America presumably wanted to end war and cure evil in order to bridge the divide between nations and communities, but the truth is that divide will always be there no matter how hard you try to eradicate it.

What i also liked is that Naylor actually dives into the socio-economic factors of curing evil. The sad truth is the world simply wouldn’t function if war and evil didn’t exist. Does that make war okay? Absolutely not! But in some ways we do actually profit from war thanks to armament deals as well as our continued exploitation of second and third world nations. Sometimes the right thing to do isn’t the most advantageous thing to do. The fact is the world is far more complicated than we like to think. Nothing is ever strictly black and white or good and evil. While it would be nice if we could could all be friends and get along, sometimes that just isn’t in our best interests to do so. Look at this very episode. Rimmer is more than happy to leave the ‘evils’ to die from that proto-planet collision, wanting to save his own skin and claiming some moral superiority over them, but Lister quite rightfully points out that leaving them to die would be utterly immoral. We are all evil to varying degrees. It’s just occasionally there are some of us out there, like Hitler and Stalin, who are more evil than others.

At this point I feel I should make an important distinction. The episode talks about finding a cure for evil, but in reality it’s a cure for psychopathy, and to Doug Naylor’s credit he’s very quick to distinguish between the two. Being evil and being a psychopath are not mutually exclusive. Hitler and Stalin are extreme examples of that, their lack of empathy leading them to acts of atrocious barbarism, but really most psychopaths are no worse than the Cat. So one could argue how effective is this cure for evil. Lack of empathy isn’t the only motivation for evil. What about crimes of passion, for instance?

I like that the Cat is getting more attention in the revived series. I’ve long suspected that the Cat is a psychopath, and it’s nice to get official confirmation of that and to explore it in some detail. If the Cat has no empathy, why does he stick with the Dwarfers? Obviously it’s because it’s in his best interests to do so. The Dwarfers have looked after him. They’ve fed him, clothed him and tried to educate him. There was no way he was going to throw them under the bus to side with Telford, and I suspect the Cat’s to-ing and fro-ing was all just a clever ruse to lull Telford into a false sense of security. The Cat may be a psychopath, but he’s not stupid (well… not that stupid). It’s still a good scene and Danny John-Jules really rises to the occasion.

If I had to nitpick, I’m really not fond of Telford. I did kind of see the twist coming plus it’s all a bit too implausible. So Telford reprograms these androids into thinking they’re Hitler and co, dresses them in period clothing that just happened to be lying around for some reason, puts them in stasis chambers whilst taking the time to relabel them and fake a bunch of research for them, and waits for a bunch of explorers to come along and discover them. Hoping that these explorers are just thick enough to not know what Hitler actually looks like, rather than just kill them, he instead befriends them, drugs them and sticks them in convoluted deathtraps that just so happens to correspond to their worst fears, and then runs away while the explorers are debating which evil person is responsible. This isn’t what a psychopath would do. This is what a comic book supervillain would do, and I feel somewhat undermines the intelligent commentary Naylor was making.

Regardless, I still really liked Cured a lot. It’s both funny and clever, exploring morally complex ideas in a hugely entertaining way. An excellent start to Series 12.

transpotter-deactivated20170219  asked:

got any non-magic AU drarry fics laying around?

I do! :)

Give Me a Quiet Mind by calrissian18 (16k)
Draco is Weasley’s assistant. Except for the week he’s not. Whose brilliant idea was that again? Featuring offices in Edinburgh, an epic Measley Bromance (that no one will admit exists), several unrequited crushes, fantastical revenge scenarios, coffee snobbery, the dreaded – yet adorable – toddler terror, promises of organ swapping, a play about Scottish history (no one cares), sequins, and the League of Snarky Secretaries!

Synthetic Bonds by mypetelephant (116k)
Harry has always been the golden boy of Malfoy Corporation, earning the respect of Lucius and the resentment of his high school rival, Draco. But Lucius has a business proposal that involves Harry becoming a marrying Draco.

Unexpected Turn by Oakstone730 (26k)
English real estate developer Draco Malfoy is in America to find his long lost cousin and escape a scandal. When his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, his trip takes an unexpected turn.

Interpreting Draconis by Dacro (11k)
Draco, the Deaf son of a wealthy businessman, has always had the best of everything, including a habit for rapid signing and a reputation for having a short fuse. When his father disappears, the interpreters who have been on the receiving end of Draco’s attitude and temper refuse to work for him. Enter Harry, our ‘new on the block’ interpreter with a heart of gold, exemplary skills, and a few secrets in his pocket.

Home Is Where The Heart Is by @julietsemophase (8k)
Draco is struggling with his anxiety as he arrives at his aunt’s house to help Andy and Teddy out. Will the presence of Teddy’s godfather, the handsome and friendly Harry Potter, make any difference?

Seasons Change series by @julietsemophase (27k)
Muggle AU. When Draco meets his family’s new farm hand, he doesn’t realise how much his life will change. This series takes us through the first year of Draco and Harry’s relationship through a snap shot in each season.

A Love Story Told in Caffeine by phoenixthecookiemonster (3k)
In which Draco is an overworked university student and Harry’s a barista at a local cafe.
Alternatively: in which Draco makes moaning sounds when he eats and Harry is sexually frustrated.
Also: in which Draco is the worst tease Harry has ever seen. [Harry POV You won’t BELIEVE how the dorks fall in love THIS time + Sequel Sleepy Snuggles]

Worlds Apart by QueenyMidas (30k)
In a muggle AU, Draco and Harry are left looking for magic in much more virtual places. For the both of them, the PC game World of Warcraft provides an outlet from their lives at school (where they’re both still nasty rivals). When their characters meet in game and a romance blossoms, it’s only a matter of time before they figure out who’s on the other side of the computer screen. You really don’t need to know anything about WoW to read this. Explicit in later chapters.

to be where I’m going (in the sunshine of your love) by @theboywholivcd (19k)
“He imagined Draco’s smile, all gums and slightly crooked teeth, his hair slicked back with Pacific water, and he knew: He’d travel as long as he’d need to if it meant he’d see that face. If it meant that Draco would hear the message he’d been carrying for so long. Maybe he didn’t have to travel the road alone anymore.“Draco and Harry go on a road trip together. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Let Me Be Your Prince by @goldentruth813 (6k)
When Harry Potter moves into the empty flat across the hallway Draco just knows its going to turn his life upside down. Things are further complicated by Harry’s godson Teddy who is a regular fixture in his life, and soon becomes one in Draco’s. [Sequels Best Christmas + New Years Eve]

Not My Boyfriend by taradiane (10k)
[From Netflix] This frank drama centers on the relationship between two gay men who contemplate turning a passionate one-night stand into something more meaningful.

So, Search Me by Darkravenwrote (8k)
“I’m Detective Malfoy. I have a warrant to search your dwellings.” “So search me.” He murmured, the challenge so blatant it felt like a slap in the face.

Black Coffee on a Lonely Night by Femme (21k)
Draco owns a café in the city. Harry’s a MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.Draco owns a café in the city. Harry’s a MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.

Draco’s Boy by Emphathic Siren (189k)
A mysterious little black-haired boy moves in next door to Draco, and he’s determined to make the boy his friend and find out all of his secrets. Later, when they grow up, Draco’s determined to make Harry much more than a friend.

You Can Give Me All That I Lack by digthewriter (15k)
Potter and Malfoy are the best at everything, so clearly, they’d be best at shagging each other as well.

Not Your Average Rock Star by slasher92 (12k)
After twelve years as a multi-platinum band there is one thing that you learn…when on tour, ANYTHING goes!

Oscillate Wildly by Marks (56k)
After a particularly gruelling Occlumency session, Harry practically comes apart at the seams and finds himself living partway between two lives. One is his life at Hogwarts. In the other, he’s been in a mental institution for the better part of six years. What happens when Harry realises his whole life may be one elaborate fantasy?

Incurable by warholhp (10k)
Summary: Non-Magic AU. Harry Potter was not sent to Hogwarts at age 11 as his parents intended. Instead, when an altercation with his uncle turns violent, he is sent to St. Brutus’s Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys. But four years later, he has the opportunity to attend Hogwarts, where he learns to live a life he never thought possible for himself. H/D and a bit of mentor-Snape.

Inheritance by @julietsemophase (9k)
Accidental billionaire Draco meets adorable book publisher Harry.
(It might be easier if i just recced Juliet’s entire profile? Seriously she writes amazing muggle aus.)

Uploaded by @asexualsiriusblack (12k)
Harry and Draco are both up-and-coming YouTubers, and discover a connection when they meet at a YouTube convention.

Imagine A Man by @angry-space-ravenclaw​ (5k)
Harry has to trust people more than he’d like to, so when a man lies to him about having matching soul marks to get Harry into bed, he’s determined to never let that happen again. When he meets a stranger lawyer at the local not long after, Harry decides to enlist his family’s help to tell whether or not Draco Malfoy really does have a matching mark or not. If only his family wasn’t so, utterly hopeless.

There’s No I In Team by @julietsemophase​ (13k)
When Draco’s babysitter cancels on him, he has no option but to bring his son to work, despite the fact he has an extremely important day ahead of him. Rescue comes from the most unlikely of places, and Draco ends up having a day he never could have planned, or hoped for.

When the night was full of stars

First of all, I know that I already told this, but again, thanks so much for helping me with this @fxnix, what you did means a lot to me. I can’t thank you enough.

Tagging : @hollyashton and @alwaysanotheroc

Universe : Endless summer

Pairing : None… for now

Words : 1342

Prompt : Movement of the Stars

Author’s note: Well, this is my first time in #ChoicesCreates. I started writing this as a Jake x MC story, but I saw the prompt so I adapted. Then I realized the story was too long, because of that I decided to cut it. However I may post the second part soon. I hope you like it. 

Second part : 

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My First Fic Ever!

Well guys, here it is! My first foray into the fanfiction world, in response to a prompt by the lovely @marilita , who requested Rosvolio talking about books in some capacity. I hope that this is what you were looking for my friend!

        With all of the madness about in Verona as of late, it occurred to Rosaline, newly lady of House Capulet, that there was nothing better to escape the rabble than the pages of her favorite books.  Rosaline had been an avid reader since she was a child, as her parents had raised her to be a lady of Verona and thus educated her as such.  Even after her father had been killed and her mother dead of grief shortly afterward, Rosaline kept on reading.  She was the first to admit that books had a world of their own in order to escape the worst times in her life.  This week was no exception.  Therefore while the rest of House Capulet seemed to be in utter chaos, Rosaline slipped away from her (Juliet’s actually, and didn’t that just shake her to the core) room and found a quiet garden fountain just away from the city center to settle down and continue reading.

        Today she had chosen an epic Greek tale to take on her respite.  Homer’s Odyssey drew Rosaline in with its mythical creatures and gods and goddesses.  Yet the thing that intrigued Rosaline the most was Odysseus’ determination to get back to his wife, even after many years of delayed travel.  She was nearly done with this epic tale, but was waiting on tenterhooks to see if fair Penelope would recognize Odysseus as her husband after he slayed all of the greedy suitors around his wife. She could not help but to compare the couple’s situation to her own, even if they were nothing alike.  She wished for a love as strong as Odysseus’ and Penelope’s, and silently scoffed at herself for ever thinking that this would happen in her present situation.

        Maybe if Escalus- I mean the Prince-had declared his love before a week ago, I could have a love that strong. Rosaline thought in vain. Yet, after Escalus had showed his true intentions and motivations toward her the morning after the royal dinner, she had very little faith left in him.  Which left her to think of the other man that had come bursting into her life, Benvolio Montague.

       Benvolio was harder to sort out.  Rosaline hated the man, of course, as he was a Montague and the Montagues were unforgivable after what they had done to tear their family apart after her parents died. Although she supposed she really only had Lady Capulet to blame for her and Livia’s fallen status.  Animosity of the Montagues still ran strong however, making her less than benevolent toward Benvolio at best.  He was not as notoriously rash as Mercutio and Romeo had been, yet he still had a reputation for being a noble Montague cad. Yet he seemed much more open to their proposed union than she had ever been.  Just a couple of nights before at the royal dinner, he had approached her and seemed to be almost resigned to the task of a life together, while she had blatantly denied any agreement on her part before Escalus had betrayed her.

     “I know some things about you,” Benvolio had said to her. “Not enough to build a life together, but we’ll get there.” 

     From this alone, Rosaline felt a bit ashamed that she was not as willing as he to compromise and save Verona from bloodshed. He had lost nearly everyone he had ever loved, and yet was still willing to be loyal to their betrothal.  Could he be the Odysseus in her life, always fighting for her protection? And if so, could she be his Penelope, willing to wait while he gave himself in service of House Montague and Verona?

      She was pulled quite suddenly out of her musings about the current state of her life and the Odyssey by the man she had been contemplating so diligently for the past hour.

     "Well look who it is! I cannot imagine anyone I would be less likely to find around here than you, Lady Rosaline, yet here we are,” Benvolio smiled, that twinkle in his eye irritating her as he seemed to know something that she did not. 


why, pray tell my lord, should I not be here?” she answered, wanting to take back everything she had said in her mind about his maturity, for he could not even start a conversation with her without making some sort of stab at banter.

     "My lady, the fountain you are sitting at is on the outskirts of Montague property.  Mind you, you probably won’t be faulted for it, but it is rather odd to see anyone remotely near Capulet blood here. Actually, you would probably not find any Montague here either. Except for me.”

     "Is that so?” she retaliated. “Do you often find yourself lost on your own family’s property?”

     "No, my lady. This is where I came to think after the sickness took my mother and father both,” he said, growing more somber and open by the second.

     "Oh. Oh my. I am sorry, my lord, I should have never-…”

     "It is alright, Rosaline, really. As my betrothed, you are more than welcome to do anything you wish here.  If anyone attempts to bother you about it, have them take it up with me.  Although like I said before, you really should not encounter anyone else here disturbing you with your books, your- what are you reading, anyway?”

     Rosaline was touched that he would share his most private corner of his family’s property with her.  It was obvious that he still greatly disliked her, but he was giving her the benefit his betrothal and allowing her the status of a Montague bride-to-be.  She was so overwhelmed that she forgot to answer Benvolio’s query, only answering when she was startled out of her thoughts by his questioning gaze, one that had been on her face far too long.


It is the Odyssey. I know men such as you most likely prefer the Iliad, with its account of the war and all that, but I quite like the adventure that Odysseus and his crew brings.” She smiled thinking of all the travels the poem had taken her on in her imagination.


looked back up from her contemplation to see him smiling. “Actually, my dear beloved, the Odyssey is quite my preferred choice when it comes to Homer’s epic poems.  As silly as it sounds, I quite like the idea of Odysseus’ strength coming from a place to call home.”

     "You mean in Penelope? Oh yes, I completely agree! The way that they are devoted to each other even throughout the hardest of separations, fully even gaining the gods’ favor to be reunited, why it is absolutely incredible! I can only wish-!” Here she broke off, for he was truly smiling now, and it was radiant. She flushed with embarrassment.  She always became too giddy when speaking about her favorite literature, and now she had gone off about one of her favorite stories, tearing down her walls to her loathed fiancé himself. Yet he did not seem to belittle her for her strong opinions on the literature, but was rather encouraging and open himself. He was the one who shared a deeper opinion of the story first, after all.

     "Perhaps, if you are agreeable to these types of stories, my lady, I could lend you some of my own? I know not of the stock the Capulet library has, but I do know the Montague library like the back of my hand, and I could find some epic adventures for us to discuss further. A starting point for our life together, if you will? Literature is the cornerstone of all intelligent discussion, after all. What say you, Rosaline?” he grinned.

     Rosaline was fully cheery herself once again, something that she never thought would happen in this man’s presence. “Yes, Benvolio. I would like that very much. Thank you, truly, for thinking of me. I know this is difficult for the both of us. But perhaps literature really can be our starting point, as you say? At least we know it is something you can be civil about,” she bit at the end.

     "Just as I thought we were getting somewhere!” Benvolio joked. “But yes, my lady, I shall see what books I can find for us. Shall we meet here again in two days’ time to read together? I am sure your family would not object to you spending time with your betrothed, even though we do not intend for this to be a courtship.  Call it a reprieve from the madness together, if you will.”

     "I think we can both agree we need that, my lord,” Rosaline said.  This was not the end of their dislike for each other that was for certain.  But it was a good start on what would hopefully lead to a successful society marriage. And if Rosaline was lucky, perhaps even a friendship. 

     Although, life plans certainly never did pan out the way Rosaline wanted them to.