this is still the best album ever ok


Next imagine will be Shawn being dad💓,but for now,stay with “Excuses”. Hope you all like it. Requests are open!

You finished making the dinner one hour ago,but still,no words from Shawn. This was his last week after his tour starts and you were trying to enjoy as much as possible,because you knew that during the tour,you would only be able to see him one or two times,because with college,it was hard to travel to meet him anytime you wanted. But what you didn’t expect was that Shawn would pick this last week to be at the studio,planning the last details of his next album.

“Are you coming home? Dinner is cold already!”

This was the last text you send him. If he didn’t respond you in five,you would give up on him for today.
Five minutes passed like a hour,so you throw you phone on the couch and went to the kitchen,making you plate and putting in the microwave. You open one bottle of wine you had in the fridge,fill up your glass and after a few seconds,sit at the table,eating and drinking by yourself. Finishing eating,you wash the dishes and again,fill your glass of wine and went upstairs to your room.

You woke up with the sound of glass breaking.
“Fuck! What is this thing doing in the bedroom anyway?” Shawn’s voice put on the scenario.
“What did you do?”
“Broke the fucking wine glass that you left on the table. Why did you even let here?”

“Maybe because I was drinking wine and then felt asleep and didn’t thought that my boyfriend would broke it in the middle of the night.”

“You know I always leave my bag here,you should have took it to the kitchen.” He says grabbing a little bit of paper and starting to take the pieces.

“Maybe because I didn’t expect that my boyfriend would come to my house at..” You look at the time on your phone.“ Almost 1 am”

“I told you I was coming here tonight!”

“No Shawn,you said that you were going to come have dinner with me,which in fact,you didn’t,because I waited you,I called you,I texted you,and didn’t get any news from you,so the last thing I was expecting it would be you coming to my house.”

“I forget my phone at the car,that’s why I didn’t answer you.”

“Oh,today you left you phone on the car? And yesterday? You phone died right? And before that? You forgot at home? And even before,what was it? Oh, I remembered,you couldn’t pick up because you were in a meeting with Andrew. Is this it? Or am I missing something?”

“Really? You really want to talk about the reason that I couldn’t answer you while I was at work?”

“No Shawn,I really don’t want to talk about this now,because I’m just exhausted and all I want it’s to have a good night of sleep ok? Goodnight!” You turn and close your eyes,trying to sleep while he still is trying to guess what just happened.

You didn’t know what happened after that,you just laid your head on the pillow,close your eyes and few minutes you were asleep. When your phone rings at 7am,you wake up,noticing that Shawn wasn’t there. You do what you have to do,brush your teeth,wash your face,take a shower and put some clothes on. When you get to the kitchen,there were coffee and waffles on the table,but no sigh of Shawn.

You sit on the table and start to eat. Few minutes latter,you hear the front door opening and closing,and you know it’s Shawn.

“Good morning babe!"He says when he get to the kitchen,putting his guitar down and leaning over you to give you a kiss,that you softly recline,turning your face away. "What happened?” He ask you making his weird face.

“Really Shawn? Did you even remember last night?”

“Are you still mad because I didn’t answer the phone?”

“Can you please just say the truth already? Do you have another girl? Did you get tired of me? I don’t know,just please say the fucking truth!!”

“Are you fucking out of your mind? Do I really look like a cheater? I fucking love you Y/N! I don’t get why you are jumping to this conclusion!”

“You are never home Shawn!! You promised that this last week it would be only you and me. But now you are locked up in a studio,giving me weak excuses and making me feel like I’m not enough for you!!” He stood there,in silence,trying to process all you just throw on him,you could see his brain working from his eyes.

“Did I make you feel like you are not enough for me? Did I make you feel like I don’t love you anymore? Did I? Is this true Y/N?” You simply nod,your tears stream down your face.

“I know that you love your work and that you really need to work hard sometimes,but you need to make time for me in your life Shawn,because if you don’t,I’m not gonna be here anymore. You need to make a little time for me,or love isn’t gonna be enough.”

He sat down in a chair and his hands goes all the way to his hair. Pulling it,like he always do when things don’t work out as he wanted.
“I’m…I’m so sorry! I don’t even know what to say anymore. I really sorry babe,I was so focus on work,you are totally right. I don’t want to ruin all we got. really thought I was cheating on you?” You could see how sad he was.

“I know that you didn’t,that you would never do something like that,but you always had an excuse when you don’t pick up the phone. And I was so mad that a just said that without thinking.”

“You were right about the excuses!” He face down and you sat on the chair next to him.“ I saw you calling today and tomorrow,but I was so focused and trying to make everything work,that I didn’t pick up the phone,because I knew that if I did,I would come running to you.”

“I don’t care if you don’t pick me up every single time I call you,but you need to let me know where you are or if you’re coming or not. Next time,just text me,I will get it. But you need to make time for me Shawn.”

“I will babe,I promise I will! I’m sorry for being like this. I think working too much is my problem.”

“You are perfectionist Shawn,but sometime you need to realize that it’s ok to not be the best song you ever wrote. Because you are extremely good and you will write something better latter.”

“You know what?” That smile that you love show up on his face.

“What?” You smile back

“I’m lucky that you’re still here with me. I promise that I’ll make more time for us ok?” He hold your cheeks and kiss you forehead.“About that,I’m calling Andrew at lunch and tell him that we will take care of the next album on tour.”

“Thank you Hun,I love you!”

“Believe me sweetie,I love you more!”

THANK YOU TAYLOR (omg this is a novel I am so sorry❤️)

Taylor, first of all, I want to thank you being you. If you wouldn’t have taken that risk, moved to Nashville, signed on a record label that barely even existed, I wouldn’t have the most amazing person to look up to. Sure your music is the most addictive thing on this planet, but the way you live your life is mind blowing. You have the best attitude, the kindest soul, the warmest heart, an incredible voice, and the gift of being able to write the best songs. From donating millions to charity, visiting sick children in hospitals, selling out a 60, 000 person stadium, inviting fans over to your house, you have put me and millions of others in awe of what you do.

You have been a part of my life since I first heard Teardrops on my Guitar on Radio Disney back in 2007, and I’m so happy I held on. I’ve gone through many music phases but you and your music has always just compelled me to keep holding on, and at this point I’m never letting go.. my grandchildren will be listening to your debut album as soon as they’re born😜. I’ve had a rocky past couple of years socially (cause baby now we got bad blood😉), and being a part of this family has helped me more ways than you know. I’ve learned that people if people don’t treat you the way you should be, they don’t deserve to be in your life. Through you, I’ve met some of the nicest people that I’m so happy I can call my friends (shoutout to kaileeswiftpoppoeticpartyfearlessleighnaomiswift13​.. + more!!). I’ve made so many incredible memories through you that would never have happened without the connection through your music. I was lucky enough, after many scheduling conflicts with your tour dates, to see you on the red tour and now I’m coming back for the 1989 for 5 shows (YAS!!!).

1989 is incredible, I’m seriously addicted to every single song and I just want to congratulate you on your success, you deserve it and so much more. I’m so excited to see what’s to come because each album seriously keeps getting better and better, but you always out do yourself! 

Exactly 12 days ago, you followed me on tumblr and I was like OMG BEST DAY EVER… but apparently it gets better.. so you started stalking me at 4am… and then I got a 🎅 and pretty much lost it. These things happen to other people, not me.. I watched videos, looked through hundreds of pictures and I was like ya ok that would only happen in my dreams. I’m still honestly unsure of what made me stand out to you, but I’m so incredibly happy you chose me. Today was by far one of the best days of my life. I seriously haven’t had a chance to stop smiling.. everything is perfect. I opened the card and I was like I could stop now I’d be perfectly content, but there was a box full of the most flawless gifts EVER. You put so much thought it in to every thing and those notes?! I can’t even grasp that this was for me, and all those incredible things you said were for/about me. Anyways I don’t want to make this too long.. I love everything and I will never forget this day, like ever (hehe). Thank you so much for everything, not only for today, but for everything, it means the world to me😭

Love you tay, and I am so excited to meet you next year!!!💕


ok i’m finished listening and now i can definitely say i really really REALLY love the album. as i said, it’s still not gonna be my new favorite but it’s fucking great nevertheless. i’m thinking it might even become my most played atl album ever because it simply consists of so many songs that you can easily blast all day nbd. The best asset about this album, and what I personally think sets it apart from the other All Time Low records, are all the wonderful, deep and touching lyrics.

SATELLITE: even on my second listen, it hasn’t really blown me away. idk it kinda sounds too monotone for me. I’d hoped it’d be pick up during the chorus but it doesn’t and while it’s not a bad song or anything, it’s definitely the one I like least on the record.

KICKING & SCREAMING: Makes me wanna punch something. Very edgy and high energy, intense and energetic. Love it. Gotta blast that on high volume, there’s no other way to listen to it. I tried without raising the volume, and failed. Plus, the lyrics are AMAZING.

SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE: I’ll be honest with you, when they first aired it on BBC Radio 1 and I was listening to it live, for the first thirty seconds I was a little nervous ‘cause I hadn’t liked those that much yet. But, after listening to the whole song and after being one of my most played songs up until now, I really do love it. The lyrics and the chorus are epic.

KIDS IN THE DARK: I love this song. I love it so, so much. It’s my jam bruh. When I went to see ATL live about two weeks ago this song was literally the highlight of the whole show, it was the most amazing song played live.

RUNAWAYS: Again, on my first listen I wasn’t too blown away, but after the second one, I was sold on it. It’s not quite as dark as the other songs on the album tbh, it’s more of a lighter song, but I still like it.

MISSING YOU: Wonderful lyrics. Love the chorus so goddamn much. I think this will be absolutely amazing if played live and acoustically by Alex and will be a beautiful addition to the rows of Remembering Sunday and Therapy.

CINDERBLOCK GARDEN: I swear after listening to the first 15 seconds, I was already sure that this will be one of my favorites. And I wasn’t wrong. The chorus is, again, very edgy and makes you wanna jump up and down, while still conveying a sort of longing, nostalgic feeling. If I had to compare it to another ATL song, I’d say it’s the Future Hearts equivalent of Time Bomb.

TIDAL WAVES: Another very ballad reminiscent song, but it fits to the whole song atmosphere. The lyrics are simple, yet very meaningful (at least I think so) and Mark Hoppus helps make it sound like a very timeless song imo.

DON’T YOU GO: A very compelling song! Honestly, with that addictive chorus it’s got serious non-stop repeat potential. I like it a lot.

BAIL ME OUT: I’m not sure whether Joel Madden brings something new to the table for this song (as Mark did on Tidal Waves), but then again, that doesn’t have to be the case all the time. Sometimes artists collaborate just for collaboration’s sake. Anyway, I like the more … ah, how do I put this? “Playful” lyrics? Idk it’s definitely got a lighter note than the other songs (apart from Runaways) and is just a lot of fun.

DANCING WITH A WOLF: This song immediately starts with this grungy and high strung melody that grips you from the start and it doesn’t stop releasing the tension until the song is over. It’s just a song that you can’t just pause or something once you started listening to it. It draws you in and I am so in love with it. What a great, epic song. Another one that is probably going to be fucking epic live. Wish I could be there to witness that, but maybe they will do a European leg for the Future Hearts tour yet, who knows. Also, the lyrics are so unique and awesome.

THE EDGE OF TONIGHT: Almost sounds like yet another ballad-like song in the beginning, but that more laid back melody really fits the lyrics and they remedy that atmosphere with the chorus quite quickly. While still a tad slower than maybe in Dancing With a Wolf or other songs on the album, it manages to balance the song out so well. I love the alternating atmospheres that the chorus and the verses bring. This is the kind of song that makes you want to take a deep breath and that convinces you that once you breathe out, everything’s gonna be okay.

OLD SCARS/FUTURE HEARTS: I’ve already loved the title to shreds as soon as I’ve read it, but the song itself even surpasses the love I have for the title. The lyrics are raw and heartfelt, Alex’s vocals are impressive and passionate and the whole song is simply thrilling. Especially after a song like Edge of Tonight, this is an extremely refreshing, rocky finale that’s the cherry on top. I really love this one.

SO. That was my two cents. I am so satisfied with this album, but as I already mentioned, All Time Low just never fail to deliver. Even Dirty Work, which many have hated and disliked, was a great album to me and I still love it today. Maybe it truly is that I’m just too far up their asses, but honestly, once You Me At Six could do no wrong in my eyes either and they aren’t my #2 favorite band anymore to date. So, I don’t think it’s that, honestly. ATL are just too good at what they do. I’ll never stop loving them and the music they make, in 30 years when they have maybe broken up, I’ll still listen to their music and think to myself “Damn.”