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Have any feelings about Supercorp?

Oh yes. I have many a feeling about Supercorp. 

BUT I have an insane amount of feelings for Evil!Kara x Lena Luthor AU

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Just... No.

Undead Paladin: Has the head priestess warmed up to me at all?
Me (DM): Not really… She’s adjusting. She’s stopped jumping whenever she catches sight of you, although you are still…
Undead Paladin: Unsettlingly?
Me: You are visibly dead. Some of the other clerics have warmed up, though; one younger one seems to think you are coolest thing to ever happen to this temple. He’s very chatty.
Drow “Rogue”: Oh no, he’s got a crush on her!
Me: Not like that…
Undead Paladin (ignoring the interruption): I don’t talk much.
Me: He does a good job of filling the silence.
Drow “Rogue”: Well, at least they won’t have to worry about birth control.

This was followed by about ten seconds of silence, and then by five minutes of me flipping right out, mostly consisting of repeating “No,” and explaining how no one at the table was ever going to mention this again, under pain of immediate character death.
The owner of the store we play in actually came over to see what was wrong.

First Years as Third Years

Imagine our precious Karasuno baby crows as big third years. Can you see it?

  • Captain Yamaguchi- aka the coolest cool to ever cool
  • Vice Captain Kageyama- he still kinda sucks with people but all the underclassmen adore him
  • Super Ace Hinata- badass little shit and ultimate senpai
  • Block King Tsukishima- fear him he will block you and then laugh at your pain
  • Manager Supreme Yachi- literally nothing fazes her anymore
  • And like, all the underclassmen admire them
  • They all totally know their captain and Tsukishima are doing it in the club room once everyone’s left
  • No one is allowed to call HInata senpai because it will go to his head- only use in extreme circumstances
  • Someone could literally run in crying and bleeding out of their eyes and Yachi would just shrug and walk them to the nurse
  • No one’s sure if Kageyama and HInata are friends, boyfriends, or rivals- but they’re pretty sure they’re making out when they run off
  • Kageyama is the nicest guy and he just really cares about his team but he looks so scary when he’s trying to show concern
  • Tsukishima acts like an asshole but will stay late to help underclassmen with their blocks and receives
  • Yamaguchi in in frequent contact with Ennoshita and is bullshitting every captain speech he gives 
  • They probably have this duo that show up and hate each other and won’t stop arguing and HInata and Kageyama call up Daichi and apologize again
  • Yachi has a small following of mangers in training that all adore her
  • Kageyama and yamaguchi watch practices and then have these meeting and they look real intense but in actuality they’re just trying to scare the underclassmen
  • Sometimes Kuroo and Bokuto come visit practice and Tsukishima somehow always dissapears the second they enter the gym
  • Whenever Hinata is tired from a long day or practice or has been pushing himself too hard Tsukishima will carry him on his back
  • Yamaguchi can and will pick up tsukishima and tell him to chill the fuck out (this is needed when he’s being a particularly mean ass or slacking)
  • Kageyama and Tsukishima are the bitchiest people ever at competitions they just look down on everyone and scoff
  • Yamaguchi has to stop them all from getting into fights with other teams constantly
  • But if someone trashes their team he will destroy them
  • Hinata is an enabler and he must be stopped
  • Yachi laughs whenever one of her boys tries to be all threatening and reminds them of that time they all cried while watching Marley and Me
  • I really love them and i wanna see them grow up

The tech department at my former high school was at the complete end of the school in its own hallway where no one went ever and the teachers down there just fixed all the other teachers broken shit made everything, and did whatever in the world they wanted. They had three 3-D printers and just printed the stupidest but also the coolest shit. There were two of them and they been best friends for who knows how long, they went to high school and college together and I think they knew each other even before then so one would be teaching and the other would be wondering around doing something. Class was often interrupted.

In my middle school we had a very old tech teacher who could build just about fucking anything, and, he must have been 70 years old and 100 pounds but he still rode his motor cycle and parked it outside the tech room everyday. And every class my eight grade year (when he was not my teacher) he’d wander around in the back and bring out whatever we were learning about that day. He took no shits and was the wittiest man I’d ever met.


I’ve loved Godzilla since I was 7 years old, I legitimately remember asking my mom if she believed in Godzilla– like as if he actually existed, hiding somewhere out in the ocean, and bless that woman she said “yes” just to keep my imagination flaring. I always knew Santa was mom. But Godzilla was some real shit goddamnit and I knew it.

So anyway Im about to be 25 now, and Godzilla still to this day has me in awe. I love giant monsters and battles. coolest shit ever. so naturally, going into monster hunter I’ve more than once wished that capcom would team up with TOHO and put in a special event quest or something where u can actually hunt Godzilla. (AND THEN CALL THE QUEST  "KING OF THE MONSTERS" :D) Much the same way they did special quests in japan where u could get Attack on Titan armor and look just like mikasa and eren, but u had to hunt a giant giant giant duramboros.

Did alot of Black Gravios hunts today for everyone’s urgent quests, and it just reminded me so much of Godzilla with its color, fire beam and general size and slowness.

ANYWAYS. I did a thing. I wish it was real. Hope yall like it. Happy hunting everyone.

Seriously though, bless Librarians. Especially the ones that work in schools and take kids under their wing who hang out in the library a lot. I was always one of those kids since I was dropped off early and picked up late. So the women there would see me drawing and reading and learned about my interests, and it was always the COOLEST SHIT when they would smile upon seeing me and say ‘we got some new books in! You might like these ones!’ It was rare but still always exciting because they were like fairy godmothers. 

New how to draw books (actual good ones), Japanese language, comics, vocab and culture books I was so excited to get my little hands on. Especially when they tell you, you were the reason they ordered some new things. 

I don’t think I’ve ever met a bad Librarian. Libraries have always been my little sanctuaries and I always have warm, mellow memories of all of them. Fairy Godmother librarians, yes.

  • <p> <b>me before Pokémon Go:</b> eh I like tall boys with dark hair and similar interests as me i dont care about much else<p/><b>me now:</b> we have to be on the same team. Any other team and my competitive ass will straight up murder him<p/></p>

I haven’t rwby’d in so long but

Ruby- Reaper, god wow I love that post
Weiss- Widowmaker, she chose it only because she thought it looked the coolest, is actually shit at sniping people
Blake- Symmetra, uses the cr1t1kal strategy of putting the portal right next to a cliff and enjoying the results
Yang- D.Va, has to yell NERF THIS aloud every time
Jaune- Tracer, uses Blink to nope the heck out more often than he actually strategizes
Nora- Bastion, she’s That Asshole
Pyrrha- it doesn’t matter because whoever she plays she’s still the only one actually guarding the payload
Ren- Mercy, “when I die I want you guys to lower me into my grave so you can let me down one last fucking time”


Are you kidding?? This is the coolest idea ever! He already has the jacket, the name the hair,  the attitude…

Imagine him stealing from Bl/ind, and being the man you go to if you need something special or an access to the city. He’ll be so quick providing the goods, people’ll think he’s teleporting or something P:.

And he’ll hate violence, will use the ray gun only under extreme circumstances (probably good at avoiding getting hit). Still a little shit though, him and Poison either best buds or the worst enemies.

I gave him a police-style radio, so he could hear Dr. death and Bl/ind broadcasts. Also the belt is full of useless knickknacks he collects along the way.

(Anon, reveal yourself so you could give me more cool ideas!!!)

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Slytherin!michael being a huge dick to everyone not in his house and basically being friends with the bad group but when he sees how fricken rude everyone is being to you around school he starts defending you and he slowly becomes ur friend and idk

ok i changed this up a bit so i hope u still like it idk it’s weird & i haven’t written like this is a while so here u go pal

slytherin!michael is honestly the coolest kid in slytherin, and by coolest meaning he’s an absolute prick to pretty much anyone who isn’t apart of a slytherin but you’re from ravenclaw, and somehow he’s always been quite nice to you. the two of you have never actually spoken to each other though but every time he passes you in the hall, he gives you a small yet surprisingly gentle smile and whenever you two have potions class, he holds the door for you. you find it kinda absurd because you’re in fact a mudblood, and he’s a pureblood, and due to his known reputation, he’s meant to be kind of an asshole to just about everyone but you’ve never heard him once speak ill of you. you’re used to getting shit about being a mudblood though, you’ve copped a lot all your life, even though it’s not your fault but what surprises you the most is that one day when you’re making your way down the corridor, a few of michael’s friends decide to taunt and mess around you, throwing around the usual kind of shit you’re used to hearing over the years so you power a head and brush it off, but that’s when you recognise his voice; michael practically almost yelling at his friends for being complete and utter pricks to you. “don’t be fucking rude, go apologise”, the words make you almost turn on your heels but instead, you look over your shoulder to peer at the group of boys, michael’s face enraged while the other’s all hold a flabbergasted expression. after a moment or so, he tells them to piss off before he approaches you, “sorry, they’re all pretty much dickheads.” he wrinkles his nose a little as you shake your head, letting out a small sigh before he begin again, “i’m michael, by the way, we have a few classes together.” he nods, and you can almost see a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth but he’s obviously trying to hard to hide it. “mm yeah, we do. i’m y/n” you’re well aware of who he is, but his next words surprise you almost as much as his prior actions. “i know” he says a little too fast, almost sounding a tad desperate.


Only the chillest and most heartfelt apology exchange ever.

See, this is what I loved about Swanfire:  they drowned us in feels, but they were still the coolest motherfuckers in town. They had such deep angst because once upon a time, they were so profoundly happy: and were still the coolest motherfuckers in town. Neal was all like, “Whatever, I, like, love you and shit…” and Emma was all like, “Yeah, like, I love you, too, so, like….whatever, man.” And we were all like, “OH, MY PRECIOUS BABIES, YOU TWO ARE SO IN LOVE, I CAN SEE ALL THE PAIN AND HUNGER AND LOVE IN YOUR EYES, JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY, YOU IDIOTS IN LOVE!!!!!!”

miyuki and sawamura making a pizza together tho

imagine miyuki tossing the dough and sawamuras eyes going all wide and round bc that is the second coolest thing hes ever seen -

(’wait, whats the first?’
‘whenever raichis at bat -yk what it doesnt matter senpai just focus on your pizza.’)

imagine them arguing over toppings bc sawamura likes the weirdest shit on his but miyukis a pizza purist -

(’do not put that pineapple on that pizza or so help me -’
‘oh nooo it touched the pizza what are you gonna do now.’)

imagine them forgetting how long to bake it for and when they get it out its too soon and the crust is still kinda doughy but neither of them want to complain abt it bc that means waiting even longer to eat their food and they are so hungry

imagine miyuki making fun of sawamura bc he still drinks calpico but like calpico is amazing and obviously miyuki has no taste esp if he says pineapple is not a viable pizza topping.

imagine them cleaning up afterward and getting into stupid little splash fights bc one of them (sawamura) insists he was right abt the cooking time and miyuki should have just listened to him for once and miyuki makes some snide comment abt pineapple or whatever and its on.

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oh my goodness, leon and takumi having pokemon named "foleo" and "kisaragi' just make me think about years in the future, when their children ask them "how did you pick my name?" they'll just reply with "i named you after the name i gave my pokemon in college"

when kisaragi finds out he still thinks its the coolest shit ever and fanboys his dad even more