this is still probably one of my favourite movies of all time


Heathers Week: Day 2- Favourite AU/Headcannon

JD power ranger jokes aside my favourite Headcannons are probably just LGBT Heathers ones (boring I know but I love it) so here’s what I think and you can disagree or whatever

Heather Macnamara- Lesbian 

I think a lot of people think this especially Mcnamawyer and Chandlmara shippers. I’ve honestly saw very few people disagree with the fact that Mac likes girls, it’s basically a fact, and it’s the only reason I’m gonna watch the reboot. 

Heather Chandler- Lesbian

I used the musical gif specifically because I’m still debating what I think about movie Chandler. I would say a lot of people agree because on movie night every time she came on stage, the whole chat just said “gay”. Like come on she had no reason to be like that with Veronica in Beautiful if she’s straight.

Veronica Sawyer- Bisexual

Once again I think like the entire fandom agrees (I’m so basic). She has to be attracted to chandler, like who isn’t? and holding hands with Mac at the end is adorable, but she obviously had feelings for JD and finds guys attractive so ayyy Bisexual Veronica. I also think movie Veronica is bi, like the cute little head rest thing with mac is cute and she like fucked JD in a car so.

Heather Duke- Aromantic Asexual

I used movie duke because I don’t have the same opinion on musical duke. I haven’t saw a lot of this but maybe that’s just ‘cause I haven’t went looking. I know I joke about Duke’s “oh shit I’m gay” moment after Veronica kisses her cheek but in all honesty I can’t see duke being in a relationship, or wanting to be in one for that matter. Dude she just wants to take over Chandler, be a bitch and rule the school in peace, she doesn’t need some other person taking up her time.

Betty Finn- Asexual Lesbian

Finally sweet, sweet, under appreciated Betty Finn, gay, gay, adorable Betty Finn. I love her and idk why but I think she’s gay af and totally has a crush on Veronica but I also think she’s ace, like hand holding and cuddling? YES. Sex? Nopedy Nope Nope.

This was far longer than intended, feel free to give me your opinions on this or other characters.

Answers for some cute and unique asks!!!!!

1. have you ever been in love?
Never if you didn’t count the time I claim I was in love with one classmate back in kindergarten, as now I feel like I was just copying some plots form TV drama.

5. how many times have you read your favourite book?
Probably many times when I am still little as I read lots of books, can’t really remember.

6. what are your favourite films?
Finding Nemo (as a kid till now), the first three Keroro Gunso movies (as a Keroro fan lmao), A.I. Artificial Intelligence (the ending somehow inspired my interest to related genre topic?), and Inception.

7. what kind of weather do you like?
Bright sunny day, when the sky is fully clean blue and you can feel all the warmth from the sun. I feel most energetic under the bright sun.

2. what are your favourite colours and why? You sounds totally not fearful at all
Red for it gives me the most powerful feeling, cyan because I think it is the closest color to me, black and white because I like stuffs in an aesthetic of extreme contrast.

46. what is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?
Willing to share happiness to me for people in real world, willing to stay beside me and encourage me for people in the internet.

47. do you find it hard to trust?
It would be really hard if you ask me in the past, but from now I come out as easier to trust others. Though my amount of trust on people is based on things I can observe from them.

22. are you an artist?
More like a fanart artist right now? Although I truly wish to engage artist-related career in the future.

49. what colour are your eyes?

This is what I got when picked up color from picture of my eye.

Thanks for the lovely questions everyone!

anonymous asked:

YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE IS KILL YOUR DARLINGS!? This makes me exceedingly happy! Oh, oh, oh! please go into detail why you love it so much because I love hearing about others and why they enjoy the same things I do! (if this is rather strange then I apologise ahah)

I love Kill Your Darlings k bye I just I LOVE for the following reasons:

  1. Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan in the same movie please that is just too much beauty to handle
  2. Ginsberg is probably one of my favorite poets of all time, so I loved that there was such a poignant movie about him
  4. Incredible cinematography 
  5. That Kerouac characterization was so on point, bless
  6. Okay queer movie whose plot did not revolve entirely around being queer and that did not romanticize unhealthy queer relationships 
  7. Hilarious & touching all at the same time
  8. This isn’t necessarily something the movie did, but my best friend once called it “Kill Ya Hombres” instead of “Kill Your Darlings” and it still cracks me up.

tl;dr : 10/10 would recommend.