this is still philli tho


Random pausing cuz why not

God I hate how trash for IASIP I’ve become. I went out to dinner today, saw Philly Cheese Steak on the menu, shut the menu and said yep, that’s what I’m getting. I got no further than the first page. And it’s because of this stupid show.

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Heyy thanks for the places to eat recommendations in Philly! Tried both Pat's and Geno's but Jim's is totally better, didn't get the time to try the crab fries but did have Tasty Kakes that was good too! Just did the normal touristy things, saw the skyline, checked out the malls and everything, was only here for a day next time I'll come will definitely stay longer, so much I didn't do and eat! Philly is a beautiful city but NYC is still better tho! 😜

Omg yay!!! I’m so glad! I’m glad you had fun! There’s a lot to see in Philly, especially if you’re into history. I love New York I need to get back soon it’s been longer than I’d like! :)


Nicole Wallace trying to convince Tony Goldwyn to run for office on The View 5.7.15